F1 2018 | Make Headlines | Hülkenberg Hot Lap [UK]

F1 2018 | Make Headlines | Hülkenberg Hot Lap [UK]

hi I'm Nico hülkenberg and I'm going to take you on a lap at Hockenheim and f1 2018 so German Grand Prix Hockenheim down the start/finish straight into turn one it's just kind of an apex really fast corner keep all the speed through that another like medium length straights down to turn two heavy braking point and a really kind of tight corner important to get a good exit right left hander early on the throttle because now we're on the parabolic at straight which is pretty long you know curve but all flat and destroyed so straight line speeds important unnecessary then another heavy heavy braking for the hairpin corner very low speed early on throttle again heading to the Mercedes grandstand and corner quite a nice flowing section this year everything medium speed a nice left-hander again we are always tends to go light here flat through this right-hander let the car go wide onto the curb now coming to the final sector in the stadium bit always a good atmosphere in here hopefully when it's packed full with German and probably Dutch fans Sachs corner very bangs Orton to clip the apex and then the last section is pretty narrow it's the old track double right-hander as the last corner to finish the lap off carry all the speeds who you can and that was the lap and arcanine that engines you


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