F1 2018 (Headline Edition) (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing!!

F1 2018 (Headline Edition) (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing!!

hello guys welcome back to popngames once again for the unboxing, today we are going to be doing the unboxing for f1 2018 or aka Formula 1 2018 the official video game these two copies for the ps4 and Xbox one are the headline edition and it includes 2009 Braun BGP 001 and 2003 Williams FW 25 classic car DLC, alright from the bottom the game is rated E for everyone this is a licensed product and developed or published by Codemasters and we’ve got three different racers in front of us and the vehicles on the top right corner of the xbox one copy it shows the 4k Ultra HD HDR and xbox 1x enhanced. now let’s move on to the spine for the spine ooh that’s pretty cool so grey for the Xbox one solid black background for the ps4 with the logos right there both these copies are y-fold copies and moving over to be back so from the back they both look like it looks like they both have the same writing story and the scene so I’ll be reading for you guys from one copy while you take a look at these scenes for the other so it says the official video game of the 2018 Formula One World Championship make headlines build your reputation both on and off the track with time-pressured media interviews that influence your f1 career path the exhibit sportsmanship or showmanship where you develop your team to the top or send your agents to target a rival team and driver f 1 2018 puts you in control. now below the first scene it says more classic f1 cars than ever before the second scene says well shows the most accurate f1 car simulation model yet 13 stunning graphics and new circuits for 2018 Paul record and hockenheim right yeah and then it says headline Edition it includes I read for you guys guys before now for the specs for the ps4 copy is going to be single player 2 to 20 on network player thirty-five gb minimum online play is optional DualShock 4 ps4 pro enhanced, now for the Xbox one it’s going to be X Box 1 X enhanced 4k Ultra HD HDR which is going to be high dynamic range Xbox single player Xbox Live multiplayer 2 to 20 and impulse triggers and force feedback wheel is optional and the fine spec says 40 gigabytes as well actually not as well this is 40 gigabytes compared to the 35 gigabytes 5 gigabytes difference between the Xbox one and the ps4 and there’s no extra rating for the E for Everyone so let’s go straight on to see what’s inside five whole gigabytes. looks like we got glue on the spine for this one but not for the Xbox one version so starting off with the ps4 copy you pop it open you got pieces of papers on left game disc on right and something behind the front cover art we have warning user handling of videogames to reduce the likelihood of a seizure notice warning handling maybe the warranty and other information so slide it back in get a quick look at the pieces of papers looks like we’ve got a QR code for f1 eSports official supplier, it’s gonna be a fanatec eSports official supplier. next piece of paper is going to be the DLC I’m guessing headline Edition f1 2018 the official video game includes 2009 braun BGP 0 0 1 and 2003 williams fw 25 classic car dlc flip it around and we get the code the expiration there’s going to be August 30th of 2028 let’s flip it back around slide it in, get a quick zoom in of the ps4 copy game disc and move on to the Xbox one now for the Xbox one copy it’s gonna be sort of the same game disc on left pieces of papers on right and something behind front cover art what’s behind the front cover art we got limited warranty and warning information and look let’s take a quick look at the pieces of paper it’s going to be F 1 2018 headline Edition DLC you flip it around no QR code but we get the code instead and the next piece of paper is going to be the eSports official supplier ad I guess with the QR code as well flip it around can be the same thing. alright so with that being shown oh let’s get a quick zoomin of the Xbox one copy game disc sorry guys and with that being shown and said that pretty much wraps up the unboxing for f1 or Formula 1 2018 the official video game for the ps4 Xbox one so uh these two copies were the headline edition I hope you guys enjoy the unboxing and as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for unboxings don’t forget to leave a like comment and subscribe thank you bye bye


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