Exploring Auschwitz II–Birkenau | WARNING Extremely Eerie…

Exploring Auschwitz II–Birkenau | WARNING Extremely Eerie…

built in October 1941 I’d switch to Birkenau was the largest of more than 40 camps and sub camps that made up the outs of each complex in Poland originally intended to house around a hundred thousand prisoners of war by 1942 the decision had been made to annihilate the Jewish people so Burke and I was repurposed as a combination labour site and extermination camp possibly around ninety percent of the people who died at out sewage said to be around 1.3 million Jews poles gypsies and Soviets died within Birkenau [Music] [Applause] [Music] 90 wooden and 27 brick barracks were constructed to house and quarantine prisoners the wooden bunkers were actually prefabricated horse stables and were easy to assemble and take down [Music] each wooden barrel had three-tier wooden bunks designed for 15 prisoners holding 400 prisoners per barrel they were heated by chimney flue that ran the length of the hurt in this row of quarantine hurts men and women used the same latrines these are holes in a concrete structure set above the ground there was no pit below and prisoners had to clean out the latrines when they were full there was also no toilet paper available [Music] around May 1944 freight trains there were 40 to 50 cars long rolls through the gates at Birkenau carrying thousands of Hungarian Jews they exited the trains and selection would take place to decide who was fit for work and who would be sent to the gas chambers according to the heights which Museum four hundred and thirty four thousand three hundred and fifty one of these Hungarian Jews were not even registered at Birkenau but instead immediately cast upon arrival during a ten week period at the height of the deportation of the Hungarian Jews it’s reported that after 12,000 of them were gassed and burned every day [Music] the grove of birch trees at the western end of I switch to was where prisoners were ordered to strap and head to the gas streams nearby [Music] the gas chambers and crematoria is now in ruins destroyed by the SS before the camp was liberated in 1945 [Music] [Applause] also destroyed was the underground gas chambers and crematorium to here was the site with the infamous Joseph Mengele carried out horrific experiments in his dissecting warned anyone afflicted with physical deformities would be killed for him on arrival to Birkenau to provide new material for his studies [Music] you [Music] as a place with so many were killed you cannot escape the feeling of darkness in every corner of the camp walking the very tracks people would have been transported along gives a sense of dread that is indescribable [Music] the eerie silence was occasionally interrupted by distant sounds assuming they were from a factory or something nearby given the atmosphere here the sounds were very haunting [Music] [Music] with a war going on around them people starving the smell of burning bodies I cannot imagine what the people here would have been experiencing not even a hundred years ago [Music] in a 27 prop barracks each would house 700 prisoners per block women who stayed here would be separated from their children who would be sent to block 16 a there are countless stories of them sneaking out under the cover of night to visit their children in their barracks much like the wooden barracks on the other side of the train track these blocks were often overcrowded and filthy bath thing was extremely limited and sleeping conditions would have been just as bad although just one of the many concentration camps used by the Nazis during World War two I’d switch to Birkenau left a deep mark on the world and in particular Poland there is an overwhelming sense of that in the air that is hard to explain but very easy to feel the sensory overload experienced within the camp with such horror took place is one that will be hard to forget [Music] you [Music]


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  • Scott's Shots says:

    This is the scariest Top5s video. Aliens and ghosts and all the spooky stuff he covers on his channel aren't the real monsters–humans are.

  • The only warning here should be EXTREME LIES AND DECEPTION – 6 Million Jews, more like 600 i think, why does everyone only think about the Jews if all this is true, why only the Jews raid the German banks of billions in compensation, if it is true then where is the money for the Soviets, where is the money for the Gypsies you talk about. LIES! LIES! LIES!

    Roll up roll up!, The circus of hate is in town again, this carousel of death still brings in the money!.
    On and on she goes, this holocaust ride..

    Pull at the heartstrings with ever more grotesque invention, chase down the protests and Ignore the science, why not?..
    On and on she goes, round and round… The holocaust myth is here,
    Come all you believers, pay your money and top up your lies.
    This circus must go on and on and on …..

  • Robert Knizat says:

    Came back couple of days ago, and this SH*T is too much, never ever to happen again, F*CK all nazi idiots!

  • Sorry, but your excellent video isn't made great by this stupid background-noise-music? It just makes it hell to follow 🙁

  • You know, it's interesting to see these horrible things and then think of the entitled cry-baby Blacks in the U.S. who experienced NOTHING to do with c=slavery and they wasn't reparations. The Jewish descendants went on to become prosperous hard working members of society. ALL young entitled spoiled scumbag Blacks who refuse to work and live off taxpayer money should be made to go to these places and see what real pain was like. Retard Blacks. God's clowns.

  • Actually the new arivals weren't seleced for death, but for slave labor. The Jews were sent to Auschwitz to die, only the selection gave them a slight chance for life.

  • All of these buildings and everything asociated with it should be demolished, there should be a large memorial for all who died in these evil buildings, I understand the importance of never letting this happen again and we need to be reminded but it's time to remove these buildings associated with the evil that took place there.The children, women and men who died here need to be remembered not these buildings.

  • There just are not enough words to describe what went on here.There where over six thousand staff here and not all of them military personel. Both of my grandfathers fought the nazis and it destroyed their lives too. It was only seventy years ago, A miniscule amount of time in historical terms.We should never forget all those who lost their lives or were displaced or had atrocities visited upon them. It seems to me that for six years god was looking the other way. Love and light.

  • Chris Barbaree says:

    There’s no way places like that can’t be haunted.. I’m kinda surprised there are no videos or photos of ghosts in any of these places… I know it’s a touchy subject and will probably be too taboo for a century or two but my curiosity wants to see this..I highly doubt that I will though.

  • Mufazzal Mansoor Ali says:

    Aren't Israeli Jews doing the same thing to Palestinians today ??
    Why no one is talking about that??

  • Every young person should watch these videos. There are too many out ther saying this did not take place. That is an outrage. Millions of lost lives. We must never forget.

  • Hell on Earth!!!! The Worst Ever. R.I.P. to the Victims. So Sad that something like this could ever happen

  • This is why I hate hitler and the Nazi's what did the Jewish people ever do to them I think the German people were brainwashed by Hitler's evil ways I mean they got along with the Jewish people till hitler put lies about them in their heads.

  • Katie Kinser says:

    I absolutely despise Adolf Hitler.
    The man or more accurately monster has no soul at all, he was horrible. What kind of man would want a whole race killed and exterminated just because he didn’t like it. It makes me sick knowing this horrible massacre is part of the worlds history.
    Thank you for showing this video to the public so they know what struggles the prisoners had to go through. They can Rest In Peace in heaven with their love ones and families.
    They didn’t deserve this way to die ?

  • My great grandmother was in Dachau in 1942 but escaped being gassed as she was a singer and musician. She was taken by the Germans to Buchenwald for17 months but again escaped being gassed as she kept moving to the back of the line. Finally my great grandmother was sent to Auschwitz and stayed there from 1944 until she was liberated by the Soviets in January of 1945. The Russians moved her to a home in Lodz Poland where she lived until she immigrated to Israel in 1949. It was an amazing story of survival. How did she survive all this is what I sometimes ask God?

  • Jackie Planck says:

    Look I've been hearing about this all my life. I believe they brought it upon themselves. When they murdered Jesus. Maybe you should have thought about that before you screamed Barabbas. Shut the fuk up

  • I just couldn’t stop crying. I hope one I can visit and pray for these people. Made me think what have I done for mankind

  • Andrew Bosworth says:

    Well stay tuned. Part 2 maybe discovered soon enough as trump is the new Hitler and the Mexican migrants are the new Jews being abused and killed in American government funded concentration camps.
    Good job ? America. You finally did it. Elected Hitler 2 and became full fascism. Who will save us..

  • Marcello Via. says:

    Bravo…exceptional video. Hard to believe that such disgusting and horrible things happened so few years ago.

  • Julie Armstrong says:

    Wow.. what can I say.. your a very courageous man.. I have been wanting to do what U have done to.. But it's to horrific.

  • I want to go there and see it, but that probably will never happen. I did go to Dachau in Southern Germany. I cried all the way through it. I would expect Auschwitz to be even harder to see because many more murders happened there. The darkness that he feels is negative energy there because of the atrocities that happened there.

  • I visited Dachau and it was so sad and horrible to think of all the people who died for no reason may they RIP and may the memory of this tragedy live on and never be repeated EVER again!!!!

  • Thomas Griffith says:

    I watched this because I have been there. The indescribable feeling while walking in a group along the tracks towards the gas chambers. Such hallowed ground. Chilling. The grand scale of the camp. Then you see the baggage, glasses, shoes….by the thousands. Who last wore them? What were they thinking taking them off. I noticed that some of the women's shoes were quite nice. They had saved their best for last…….attempting to hold on to some kind of dignity…..for naught. A day I will never forget.

  • Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan Chan says:

    You have to be truly evil to kill innocent Men women and children because of their beliefs and religion! I’m sure all the victims went straight to heaven and the murderers live in eternal hell! There’s no forgiveness for what they did! I’ve always felt a connection to the Jewish people ever since I was a child, a friend of mine even gave me a Jewish star that I wore for years, every time someone. Asked me if I was Jewish I said No but I wear this in their memory and I didn’t care who didn’t like it!

  • Robert Bronisz says:

    American Jews financed Nazis in Germany.
    End of story. American Jews were investors in IG Farben which owned Auschwitz.
    Frankist Jews to be exact. Jews are Satan’s Spawn for twisting the truth.

  • warren faulkner says:

    Though many will say if you do the maths on the supposed amount killed a d the time it takes to cremate a body it was impossible to get the statistics they claim

  • There are many kind and good people (humans) that are kind to people and animals, then there are such bloody evil humans. Barbaric savages. I am not naive but it is a question i have been asking my whole life.

  • Strange Reality says:

    Anka Nathan is looking for her mothers wedding band / engagement ring near the SAUNA building in Birkenau — reading the book Born Survivors by Wendy Holden

  • Many ( Everyone in that matter) understands just how many people Died in these absolutely deplorable places. But What so many people either don't understand ,fail to notice or just don't know is how long Many of these Camps operated for, many had been doing this from the Early 1930's Through to the Mid 1940's . And just how many camps there had actually been operating, so many people only know of the larger more commonly known Concentration camps like Auschwitz ( which is good people need to know exactly what happen there ) but there had been probably almost a Hundred other camps spread around not just Germany but also all over near by countries as well.

    These things need to be known , so that these Atrocities never happen again. But the Sad part is , is that even Today many of these things still happen & need to stopped.

  • 3000 babies were born in the camp
    That's over 2.5 babies a day. How did this happen at a supposed death camp

  • Rip to all those innocent people. The people who did this to them were all psychopaths especially the one who killed for his experiments.

  • Piotr Dudała says:

    In case anybody missed that, it wasn't "Nazi" camp. It was *GERMAN*. Established by Germans, in Germany conquered and brutally ocuppied Poland.

  • Cheryl Stevens says:

    Women could not get out of block 25 they were locked in for hours even days they were sent there to be sent to the gas chambers with no food or water and no clothes they died in those barracks

  • rocksteady4me says:

    I wonder what women did during their periods if there wasn't even toilet paper.I know back then they used literal rags (hence the term) but did they even have that? Or did their periods stop because they were so malnourished?

  • RIP all those white, Orthodox Christians murdered in the untold millions by the Bolshevik/Jews and to those millions starved to death in the Ukrainian Holodomor, by the Communist/Jews. Rest in peace all the Palestinians murdered by the same and up until this very day by the same people|! Weep for them as well! BTW watch Dachau and Allied War Crimes. Why was Hitchock and Billy Wagner asked to come over and film by Eisenhower? To make it more realistic I can only assume!

  • Your mama flies says:

    Whoever were in the auschwitz killed those innocent and poor people with no reason may never be born again and always get punished at hell ???

  • I wrote comments on another documentary regarding Auschwitz but the comments of that video were DISABLED due to my comments . The Jews were persecuted by the Nazis but not at such a large scale as they are propagating. The reasons of Jews during WWII are different but The Nazis are made scapegoat. Churchill's Memoirs were published in 1953 but there is no mention of Holocaust etc in it.

  • Marcella Amenati says:

    my family has been in there and we will never forgive or forget about peace for all the gypsies around the worl????????❣

  • Trillock 1945 says:

    I think the music in the back ground should be scrapped, because to me, no matter how hard you try to use fitting music, it will never go very well with the video of this horrendous place of starvation, abuse, experiments and murder of so many men, women and children.
    I think silence is the best, to fit these chilling images.
    But it is a decent attempt to show us that have never been there, but of course heard of these camps, to see what it looks like, but maybe some places that have not been investigated to video?

  • Kasandra Monsivais Tiscareno says:

    Does anyone that's gone there before know if the place or any of the others but mainly this one due to all the crimes, pain, and sorrow its caused know if it's really haunted? Do they allow tours at night or is it forbidden? One day I would like to go there and see it for myself. ???

  • My senior year my English teacher told our whole class to do a slide show/videos/movies on anything you want based on history I choose this. I have the movie "Escape From Sobibor" and the whole school got to watch it with parents permission. 800 students in all. We watched it in the auditorium/gym. I asked teachers to take all of the children's phones and or devices with parents permission. We ALL watched it. When people would laugh I would stop the movie and give that person a lecture saying imagine you being there, give some people some respect. I aced my final with over 100%. I'm scared to ride in an airplane but, I'll have to get over it and make a trip here.

  • Thomas Powers says:

    Its sad that people would commit these evil acts towards others and those who deny the Halocoust. Im told i had a great aunt who was in a concentration camp. Some people dont know they were not all jews. But abyone who refused to become a Nazi was thrown into a camp

  • I've been a Holocaust researcher for 40 years, and I always wanted to go there at the end of my life because I know that when God returns this will be the first place he goes…Rest In Peace to all those there, I will be joining soon.

  • How could this place not be filled with the spirits of millions? How could this not be an extremely disturbing experience? This was systematic, mass murder accompanied by unlimited depravity.

    If you're religious, pray for these souls. If you're not, keep a place in your hearts so they won't be forgotten.

  • As an Arab, and away from the madness taking place in the middle East since the ottoman's empire after WWI. I really found historical facts about Europe's dark side eversince the fall of the Andalucian civiliazation. They also had some kind of religious restrictions against both Jews n Muslims and massacres and expell took place for both just like this thing happened against some nationalities n Jews. Also, WWI n WWII had 100k millions or more killed. Not to mention that Psykes picot agreement and the continious European, American Israeli related chaos creating interventions in the middle east. It really makes me feel this world is insane. People lives eventually will end so why wars? I mean nobody will live forever

  • Harley Robertson says:

    As the story goes when the people were released from these camps the allied army gave them sweets, chocolate and other such sweets. They developed severe diabetes and died
    Imagine that, you survive nazi torture and hunger and all that only to die at the hands of your saviour albeit unknowingly

  • Wendle Findley says:

    just being there at this moment the sole individual on this cold an frozen moment in time tells the story of all in one day how it came to end for all. he was the voice for everyone that day. the road in was life, the road out was death.

  • One of my uncles visited it and said there was literally no sound there, no bird calling, nothing. A very eerie place. May the men, women and children who passed away there rest in peace forever and always

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