Expandable stories in Google News

Expandable stories in Google News

A big news story breaks, so
you head to your favorite online news source to read an
article about what’s going on. There are thousands of
online news sources. And some may feature unique
information that complements the article by your favorite
news source. Google News scans numerous
articles written about each story then surfaces those that
are recent and relevant in story boxes that
look like this. Recently, we’ve improved that
technology to surface a selection of additional articles
that will highlight diverse perspectives. These articles will be labeled
according to genre, indicating that they’re highly cited by
other sources, include pertinent background
information, are produced local to the story, feature
foreign perspectives or unique viewpoints. You’ll encounter these articles
within expanded story boxes, which also feature links
to related sections, options for sharing,
and multimedia. So find those stories that
are important to you and start expanding. The world’s news, your
news, Google News.


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