the monster and the robot had an epic showdown in fortnight Battle Royale and of course there are some specific details that you probably missed in the amazing fortnight monster vs. robot event in this video we'll be showcasing all those amazing things and of course if you already know a channel be sure to hit that subscribe button drop the video like right now let's go for 2,000 likes on this video and let's waste no more time and let's get into it here we go so let's start off with the details as you guys know this mech has been in construction for quite some time this bad boy turned the power plant into well yeah as you guys can see it's now a mech building center and honestly the team cuddle leader mech is pretty cool but what's really awesome is the fact that over here is where the monster came from now for a while we knew that the monster was hiding because we had always seen his eye his eye was the most like giving away like factor to his existence because for a long time we always wondered how did pull her peak get there and now we know how it's because of this giant monster that shoots laser beams out of its mouth like literally laser beams out of its mouth but when the monster arrived we had no idea what his intentions were but we knew most likely they would not be good and that we found out that the monster had a serious agenda to destroy now as he came into our beautiful battle royale map you guys can see the mech rising from the ground and of course somehow these like none of this map was destroyed even though it should have been destroyed for some reason it it wasn't and I don't know how I don't know how nothing like nothing was destroyed besides this yeah that's right Lu Lake the center mass took a little bit of damage but it wasn't like destroyed destroyed you know it just took some serious damage to the core as this monster has been up to no good dudes and he's pissed he's not happy he's so upset he's like oh you motherfucker these are screaming at this at this monster but of course the mech is unloading these Rockets like crazy honestly if the mech would have just kept shooting Rockets I think he would have probably gone down sooner but I think I think there was some serious struggle with with the mech and yeah he shot him with the laser beam he ended up shooting him with the laser beam knocking him down and causing some serious structural damage to the mech now before the mech charges as you guys can see he's hurting he's her and he's got a huge hole in his chest and there's some sparks coming out of him but overall he's still looking pretty good now the mech decides hey I'm tired of this long-range fight let's get up and close and personal and that's when he does this tackle thing with his jetpack on his back so check this out jet packs with the food the food the food with his foot boosters I don't know why I said fit I don't know what I was going for there but right here is what I thought it was all over I was like well and just like that it's all over and then I realized wait a second it's not over all he did was just throw him in the water and water is where this monster came from so you know this this dude was so happy he was so impressed he's like I just saved the day look at him until boom baby that's right this freakin monster jumps on his back right where we're about to celebrate the monsters going in ripping everything it can off the back of the mech destroying its jetpack absolutely ripping through all the armor and the metal and then the thing that hurt the most he lost his arm now if you guys noticed when he ripped his arm what he did was he threw him with the arm off so he could get the monster off of him but as you guys can see he's losing power like as he walks every second goes by he's losing power and that's where he lost all his power he's like he couldn't go any further he couldn't walk anymore the monsters back they're like what the heck just happened how did I end up over here and then nighttime approaches and that's when he rips through lutely to grab the power like literally all the like all the power like he literally just grabbed all the power that we Blake had yeah yeah let might have to go back for this one because this one is a little bit crazy all right this happened so fast like I didn't even see it coming so he grabs the power right it turns into night time instantly and then he does like this like really crazy roundhouse punch and the monster is like I got you now mother trucker but little did he know boom yeah yeah now do you guys noticed that was really close to me Oh tilted now I also want to show you something super cool so when he punches I'm right here I'm gonna go in slow motion for you guys now check out this punch look at his face look at the monstrous face dudes he punches him so hard his jaw completely breaks it looks like let me turn it let me let me let me fix the settings real quick we're gonna make everything low so you can see everything perfectly look at this look at look at his mouth look at that dudes oh look at that his whole his whole mouth just goes into another frickin world oh my god launches him dudes completely knocks out the monster now what's crazy to me is that he's rolling around and doing all this stuff but at no time here is is any of the math taking damage which is very strange or Fortnight typically map the map takes damage as we are so close to season 10 but what really really shocked me and what was like the best thing to happen throughout this whole event was this right here and many of you guys missed this I'm gonna put back to normal speed now right away the the mech realizes something in kneel tilted he looks over and he's like what is that what what is going on there but he starts summoning something out of the water and Neil tilted it if you guys didn't notice that something is actually the Mex sword he got the sword from the water in neo tilted dudes look at that look like that is such a cool shot like look how cool that is that is so cool but during all this time this monster is just trying to figure out his life he is oh oh he's pissed he's really mad he's turning green you know he's not happy and that's when the mechs like that's it I'm so done with this monster dude right here boys easy claps BAM now right when he stabs him right in the head with the sword which by the way he stabbed him in the hand he immediately disintegrates look at that just starts disintegrating the whole body gone yeah now he's dancing now if you guys didn't know this dance actually came to the store and what really really is interesting is that you can buy that that that's that that dance the emo using code game would Gary you guys saw when they when when the monster broke his jetpack right but somehow the jetpack still works I don't listen I don't I don't make the game I just go over what we see and in no way shape or form should the jetpack be working right now I'm telling you right now dudes look at this thing there's no way the monster ate through it but somehow it works and dudes look how high he is right now I don't even think you even get that huffy we can't even get that high he's gone he's out of the map yeah there's no way we can even get up there that's crazy so right then the mech leaves takes off which is super confusing to me all right I'm confused why does he leave does anyone know what like wasn't this mech built here on earth where does he where is he going isn't there some people in there controlling the mech I thought there was but I guess there might not have been I don't know I'm confused maybe you guys can help me in the comments I should figure this out because I was under the impression that there was like people inside of the mech like working inside of it but I might been wrong so let's go back real quick to where the mech where it where it all started for the mech because I think this paints a good picture and I also want to go ahead and check out polar Peaks real quick to see what that looks like all the way at the beginning so as you guys know polar Keeks for a while now has not been the same it's been destroyed for quite some time with this new season as season 10 is approaching this whole area has been pretty much destroyed for a bit now and what's crazy about it is that there's not much left now with polar Peaks destruction of course that's where the monster head came from we showcase it paints a really cool picture of the future of fortnight now I don't know what in season 10 is gonna be changed but there will be some major changes coming I think with everything we've showcased in this video it paints a really cool picture of what season 10 might look like with the up and coming I guess mech vs. robot but where does that leave us because as you guys know the block has always been ever-changing it was ice Kingdom themed we had the monster come from the water and of course in the water we had no signs of him even being here like you can't even see where he would be coming from until he starts coming out of the water we're gonna wait for right now it comes from right here you can't even go there you can't even go in there nope can't even see what's there dudes can't even see where he came from but you can go inside of him oh that's cool we're inside of his body right now all that's so cool that is so cool you guys are over this part right here this is where the ice the Ice King trapped the fire king good memories good memories so let me know in the comment section do you guys think that the monster should have won I think a lot of people think that the monster should have won this epic fight because it seems like the robot got lucky now I personally think that the monster put up a good fight the robot sort of no definitely won and this building was just absolutely destroyed but we are in two times speed right now just dudes imagine if it was actually this fast by the way that we've been sad and somehow Neil Tilton still powered I have no idea how even after all those punches so dudes let me know their compensation what do you guys think where you team monster or team mech at the end of the day I think it was a great fight it was a lot of fun to watch and overall something I really really looked forward to all season and I'll catch you guys tomorrow with a brand new video just like this we're out of here boys



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