Every Rockstar Games Protagonist Who Has Died (UPDATED 2019)

Every Rockstar Games Protagonist Who Has Died (UPDATED 2019)

in March 2017 I made a video covering every single Rockstar Games protagonist who is unfortunately perished these guys did not get a happily ever after and in 2017 there were six people on this list but unfortunately as of October 2018 we need to update that list to seven as much as I didn't want to make this video I had to I also want to clarify one thing that some people seem to be very confused by in my original video we are covering main characters and protagonists only who perish in Rockstar Games protagonists two main characters that means people that we play as and those guys that we control not a side character not a supporting character but a main character for some reason there was a lot of confusion in the comments of the last video also there's no need for a spoiler warning if you can't read the obvious title Rockstar Games characters who have perished or the other word I can't say or I will get demonetised I don't know what else to say to you I feel very very sorry it's pretty obvious also these games all of them except for one are over five years old so you've had over five years to play these games and figure out what happens so even though I said I'm not giving a spoiler warning that was your spoiler warning enjoy number seven Big Ben's this is the only character that I'm gonna talk over because I have to provide some insight and some backstory on him because his death is actually shrouded in mystery and tons of confusions so we know that we play as Vic Vance and GTA Vice City Stories Vice City Stories takes place in 1984 that's two years before Vice City takes place in 1986 but by city stories in real life released in 2006 four years after GTA Vice City well where things get confusing is Vic Vance dies in the introduction cutscene to GTA Vice City we see a man getting out of a helicopter doing a drug deal and the man who gets out and who is unfortunately gunned down is victor vance and this is where all the mystery and all the confusion comes into play because not many people know but rockstar has actually officially told us that that man was victor vance on their official website which you can find linked down below in the description and AMA took place in 2009 a band asked the question hey rock star I've been a huge fan of Vice City and I was wondering is that Victor Vance who was gunned down in the intro of Vice City all sources seem to say yes but no official word has been given on that and Rockstar replied much to our chagrin saying yup that's Vic after having been dragged back into the Vice City criminal underworld by his brother Lance following the events of Vice City Stories Vic Vance dies in the ambush that occurs in the opening scene of GTA Vice City and man this one this one hurts because Rockstar did Victor Vance very very dirty he didn't have a very honorable death in fact it was just an afterthought rockstar was like hey yeah that was Vic Vance well he got rid of him that's it it wasn't emotional it wasn't anything and it's very very sad that they did Vic Vance that way and out of every Rockstar Games protagonists that we have lost this one is definitely just the worst because of of how horribly it was put together okay stay tight let's go got it 100% pure grade-a call dome beyond my friend let me say it their greens tens and twenties used I think we have a deal my friend I love you now go [Laughter] we're gathered here to honor detective Cole Phelps Cole Phelps was the best kind of man here here a war hero who led his men with true valor and through his personal bravery achieved one of his country's highest honors a cop wrongly accused who never lost his faith in the LAPD and the sistine you belittle his memory Trevor I'm talking to you motherfucker are you what are you saying fucking my girl man it's wrong oh I gotta fuck someone you want me to fuck you instead is that the problem here take off your pants yeah boy that's let's fuck you think this is funny get them off I told him to leave it Trevor I told him leave it leave it shut up Ron I'm about tough fuck me you met that a night cowboy get my boy suck from his toothless gums fuck you Trevor oh I still love her cowboy hey I know hey come on I didn't mean nothing by a mess it's just I know must I know cowboy it's okay are you speaking to who who I'm talking to you huh you fuck Barney next time don't get in my fucking face I just saw a fucking ghost and I gotta hear your crap get up get up fuck you then [Laughter] now you're gonna cap the only one who was ever decent to you ah no I trusted you I took you in treated you like family Mike let's just fuck you hey you told me when the time came I'm surrounded by Dom you right mother vodka you want a piece of me fuck it go go go tell me dig a fucking shot you always like gasoline driver man that was your best fucking free ah you


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