Every Non Vegetarian || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Every Non Vegetarian || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello busy people Activate the bell icon to get notified on all the updates of my videos Hey Boon! How come you have dressed so well? Even your face is glowing! What’s the matter? My marriage has been fixed Wow! Even you are getting married! Congrats bro! Congrats! Who’s that lucky girl? What’s with all the rush? Boon is getting married Here’s the invitation Marriage is okay but would you get non-veg food? Getting married is itself a big thing happening to me and here she wants non-veg food Jones, I’m hungry. What about you? Oh! Sorry Yeah – Let’s order something What do you wanna have? Let’s do one thing, we’ll order a chicken starter so that we can share Ah… sorry, I’m a vegetarian You’re a vegetarian!? Jones, actually… I have to meet a friend at 8 o’clock. I’ll see you later What happened!? Jahu… have I done something wrong? – Vegetarian!? Ah! We have an house warming function tomorrow, you guys have to attend at all costs I’m sorry, I can’t come Actually, I’ve a doctor’s appointment tomorrow She’ll come At least, give it a try What’s with the doctor’s appointment? – I was just bluffing Who wants to eat veg anyway!? Definitely not me Bro! I only want a leg piece, no chest piece please. Last time, even after telling you, you’ve packed the chest piece Jahnavi, don’t you feel sad for chicken? Why do you care anyway, it’s a part of our food chain Serve me Egg? – No egg for me I need one Aren’t you a veggie? So what? Egg doesn’t fall into the non-veg category Did you listen? – Yeah right By the way Jones, what you are eating? – Palak Paneer Paneer is just like chicken for all theses vegetarians What say Jones? – (Yeah… whatever) By the way Gow, don’t you think we are lucky? We can eat veg as well as non-veg (Keep on eating, food is all you want anyway) Give me some onions We only got a single packet and moreover we are eating biryani. It’s mandatory for us, not for you Can you serve some biryani, I just want rice without any pieces Without any pieces, right? Go on… And some gravy too – Serve him some masala too… Eat Chicken biryani, without any pieces. Gravy ,without any pieces. People like these do exist I feel so hungry. What’re you eating? Grilled paneer, want some? Ah!? You are eating veg? I don’t think so You think I shouldn’t eat veg!? I’m not sure if you can eat non-veg but I’m sure that I can eat veg I just offered you because you said that you were hungry Alright, I’ll have a piece How’s it? It’s a little different but tastes good Chicken always tastes good Chicken!? Jahu! Are you insane!? Sorry!? To hell with you and your filthy pranks How long will you keep on eating these starters!? Just order something! Actually, yeah. – Ma’am, what’s your order in the main course? What do you have? – In veg… If there’s any word that I don’t like in telugu, that’s ‘veg’ By the way, is ‘vegetarian’ even a telugu word? Bring three biryanis, that’ll be it. Chicken biryani… Hello! What’s with only ordering non-veg, have you forgotten that I’m a vegetarian? Include one veg biryani too Yes please. But Jones it’s not veg biryani, it’s veg pulao Wait Jahnavi, I too want veg What!? What’s wrong with you!? You had non-veg even last weekend! The girl I’m marrying is a vegetarian. So… If you love her so much then why don’t you change your last name too? Please don’t talk about my last name! Why? What’s the matter!? What do you think his last name is? It’s K.Soma Shekhar. K stands for ‘Kodi'(chicken) We’ll see if he remains the same after an year Oh really!? You’ve abandoned the chicken which you’ve been eating all these years for that girl… …so I’m pretty sure you’ll abandon her too for that same chicken Go to hell Janu… I forgot to tell you, I’m a vegetarian too What!? What’s going on with you guys today? – Saturday We’ll take a parcel, after 12 I’ll eat it Natasha, you’re missing the logic here Now, what you are thinking is to have chicken after 12 at home right… but it’s still gonna be a saturday in US Instead of that, you can just imagine yourself in Australia and eat it right now. It’s already a sunday there. You’re a vegetarian? You’re a vegetarian!? So, what you are saying is that a vegetarian shouldn’t look like this? Vegetarian? I never knew Mummy, what did you cook? – Chamagadda pulusu Mummy! Why do you always have to make chamagadda, kandhagadda, dumpulu curries? Why don’t you cook chicken and mutton sometimes? I’ll do it this sunday Bye! Don’t call me, I’ll have food and come home Sunday? Am I still a kid or what?! You know what? Last night, I went to an Arab restaurant and I tried paya for the first time They say it’s good for our bones… What happened? It’s leather right… In this manner, our non-vegetarian friends irritate us and our vegetarian friends bear with us Take it lightly, please Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, I’m pretty sure you’ve got connected to this video Is it chicken? I’ll be there in a minute… For any guy who’s single, every girl looks like Samantha


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