“Every Breaking Wave” – A Film by Aoife McArdle

“Every Breaking Wave” – A Film by Aoife McArdle

estoy tan jodidio jodidamente destrozado completamente jodido Sandra..! Sandra, que coño haces! Vamos! Tenemos que ir a la puta fiesta! Sandra! Malditos cerdos han vuelto ¿Que coño estas haciendo? ¿Porque la estas mirando? ¿Que te importa? Joder sean ella es de la mierda de Shankill tantos estan abajo Joder Sean ese no es tu padre? solamente conduce buenos dias señoritas Sean han sacado a tu padre! la policia tiene a tu padre Sean vete! Vete hijo! Soltar a mi puto padre! Sean ve a la puerta ¿Que estas haciendo aqui? Espera aqui un segundo ¿Cual es el nombre de tu compañero ? Sam Te pondrás bien


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  • In my opinion this is great but the people who say it's a disgrace that skinheads are the main characters. that's not right to say that because it could have been anyone during the troubles!

  • the people who ARE SAYING SKINHEADS – ARE THICK BASTARDS WHO NEVER KNEW THE YOUTH CULTURE IN THE 80S – there dress is more similar to punk & psychobillies & SKA they had fuck all in common with skinheads of  Germany etc – these stupid pricks never grew up in a war zone, maybe kids today should stop jumping on every bandwagon going trying to be PC & actually learn a bit of history & learn about fashion & youth culture 

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    Great way to show the fact that the war there had no winners, only losers. Brother against brother, who wins? Thank God it ended and hope bitterness fades away and unity reigns.

  • Absolute stunning brilliance in both video and audio,like a poem brought to life that is both beautiful and shocking.Has made me love U2 once again after a few years in the wilderness..

  • Ever since i remember i've been listening to U2 and there's people in this world who really hate the band, Wow you have an opinion now go name one other band that can actually change the way you think. U2 isn't just a band its a way of life. 

  • Sorry But This really is Shite… How to ruin a Classic Song which lyrics really have nothing to do with the subject of the film..  Sunday Bloody Sunday would have suited this film much better…
    If this is official and U2 have given this the green light then I worry about them…  Very poor effort  was expecting much more for such a classic song.. 

  • In Fact I would have to question if the makers of this pile of crap actually understand what the lyrics of the song are saying….
    I simply cannot believe U2 have given the green light to this… Aoife McArdle..  Please explain..

  • Just finished working and ik heard the song via accident, i didnt know where the music came from, so i was searching for the tab wich were displaying audio thing. My friend Rens noted me where it was. (my friend is adopted from poor people in turkey right after he was circumsized)  Greetings, from the nethelands or holland 

  • adrian estévez palacios says:

    The only thing that's fucked is the song, the best song of the album and they fucked it with this fucked up video…

  • That's exactly what it was like and anyone who says different is a curmudgeon and an ingrate attempting to employ amateur dramatics and cheap sentimentality to undermine everything that Bonzo and the lads have ever done for Ireland.

  • Wtf? I stumbled across this when i went to the channel's page, got excited when i heard slf, then it just turned out to be a 15 minute inspirational cry baby jam set to romper stomper outtakes. by none than u2 apparently. The worst/douchiest band to ever come out of all of existence. Fuck that was retarded. Boner can suck my shit.

  • That was brill…May 14th in Vancouver gonna be fookin wicked!!! ( "The Irish brothers wouldn't be shooting the arses of each other if they had a little soul" -Joey 'the Lips' Faegan )

  • Cristian Chacabuquero says:

    #U2. #EveryBreackingWave   #VideoClip   #Corto   El cine irlandés tiene su propia gama de colores. Una tremenda historia de amor para una bella canción, por cierto. #Cine  

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    What is this shortening of this video? Too little attention span of the youth? Hope not. Rather capitalization of it I hope not as well. Or the scum making money on the producers. Yes.

  • I can't believe how bullshit this video is. I hate to say this but, Bono, why don't you stop being a political person. You and your friends are quite possibly the most talented living rock musicians but you know fuck all about the world and the people who live in it. You've already been kindly asked to fuck off from Africa and let them handle their problems on their own. THIS is another example of why you should just write music and entertain. You're middle class Dublin momma's boys, not hardcore Belfastites! WHY exhume the long buried ghosts?

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    Are we so few??? Not a peep for three months? I am an optimist and hope all is love and agreement because there is no one offering a comment. Good, I hope it is because the case is closed. Happens sometimes. My worst fear is no one is paying attention or too busy with their cell phone distractions. Please say it is not true. I will keep believing no one disagrees with this as it explains itself. Yes, a start. But he can't do it alone. We need to spread the word of equality, truth, and most importantly a forgiveness of the past and a understanding of the past but focus on the future, which is only focused in my opinion on one thing: there are only two people: good or bad. No race, age, economic status, gender, religion, or anything else you can find to separate the human race. Just good or bad people. That is it. Every division you want or try will not break it down any other way. Only good or bad. And in my experience, most are good. Otherwise, the world would never go round.

  • Rachel Hunter says:

    I'm surprised I've not seen this video a lot sooner than this, as I'm always on the lookout for the award-winning short films. I also appreciate that it was set in Northern Ireland, as it's my home (in Lisburn, to be exact) … and I know plenty about "The Troubles". My dad and his second wife (at one time) set up a small charity called FACT (it was first known as "Families Against Crime by Terrorism", then they changed it to "Families Achieving Change Together"), as my dad's partner had a brother named Joseph; who was murdered by the IRA. Also, my own mum's brother Roy was also murdered by the Irish Republican Army (before I had ever been given a chance to get to meet him; not even as a baby), which saddens me to this very day; because even now, my mum still misses her brother very much. And it truly hurts me to see her that way, knowing that he was probably the closest of all her other siblings. I know that we aren't the only family to lose relatives in such violent attacks by the IRA, though (it makes it a lot easier to hate them for the countless lives they've destroyed forever). I personally can't understand why people are so willing to become murderers for the sake of "pride" and "glory" … it's sick that blood is spilled, because of both political and religious differences. As stupid or unrealistic as it sounds (amidst this whole conversation); I think it should just STOP. Though I'm totally aware; there's as much chance of that happening as there is of Stormont being painted purple, LOL. Anyway, the video is fantastic and I'd totally recommend that everyone who watches it should share it with others (if you like the video, that is). It's a thought-provoking subject to think about, that's for sure. 😯

  • RandomnessTube says:

    oh aye they ran all the way from the shipyard must be knackered lol… not a bad film wish it was longer though.

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    Aoife McArlee, arguably the best video in the last twenty years. Division is evil. Solidarity our salvation.

  • If the song Every Breaking Wave came out 25 years ago it would be considered a classic today. I feel the song is that great. Kick ass song and great video

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    Aoife McAcArdle must do a video for the next album Songs of Experience or whatever they name it. That would be both deserved and be balanced as the two albums themselves are all about. I mean, so much positive about the first, gotta complete it with a second. Just a fan's opinion.

  • MAD as a Hatter says:


  • Have anybody a link to THIS Version of every braking wave? I can't find the song like a "fast version" (sry for my bad English, I'm German but the most people here speak English)

  • I don't understand but the mother tongue was stopped by the English just like the communist party F over the world yet you have the orange march past each year?I'm sorry the north belongs to the Irish…

  • I've watched this a few times. Now I get it. I've always loved it. It's profound and moving; an act of love. Thank you.

  • I don't get this vide, I have a few questions.

    1) Why Sean got beaten up @5:12? It looks like he knew he would get fucked up, but he still went there and said morning ladies. Who's the guy at 5:06? His father?
    2) Why did his father was arrested?
    3) Why does Sean gets a gun and reunites with a bunch of angry people? What are they planning to do?

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    I wrote about this the time it came out and it is still as good as ever. Timeless. Whoever wrote and directed this, I may need you for a video I will put out in 2020. Available?

  • WishIcould showmyname says:

    Still writing as everyone should never forget. We are all one and foolish fighting about so small details is not worth killing. Any way you make it, little details of Christianity, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, etc doesn't matter. Why? Despite all the extra rules some sects make after Jesus was here, these mean nothing. We are all the same and should all be on the same side.Why? Only one point matters. Just accept Jesus into your heart and spread the message to others. Nothing else is required as long as you honestly try to be a good person, though you will sin as is our destiny. However, you must be true and really be sorry for your sins. Only then can you be forgiven. Also, if you can't ever forgive someone, then I feel Jesus can't forgive you. So be careful about that. My two cents.

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