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  • Very useful. Is there anythign you caould add please around acutally checking people in quickly at events?
    References are made to using smartphones to scan bar codes etc, but nowhere in eventbrite help or online is there any advice around this. I was under the impression that I could download the Eventbrite organiser onto my phone, and scan using the phone. But Eventbrite seem to pushing their honeywell scanner. Can you please shed some light on this? could be good for a future You-tube topic if you get time. I'm trying to organise an easy check in for my partner's fitness classes, but this part is quite unclear. cheers.

  • Steve, a very nicely done educational video for the eventbrite platform. I teach some classes both online as well as offline in the areas of Photography, video, Event Production and cooking or Hospitality business, never really thought of doing YouTube videos. After watching a few of your videos they have inspired me to possibly take the jump into the online educational realm of YouTube. Keep up the great work and would like to stay in touch with you over the course of time. Do you have a website or any other online presence. As far as the Eventbrite platform goes, there are a lot of features and have been a big fan since the beginning (I was a bit of tester of the original platform launch), you are the very first person I've seen online to explain many of those features in a very well done way, truly engaging and easy to understand. Thanks again

  • How is it possible for a unauthorized person to sell the same tickets with the same information to the authorized planners event.

  • Moshe Mo Sakal - Life & Spiritual Coach says:

    Love your channel. It's really cool to have you walk us through these different applications. And you have a really cool vibe, you're super generous with the knowledge. People like you make this world better. 🙂

  • Very old video but it is well explaining by the Dottotech. Eventbrite is a very fantastic event organizers planning that show how you create, invite, and sell your tickets or create to promote and connect with others event. I am learning about this event page and give it shot too.

  • Joe H. Braswell says:

    well designed and powerfully intricate… was looking for an event (Caregivers Conference @ Morgan State University) but it was not available…who do i check with to make sure the event is being held or was ever placed on EventBrite?

  • Mohamed YOUSSEF says:

    How to control a free event reservations ?
    is there any option that permits validating or not every registration demand before Eventbrite send Tickets automatically ?

  • Charles Hartford says:

    Wondered if you have any suggestions. We are hosting an event and we require attendees to fill out a contact information sheet. As I understand it, Eventbrite doesn't handle attachments? Anyway, that you could think of to get around this problem. By the way, I've been watching you for years, even when I lived on the Left Coast. Love your stuff. Thanks

  • Want2get on? Christian Career Coaching says:

    I really love your post and your style Steve! Just a quick Q. I've embedded the Eventbrite – event widget into my WordPress page but need to increase the height. I've played around with the html height from 1000 to 3000 but on the live webpage there are no changes. Any idea how I can make the event widget extend to a decent height? Cheers Charles

  • Justin Cunningham Online says:

    Its so ugly from a design stand point. It has good functionality but its in the dark ages stylistically

  • Hey Steve, quick question, I have several events I will attend in the near future with which I bought the tickets through Eventbrite. I was surprised the other day to find that one of the events full info and location was imported into my Google calender but not the others, I have tried looking at how to import the others or set it up so as soon as I have bought a ticket the event is automatically imported into my Google calendar, can you shed any light on this? Thank you in advance.

  • Hey Steve, got a great screenshot from Evernote clipper that would make a great meme just for fun on your site. Great content once again!

  • Steve Great video as always but I have a question for you lately my emails (ironically from you) are somehow ending up in my trash in gmail I have checked my filters and there is no filter set to perform that task. I would love any advice you have…

  • Niculae Marian says:

    Hey dotto i see you are a evernote fan but how about a video about onenote?It have a lot a features and its completely free!

  • I saw this in use at a free event in my hometown last year. I was blown away by how it simplified the management of the event. It's so good it makes you want to organise an event just to have an excuse to use it 🙂

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