30 thoughts on “Event[0] Best ending? [Secret Ending]”

  • Javi Mínguez [Orgem] says:

    I've achieved a fifth ending were the disc is not destroyed and you trigger the shutdown ending.

  • Now to make myself a robo gf. If this old ai from a old game can break through the code i sure as hell can get myself a good ol robo homo

  • And to be perfectly clear about what i feel about the game, it is crap, they designed an AI that at the same time redirects questions, cannot lie, is in denial, and worst, doesn't understand the difference between X lied to Y, and "are you lying to me?/you are lying to me", because as soon as the AI detects the word lie in a sentence it freaks out and thinks you are talking about it, the AI's language package is horrible (or whatever it is called), it has less reading comprehension than a 4 year old with attention deficit disorder.
    I expected much more quality, the game play was abysmal, only the graphics and the concept were good, the entire design was horrible.

  • Like JDogg said, it was either intentionally placed (as hinted by both the fact that the AI is speaking these lines, and the intro lines.), or the AI's speech is word by word and someone just read all the patterns or coding and realized the AI would reach a tipping point when you used all the elements that made it positively react to your text, such as 1- begging, 2- never being angry, slightling, or being repetitive. 3- Not disrespecting Taylor until the end when the AI finally stops defending Taylor.

    Which basically means that the AI was still acting withing parameters and either a lone dev did this intentionally or the devs did this by accident.
    Either way it means nothing, it is either a huge lie that the devs didn't do this, or it is just like Nuclear Ghandi in Civ 2.

  • Uriel Septim says:

    If only Nautilus has a cryo chamber. At least the body will be recovered and buried in their own soil. RIP.

  • I'm pretty sure this is not a bug and it's just intentional by the developer, as a secret ending CUZ how the fuck can the AI just alter the game code like that???? and plays a cut scene. maybe I'm just me being an idiot about it, an I know just a little bit of how coding works not enough to make game mind you an never messed around with AI. but I thought whatever goes in the code it has to follow. whatever the code is asking an i know there bugs in games but i do think A BUG CAN TRIGGER A BAND NEW CUT SCENE, and just because the developer say so doesn't mean that he's telling the truth. he can be doing that just to immerse the player and make it seem like that the AI in the game had feels or some gay shit like that. just sounds a little fishy to me that all. maybe it is a bug I hardly doubt it though. but I never claimed everything I say is right.

    very cool anyway. l'm 3 years late i find this video on oddheader Channel. just 5 minutes ago

  • PVD Original says:

    This ending is the best. It is not a bug, but it also isn't one of thge officialls endings. It is a secret one.

  • Omega Point Singularity says:

    I dont buy it for a second that the devs didnt have that in the engine. Ok lets go home? Fuck that.

  • I hate to say this because it's kind of rude, but I wanted to kick you out of the chair and type your responses. Still, you've done the developers a service since that feeling actually made me want to play. It's wierd to think I could be frustrated into wanting to play something, but yeah, you nailed it.

  • no you still dont get home alive because it says which is not the singularity drive. so it takes 100 years still and you dont even have food. im sorry.

  • Thanks for showing this ending! It might really be the best. Although I still liked the animation and music when not destroying the drive but merging with Anele better. 🙂 I would say there are two good endings there.

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