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  • Luis Gonzalez says:

    Sorry guys this movie is a rip off from an episode of The Outer Limits the name of the episode is Dark Matter Season 1 episode 11

  • The ship went and come back from Hell and it brought back a force of evil… no one is safe. Face your Hell…

  • The boys a freaking good actor (I wrote fucking instead but changed it to freaking but nvm) Just a rare dinosaur of a talent, the kind that is lacking more each day as time goes by, obviously a result of our time and how our current environments and such are shaping the up and comers. Edit goes on to say – Haha, every time I write a comment today it's met with a coincidence, I just realized (Jurassic Park/dinosaurs) lol. Now whether I thought up "dinosaur of a talent" because my subconscious was aware the actor dude was in that Park flick ( even though I totally didn't match the two) is debatable but I really only said that because I initially was thinking "a rare dying breed" but as I did I recalled someone using the phrase "he's a dinosaur" once about someone who still did things the old way, whatever, anyway wtf am I rambling on about, in a comment on youtube too. I name thy comment – Sir Random Rambler.

  • Popular video game similar to this movie, Dead Space, would be awesome as a movie itself man 😃😃😃😃

  • Colin McMahon says:

    You want ME to get "Stupid" AGAIN?

    I can. You've been watching "HOW STUPID". Read it back to yourselves. You are stationary.

  • Colin McMahon says:

    OK, COONbot. Like LIVING this WASN'T a Pro-Michael, Affirmitive Action-backed Carpet Crawling "a jerk you realized" ? Make a Curry then.

    Oh, right.

    Listen to yourselves, about your Daughter, "Deep Friar"… Tuck it in.

  • So remember this movie. Scared the shit out of me when i first saw it. Underrated Horror movie. Felt rushed but it was a good watch

  • This movie made me feel like the protagonists I guess: Wishing I could unsee it. It wasn't scary so much as just plain gross. The whole thing made no sense. You could say it's like mixing the script of the shining and Alien in a blender, but it's not. It's more like watching someone put their hand in a blender… because it was a demonic blender that traveled through time and space to hell and back.

  • Yesenia Reyes says:

    I saw this when I was 14 I’m a huge horror movie fan and this movie scared me something crazy… all the exorcist movies, dream catcher, deep rising, lights out, conjuring1&2, insidious 1-4, all Freddy, all Michaels rob zombies and the newest one, my bloody valentine, autopsy of Jane doe, martyrs, saw 1-1000 lol cabin fever, green inferno, alien, don’t breathe, don’t knock twice, poltergeist, dead silence, Annabelle creations, the house that jack built, wolf creek, the hitcher, pet cemetery, vhs 1& 2, the collector, the collection, evil dead, exorcist of Emily rose, Serbian film, happy death day, irreversible, all the Texas chain saw massacres, house of 1,000 corpses, Devils rejects, IT old & new, the others, signs, good night mommy, all the screams, pumpkin 🎃 head, chucky 1-3, kujo, American psycho, Quiji board old & new, hereditary, the hills have eyes 1&2, I spit on your grave 1&2, gremlins 🤣, I saw the devil, the last house on the left, oculus, the 👁, mirrors,hush, hell raiser 1-1000 lol soooo many but these scared me, had me in suspense, f’ked with my mind lol I ❤️it I’ve seen many more oh thought mara was good any more let me know please my fellow horror junkies 😘

  • A lot of movies now copy and repeat this format especially netflix movies… nobody has an original idea anymore. Its like we're all stuck in a event horizon

  • Just once I wish that a horror/suspense trailer wouldn't spam gratuitous "hot and sexy" naked women at me, so sick of pornified women being used as a commodity to advertise virtually anything, like we're items to be used up and then tossed in the trash.

  • when this movie was released in 1997 most of the people in the theater didn't know that it was a horror film. when i saw it, there were families in the audience who thought it was just another sci-fi movie… when something fucked up happened on-screen, the audience reactions were really chilling.. lots of screams, angry people leaving the theater, crying kids etc.. that really left an impression in my mind that i will never forget. even today it's still a pretty scary movie.

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