22 thoughts on “Event Horizon: Space Horror That's Scary Good – Rental Reviews”

  • idiots… everyone knows post Malone discovered worm holes and time travel. obviously those movies ripped him off. they even tried to rip off how he explains it with paper!

  • David Higgins says:

    I watched this late one night as a Senior in HS and it scared the literal shit out of me. Fucking great movie. Sam Neil was excellent in this.

  • Sam Neil does a bit of his WORST acting in this film. It's when he opens his gob to scream when he sees his wife commit suicide – Aaaaahhhhh!!!!
    It's basically one of those unconvincing screams of 'fear', Troll 2 springs to mind!
    (Otherwise, I like the film!)

  • I saw this back in 1998 when I was 11. I remember my dad saying that it was like Hellraiser in space as well, not verbatim but something along those lines. A few years later I saw Hellraiser and noticed some similarities.

    I always felt a Doom vibe coming off it, I was playing a lot of Doom at the time and noticed the sound effects used were some of the ones in the game aswell.

  • Of all the crap movies in Hollyweird that get made. Event Horizon is the one to lose it’s important deleted scenes.

  • paulmilesuk1 says:

    Never wanted to watch this. Thought it was all sciencey lol just picked it up after watching this. Only question is, where's Pinhead lol it's fucking awesome, thanks guys!

  • Zack Schilling says:

    I hate the quiet/loud stuff. Youtube is the worst for that. Surround sound just makes everything worse (I hate Surround always have always will). I woke the whole house up many times when some asshole does "Ear Rape, lol cuz Mems".

  • The1Returner says:

    Watching a rated R movie before your family comes home, because you don't want them to see the imagery? eh. I guess everyone is different. Just seems like over exaggerated obstacle to block, pretend murder from a kid who is in grade school. My parents pretty much didn't care what I watched. And when they did question what I watched..the explained it.

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