20 thoughts on “Event Horizon – Nostalgia Critic”

  • Lord Awesome Master Of Universe says:

    Personally I disagree with this films critique. what I mean to say is this film may seem boring however I believe it has real potential. Namely you are talkin about vast concepts of reality and alternate reality. you're talkin about Concepts that are pretty Advanced including dimensional travel good and evil the corruptive nature of evil. I feel the movie is pretty dumb in some places but another place is rather well written. A good example that the Nostalgia Critic missed was the fact that the rescue ship was basically the futuristic equivalent of a Coast Guard Cutter. This was referenced in the director's commentary to the film. that's why guns are noticeably absent and while the crew may seem a bit grab-ass sadly that's what you expect from some military units especially lower-tier ones. it should also be noted in the film that this is during a piece time we believe so they wouldn't really be fully prepared for any sort of combat. this is not to be insulting to the Coast Guard but there is a big difference from rescuing people on stranded vessel in the middle of nowhere especially in this case deep space and going say guns blazing into an enemy base on a very hostile world. I mean it's nothing like say Starship Trooper where instead you would be facing an enemy perpetually in horrifying combat. for that matter it's also nothing like say a Warhammer 40K Universe where hell would take on a whole nother Dimension and quite frankly you would have even more or stupidity and insanity and it should be noted that would include the humans as well as various other alien species and all that nonsense. also I should point out Sam Neil's character does an excellent if not brief presentation on Wormhole Theory. To be honest it may seem boring to some but it does explain what actual scientist think of such to some extent. at the end of the day the film was not great and in many ways I personally didn't care for it. for example I personally hate horror films but on the other hand it did have excellent potential. from the scientist who we believed was the main protagonist being corrupted and turned evil to the heroic Captain trying to destroy this evil even if it cost him everything. that would include his life as well and it should be pointed out it could be considered a Redemptive act or Messianic Act since we know of his background and of his former crew and how he failed them or very least failed one specific space Mariner. as for the ending not seeming to make sense I believe the true answer is although she may have physically escaped meant to leave this individual be scarred for the rest of their existence in fact the way it ends we are left with the question of did they truly Escape. As well as that philosophical question of hell and living hell. this individual may have survived these horrible events but will never truly recover. I also find it funny that people reference the doom movies and games as well as dead space in some comments. Also of the Warhammer 40K Universe did crop up in a few comments. On a whole this film does deserve some note it was good in some ways on the other hand it was bad it didn't capture quite a bit. Also on the complaint about aliens I would have to ask what your idea of a distant future Starship would seem like. To be honest and dark gritty future or even in bright colorful and somehow deceptively nice future what would these Starships look like? We have Star Trek we have Star Wars Alien versus Predator and then we have the Malay of various other things including your weird Doctor Who. Complaining that they do not having a unique art style I really don't feel as much of a complaint considering the nature of the genre. Besides while you complain about stuff like the reflective mirrors and spikes doesn't that indicate that this hellish device if not consciously subconsciously was always meant to be evil. Meaning back when it was first designed he may not have realized the evil he was creating. it might very well have been he was always being manipulated and played as a cruel pawn in a Grand game of Good and Evil. I'm referring of course to Sam neill's character. at the end of the day I do believe this film would Inspire many other movies, games and TV shows and Comics. Yes it may have borrowed but it contributed large amounts to current pop culture good or bad.

  • Andrew Shouse says:

    A list of valid points he could have used, but ignored to made nonsensical jokes:
    – Unnecessary near collision during initial approach to the EH
    – EH airlock failsafes to "open to space" rather than "open to ship". Which would you prefer if you find your spacesuit is faulty?
    – Smith clearly sees a disarm button on the explosive but just… accepts his detonation
    – L&C doesn't have enough grav couches to rescue 18 people on the EH, they only have one empty tank.
    – Credits music is downright bizarre and a complete tone shift.


  • G-f Panro Homo says:

    I actually really liked this movie. It was basically a space version of Ghost Ship. Both terrified me, but I ended up enjoying them. Side note: Sam Neill is one of my favorite actors. With Event Horizon, it actually really made me think about what Hell actually is and what things could happen. Not that I believe in that sort of thing. You know how people are all like, "I'm going to Hell. It's okay. I belong there. Haha."? Well, based on what it COULD be like (if it was real) from this movie, I think there are a good amount of people that would change their minds. Some might not, but I think a lot of people would.

  • The cult following is literally just Warhammer 40k fans that are convinced this was the first use of a warp drive in the Dark Age of Technology

  • Honestly I don't have an issue with hell being a dimension that can be accessed in space by manipulating space-time. Doom and Quake were doing it way before Event Horizon. But what I do have problem is with Paul WS Anderson who in the end, execution of the concept leaves something to be desired. I watched again and honestly it still sucks.

    Even re-adding the gore porn that was removed wouldn't make this film any better. That said I'm hoping there's a more competent remake in the future.

  • Rosann Francis says:

    At about 1:20 that's what you get for eating all those delicious sweets, because there a certain leprechauns.

  • Charlie Dawson says:

    Tbf, if I found out the last crew ripped each other to bits in grizzly orgy, my reaction would be, We're leaving

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