Even Fox News Is Tired Of Kellyanne Conway’s Lies

Even Fox News Is Tired Of Kellyanne Conway’s Lies

Kellyanne Conway is finally back on our TV
screens and as predicted, she was out there defending Donald Trump’s perfect phone call
with Ukrainian president Zelenskyi. Unfortunately for her, Chris Wallace on Fox
news wanted actual answers to the questions he was asking and didn’t get them. And that made Chris Wallace more than a little
unhappy. Here’s the exchange that took place yesterday
on Fox news Sunday between Fox news host Chris Wallace and Kellyanne Conway, [Washington post reports that a growing number
of Republican senators are concerned about the evidence that’s come out and are suggesting,
perhaps they will say that yes, the military aid was dependent on Ukraine investigating
the Bidens, that it was a quid pro quo, but that that is not an impeachable offense. Would president Trump accept that as a way
to get out of this controversy? You act like somebody giving you a plea bargain
for a lesser offense of what crime is he being accused and when will he have a chance to
face the judge, jury, and executioner? Chris would those Republican senators are
saying theirs- They’re broadcasting to you and the rest of the world. I’m not going to be one of the 20 Republicans
who goes with the Democrats and removes a democratic electoral president of the United
States just because the Democrats can’t figure out how to get him out through our democratic
system. Certain though that the evidence doesn’t look
good for the present. Well, what they’re concerned. I think what the reason you saw every single
Republican vote against the impeachment increase because they have not seen evidence of a high
crime or misdemeanor so much so they couldn’t even vote to have the inquiry go forward because
of the way the inquiry has been so flawed.] See, what’s fun for me about that clip is
the fact that Chris Wallace didn’t care what Kellyanne Conway had to say when she went
off on these tangents. Now, typically Fox news host, when they talk
to anybody, not just in this administration, but really anybody on the right, they’re going
to let them go wherever they want to go. They can miss direct the public. They can lie to the public, they can just
do whatever, but I think Chris Wallace understanding that he may be the only actual news reporter
left at the network, didn’t want to hear any of it. He kept trying to pull her back to the issue
at hand and she just kept driving down her crazy little road wherever the heck she wanted
to go and that’s why not featured in that part of the clip. But you can check out the whole clip and the
link in the description of the video. At the end, Chris Wallace was just like, all
right, yeah, I’m going to talk about other things with other people later so you can
watch that if you want Kellyanne, but thanks for your time. He didn’t want any of it. He couldn’t stand it anymore because you don’t
get the truth from Kellyanne Conway. You don’t get answers from Kellyanne Conway
and it is completely a waste of everyone’s time to even put this woman on the air. But as we had discussed just a week or ago,
the white house had essentially been hiding Kellyanne Conway from the public. She was not going on TV. They weren’t sending anyone actually on TV
for quite a while because they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know what to say, and they were
worried somebody who was going to pull a Mick Mulvaney and just make the situation so much
worse by admitting as Mulvaney did that they withheld aid as part of a quid pro quo with
Ukraine. But I guess now they’ve got their talking
points in order, and so they sent out their loyal lapdog Kellyann to go deliver those
talking points. And even though Chris Wallace didn’t want
to hear it, Kellyanne did a good job of sticking to the administration approved talking points,
which is to basically just trash the Democrats say that the call was perfect and then trashed
the Democrats a little more over procedures while ignoring the obvious evidence that is
getting more and more abundant by the day that Donald Trump definitely committed a crime.


100 thoughts on “Even Fox News Is Tired Of Kellyanne Conway’s Lies”

  • "You don't get answers from Kellyanne Conway and it is completely a waste of everyone's time to even put this woman on the air."

    – Shall we say she gives you alternative responses?

  • Where did they find this witch… oh yeah, Conway lived in Trump World Tower from 2001 to 2008 and conducted private polls for Trump in late 2013 when he was considering running for governor of New York.

  • Demetrius Evans says:

    From now on, when I see this drunk harpy on tv or on a video, I'm gonna keep going. We ALL need to send the message that we're not interested in hearing her lie. If we keep clicking, outlets are going to keep showing her.

  • GILBERT Hernandez says:

    Such an ignorant uneducated bich. Doesn't know the numerous crimes dumbo has committed.
    Fk u Kellyanne. U W H O R E

  • That's just Chris Wallace. The rest of the team is still in the tank for the criminal, fraudulent president of the United States. Who's really president? Murdoch, Hannity? Who the hell knows.

  • We all just wish that bimbo kellyanne would fall into a pool of hers and fat ass donnie's bull shit lies and disappear forever.

  • Kellyanne Conway needs a psychiatrist that enjoy the challenge kellyanne Conway is absolutely deranged she's unhinged nut I have no clue how she ever got into the White House when she should have been in a mental Institution

  • I don't think that I've ever seen that woman to actually answer the question she was asked. Wonder how she got married…

    "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
    "Well, perhaps I do then again maybe I'm not sure. What do you think? Isn't it customary to say yes in situations like these…?"

  • Alexandra De Leon says:

    How can anyone jeopardize their lifetime career her husband and everything you work so "hard " for a Clown? I just can't understand that logic can she see she will end husband less career less reputation ruined she won't even be able to redeem her self in "dancing with the morons" smh lol

  • Alexandra De Leon says:

    Ohhh helllll no I cant take any more of tRump some one bring me that card game and will be slapped in the face with it lmol

  • I had read an article that said someone named Dorothy Gale dropped a house on her. Turns out, it was her sister. See? This is why you can’t always believe need outlets.

  • characteristics of Trump, & what he's done to the Republican party… – REPUBLICANS; Reluctant, Egotistical, Petty, Uncouth, Bias, LIARS, Ignorant, Cowardice, Asinine, Narcissistic, Sociopath.
    – tho… i call them "RepubliCANTS," simply cuz of the fact that they can't answer questions, they can't stay on topic, they can't follow rules, they can't work with others, they can't hear their own conscience, they can't admit to their mistakes, they CAN'T apologize, they can't state THEIR OWN opinions. they can't NOT lie. they can't get over their irrational/immoral way of thinking, OR their willful ignorance & selective hearing. they CAN'T let sh!t go, they can't hear ALL of EVERYTHING & they can't just shut the fuk up & listen… they can't even read between the lines or embody any common sense, for fuk-sakes!!
    🤔 now that i think about it… 🤷‍♀️ i guess, if i really HAD TO add the "T," in my lil acronym up there, (RepubliCANTS) i guess i'd have to go with the word "Traitors"… 😳

  • Pointless putting any Republicans on TV as they just spin lies and deny facts, all they say is Trump is innocent of everything now and in the past and in the future.

  • Just how much is a Trump paying her to defend him? I can't even believe Conway REALLY believes what she's saying. She's an amoral sell-out. I feel sorry for her four kids having to listen to all that bile when even at their young age they may recognise it's all complete BS. It must surely be psychologically very confusing.

  • Agreed, I don't want my intelligence insulted by her rhetoric any more. I can't take it, in fact I can't take any of the ridiculousness anymore. I don't know , maybe the truth should play a part in this no matter what the outcome.

  • Trust me her husband hates trump!!! That meens she can't be for real to defend this extreme yet your man dispising him. Kelly hates trump too, it's a check!!!! Period!!! Kelly doesn't even believe the stream of shit spewing out of her mouth.

  • At least she don't have to worry to much about trump throwing her under the bus, she knows too much she be more of a conspiracy to some of the Criminal behavior of the Pathetic president she help to obstruct, but this president is not smart enough to keep her out of prison. But that would icing on the cake. GOD got a special place for Criminals like trump Kelly Nunes rudy the GOP.

  • kellyanne thinks its still halloween with all that makeup on, but then again it would probably be scarier without the makeup


  • Politics COMPLETELY aside. Just image your spouse or friend answered a question you asked like Kellyanne did with Chris. How would that make you feel? Would you trust them or believe them? Now let's say they answered like that EVERY TIME YOU HAD A CONVERSATION. 😂😂

  • I do not understand what the final goals are for the Administration and the Republican party. I realize that they want to maintain power but they are destroying the very thing that they want to maintain power over. That makes you think that they are betraying the country and their goal is to collapse the government leaving it open to a hostile take over. We need to bring order back to Washington.

  • Why do they still put a camera in this trolls face? She makes me gag with all her lies. The House should throw her in jail for her many violations of the Hatch Act.

  • Heheheheh what i like about the board game is that it HAS trumps name on it and trump WONT see a dime out of it 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • the electoral collage is not a democratic system – so sick of listening to this cow say the trump baby is democratically elected .

  • Notice she gave an exact number for the republican who side with the democrats (20)?
    Means they're focused on finding turncoats. and they're watching them. 😂 it's so dramatic!

  • Is Impeach! The Slap Card Game frequently updated with newer Trump quotes and facts or are newer add-on card sets for it released? Otherwise it ought to be pretty dated by now. I mean we learn new scandalous things about him every day.

  • stop stupid Republicans Crowell says:

    trumpbionics a whole lot of noise. But nothing intelligable. Then paired with a scarecrow like kellyanne. And it's enough to turn your stomach.

  • Too many fall for the notion that impeachment is a partisan endeavor to overturn the will of the voters, and howling about removing an elected president. They miss a fundamental fact:


    That’s how the Republicans lost the House in the election.
    That’s WHY the Republicans lost the House in the election.

    Maybe you haven’t heard, but ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES …
    The House IS doing the people’s business – just as they’re supposed to.

  • FBI just got finish talking to the house of reps. they are investigating everything, And is about to get really high text. On protecting the voting system. They are going after all hate crimes complaints. FBi said hey we work for the people. Give us what we need to get our job done. and bring crooks like trump to justice. See trump woke that gaint up. and now he coming for them. time is running out for all of them. here come the final.

  • Let's see if she is prepared to lie under oath, has she the guts to swear under oath to protect her master, then go to jail with him. Her days are numbered but she will probably be vacuumed up by Fox News, who collect all the dirt under our feet.

  • Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained a must watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-7fzHy3aG0
    This is why i see her as a Female Dog.. Not going to type the real word that goes with it.

  • BS! The reason the right didn’t vote for impeachment is because they will lose their jobs. Their jobs are far more important than the American people.

  • Hang on so she thinks trump will face a judge a jury and an executioner ? to face the executioner he has to be guilty Kelly ! Did you just throw your boss under a bus ?

  • She us pitiful. Se and DIVOS or DEVIL WINCH need to be out like YESTERDAY!! NEITHER OF THEM DOING ANY GOOD!! All part of the crooked admins. Kellyanne lies just like her boss…

  • Do you not ever listen to your husband Kelly Anne? – I mean he is the intelligent lawyer – unlike the Trump Lawyers.fixers.

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