Ev Cochrane: Did Ancient Man See a Different Sun? | Space News

Ev Cochrane: Did Ancient Man See a Different Sun? | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.info The parent star of planet Earth
holds a strange and special place in countless ancient traditions
around the world. The celestial body identified as
the sun in myth, religion, ancient astronomies and rock art routinely bears
no resemblance at all to our familiar Sun. One of the most common ancient
depictions of the Sun is an orb or star within a crescent, an image with no
modern natural referent, and numerous traditions depict the Sun as a
spectacular celestial wheel, with a warrior hero appearing as
the axle of the wheel. For decades, comparative
mythologist Ev Cochrane, as well as his colleague David Talbott have worked to
reconstruct the natural events to produce these extraordinary
mythical patterns. It is their conclusion that in the
relatively recent past, in the era of prehistory, a period of instability
reigned in the inner solar system, bringing planets within
close proximity to Earth. In this episode, Ev begins our
investigation into the question, did ancient man observe
a different Sun? It is important to underscore the
radical nature of our hypothesis. We hold that the solar system
has only recently been subject to wholesale
reordering that in fact, well within the memory of mankind,
a different Sun prevailed. Our hypothesis is fundamentally
a work of historical reconstruction based upon
our mutual researches in comparative mythology
and ancient religion. The research of Dave and myself,
is distinguished from other comparative mythologists in that we draw
upon and emphasize the message of prehistoric rock art to illustrate our
findings from literary traditions. To take but one example from hundreds that
might be offered, ancient paintings and petroglyphs of the Sun depict
a wheel-like object commonly 4- to 8-
spoked in structure. Such artworks are
global in nature, yet how is this fact
to be explained? From the conventional
standpoint, such artworks are interpreted as abstract or
metaphorical in nature. Miranda Green for example,
in her otherwise interesting book, The
Sun-Gods of Ancient Europe, concludes, “The pictures
do not describe reality.” We beg to differ, it is our view
that the prehistoric paintings accurately reflect the appearance of the
ancient sky and offer compelling testimony with regards to an unfolding
catastrophic celestial event, in which nearby planets dominated the
northern circumpolar heavens. The mere fact that analogous
Sun petroglyphs will be found around the globe, supports
this conclusion. At the same time, ancient myth
offers corroborating testimony in this regard, wherein a different Sun
dominated the sky in former times and presented a wheel-like
appearance. In this sense, as in countless other
examples, the testimony of ancient myth and prehistoric rock art agrees at a
level of detail that is impossible to explain by mere coincidence. In the Thunderbolts of
the Gods, together with a number of other recent
publications, Dave and myself have presented a wealth of
evidence that the former Sun was the focus of prodigious electrical activity
and the source of spectacular outbursts of lightning, heaven-spanning storms,
and Aurora-like phenomena. In ancient Mesopotamia for example,
the Sumerian word for Sun is Ud. The same word is employed to
write storm or thundergod, a startling extension of meaning. Sumerian hymns invoking
the ancient Sun God, likewise, describe it
as a source of storms. So one hymn reads, “The Sun God
thunders over the mountains like a storm.” Another hymn reads, “As my king the Sun
God comes forth the heavens tremble before him and the
earth shakes before him.” Now I ask, does this sound like a
realistic description of the modern experience of sunrise? In what sense is the Sun’s appearance over
the eastern horizon ever accompanied by a shaking of heaven and Earth
or great bouts of lightning? What could the Sun have to do
with thunder and lightning? In the present solar system,
of course, the answer is nothing at all, yet the mere fact that
other ancient languages preserved this very same semantic link between Sun and
lightning, confirms the fundamental historical veracity
of the Sumerian traditions and cries out
for an explanation. Ancient Egypt, for example, offers
corroborating testimony in this regard. In the Pyramid Texts from the 3rd
millennium BCE, the Sun God’s thunderbolt is specifically compared to
the lightnings of the Sun. The word in question here
is mawt, m a w t, which has cognates denoting lightning in
numerous other African languages. Significantly however, the
very same word is used to denote the spokes of a wheel. In the present world
of course, lightning has nothing whatsoever to do with the Sun or
wheels, hence the fundamental importance of such terminology for
our historical reconstruction. But we need not rely simply
on ancient language in myth alone. Mesopotamian cylinder seals, together
with prehistoric rock art and other early artworks, likewise depict
the Sun with lightning- like structures emanating
from its core. Students of comparative myth will
recognize the structure adorning the face of the Sun here as the thunderbolt
wielded by the Thunder God. So for example, thunder gods like Zeus or
the Semitic Hadad are routinely depicted holding exactly this thunderbolt. Properly understood, the evidence from
ancient language, like the testimony of prehistoric rock art, represents an
enduring fossilized record of a different solar system, much as the
discovery of a dinosaur bone harks back to its former age, one radically different
from that which currently prevails. It must be remembered here that
the denigration of myth is a relatively recent development
basically originating during the early decades
of the 20th century. The science of comparative mythology,
like the complementary science of comparative linguistics, grew out of the
19th century writings of world-class scholars such as Max Mueller and
Adalbert Kuhn who rightly emphasized the prominent role of the Sun and the
Thunder God in ancient myth and religion. Yet the excesses of these schools
together with that of the Pan- Babylonians led to a general backlash
against naturist or astronomical interpretations of
myth and religion. Current models of myths such as that
advanced by Georges Dumezil, which dominates scholarship, emphasize
linguistic connections above all else and are much more
narrow-minded in scope. For example, Dumezil largely focuses
on Indo-European myth. Most important perhaps is the
fact that current models of myth always seek to
understand the ancient traditions by reference
to the present sky. But the ancient testimony is
impossible to square with the present solar system and as a result, scholars
are left with empty slogans pointing to figurative language, metaphor and such
statements as that of Green quoted earlier, to the effect that the
pictures do not describe reality. As Dave and I have documented
however, granted the fact that the ancient traditions and prehistoric
rock art complement each other. It therefore stands to reason that they
do indeed describe historical reality. Confronted by these sun-wheels
for example, on ancient rock art, the default position of so many modern
scholars is just to ascribe those artworks to imagination or abstract
forms, completely overlooking the fact that the same exact design
is found all over the world. So, at that point you
need to ask yourself a question, were ancient sky watchers on
every continent on the Earth imagining the same fantastic structure in the sky,
which in this case is just a cross on the face of the Sun or a lightning bolt
on the face of the Sun? But we could cite a thousand other structures that we
could describe if we wanted to, we’re just trying to focus the discussion on
these particular structures at the moment. But are we supposed to imagine
that all these sky watchers all around the globe were imagining
the same thing? That is not a logically
sound position. It’s much more rational to
assume that the ancient sky watchers were trying to describe their personal
reality. They drew the picture of the Sun that they saw, and that’s why those
pictures agree all around the world. Things that are imagined are not going
to agree unanimously around the world. It’s just that simple!


100 thoughts on “Ev Cochrane: Did Ancient Man See a Different Sun? | Space News”

  • Bill the traveler says:

    It may be an interesting experiment to ask Kindergarten teachers around the world to ask the kids to draw pictures of the sun from their own experience and imaginations. I wonder how they would compare to the ancient depictions.


  • mastersofthemirror says:

    I'm more inclined to believe that some of these "sun wheels" represent a total or near total solar eclipse. They are depicted in rock art because such events would have been rare and worthy of remembrance…

  • Obsidian- Radio says:

    You know. I've had this question in my mind for the past few weeks. And the question was : In Greek Myth why was the great age of man called "The Golden Age"? I've been thinking about it and then it hit me. Saturn literally is gold. If you get a good photographic image of Saturn right now. You'll notice that Saturn is a yellowish orange. If it were larger, closer to Earth and emitted its own light. It would look like a golden amber sphere sitting in Earths sky.

    The Golden Age was named that because of the emitted light color of the first King. The Golden Orb that sat on it's throne(the north pole) above the Ancient Earth.

  • Breakaway Civilization says:

    I swear this is depicting an alien "god like" force taking control of the solar system and shaping it to be what we see today in the "modern" world.

  • Sir, I'm sure that I learnt through the Thunderbolts Project that lightening is linked to solar activity. There is a delay of the order of days before the activity of the sun triggers lightening on earth. The question is, was it possible for the rising sun to trigger lightening at a delay that was perceive as a direct result?

  • This is absurd. Why does this symbol of a circle with radiating spokes have to an actual sighting of a sun like object in the sky?

  • See Dr. Alfred de Grazia's scholarly expositions (below) on the topic

    of recent Solar System catastrophic history. These books follow along the lines of

    works by Immanuel Velikovsky, Donald Patten, Ralph Juergens, Earl

    Milton, and David Talbott, and provide evidence against the current

    dogma of Uniformitarianism. Solaria Binaria, in particular, posits the

    same linear 'polar configuration' (as Talbott), but origin and

    implications, are very different. It would be very illuminating if those

    studying these topics today (D. Talbott, W. Thornhill, D. Scott, Ben

    Davidson, E Cochrane, etc…) would do a critical comparative study

    of the 'capture hypothesis' versus the binary solar system hypothesis.

    It is noteworthy that Earl Milton (an associate of Juergen) assisted de

    Grazia, in the writing of Solaria Binaria. Alfred de Grazia's Catastrophic Books:

    Chaos and Creation; The Lately Tortured Earth; Solaria Binaria; The

    Iron Age of Mars; The Disastrous Love-Affair of Moon and Mars; Cosmic Heretics.

  • Once again I will say paradigm shifted. Very sound reasoning. I wonder will Ev Cochrane write another book? Found the others very informative and enjoyable.

  • The image of the star is the Crab nebula super nova 1140 AD https://thesis.library.caltech.edu/1562/ The crescent is the horns of Taurus the bull in between which the super nova occured. The Hero is Andronicus I Komnenos 1152-1185 – Andro (Man) Nike (Victory.) Dave and Ev are blinded by false chronology and catastrophism.

  • I think the solar micronova theory could explain the ancient sun symbols a lot better as a pre-outburst or active outburst condition. Just not buying the Saturn polar configuration.

  • "Ancient" rock art. How old is the estimate? And, what planetary alignment or arrangement could produce this spoked alliteration? Upper atmospheric effects? Actual plasma protrusions from the sun? Sun and several planets in very close proximity? I think, and would guess, that the reason most "scientists" go with a mass delusion is the inability to wrap the human mind around what it would take to produce these rock art images.

  • Michael Karajan says:

    There are many interesting clues that support the idea of a "different sun":

    Roman mythology had two suns: Sol invictus (the new, current sun) and sol indigenes (the old sun, maybe Saturn). There has been an ancient carnevalistic roman festival, the "Saturnalia", held during the darkest days of the year, where is now "Christmas".

    The ancient "black sun" symbolism: In physics, due to Rayleigh scattering, a white G-star appears yellow in our sky and a deep infrared brown dwarf appears just BLACK. Its a blackbody radiator!

    Colors in greek mythology: In Homers' Iliad, there are no blue colors mentioned. The Mediterranean Sea is described there as vinaceous. This is a well known fact in this and similar ancient literature and is "inexplicable".

    Sun burn: We get it now, any race. Animals too. Evolution wouldn't allow it over a longer period of time.

    Color blindness: Cats and other animals are known to be (nearly) color blind. Colors are not that relevant during the night and dawn.

    Plant growth: Plants only need Phytochromes (for photosynthesis of red spectrum). The Cryptochromes (for blue light) are not really necessary, but they push the GROWTH of plants.

    Interesting fact about photoperiodism: The "modern" agriculture plants like rice, hemp, potatoes, cotton, tabak, and many autumn bloomers are classified as short-day plants. A "short day" didn't exist in an everlasting purple dawn sky.

  • I have had bad eyes for quite a while now and I can honestly tell you that almost every night that I can see a full moon it looks very similar to what most of these images are…

    Question for you all… How many of you are going around nearly blind without some kind of fix for your eyes?…

  • Ancient humans wittnessed a micro nova event. Mars was destroyed because of it's higher iron content
    in the mantle reacting far more volatile to magnetism with global volcanism instead of crust displacement
    happend on Earth. It's mantle field is now sitting on the surface in form of iron oxide and hematite, red, and
    obstructing the core field. Remember, all cores are oscillator – c u later alligator, and thanks very much
    for your work

  • seems many speak of that sun as a mini nova the ones painted in the past that is, a theory on what destroyed old advanced civilisations, just a theory thought.

  • The logic of the argument is interesting…. But if there is an Electrical Discharge, how big would it have been? Since we know that the sun's CME's cause electrical disturbances on the earth, is it possible that they knew the same? And what kind of electrical discharge causes the cross? That they called it a storm, might indicate that it was a CME or Micro-Nova that they are describing…

    Are the patterns the same around the world… Given
    What would cause those patterns … Missing

    Interesting presentation.

  • Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT says:

    Scientist? Being rational?
    Are you kidding?
    Oh, you are being serious … well … hurumph … then you must be the ones who are wrong, how could all these people have it wrong. I mean they have been indoctrinated by decades of same thoughts and have left the scientific method of hypothesizing followed by experimentation to validate or invalidate the hypothesis behind. This is MODERN SCIENCE people, get with the TIMES.
    Most of what I wrote is sarcasm. If you don't get that, then, you are a modern scientist for sure.

  • julie-Anne Lanahan says:

    The one thing yous have missed is when you get older and your vision starts to go these are the patterns that you see when you look up at the moon and the stars. You won't understand this unless you wear glasses. I followed Talbot 4 years and thought he was on to something until my vision started 2GO then I realised I think they may be wrong

  • Green plants tell us the sun has changed relatively recently as why would plants evolve to reflect the most energetic colour of light given off by the present sun? Either that or the sun changed colour relatively recently perhaps due to the Galactic currents changing.

  • The sun wheel symbol could have been a comet or any planet discharging the solar capacitor, do you consider this possibility? The 4 pointed star with 4 waves you say is Saturn. What evidence in Mythology do you have? I and many others have found that this symbol is attributed to Anu of the Sumerians or Ouranos-Uranus, Greek. I have seen in Talbotts work that he attributes this symbol to Shamash and the source he uses for that is Thompson which is incorrect. He has no source, it is just his statement. Another source used is Morris Jastrow Jr as a source for Shamash being Saturn in his book Sun and Saturn. Jastrow uses Diadorus as a source for Shamash being Saturn as well and he is blatantly lying as the reference he gives has no mention of this at all. Wikipedia says on the Utu page that the tablet of Shamash is from 888 BC so if this symbol became Shamash’s symbol later it originally belonged to Anu circa 3000 BC (Chaldean/Babylonians worshiped Marduk, son of Enki, who supplanted Enlil and Anu his father)
    A search for “symbol of Anu” will show you many websites making the point that Anu’s symbol is the 4 pointed star with 4 waves.

  • I'd like to see a test. Go around the world and ask people to draw a picture of the sun. I wonder if there would be any similarities that are not representative of a photogragh of the sun. Also ask them to draw a picture after witnessing a total eclipse. This may just represent anecdotal sort of evidence but it may or may not lend support to the theory.

  • The destruction of human history, real science and education has its source in Judaism. Until humanity recognizes where the threat to its existence eminates from, we cannot crawl out of this Jewish sewer we're all mired in.

  • Is it possible that archaic man had a different eye to view the sun? While taking photos of the sun with my canon ti6 I catch pictures of the sun with spokes. The f stop is small and the speed is very fast. I thought it might be a lens anomaly but am reminded our eyes have a lens too.

  • I think it was JUng who suggested that similar archetypes from around the world are a product of us all being made of the same stuff. I am sure he would suggest the same thing regarding these images. It is a bit of conundrum that we can recognize that even the ancient caveman had the same intelligence as us today, therefore so did the people who did these sunwheel images. But, we dismiss their observations. Sumerian astronomers were able to plot the orbits of planets but when they describe the appearance of the "beneficent sun" being not in the east, it is dismissed. I personally, am sure ancient man did see a different sun.

  • Is it possible that the people who made these drawings were witnessing the birth of Vinus? Something like that wouldn't happen in an afternoon.

  • Brian Sutherland says:

    Yes. This is very interesting. The geometric designs do seem to be from a higher culture. The expression of this ancient higher culture left to us on these rock art is but a few examples. There is also some evidence of the craftmanship left to us in the fossil record. There has been much lost to the ravages of time. I enjoy your thoughts in this documentary.

  • In pass if we were orbiting a different sun would we be able to tell by different radiology isotopes in the rocks ? If we were had a red dwarf star would our gravy be different less of it , so the dinosaur can grow to the immense sites. The Bible the store of people living longer or our red sun either the Earth rotating the same or faster around a smaller dwarf star making the years shorter . Or get less radiation our red sun unlike our yellow sun . This very interested subject , if we were binary star solar system and not very time the come together they do a Chinese fire drill but doing it to two car or stars .

  • Raghuram panyam says:

    It should also be studied and analysed to understand the chances of human eye not reaching perfection to see 'sharp images' like present. Chances are the images they had glared vision like people having 'Cataract' defect. Because even the images of animals etc., are depicted without sharpness and detailing in ancient drawings.

  • Tremendous work, but as always, I'm sad to see Jno Cook and his "Saturnian Cosmology" written out of the story. Cook was a prickly character who did not play nicely with other catastrophists, but he did important work in dating the start and end of both the Saturnian and Jupiterian ages.

  • So sad this Channel isnt on MAINSTREAM TELEVISION, I bet if Trump had more time to look into these sciences , he would surely choose Thunderbolts Scientist over those that sit on the seats now

  • Thank you so much for your continuing work gentlemen, I get so much from your videos and books. Electric universe theory is my special interest and I can't get enough! Sincerely, a very grateful Autistic adult

  • Electric Universe Eyes says:

    Thank you EV and TBP. I'm glad you included Jupiter's thunderbolt and it's relation to Saturn's ruling. It is of my opinion that after the Saturn Wheel and "fall of Adam", the Cosmic mountain of Mars reached the Earth and ascended again, that Jupiter was such planet pulling agent, arranging a similar wheel as that of the original Saturn configuration. Those in my little circle would like to hear more depictions from you and Talbott on the transition from Saturn to Jupiter to the present Sun. I'm no scholar and just a lay person seeking more clues and answers. It's been my experience following TBP since 2011 when I found Symbols of an Alien Sky and Remembering the End of the World, that you are very careful not to assign modern religious names to ancient gods and sky worship. My own desire is to catalog the transgressions of sky gods and their archetypes to that of what is being taught in mass today, and say it outright, like Velikovsky attempted to do so by directly relating Biblical canon and events to other cultural and religious works. I think my YT buddy Kronos- would agree..

  • Lightning is terrestrial based and cannot happen in space nor do we see any plasma formations like this anywhere in space, so it must be very short lived or not visible in all the spectrum we can see in; you would think we could document something similar but no where can it be found. Why?

  • Truly Awesome!, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  • Often wondered if the sun was much closer then since stars look EXTREMELY different when we zoom in

  • Why did the ancient people put there imaginary abstract sun wheels with real things like animals,trees and mountains ? Thank you ThunderboltsProject . Keep up the good work !

  • TheBaneofLiberals:StraightWhiteConservativeMale says:

    Interesting, but until you can explain how the planets moved around like that, I don't think so. Still don't believe the black holes, dark matter BS though.

  • Is there anything in the mythological records that indicate the ascension of Sol as the new sun?

    I seem to remember in the Greek myths that Jupiter was known as one of the sons of Saturn who then rose up and subsumed Saturn. Is this more of an anomaly in Greek myth or does that storyline show other precedents?

    Perhaps this will be explained further as the miniseries continues on.

  • Abstract painters and science fiction writers live and die only in modern but ancient time. Rock art painters drew what they saw shouldn’t be regarded as abstract painters or fiction tellers.

    There are more hypocrites in modern days than there are real peoples in ancient time.

  • I see a different sun today than the one I grew up with, it used to be warm and yellow way back .
    Now it's white and stings the skin.

  • At 6 minutes in….the circle and cross is seen now as a reflection from double glazing window…… videos can be sent….at any time request subject to sun being out…….it's real

  • Loveto ClearClouds says:

    Interesting. I am currently reading the book, SUNS OF GOD, by Acharya S. She spent her life in comparative religion research and discovered that all religions originated with the sun, moon, stars and constellations.


    The Greek word for the sun is IESOUS.

    IESOUS became JESUS.

    I had figured out most of this before finding the book after I started studying astrology due to all the references in the bible to the cosmic light bodies.

    In the book of Job is reference to Mazzaroth, the hebrew word for Zodiac, which is the Greek word for the constellations, the cosmic clock in the sky. I grew up in a christian religion that said astrology was the work of the devil. Devious way to keep the truth from humanity.

    The sun is electric. It corresponds to the Pingala nerve that runs up the spine and the Ida nerve is magnetic and corresponds with the moon. There is a lot more to this but the “as above so below” bible verse refers to the cosmic bodies above and their influence and effect on human bodies below.

    The ancient priesthood has been manipulating and controlling humanity primarily with the divide and conquer tactic and hexcraft. In order to maintain control, they have to distract everyone and keep people fighting against each other so they don’t unite against the control freaks.

    They’ve had people fighting over which is the more powerful God, the SUN or the MOON.

    SUN = JESUS aka IESOUS aka BUDDHA aka KRISHNA aka OSIRIS aka RA aka THOTH and many other names.

    MOON = ISIS aka ISHTAR/EASTER aka ALLAH and many other names.

    Finally, the dates of Christmas and Easter makes perfect sense.

    The SUN is said to be reborn on December 25th.

    Easter/ISHTAR/MOON is in the spring and is the fertility goddess.

    Easter/ISHTAR SUNrise services happen as the MOON fades and the SUN appears after being “dead” during cold harsh winter months.

    They’ve pitted christians/SUNday worshippers against Islam/MOON worshippers and have profited in the trillions from perpetual wars. Anyone else feeling hugely deceived and pissed off?

  • With a good understanding as to the electrical nature of all things-how can we use this knowledge to create something that shows that 'settled' science needs to re-think a little?

  • White Knights of the Round Table says:

    I think its just the ancients way of depicting sun light, sun rays, kids still often draw sun like that

  • Think of ancient man living under this hypothetical ancient sky living in those environmental conditions, nature dictating his surroundings, as they document it .

    Then suddenly that environment changes and so must mans depiction of the new environment.

    So Monuments had to be laid out after the catastrophe through the world to rethink our new environment to document the new seasons, study the new stars, stay alive.

    That physical evidence is still there and undeniable. Plus it can be dated with archeoastrology.

    How wonderful to be able see with these perspectives in mind thank you so much ThunderboltsProject for your research.

  • Thank God we are coming back into an age of enlightenment with the usual fight with the less enlightened that always encompasses such times. Just in time for enough people to be seeded with this knowledge before all hell breaks loose in the Grand Solar Minimum wars.

  • See this little clip from Brien Foerster in Peru lending support to the twilight/Saturn as old sun argument: https://youtu.be/7Fi4WOHW0NI

  • As we know there are solar cycles and that it's magnetically connected to Earth. It creates weather effects earthquakes and volcanic activity let alone growth of food Could this be a nova event? Before after and during. Let's look back at the evidence left behind

  • Perhaps these dipict a global volcano eruption pall/shroud, a light gas filtering and dispersing sunlight in a prism like pattern.

  • Consciousness is connected world wide! So that's Ur theory down the plug hole! However Ur theory does make more sense! There have been experiments done to prove a global consciousness! We are all beings of light! Think in terms of frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla.

  • One moment please . . . beginning a discussion on Sumerian hymns (relating to storms, electrical storms in-particular) at roughly 3:45, Ev then meanders to the declaration, "Does this sound like a realistic description of the modern experience of sunrise? In what sense is the Sun's appearance over the eastern horizon ever accompanied by a shaking of heaven and earth or great bouts of lightning?"

    But then Ev makes a fundamental error (relative to the theme of the work of Wal Thornhill, Dick Scott, et al.), quote, "What could the Sun have to do with thunder and lightning? In the present solar system, of course, nothing at all." That overreach needs to be corrected/contextualized precisely. Today's sun-earth-plasma-influx system is all connected, etc.

  • When people begin to even suggest that multiple civilizations across the planet and in different eras of time all had the same hallucination about a spoked sun in a central point is to suggest that all these peoples were simply making up the exact same lie … say that to yourself several times and see how absurd it sounds

  • Great video Ev! Keep up the work, and looking forward to your next book? I also want to give an important shout out to the late Dwardu Cardona who, together with Dave Talbott and Ev, performed boat loads of solid research and wrote scores of detailed papers and books about this over the past 50 years.

  • Look up the Blue and Red Star Kachina recounts in the Hopi culture. The transition from one solar state to its opposite is described with interesting details.

  • So when all of humanity tells the same story and draws the pictures, it's all myths.
    But when mainstream cosmology tells us there is a magical dark matter/energy out there, that nobody can see or detect, then it's science and facts. Despite enormous amounts of resources being thrown at it, to find this magical dark matter, none has been found. But that does not stop all YT cosmology channels to use/mention it as if it was a fact and proven beyond any doubts.

    It almost feels like ancient Egypt, the best and most advanced work was done by the first Egyptians, only for all their work to get worse and worse the older their civilization got, which is the reverse of what usually happens. Mainstream cosmology gets more and more fictional by the passage of time, which should be impossible in our time. Yet, here we are.

  • Earth is NOT a planet and the sun is NOT a star. All the ancients understood this, including inspired Bible writers. You will never come to understand the true nature of our electromagnetic universe until you grasp these basic truths. Heliocentrism is false.

  • Steffi Marshall says:

    I think we never put in our biological changes, I truly think our eyes change through the centuries. Because this happens with more then just the sun. Pictures of many things are seen different from the ancient folks. It's a possibility

  • pretty dumb because how would u symbolize a sun? just a circle? no even kids draw a circle with rays coming out. the sun didnt actually look like that! so dumb

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