European leader PUBLICLY shuts down Trump on first day of G7 summit

European leader PUBLICLY shuts down Trump on first day of G7 summit

One year ago, in Canada, President Trump suggested
reinviting Russia to G7, stating openly that Crimea’s annexation by Russia was partially
justified and that we should accept this fact. Under no condition can we agree with this
logic. When it comes to the speculations around inviting
Russia to the table, I would like to say this. First, the reasons why Russia was disinvited
in 2014 are still valid. What is more, there are new reasons, such
as the Russian provocations on the Asus Sea. Second, when Russia was invited to G7 for
the first time, it was believed that it would fuel the path of liberal democracy, rule of
law and human rights. Is there anyone among us who can say with
full conviction – not out of business calculation – that Russia is on that path? Today I will try to convince my interlocutors
that it would be better to invite Ukraine, as a guest of course, to the next G7 meeting,
to hear the opinion of the new president. I talked with him about it two days ago and
I know he would be very interested. This is Donald Tusk, president of the European
Council, wasting no time in condemning Trump’s misguided idea to let Russia back into the
G7. Tusk, who, as president of the European Council
represents the EU’s 28 member states, was responding to Trump’s comment only days
ago suggesting Russia be readmitted— It’s come up should be put Russia back in. We spend a lot of time talking abut Russia
at those meetings and they’re not there. I think it would be a good thing if Russia
were there. So we can speak directly, not have to speak
by telephone and other things. I think Russi should be a part of it because
we’re looking for world peace and other things—trade and other things. And it would be a lot easier to have Russia
in where they have always been. Because nothing quite says, “we’re looking
for world peace” like rewarding a country that is actively attacking us. And while Trump is falling over himself to
absolve Russia, not only of invading Crimea but interfering in our OWN election, Tusk
explained that there’s no possible reason to warrant Russia’s readmission given that
nothing’s changed—that Russia’s still laying claim to their illegal annexation of
Crimea. But Tusk then went a step further, suggesting
that Ukraine – not Russia – come to the G7 next year as a guest, in a show of solidarity
with yet another victim of Russian aggression. And that puts the disconnect between Trump
and the rest of the G7 nations on full display, since not only did Trump refuse to condemn
Russia for its invasion of the Ukraine, but suggested that the Crimeans actually welcomed
the invasion or that because many speak Russian, that the peninsula then belongs to Russia. To be clear, this is the president of the
world’s biggest democracy rationalizing a hostile foreign takeover of part of a sovereign
nation. Although I guess we shouldn’t be surprised
that this is coming from the same guy who threw a fit on the White House lawn because
the prime minister of Denmark told him no, you can’t …have Greenland. But look, Trump refusing to stand up to Vladimir
Putin is nothing new. Trump’s entire presidency has been marred
by the fact that his campaign cooperated with Russian officials interfering in our election. Because despite the fact that Trump tried
on a daily basis to will into existence the idea that his campaign never colluded with
Russia, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don Jr, Manafort and Kushner met with a Kremlin-linked
lawyer in Trump Tower after they’d been promised dirt on Hillary Clinton. Paul Manafort shared polling data with Konstantin
Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian intelligence. Trump’s national security adviser Michael
Flynn discussed lifting sanctions on Russia which, coincidentally, were imposed BECAUSE
of Russia’s invasion of Crimea. And then there was that one other pesky little
thing, where Trump asked Russia on national television to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails— Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re
able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily
by our press. And then hours later they began doing just
that. In fact, Robert Mueller and US intelligence
have said that Russia is STILL planning on interfering in our election in 2020, while
Republicans in Congress – under the leadership of Mitch McConnell – are refusing to allocate
funding to beef up election security. Almost like, by doing nothing, they stand
to gain from all this. But while Russian interference is and was
clearly illegal, clearly cause for alarm, because it’s to benefit TRUMP and HIS campaign,
he wouldn’t dare speak out, because he doesn’t value what’s moral or just, he values loyalty. That’s it. The point is that it’s the European Union
that has to lead on the issues that the United States once led on. From international diplomacy to election security
to military activity, Trump has entirely ceded America’s leadership to the EU. And frankly, we’re luckily that in a world
where authoritarians seem to be gaining power, that the European Union still has leaders
whose decisions aren’t tainted by their own desperation to hold onto power, who value
people over money, who can still tell the obvious difference between right and wrong. Trump might think that the saying the inconvenience
of making a phone call is enough to warrant Russia’s readmission to the G7, but luckily,
the G7 leaders aren’t as willing to bend to Trump’s every whim as Republicans in
the United States.


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  • Trump not only thinks that he is the king of Israel but apparently he thinks that he is king of the entire planet and can dictate to the other G7 nations !

  • Ok, we done had g everything thru like g 20… Why the hell is this g 7..??? Again????? Sounds like some ducky , ducky, bullshit anyway.. take all them g's. And anyone who thinks they are an og And stick m up ya ass..!!!!! Globalists cockle suckers!!!!

  • Send the fascists an invite – at least the comedian president might crack a few good jokes. What happened in ukraine was a fascist coup led by nuland, McCain and the rest of those neocons. They're trying to do the same thing in Hong Kong and Venezuela- and were also successful in Brazil. Kiss the rain forest good bye. Trump is an ass but Hillary was a criminal ass. You reap what u sow, America. Now the dems are pushing Biden- more of the same shit – his son was promoted in Ukraine- explain that to me.

  • Patrick Garski says:

    Leaders of G7 refuse accept Trump want Russia leader Putin join in G7 because Russia takeover eastern Ukraine and Crimea . Leaders demand Russia military leaving eastern Ukraine and Crimea ! Leaders of G7 welcome Ukraine join in next year .

  • This evil scum Tusk is responsible for the war in Syria and Libya – and he is against Russian Crimea? Utter filth. You know nothing about Crimea dumtard

  • Does Trump know how ridiculous he is?
    You can’t tell me all other world leaders don’t laugh their arses off behind his back every time he opens his mouth!
    Then again, unless your comprehension of the English language is kindergarten-level you’d have a hard time translating anything he says.

  • morgana marvel says:

    Hey there — EU, ok, but don't so blatantly omit Canada & Japan.
    Besides their importance per se, including them in your
    arguement, can only serve to bolster it. Pay attention!

  • James Donnelly says:

    Crimea is Russia Tusk. The people of Crimea identify as Russian. Well done Trump for trying to keep peace in the world. Great man.

  • James Donnelly says:

    All of you that have a problem with Russia the true peacekeepers of the world are fools. When Trumps gone the next pres in will goto war with Russia and your triggered pussy holes will be on da fuckin front line.

  • What a DIFFERENCE in situation explanation . European podium LANGUAGE shows that a change in WORLD politics is comming about.

  • Is anyone really surprised anymore when Donny boy defends the crimes that Russia does? seriously. I wish Trudeau would actually speak out against Donny boy instead of always trying to be nice about it. the man child is nuts and should have every country that is an ally actually speaking out against him. Both Donny and Trudeau really need to go. It's best for both countries, we need leaders not criminals

  • Once upon the time Crimea 'belonged' to the Greeks ( Kingdom of the Cimmerian Bosporus ) and Ottoman Empire and to Russia as well … Crimea was there long before Ukraine even existed and therefore , there's no point in maintaining that Crimea belongs to Ukraine .The ones in power remapped borders since time immemorial .

  • Simon Threlkeld says:

    Brian Tyler Cohen is another fake news Russiagate BSer. In the real world even Russiagate peddler Robert Mueller was not able to find any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and no evidence has been produced showing Russia hacked the emails showing Hillary Clinton and DNC dishonesty and rigging. Instead, the evidence points to the emails being leaked by Democratic insider, but you'd never know that from Russiagate BSers like Cohen.

  • I know it's been covered before but don't forget that Moscow Mitch is in this up to his turtle neck. Pitched a fit when Obama wanted to address Russian hacking. Accepted millions from Russia into his campaign, got sanctions lifted on Derapaska, another million or 2 payoff & now 200 million in dirty Russian money cleaned by the US into a aluminum factory in Kentucky.

  • I don’t go off my feelings about Trump I’m not a Trump praiser, I just know my bible and prophecy. And it is not time for open borders and a one world government. That’s the democratic goals. Don’t you think it’s funny he barely beat Hillary. If you know any prophecy there must be peace before our savior comes back. And we are not in that peace now. I put my faith in the word of our lord and savior. Stop looking at the chess pieces and look at the moves that’s being made!!! God bless you and all of us!!!

  • I agree that Russia should be condemned for the annexation of Crimea but let's not be so hasty to forget the crimes of the US with its policy of regime change. Case in point is the invasion and the subsequent occupation of Iraq. Syria and the terror groups supported by the CIA should be high on that list as well. The US can't have it both ways anymore by playing world policeman and world despot all at the same time and expect the world to take it seriously.

    Trump is symptom of a larger problem within the US and not so much a cause in itself. "Trump derangement syndrome" is one of these symptoms. While the DNC supports regime change policies and continues to be in the pockets of their wealthy corporate donors it's getting very hard to see who the bad guy is anymore in American politics let alone seeing the distinction between either party.

    Demonizing the Putin kleptocracy in Russia as a threat to the US and Europe can only go so far to sway an already weary and sceptical public of an impending crisis. Large segments of the public sees it quite differently I'm sorry to tell you. The crisis they see does not come from a dark foreign invader but right on their door step. The old deception tactics are not working as they used to and not as many of us are taking the bait….some of us remember how we got duped about Iraq, then Syria.

  • foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild says:

    Russia has the economy of a country like Spain despite it's vast size and wealth in natural resources.. And that is a direct testament to the fact the country is a kleptocracy

  • And don't forget that Russia has killed several people on the streets of Britain. delivered the rocket that shot down MH 17.
    Got caught trying to infiltrate and hack the OPCW in the Hague, attacked the US election system.. Invaded Georgia , invaded Crimea ..

  • Wow, a Jew spreading anti-Russian and anti-Christian propaganda. How original. Don't you ever get tired of embarrassing yourself kid? Perhaps you'd like to bring back the Bolsheviks and kill 40 million Russian Orthodox Christians again, like you did 100 years ago. This clown at the G7 has about as much power to "shut someone down" as an editor at the Daily Worker, or Claude Junker. Funny how you don't mention the NATO, Mossad, and CIA/MI6 orchestrated coup that armed a bunch of lunatics to oust the democratically elected Russian president of Ukraine, so they could install an EU puppet. Or how when the largely majority Russian people of Crimea stood up to these NATO trained mercenary goons that ousted their elected president, that they were savagely and brutally attacked and killed by Ukranian ultra's, and thankfully, Putin helped stopped the slaughter, just as he did when the Georgian lunatic and NATO puppet leader Saakashvili invaded the Ossetians and killed Russian peacekeepers, and were ultimately saved by Putin. If you really want to stop foreign interference with elections, how about forbidding campaign donations from AIPAC for starters? Here's a better idea, how about stopping Israeli and Saudi interference on our foreign policy that gets thousands of innocent people maimed and killed, including American serviceman.

  • Trump is a racist and a liar and a bigot and a womanizer who bullies others to get his way.
    Trumps supporters follow him blindly regardless of his actions or words.
    Thank God the other world leaders aren't following his bs. Chosen one my ass.
    Only racists defend racism, anyone but trump 2020

  • Jeff Foehringer says:

    Seriously, Trump is pushing for Russia to part of G7 and says the Russian invasion of Crimea was partly justified. And this after every American intelligence agency informed him that Russia is trying to illegally influence our elections. What the hell is going on?

  • Mark and Lucy Weyland says:

    I get incredibly envious, when listening to other nations' leaders. They are informed, articulate and diplomatic… everything trump is not

  • Because Americans are idiots ! As representing America its chief Orangutan has by far shamed democracy more than Hitler! Trump is uglier and more hateful than Hitler!

  • Russia got something on this SOB and he's beholden to them. About 50 percent of the Republican base will accept anything as long as Trump continues to spout his racist and sexist view. The remainder lives by the idea of winning at any cost. The religious right has been telling this Dufus that he's the chosen one; yup they just never bother to admit that he was chosen by Russia.

  • We need to stop ignoring con man Trump's pandering to strong men and oligarchs like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. He is clearly beholden to Vladimir Putin for helping him win the election and for money laundering for Putin. We cannot allow Donald Trump to lower any more sanctions on Russia we must vote Donald Trump out of office and then we must arrest him and cease his assets.

  • if russia meddled to get trump elected – after 3 years now- i still have to ask WHY/ noone has given me an opinion as to what end russia has for us??

  • I wonder when they going to invite a victim of the US or NATO to the G7, just have a look about what the US have done through all Latin America.The US It is not the greatest democracy, it is the greatest hypocrisy.



  • It seems like conservatives in the USA dont understand the horror of fascism. They are ok that Christian children seeking legal asylum at the boarder are treated so poorly that they are dieing.

  • Marleise Rashford says:

    USA Republican politicians are all Russian assets. They are all kompromat. Leader is MOSCOW MITCH. He won't legislate money to protect our election process. They want to destroy America because their leader, Putin told them to do so. Wow. That's the word in the streets. Plus orange man was told specifically by his boss, Putin to get him back to the G 7. Lol. Well, orange man you can't bully the European union, they are made up of very smart politicians who understand politics n world order unlike u.
    Just about a year is left of your madness. And we will be free. Free at last, free at last, free at last. Lol.

  • No, we have been talking about Russia and YOUR meetings.
    Lets not twist everything donny.

    Its like donny is asking all the kids in the school yard to agree to let his bully cousin back into school, stating, Hes not a bully, he just beat up kids so I wouldn't get bullied later on.

  • Moscow Mitch wants all the help Russia is willing to give the GOP in the next election since he’s already sold them his soul.

  • Time for we the people the 99% put our big boy and big girl pants back on and get this flabby biggest bllshttr (actually documented as the biggest liar of all time that no fake mews can lie to cover for him) trump is found guilty in MORE THAN 10 serious crimes by mueller that only our dimmest people cannot comprehend, as if trusting trump is the right rhing to do.

    Our answer for everything just about, we the real people the 99%ers is Bernie Sanders

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if Bolsonaro, Putin, Xi Jinping, Trump, Maduro, Rouhani and Kim Jong-Un start their own G7-group.
    Can you imagine? The world’s worst leaders, deciding how to split up the rest of the world between them…

  • Kibuigut Barsirian Kenduywa Arap Sing'oe says:

    I thought Trump said China will pay for the Tariffs, Mexico will pay for the wall, cheap healthcare will prevail and We'll get tired of winning!

  • Kibuigut Barsirian Kenduywa Arap Sing'oe says:

    Baby boomers prostituted our country to corporations and lobbying interests under the guise capitalism and recieved the promise of trickle down economics.

  • Trump warned everyone before he got elected that he is someone with no morals. He told everyone he could shoot someone and still get elected. What is the outrage now. This man can sell his mother in a heartbeat. This is the man pushing the buttons now in the USA. I feel sorry for you americans.

  • 70,000 mental health professionals have signed the petition that Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States.
    And they respectfully request he be removed from office, according to article 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president will be replaced if he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.””

  • Trigger Warning says:

    I agree with the logic when only looking at the issue of Russia. However, inviting them to talk is not also a bad gesture. I say this because they have invited in some way Iran and are sitting down with them. Macron just did this. Is this not the same? Iran is no different than Russia and are allies with Russia. The one sided analysis is a bit too myopic.

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