Ethiopia: ዘ-ሐበሻ የዕለቱ ዜና | Zehabesha Daily News July 27, 2019

Ethiopia: ዘ-ሐበሻ የዕለቱ ዜና | Zehabesha Daily News July 27, 2019

yeah take about two years of Shabbats of what she and attack a dimensional change a cat a bellow because you know sugar cane Okada my owning up and quite you we're one lead gonna be bujji's on pesos Toshiba I definitely he's a nut carrots I was just chosen at lol mm the miss rockin now Mira Winnetka and huger zone cabbage so we'll charge you today you know bids I would charge on the muta-do kazoos to Shiva let have an archive intercept alpha has an admin or a chota welcome yeah we here are we either got another Marco me sorry but at this hour but at the moolaade how odd this mileage is and that's our cow cabin chang-geun collect effing a claw hammer to bear me Robin amiss Rockwell the guy image a new Andy Andrews Raza has an ad mortem and the Shawanda China Andrew Sarris is huge and um kercadiou's won't even October Gucci Salk a meeting with – Akash McCracken and this is amethyst Ingram and share services which anastomosis all that window champions and at the owner what we saw a chocobo nacho I genome and now these are not blessed that worked better better get a cursor there are bits over judge not to see on another children would be so much in a – monotone yeah Bri we either gasps gasps Rebecca machine power reporter against wall okay energy salad macaques are as mitosis the same innocent mother Sam and Rosa was Satan now Alamitos nothing when the Kirby saw such a grand American Angus much Alan him report two o'clock else one Kennedy macaque and Kevin Shang will GU Moo's okay was young foreign higher so that f ni caliber beretta horribly mutilated burrows language was to lose another day making you better call him Burma's karate are and cab or Oh Jim for now yes or that when I can Oh Babu Ratna hardly moving human attempt a toddler in a burrow thermolysis and a two-letter happiness my gullet bear more on nabi muhammad wa ala ma de corazon about net benefit accolades monotone em commissioner unclog and swallow his heart with autonomy give chick girl in the library barcode noggin LM chicken MF k UNICEF Ana College bagua Drago trees to a cigar pair Garabed service Rob – RL estimate a magma chamber McGregor demographic a ceremonial commercial a stock one chick who care well guarded and look at Chatham in the SU a British angle definitely Murchison report to outer column yeah been Chicago miss Connelly yeah either gas got Sarah Amar's of a bit her life he other entities are under the hood bizarre tonight I'll get a warrant chicken am no caviar we are de garça God Sarah Commissioner amicable adjourn Alma make much better game and coolest an anthemic remember all battle a bit sour but an athletic Los Santos overwater know if an algorithm zenki target of a like a Tremec and with the government as Mikoto Kemal and the other angle is at Becky or net a data because the new elena kagan Burwood and not her only more dumb Natalie lucid as outsiders as roms can say get win a pair before him I'll get a death of Mohammed as much Alton agro alum we're in history now manga style noodle is to bear master a versa biographer who looked over a couch in the darkness telethia telegram anastomosis trafficking yeah the new year our agency customers have bitch ignorant Archer DMF taught there his era to Becky or later autonomy give them a crab yes sir Ramu uncle so Andaman berkelium one leg on thirty bit which were the ceramic MELAS Gemma room the automaker candle break in a Monica's one capping off a debate in Germany or Astra outcome or unit benefit debate which were the ceremonial as much American yeah could you autograph at the beta star work em where a Korean Dhoni on America to continue oh yeah Arabic so happy to Chinchero yeah well duh Andy home yourself at debates was less at this twats Rockaway operation viola for under establishes ramen similar to Tom qalam said this was our secret hello to where astronomers are Tony again associate take life at the way to him yeah Hezbollah Salafi are talking for at Omaha yeah marijuana God crafting a Fed to beat him where this rocket ominous would finish macaque came in donut American solemn their men disbursed on a state visit to cut Rousseff Isamu diagnosed a game in him will have under the Senate a token from the archiver show yourself in a moment our answer is with the baton to Salaam is important an agro annum Berta Yesenia could have a debate but the foe and abet volcano you notice from yet I noticed a dog away our jump emotional key I know Chesney McWhorter fought with divers on the job and Italian now was sorry Amanda satti Babu me Telugu cosmos over I am iodine was like Astrid are we arabic jama' sultana Crocker and Nazim her and Duke Astra indiscernible Sumatera Uniqlo alone ver que de Malaga orogeny obtained on among the small talk without rota Castillo Salmonella perverted another woman's the William Mattar was known k- Olga terracotta phonic el chavo but beta christian i perfer sm k hamza belies away Star saloon well at this of Ababu equivalent at a Miami Guinea ohai admiral Mbita christian at alpha r sm afternoon catlantis jaha was hardly assassin milky affair sooty a clerk at a modem bus Cabarrus notch own vintage and dilute care at room of the cigar Bertha yeah they battle is so critical care hamsa bless away stars Harlem Mercato smoke Oslo Erica Mena that Aida Regalado a king Alan yeah protector Salomon George and Amal it's been fastened a Belgian officer in a barrow other than Iran to the Berkut saraghina FM's Canada Burnham Nebraska borrow – Caden below cellar a true committed Christian as Todd Garton a guru hey guys I am Tamil Kaito Kaito under environmental triggers illumine the jicama salad he amassed incorrect at another 11 adaptability question on that said tell me a saloon and estate a synagogue more yeah in a to Medina and Cassie Cassie came as a velvet monitor Arzo and Assad at a llama Friendship Day miracle and a tada vinegar and Emma Tahu latinum I'll give bottom blow a loom art of a person but works later but I wouldn't I get an a-minus attached avoids the reseller mister not care but whatever is a Christian hammer out kid and Amara snapper here at America's could get a sedan guys now take it on stink I own over a loophole such Bergy bustier meet on the phone so you Devon Devon look Alice Burnham nagaru guitar say hey don't let put her to hide in the chamber and I'm here talks loop system are and then a bottom got solution here at a Christian cat again and by ago yes you're a drunkard surah al Assad under the foot a girl swollen bernetta folk over at my feet without show here for a subpar show under she had at seven a couch he had a loose ball the two beta Christian and wanna eat avocado yes any Islamist Antigua and I suffer now where the calf Archuleta and the hideous on foot and in in Cedarburg a dear general safer Rama mobile vinegaroon in their general Steffan Rama mobile Trenton now let's put the bit carbona Berman charisma cocktail bendable cottage rotifer our moments Democratic as a suit McCracken harms us amazi was good – / – okay calmly athas English are on our metabolism rock and if it's a solemn and procollagen tell forevermore : 11 Amarna dilutes craft Aeneas Oliver chill Berta medicated mo tiller to touch Amar'e yes three American a thermos karuta some pollen turtle children to the bar dark a tomography debate a sustained yawen-ge lot less Estonia Kazakh and well good day to Italian tartar which McCallum Kevin J Lunas Iowa New Hampshire saw a turtle in the Negev auto slalom pessimist galvanized metal ransom her data a cheetah's if your nincada machine and a masseuse – good – our top Malachi Chalmers gavage Tina Thomas Allen cosmic odd kallenberg adult affair imamo cornet and Evan Amara now Cornell Pamela who a branch embroidery stop are you chicken Ebert alum here turtle tobacco and elude police couldn't aqua boo yah yah yah yah yah yah yah kanawa Egon Allah never Greenberg to take as listeners Arab archana target away Nibiru Chi Chi group at a military 411 a marinum : bomb lock you up I count abutment Altadena bok choy be memorable American tax aalam and Humber College rotifer amamori a veteran together make a cesarean Abram Nahor notch on a jet acaba la mera mera mera naam s Cahoon master just are emerging isn't ever go through aqua volume bammo noon persons of the cosmic uber good diets at the foo Ala Moana sherbert Academy yet I ever mono turmeric is a catharsis at the bar Chalmers no exacto and Allahu Teala – Toya : kedaranatha macaca yeah Moxon add a guy on the bachata tahoe so macho testosterone commander and then a new channel – and get some time ago to buy a column call 911 our evil crotch Oh Curtis are in general Amalekites with it by Omega 2 beta Bachchan I get a vote of a mononym yeah Marisa anguish Pomona chinfa – way to go dutch but ago mr. Olynyk allocable broaden their can identify Rama Murdock mochi guru and SF are not wearing a fudge Athleta and ahead yes from good analyst you do natural to us at the to alum as Cahoon member maille Mezger Umar said Java Club alpha channel men in vanilla would die meta sorry agua bonamana leggy cabal solutions into equality general – Rama moon Mary Mary police by Bakula a Telugu debate in a cocoon of effortless Agata Nurse Joy – regarded get a victim or nurse at the column he who ng our ancestors make a cake at Annabeth azure it's a tofu and eHome Karagounis I also was in arou and emission of a magnet good their best on our birthday Greek mythology Matata there go Kara Angeles rules are watching Amitha to master column K good darkness ions abortion feminine man can appear on araguari immunity Neelam Mataura to retreat our symbiotic amino bro alum vermin s Cahoon yeah Satara nama Tarragona Bachchan Grouch personable Technic massage element are adhere as rod Kennedy zakat row and ISA toad a you qalam policy insurance could Matara the underpin would down level okata yeah oh yeah Assad Connecticut Austin aster controllable record Hamlin has angular and ambassador Indyk alguna vez que Java mohammed abu jahal indicator to look at also Paulo yeah Attica bruh – here's a Bashar bit savatya Naturi Naughton caliphate Ezra's austerity regime in Khartoum I'm cuando Latino cook bacon festival in lollipop Ariane Rd summit pasilla models are true Latino neat OPEC a festival a Minnesota syndrome and um now Mara Nevada me tomorrow a would September 1 2019 but ill still owe me today we're at Travis a visitor to touch a macabre see on the little junior elite unit humans sanosuke Ramona solution it took me along not here to offer a decent figure passport not lunch I got my September 1 oldest such Umbro scums shits move he took an imodium cat bunton nothing like we're at Russia James breath Mysterio to 7/4 Lexington Parkway north st. Paul Minnesota five five one zero for sanyo Salem Jericho fheo condominium at the language mangas between and gastric lavage chose a yahoo therefore u fh o condominium / tithers are choosing which mangas benefit aim between Jessica bachata yakuman and as you wear the Salah sashimi Taguchi watch our Fatima logical on a new Salah myself a meal to Montenegro Alan sorry a desire that the modern way work how at this at misguided and the seguro anything watching Assam mr. Massad concept' jacket robot has faster before you in a broom and don't activists which beta to xalapa both addressed by me it must fire by mr. Chapman dismissed concerns that chemically treat a person at our cutters are choked under leg I toss in a guru K Islamist a metabolite Bertha's Fatah condom casual cha-ching or I quote event Battlecam logins every again you know menu abitbol take a bow a portal in the collection I kept employ l'm layla now kinetic ravine Democrat Joe PA tuned of the resin catalyst of Allah there was a given a burger ask on site I left not went to Iowa by Dylan who need help man this is a good multi-masking I came like a Yankee actual opinion salute Ella grown who is a guru cut over to the wall I'm quite a toreador aside chose raha she has a watch man this lemon a good Adam Walker unum can solemn chamber Altman this good urchin virtually table America to under the guy a mecca for Samantha tribunal mangas caja Garza would you like a goat so watch him left Alaska paranoia minute add robinia serum layer guy it out on a growl I told her to be like yet ever look a little crabby binoculars okay I am so stressed about answerto Thomas give oh yeah autobot s+ abu mohammed uncle so camera the Fitbit – Walsh apologist and Allatoona they started at Messiah chatter so was a gamified are open the hazard show auditorium rhetoric language who gave it a blue yeah the resin sequester service Wellman distilled by Solomon Solomon educated and embarrassing on the Avenue below Anna Moraga la illaha Mary chicken Elementary lujah mangas embellishment egg is limited Albert Memorial Auditorium he wound up a fat emulation manga new corner Sarah Hoshi with a de la noche hasta las vous n'etes Ambassador mentioned phenomena you Solomon in Jerusalem italic and educator who asked anchor : yeah I forgot the nasara Marco machine calibers mandi status away I could – Mustapha a bureau car Vergara the moon vodka it's not busy a crime to watch Oh a little sauce me anymore losing watch lay a de Gama got h-honest avec une turn out to best serve our TT / couldn't watch mana tender Amara afar so Malika well there would be a bit better so much it now his Bachchan let Oromia nothing when I get okay that's your own candles in good as he does about 12 look at her me know and it was meetings ago twist suppose lissandra shameless capital honcho endemic fauna Delta not worth Talyn where I can put my summer anniversary I gamma shock of its Natasha furniture archivist Salah cement average they place our tomb culture war for the gamma contain ambassador Mari – Paris – yeah Atticus a Tokyo ghoul for the context and Salome Arvada – she a barrage capital rhetorical top column has you got the yellow couch over I'll talk will commence as moment action yet again yamaraja America channel yeah Amira cut on polymer to assaulting yeah yes mhm Attica force be trans as I know you hate to me navigate our at admissible in a blood choke Orchestra at an item yeah but no our that wonderful Thomas cannot be a visa what or else hospital care eta Carinae polymers garden which I drew column yeah America Buddha neo-kowloon Taniya America or a burn unit magis hard a stress international global attach a mega calorie unit here tumors to consume us the such other good neighbor in yeah Jennifer Lucas nuts America and a suit initially a telegram oh no under Buddha Yemen America the batsman garrison a yahoo no alguien swallow pursue them to consume exceptional problem and demo sorry stuck somewhere hospital oh yeah economical gaya at that he opened dr. Lucini FTF Atari Indian discarded at Joe acetone yeah alchemy transponder Papa Tom dr. Raj Shah Massoud and Emma to do nam Cataloochee alone Adam and America to another reduction get solemn yeah ET opere Michalak Asura Vth Temecula cannot in a tobacco had a few canal facade to Cuba Bakula Ciavarella percent and I eat opium here American polymer aesthetic coming in the leper auditorium and there were one now Colorado special I was America and bizarre me Maggie never wanna Chum yeah America had to Minerva this language total ultimate was 12 loyal : yeah Europeans a quantum RF it's a party easy mom vadym cannon-armed ro dah and the bird out of zone who left another hour accident on our lap and Abihu to toss our actual hasta welcome he's a my year I was a good day back to Drew I'm knowledgeable ethical at today morning um I wanna touch it has to do person McNutt yet alimony apart two years geography öto not Nathan leg a stone column there American Lisp salams in parque zoológico de las got a buzzer I'm good there but rats addressed by me hit lemons Rustica JUnit own our decision Amarok talented and Ottomans control again lesson lair Amara's can let his salami not the internet yet Kalitta tolerate a bitch ass a horny aliens could annoy salami not a dumb ass for laggy moonless auditorium placed on to lengthen the new Hezbollah monotonous embark analogical de lugar bear said I'm good animals rats borracho the rest I'm here today guys turn you loose your own yeah Amarok killing Salomon that's a tablet and Miami tech mom yet Cthulhu mornin I work at all yeah I might I couldn't Hezekiah DiMucci see let me know yeah a little saliva that's a target a mirach addendum good table new chemical it's got a Brenda Misrata the guy stern and blow him where does it tell you ever talk but walk here kill Lou has battery who is America man who has a history to veteran but no you're not Auto Thomas again children transition inamorata knives at a cigar team effort but Andy what I get is a panel she'll get so alone they're flipped she asked an amateur let's hire an FeO till Uchiko committee bob allen i'mma scope of the Rajaram one that would hit in the ilium yeah but naturalism minister a stir with him minister who neurotechnology like fe o th eco committee one set as you own Benzema resolution rush K and this karateka coverage on again to Allah therefore comenzará under missile singleton rose to jockey I can well your diligent await the Regular Show samarasimha Totino's Oh No can I use the iPod to resume in establish a virus to diligence at 12 noon I'm mistltein loose Khadija batons were born with the wrong elevation server on duty notional movements around a llama delicate choker and Estella Valen Valen drama Deborah assaulted alerts Ballarat Coco as Rahul tutelage viruses focus on duty respond let's go cook a noob her Saba tutelage body and Coco no alum the agaric of the Rajaram is America see ya ho th e Co coverage I said o Bharata Shabbat omotenashi hone their plasma to Hamza protein which care and escape mr. Hawk of the regiment as we Amita was known their fleshy Astra and legitimate black filly Emperor Caracalla humble approach with Agatha main MSR coochie hired up to this V Nebraska relish humble approach with academe me to sit here a development Adama Estrada Rostova chem II American a state of known yet the Reverend Peter Mata a dynamic ether conceived an acid ester under Guilbert a meta economist and metohia crafting an America Kalina invest routine master not get in a per se own and Roberto am your own moussaka tell'em investor Oh true backorder construction DM economic atomic shell cattle can a yellow diamond is ta took us death bono project was later summer to a loon the arrow timber Kitab our approach ricotta get a yo quick al mualim very very similar investments apart Katella you asked what the roach an effective as the ragaman it ham sausages million Burke erotica floral year develop rank as a master Adam development can add this our antibiotic kilometer Erica's lighting Allatoona yeah each opium instrument conveyed here which are not secondhand that show Ethiopian their insurance did not understand your year finances our fortune this summer oh yeah miss had to do a chorus lie ahead talk cosmic a bit carbo and decide upon us my mom yeah it repair bellaire bank yeah Melissa allergen not yet understand a financier watch in the Sharia Sega joke Nagiko George let mr. cosmic a bit in the telephoto zoom on them and then you go to the guard duty interpret or not you know yeah which are Ghazi watch bear finance their false messiah in digital magic as fella you never making assume all known here ministers metadata stone qalam many could be too badly for me yeah yeah which never let Joey to appear and their banks on his artery any fuckin sunny must Alleluia Mita was known the Atlanta now let's mullet some harmony assaulting can recharge fundamentalist where police days over at Lisa was hosting a police together as a lady making news yeah abolition habit Alavi October little chasm yeah Avenue at the severe political philosophy are two antennae solution um yeah a veneer Kaka flick at my other school dollar fee atone acrylic and sorry Hamley hike and what she asked anti metal minute Adami to Oscar oh yeah hi azimuth Connecticut rotation Camacho Elena has hit a cement Kenneth a fundamental rhythmic guitar tone Santana lon yes bendy and are laid bare one entity Saskia of an hour at F at the bottom of Ansari both how Archer Malecha and that's not work Oh Burmese rock shworvels bullshit we'll add our wallet etiquette mi m think lemon juice McCullough other got a lot a stroke and a bruise Burke Italian operas macaque L gave Marshall true boss in liquor versus two year event of a lot mana to see you Monday move let Thomas a sadist or gayness banana and amethyst is destroyed and the resident an undamaged care are a tortoise eyedropper column yeah ministers milk awaits bears are evil at the back gate or separate thing I made a vinyasa Barbarella you could turn light white or sunny asana varlam Hennessey must undo and Aladdin yeah federal Maria bitch cohesion via if III hit command is Dana recommend is to massage undergo Yama to the guichen either physically child shown a democracy a minute watch and iam adamak have taken by her Latonia is Reina is the Georgian box a bad angle it up the 50 B so Jamie said to his son which must resemble Nelson with Hamid the ratchet and Nam Muhammad which is a much in Hawaii Coburn Amitabha marquel and you me a secondary table Amita you go here for deaf a Samana Adam solution tell Guarani matric carrots our Gary Emma calico Louboutins rattle America jamie anneka at like archaic as the dye stone Lebanese Milky Way to Sonic and Valen maker be to America all July best vodka – Allahu Allah and then the master Hawkins in Burma can take a bruiser a gazelle Allah has the cosmic a bit and it on the force in London NDTV intelligent Iraqis are I got one album milk a – I am Eurostar a thing which increase raghava's Archelaus elaborate monuments oyster a guru and their mentor sugarless I get energy interviewer who Leticia step ahead there they go yeah which auditor report to my solidarity – max hello camera a tumble is Kahuna yes eras in Yahya demos and I saw that Kofi Yama chef from Panama China looking at yeah it's also something you chill ever Connecticut don't blow on them ok saga without showing this another two kettles in a batch American yeah I feel every time I wanna transfer some emails Phil Berrigan their military nothing which is a kindness it's been my hobby to birth the reco almaty come tomorrow because Melissa higher bar to Nome Sarah hang with true castrato bizarre joke indiscernible to one a magnet at -1 ninja be Honam the Ridgid Elijah the Rockies are on take a kimono am no alone yeah letv Valley with dr. gamma Juba moon are chewy to eat avocado yeah under FACA Yanni deprivation to Saba stinger Methodist Barbarella you can otherwise the D switch family highest image and that she and a metal rod carew to after Satyam roba shot an artificial and then be kept as a mom yet acaba broken committee Alfred eyes Hotel Basset al Megrahi artist to the death Mama's milk at class our mr. Malaysia which I'm black al-qaeda nigga pussy own derivation okay anger 4-1 in the show Garber Mahoney yeah if you touch in her Muslim Lehigh miscarriages and a metal bread cake a new service at a cool tomorrow biographer Delta certain show adhiraj someone mr. Nagaraju Moreno who knew yet – La Jolla Joetta through workshop and them center column hardly high cement me should be Macario you needed a car versus Roth aye where artists to bother weight-wise arrow our Mazda gen8 servers agape film seller artist with a look at mature now music I let Adam EMI cabochon their mr. zerga John Jacobs I gave me chef Renault Sheraton at this hotel more room to Santander here I take about two years of a shop it was the notorious delusional Gina Gina thermal camera of the contender to dominion


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  • Selam Le Ethiopia says:

    አብዛኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ የዋህነት ያጠቃዋል፡፡ የችግሮቹ ሁሉ ዋና ምንጭ የሆነውን ነገር ለመቀበልና መፍትሄም ለማምጣት ይፈራል ወይም በየዋህነት ችላ ይለዋል፡፡ ይህ ቸልታ ሄዶ ሄዶ ከባድ ዋጋ ያስከፍለዋል፡፡ የችግሮቻችን ሁሉ ዋና ስር መሰረት ጥቂቶች ብቻ የተሻለ ህይወት ይገባቸዋል፤ ሌላው አይገባውም፤ መጠየቅም የለበትም በሚሉ ቡድኖች ተተብትበን መያዛችን ነው፡፡ ህወሃት ትግሬ ብቻ የተሻለ ህይወት መኖር አለበት ይህ እንዲሆንም ቀሪው 94 ሚሊዮን ህዝብ ማለቅ ካለበትም ይለቅ፤ ግድ አይሰጠኝም፤ እንዲያውም ጠንክሬ የምሰራው ይህ እንዲሆን ነው ይላል፡፡ በሌላ ወገን እነ ጀዋር የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ከሌሎች ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች መዋለዳቸውን፤ ሀብት አፍርተው በመላ ኢትዮጵያ መኖራቸውን ዘንግተው ኦሮሞ ብቻ እያሉ ያላዝናሉ፡፡ ለሌላው ግድም የላቸውም! ችግር ቢመጣም ወደ ሀገራቸው አሜሪካ ይገባሉ፡፡ ታዲያ አንተ ቀሪው ሰፊ ህዝብ ዋጋ ቢስ ነህ ተብለህ ተፈርጀህ እንድታልቅ ሲዶለትልህ ዝም ብለህ ታዳምጣለህ? ዋጋ ያለህ መሆንህን አታሳይም? ነው ወይስ አንተም እነዚያ ጥቂቶች የተሻለ ኑሮ ይገባቸዋል፤ ያም እንዲሆን አንተ ብትጠፋ ግድ የለህም? እንደዚያ ከሆነ ዝም ብለህ ጠብቅ ዋጋህን ታገኛለህ፡፡ ዋጋ ያለህ ከሆንክ ግን ድምጽህን አሰማ!! "በቃ!" በል!! ለብልጣብልጦች የማትታለል መሆንህን አሳይ! የዋህነት ሲበዛ ከፍተኛ ንቅት ያመጣል፡፡ ይህ እንዲሆን አትፍቀድ፤ ፈጽሞ!!!

  • Betam yasaznal ye Amahra hzb ye ABN meriwoch ayetaseru ayetferedachew ayaye zm kale tadya mn waga alachew alekelachew yznb mechawecha yhonal ye Amahra hzb

  • Dhugan masenare says:

    Nanatachu hugawim higewetim manew eski nigrugn lemin endi selfish mehon asflge leminis kemretu letfnaklew hulun agurash gebre masbis agaltachu

  • Tujuba Ethiopia says:

    እስኪ እንደሰዉ ሆነን እናስብ፤ ከ1997 ጀምሮ ቆጥበን አለገኛንም የሚሉ፤ አብሶ አደሩ ተወልዶ ባደጉበት ቀዬ መሆኑን ልብ ብለናል?

  • Tujuba Ethiopia says:

    በቤተ ክርስቲያን ስም የመሬት ወረራ ነበር፡፡ መፍረሱ ተገቢ ነዉ፡፡

  • Anteneh Ketema says:

    አብን ለምን መንግስት ወጥሮ ያዘው ምንም ከመፍቅለ መንግስት ጋር በተያያዘ በማለት የፎክክር መድረኩን መዝጋት ነው የአዘው ምክንያቱም አብን ብዙ የምርጫ ድምፅ ስለሚያገኝ ኢሃዲግ ከነ መሪዎቹ ስለ ሚሽነፉ ነው!

  • Kassahun Mekuria says:

    ዘሃበሻ ሥራው መከራ አጠናቃሪ፣ መርዶ ነጋሪና ሙሾ አውራጅነት ነው…ሚዛናዊ ሆነው መልካም ነገር ም ጨምረው ቢያሰሙን ፈቃዳቸውን የሚቀሙ ይመስላቸቃል መሰለኝ!

  • ዘ ሃበሻ ግን እየተለጠ መጥቱዋል እውነት ለመናገር እናንተ የምትፈልጉዋትን ኢትዮጵያ እኛም እንፈልጋታለን ነገር ግን በአንድ በሆነ ህዝብ ጭፍጨፋ ሀገር እንድትቀጥል አንፈልግም
    የተፈናቀሉ አማራዎችን ዜጎች እያሉ መጥራት የአፈናቃዩንም ሆነ የተፈናቀለውን ህዝብ ሌላው ወገኖች እንዳይነሳለት ለማድረግ የሚደረግ ጥረት አድርገን እናየዋለን
    ብታስተካክሉ ጥሩ ነው

  • ዜዲ ቢንት መሀመድ اللهم املع قلبي بحبك says:

    ያአላህ የሀገራችንን ሠላም መልስልን የኔንም ልብ ህመም አሺረኝ ሁለቱም አንዲ ላይ ህመሜን አባባሱብኝ ያ ረህማን

  • If we forget the blame politics and concentrate on what is happening
    in Ethiopia, we will easily find a parallel to the birth of Nazism, the incitement
    of the Germen youth by Hitler to commit the most horrendous crimes on human

    The most frustrating is, the fact that, I and you never
    learn from the history of mankind. We are extremely selfish and do everything
    to smooth and level everything we cannot cope with. Psychopaths like Hitler know
    about this weakness of mankind and they use it mercilessly and without any
    scruples. They use the simple grievances of the youth; amplify them by many
    folds through new stories, concepts, theories, more grievances and promises. In
    reality these psychopaths do not care about the people they seem to help, in
    general these are disappointed, misfit and unsuccessful individuals like Hitler
    was. Hitler did not do well in School and was rejected from studying art two
    times. He was extremely ambitious of being somebody and showed many egotistical
    traits. He then discovered, how he can use the mass for the purpose of
    satisfying own megalomania.  Hitler made
    references to Nazism where he claimed to be an Aryan which was of a superior
    race.  His concept of Germens being of a
    superior race went home very easily among the mass and mostly among the youth.
    The Jew was labeled as the lowest race according to his theories. They should
    be extradited, they should be wiped out from earth, and they are the enemies.
    Can you open your mind and see some parallels in Ethiopia today? Do you observe
    many Hitters drumming the sound of racism, hatred, defamation, aggrandizing,
    accusation, etc, etc, I can go on and feel many pages by these negative adjectives,
    but I am sure you understand what I am talking about? Do not lose your mind to
    these scrupulous free individuals, be a human being, stop being passive, be an
    Ethiopian (time to unite) and hinder the catastrophe that is at our door step.
    Let God stretch his hands for Ethiopia.

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