Ethiopia: ዘ-ሐበሻ የዕለቱ ዜና | Zehabesha Daily News July 26, 2019

Ethiopia: ዘ-ሐበሻ የዕለቱ ዜና | Zehabesha Daily News July 26, 2019

lick yes re-emit Hamley estas anklet she is her ultimate engineer sir maneuver collector adjara y mató peggy noonan yaga yaga mr. scone and condition and one and all the sorry will attempt year engineered a garage Bertha I'm Angelica Sarah choking aluminum nafse amara Marilyn yet a Cobra two years huh Bashar pizza watch yell editor are busy no ginger at the bureaucracy no sugar in Okinawa Union Avenue the Hamasaki tomonori you know yet Allah be upon that which are bestowed their job or darker a woman how was a customer would debit America their seed ama AMA which beach a Sato Arizona travel good down and just some limit and yet that woman an aluminum yeah how was hockey table on Hezbollah to Camilla Cabrini Chile girl thing you a calculator Timon legally you you have the sub collage the merger would ammeter unit in the doraji Yahoo a cannot harvest earlier childhood and a terrible estaba cumin yeah Ethiopia merch award every year how a circuit of Anwar is the yaki lemme medicate Oh academically with service servo committee our lat like a junior said of debate live or to Martin Aragon to Allen committee us at this armor I wanna Lucy home yet house a catamaran good debate America them less Adama Mrs Burgess 800 Sulu chop wood wood down and just for some limited yeah yeah the morning Calallen Committee on sorry best of bargainable arbitral I am are at an actual arm is not a Virginia schemata seehorn bear Hamas akadama was Antonia tell Norris lemon or yeah understood them super mega bomber damnit on the Pacific as well where they will be reserved or China has vodka diamond s military various Adama zone yet kill atiek in demos and I'm mr. ah twisters both sunny indica hit yet ETOP on the job what most noble enforcement Malkovich Anita wasalam merger would care about the Shocker a typical brokers committed chotek Boris macaque L yeah there will be a very civil to Nahas vodka Dilma can be administered in our case you know a starter cardamom care where I worked here kill you now here's only a starter one not Kazama when I am at a curriculum yeah how was I got the money Monica Talon Bessie him he has more sunny with a TAC de Mon Calamari America to behold burka tomorrow who led to a Coliseum in Norwich omnipotent Nam has she got birthday yes William in a soui optical filter Ukrainian mr. Nader Burton Asura as a guy stole aboard ruined s Abu khattala qalam the edenia Dominus tecum enemy trauma skipper alchemy anomia luteal comatose observe II Arisaka Samadhi boom yellow Amaro manuia catalog Estrada a karate Oskaloosa watch it has aa : yeah comatose of sabi in the middle corner yeah they will Khalil please don't hear President Abbas ha Rafi yeah Hollywood da Rafi yeah President Ilham ocarina mrs. Salahi local fear amar Buddha which the and raghunatha Lucy hold the rock guitarist Adam Tomas a little Minoru Yammer jihad Jakarta Molotov and Tabitha Malika Tempe Arizona estudar picture Adam toe and a curb and dad a dissolute eloquent yaki a curve ball yeah committee a bar at bed of that virtually and the schema to tears oh no armor Hagerman customers as other go k diamante yak Yong hak Arab yeah diluting sir what's becoming this yesterday Yemen or NAFTA me get the world are touching a second site once you lose another jungle solemn let's see him calmly as 400 shots under mythology Monroe battery us Adama tsukitachi tae-yeon here in Everett with Vietnam most permit SC got and under budget an agro album says the Yammer job what do you contaminate often table me asana was sunny with scattered are you beer better watch it oh yeah tomorrow's we're getting handed other ice tomb Paris who in Demuro yeah optical field naughty naughty me Chile MFD I kill MVA and as soon as phobic at emedco and your Center you qalam committee oh at Columbia House akadama better be a better solution occurs which killer hid them in his uncle's at this yet allow Yuma have a sub our attach our Chloe I mean your birthday tomorrow obligated to committed a maroon yet at a more that I met Larry government was to Indian tell you column committee or our Columbia Canada McCabe it a number chopper to Kamiya Kokomo alkyl Korea how to confess aluminum yeah menorah no touchin and Jessica Bertoni qualen are attached on convertible Chile's have I'm up to Commissioner a tagline ministers of a bid their fetish maker beta now that Liu Magdalena B's one must get but 20 Villa socio committee of sabe the I catch over gamma – and my opinion are chosen ethical saloon October Callaghan ecological chili lemon that's where the high-income as umbrella not or commas mochila case a question – yeah I beg him unless as finale no illumine yeah autumn or Phaedrus Congress mist indica member Etobicoke Nagar variety of youngest children are women is there an athletic or a bootie Aiko chillin ominous weather hide commas embankment what about the bat Adam yeah oh hey Camilla tilaka member now yeah at the Saba Universtiy yeah which one coach memory or not a topical Atlanta bare metal inverse T Banco de Luna not education I wear a trucker a while ah sorry negating which is yarmulke us possesses knowledge um ahoo stralla yeah no hegemony slalom on coach oh cool economist titular European coach at Malcolm Agatha Meno kalevaram yah Kinetico Chilam MLS where the higher commands embedded not or commas materia case ago – you're a busy woman let's ask for lucky no problem yes Adama be here as soon comedian welcome to Yankee a junkie CEO said the neural of October came here to come on lago del cat mahatma monotone asked our mill – man said as for lucky in the leopard elsalam barometer shot a Giga has bootable chorus on a mirage were the most album Arabic easy tour Misawa retina has Juanita matte the symbol or dementia flat mo cartography Idol Umbro alone I'm digital converter is right or whether or not the monkey sooner luckily allocable okinawan going to sue who abandoned the political digital Chinaglia so much and me belong we are we it's who are in the most bizarre and Britta's envelope a school I teach and a special record of Megan I learned I guess getting any good Mongoose to see a German ruler they will get my tardiness Thomas are nevertheless say it was the thinnest all was all know who's Battaglia but I love Amiga boundary jae-hoon I only doneger oh no never again at these Tomatoes America's you each other particularly still the home button you have a Dragoon arugula solicitous I'm financially I mean own a girl any guilt at a never-ending drama maguro asylum McKnight remember research in Ibrahim commando you met how below in this Cahoon yeah yeah yeah malakut anthems tonight the neighborhood kuleana you see Dominique a mentee a key the new malakut here at UTC or Saturno who hit that watching a mud-free Matano come on Luca della Casa Laguna kamakura bedroom Casa de mama Caribbean am from Laguna Tower which got me on that outer loop done day tomorrow but no soon as you ask to mow the array of media with Misaka Misaka lilyc Lana su tha tiger being equal to vo Rosa – Tia gacho mama Nesbitt a cappella per nanometer Rashad Erica's route a book o tu eres una Mirage would most certainly it but this is a rate or massive our attendance on yet ambassadors in below image of lack vocal Anita we know we even layer Alaska salasi major merriment irregular perpetual average bagua Walter Goomba visual Telugu even Margaret in cursive whereas at sugar no when to go to the home of the Alamo stood hidden kizhi tamarind mountain upon the room Tama society ago chicanery cherish our logical order hi kizomba Nina to overcome azmuth the jig which in the activity zero Vanessa's for a genome each opana gives the a beggar typical passenger out what was in apparent that it gently German remorse as a mum each open eclipse been up by the diphtheria aqua often a parent is dead in the mission that was a good lesson so as you could turn them away idea it will care which you could die minister utter that do under that children twitter groups cameroon k gives up president Abdul Fattah al-sisi car Megan had some problem yeah it could suppress dance of a bit sorry in dust away AutoCAD dramatically minister abu hamed italic ml it layer RCC after volume medic-2 agora choke bear who Lumas coach Craig up cigar Netanyahu latias good unless the Mossad the Cortana and donut jaimegirl small attack almost verbatim yeah it would kinda give ya a curvature burly acarya mera got as for laggy internet a crime in his true no such one hasn't returned yet honda-kun lead a cicada Hamelin us remember as mosquito ETOP are Gibson acid on yahoo Thundercat allow semanas light and deter sulphur la Cucaracha mononym a climb in his throat America chose a natural blue a fat bitumen yeah it could sue president Wellington caribou Oh Barnabas a states a minute Lila mattress it will protect barra vieja said you know the bath Alberta show negative so al sharukh al-assad got it as a Givaudan got it now you hear me John he gives his video half the community now hello now take him it was just get body one endemic a bummer that actually a friend at one I took her do bagels Alexander are yet again Newport Medina temper ambassador but located around here in a belter antique at Telford nugget and Allah show them as I get more young guys out a column and the European aqua dot are crowded to see a stratagem arrow eat your pure goodness with Aeneid do no harm will Allah as the Alberta Malik Adam yes was to use him in at litem address the reader solder guna oh it has Jowita wasalam he did dragon gives back the witness I am Otago Johanna and endemic and Adam Scott what liquid at Sunnah Berman the droop at this milk Bala for April were yes was to a great knowledge but again you bet back I wrote the opera vahanam BER students with an assault egg or motifs Arabic to President Omar al-bashir and Irizarry arch on terra's mana burn are toga do now president al-sisi talent bother would we get Heder indica tell them as much on guide our auditorium who's talking to Jessica sorry Hal got it uh drew Sudan cataloging dodgeball are vessels to Agora tio2 contains a young woman through Jonathan in it and the directors one problem yeah take Abra two years Amish a bit support GLA to Z naught in Calcutta chamber feet a service hospital generation in Ankara tomb climb instead dr. avi Ahmed Hambley how that can blame and agree to villas multi-million chicken or chili I'm at San Mateo Morales dreams may lift a stand of whom layer Buddhism a nut ke took a semester sister got by owner or not lambda mahogany Emmylou admitted gajima yellow church in oh sorry Natalia addict Mahajan who Lamia later of the story I wrote a column minister who tell aunt Oona to Naha City in a browser again Miku Tanaka Tanaka Rosa Maria Hulu me to pee helena was table to him Allison Oona's no average in Lebanon Barrett not again Adela Jim looking at whom Abajo Church in haiku Yulin and yam Bottari Chile research in aluminum and namu Amida marina RM Vario Bertrand Curtis Tabata addressed an other accident Belton and zero temperature Co neutral charge in him average and baronetage under average in agonal the third church in Wistia Managua children and sad sorry archived version and Meganium barrier con questions too much of Achaia care areas of Ana touch a garage in Iowa student and then a barrage mr. Cruz nacho Brolin yes that was good Delaney or what could they be child and Amira tackle a minister oh yeah he'll do now good guy no yeah I'm not good I know yeah bahar good day no yeah equally me good Dino Zoff mullet egg on an anomalous often and minimal and yeah brahmanas miss profit and not yeah i'll gender blood mirza but just catalog i was a garage in article a comment i'll for years ooh mama glitches come on – walls berlin layer unveiling good day and remember a llama cotton is sorry miss onager and my Nora here Aaron Wadi a classical action mr. kidnoh a military minister on terra cotta to our garage Jeanette Lee Marvin destination over Luke and Solomon aquifer Kirk a catalytic or engage Yemen agrichem and animal verse 11 Aras billions of Andrew come medical Catalan aratoon as Falacci hagavi solution ceremony curtain fig arena and automatically not Mossad egg American embassies on broaden here at Agra Minister Uma numerous artists wala undergone in a cabinet rollin the misrata Africa cazuca domestic assets are not a jig ask a feeder can Arabic a certain term you chilly yes if I add a solid gust researching yet of apartment stood rigid a sternum he must incur Chillicothe Bolivar sue Madonna acaba BK cementum of affiliate effect are aware hub yes I ought not offend the middle America John Rowland yeah Britannia Oxfam bottle knowledge I'm the European assume I am again UK usamos medium but I so what shall happen oh god ah Cho leg – birth etc by the pandemic aperture a stock quantum yeah Oxfam America Africa Bureau director Lee diagrams in a guru bear habitable Kosovo Chennai MO – insulting missile battery energy mascot as common I the rest my topic in opinion chikhloo chemical super fit I wanted media most addictive panel problem yeah a demographer you see distinguish agency UNHCR Burcu chill guru Jakob 11th at NASA to Alan patella empathic Ram to pursue Muhammad Ali never a person up Kadapa combat actually looking at whom the judge Burton such a great on a resume table or no qualms with an acronym yeah unit cert a like a bi ba Baba Lucy definitely routes Burma to mascara more amps net of our at median Somali only a millimeter has got to McCallum / – jamario moon little at media occluded male as so chemical idiotically illumine Lady Sarah asked Adam Adam as regards Awad motto assigned million dollar name is Phil dick Burnham que le gusta que no es the understand your which are under animal control sorry yeah American television DME Catalan Xena Australian Maria akha village idiot and Renee our target in the survey satellite endeavor water stir more don't yeah my colleague wonders on polish memory asta become the hub a shark as can be feet here horse and I was mayor lattimer's at the WETA wasalam gazebo fit birds all new tiger yada under Molossia American de Larbre hey Gautam and Goswami in a broken LeSabre western wall with our solemn bow to goodness a woman's awoke a American ever data collected in Damascus him ok backwaters from Harlem man real girls wanna Berman goodness of Wiggins I won't cut to Greg with the Amarok and then damask a bass him ok but I got you an asshole Aquila like in that he has ever had that I gotcha Mara Mara Mara Mara got my children yeah mark leg on the swamp or his memory angel memorable with my cattle commander asthma more classical solemn years all polish memory about the regatta Jamari Burma Randy Lewis Tiwari who let Gillis avoids by Atlanta now let me actually make a tell commander Rugal solder menorah a casual exhibit Antonio might have a glass a berimbau Arab personally in Dalian percolator stormwater not as if it's Bergin's observe retro trend unless a mirage a leader begin a para and it's a talk on Burgos Ramallah to talk qalam yeah my colleague wonders only a mongoose communication good days of a bit and as a girl police Bergin's of the cat rhodium is a rate of a Tyler Chiba mockolate Harrods awoke ago new Indian tracker volume the habesha cases can defeat where the Americana now at a trial I catch owes a large mayor that shown mother guru Amita was known the tick like ya might hesitate to call myself Arcadian yeah adenopathy his gajala he are – I'm doing a vessel a seat indignantly so yeah Michael I'll cut him up and definitely done it but his beard ransom of Te medicine limp I'm on it sorry humbly as I think I'm not sure aunt Elizabeth I'd like it to call myself arcade wollen his boonie America remote I came with lush bar magnet to crafting is a common truth to some column Boettiger I can deliver cut Talia what under the Yak better a sommelier we met to see one ABS I got a yeah coach must battle back inside so he's an eSATA Masai his boy to Como endemically typical brawl I'm doing a blessing last him yeah good allah azza what's wrought uncommon lash amber Omnitech are boris halowatcher was a team has the reverse map touch o indica burlock show you get a weekend illumine yeah Mike Aunt Alice Behar to sunny here at some Uncle Tom and get a mascot not less we Amita was not seen I'm Damascus Walden we're democratically no miss rock is resonant it my general now where the ischium out of promise retinas oil lemon are chemically cheeseburger and doing everything and never a good day minister yeah we chocolate sauce simmer it director-general Braja new other regardless own the CEO chuckles rational it's better a per construction we're like okay – Nullah macho polymer chilled American the custom auto brands and agro alum yehulin G's rocket are you Amy friendly go yes reserves all cyclists abating no two-year construction surfers like endo honest this is the run gonna animal is actually a clone Bojana to berkutov on your chair technique and now when I was a tango genetic after Elizabeth aqua was an American yeah after Volcheck Gary Miller I'm still in the military to room where energy Agora twitch as a whole ideological attempt similar to the Mustafa toss-up 11 Oh Alan Ottawa studies association OSA mother semi-automated Maha siddhis Austin young Viper at DISA but if Diwali in Versamark it Jumeirah me if I'm running in at year or a month re Quan Quan now behind llamas I hit a low combo awesome Lada who said I saw that Thomas had to go around Ethiopia which is a chemical to Amita was known sorry with the jammer analysis camp amico yoga where I am a Christian degraded a good hitter , President Coolidge Aleta and attend a guru tattwa Mussina aromatherapy alone it's a butter little mistake aquel kefta as to us oh yeah we're taking a loan ok automo Quang Quang Nam AHA you cheese lettuce beard as a well study Komatsu watch as they got John Bosley may take a row Adam splendid Imahara sir watches charlatans ah be in the original she replaced John rotten agro Alan we're Google not which allow yet again new ta or American dilemma cotillion tattoos – Abdi some s Karuna Trotter chrome whenever a keto asked to us Oh miss cannot join a koala bear political not worthy to appear in the hit together in a pirouette not uncommon either graduate to Archana for I'll blow alum lemon now your amaz brochacho and quantum annealer to blow on them artisanal is been a great showman ah who ya know to let da goodness rotten tiffanykaye get a care they are not animal may indicate a lab at McCrystal president tutorial Cabo Tejada huge burger booyah Oromia challenge America net algal growth rally andouille Dragovic upon saluted reaction occur warnin ya Oh sir please don t tonight Obama's not Markovic a Sehun led to the drove the car Thomas a item on the basilica so on America yeah mood Katahdin as I said this time at wha that is jumbled more okay democracy should not help tomorrow mr. or move that alone BBC under the yellow burka Talia please don t emerge ime without the Rudy Maharaj yeah Muscat and the character dr. Wollan how most ethically akka be Google iam bar a missed assignment interpersonal bachata niaruna Berman that like a kvitko Yamada three Emmy festival but Joseph watch very Yahweh name is Athena down to chamber Medford Turkish Soviet a third Roberto and doughnuts America so Harlem karate my fence a mobile mature Hadar nASA has well in Durham can't oppose solemn alchemy governments are ciaobella to impart touch aster 30 Fe T beer / kappahd one jet a so it has a departure goodness almost like yeah I'm alternate indifference and we fell dead in a bourbon mallet yes a tibia oh yeah hey Gibbon antenna my ragged and whom you have a doubt – nah wait so much I'd show her a Phoenix lander but benefits are that she knows he write a comment oh you could artifice a me in Devon entire garden below a loon yeah I can't Maurya Ashoka Sarah Richard the governor yet amass Mahavir uh humba Santana a luminous reduction couple decades ago new uncommon than Al Amin yeah disallow it Jamelia befits material yeah at mojito / Sarah which man will take a year okay mangas token under that I'd show me a Mojave room area stenographer ahoo Lomita pan underneath lettuce tobacco common disregard a venomous religion and blue alan baharlou Burma now agree to Hamza discourage erosion dilute a girl is as shown bear attack on MK and minimal a hour at under Luton sorry but satellite image I toggle swallow Calabria tariffs are crap yeah permanent bar like better than to know there's almost overnight kind of birds your body Abarth I left a buck oh she could have the guachos it's a note I was on your true European monotone an to captain yeah yeah Libya but honest over corn here troubles not the start you see the thing goes from a judge legit UNH sharper beaucoup looper gelbach email is Nabokov camo Caruso supposedly thing with macaque can an tomato are Basava – but he was Mustafa conquered swollen the middle armbar like her dress oh yeah mr. mother got hurt at the food undo a try with Athena Abdullah hominem what r2 and Emilio Boober McCullough select image Elvis was not so well Sephora Berman bear goozle a yonder new hamid an tomato salsa de nuit arrows motto saikou China has are not moot or less a Mossad corneum voila as huskeroos Lita the Wanderers who under me to a Caribbean oral and azúcar Matt Campbell a my name is with the cardinal I'm not a hood cannot avoid a commit a screen a better pair bar like molten tinactin yo autumn is limited like how much good boo boo gotta get man a little yellow button with us in a girl Kouta chauhan testament eme on christening Aramis to crystal ball is a salute here a certificate in aunty mm tumultuous year when year bother us our as a Nigerian political party a barrage the survey tear a bad mamma jammas just as a mom sent our chat : berkebile in in as governor gary on wonders elemental a key here is a watch and a Goliath who dunam our ginta nacho our turn Solar has aluminum service nacho esta el amor que fazer o Hanselman sawatya varma and a homonym yeah calf a little a endemic a new an assumed endemic ala collar choke girls ordinal blowin the massage hiring is uncool to be customer yet Ocado years are indescribable I'm a terrible acaba where minim I can't indulge mo Yeon Jae's on porous hollowfy calm understood and I want a lagoon the other lemak very take a new member and battle a classic a damper harmony what he met a cadaver dog are seen as I said Quattro much and Lauren come and Ruggles our lesbian bikini alumina but the hawa song can do is attach a Gege birthday Yasim when I was a guerilla media Wattenberg and so Abdullah so what does he want a truly want and the material actually met girls who are seen DW the golem yeah China for debate sorry Brianna she wrote a super Moscow what's the abuelo Kineo Eli yeah admitted to strut was to Arlen yeah Albert Amma to see one more bomb V that has so that a motto Arbus about Grammys in cocaine holders were making a to Endora detonations a guanlin Gillis a Wilbur ET opere a gentleman get us afro Bell China Gwangju bizarre Stiga Wyatt yeah so badly for a master bedroom laugh at the baton datalogger on cocaine and each other I get you and the citrus metal essentially cover alone Burkina cannot get a chihuahua adhesive and abed al Qaeda record Chihuahua servicing keynote chin vahana burns the summit and his mother the one good swollen eye first husband with a job or a minimally give and I'm Maggie bother to Mercer at China demands be chillin yeah guansu I'll modify X Reagan Belarusian a Barone coconut into battle on Brazilian a sub by China a service Ventura he wondered at caritas Sarah Sarah Hokkien got a calico yalla phone under mitsuru takakuwa laburnum fadeaway to add Mallika Veda patois a circle a TA iguanas in satin silk a late hour a sniper one lone Kmart instead of him again Yaya which analytic avika Amit Amit you can listen on top William adds another – Minister roster work em yeah margins are fabulous tushy are at budget a mess it is no chance are at median without them asking yet copernica trabajo let another Jaya a guy took after a human is a dimension abarim better let's see at an average shot mr. budget a methodical IOT naked Gary with yeah Madden's a full bottle a yoga mat and Ethel similar to the chana Barone he Hunan abolish a stable atomic bezel set up said this member susyq everyone beverage giant Amazon rats bezel-set of sauce tomatoes eat Cavallo are Bharat me and Robert Charles I am asking at William add another administered elsalam yes take Abra two years rubbish ah bit suppose in a two-yard loss you know China signature Malcolm is rock and internal a suitor minion


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  • Live for Justice says:

    Justice for Christian Tadele & other ANM members!
    We demand an independent investigation on the killings of the Amhara regional government leaders!

  • Live for Justice says:

    Justice for all Ethiopian political prisoners!
    Justice for all Amhara prisoners!
    Justice for General Tefera Mamo, Colonel Alebel & others
    Justice for ANM(አብን)

  • Ymrta Obbo Bekele mn nekah antem ye wehyane degafi honk wey??????!!!! Kll le ensesat new.Ethiopia atkefafelm::ante yeza ye dedeb Jewarn were atakenkmknyatum jewar ye weyyane telalaki ante aynet Ethiopiawi muhur yemaytebk neger .enagerh betam yasaznal.ene yemlew antena Eskndr esr bet eyalachihu weyyane ye wegachachihu merz ale meselegn.

  • አዋሣ በታአምር ክልል መሆን የለባትም ሢዳሞ ሊብነቱና ነፍሠገዳይነቱ ከደብቡ አፍርካ ቀጥሎ 2ኛነው በቁም አቃጥሎ በማቃጠል ይፈጁናል ኡኡኡኡ አንፈልግም ሢዳሞ አይመራንም አንፈልግም

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    አማራዎች ይልቅ እርስ በርስ መወነጃጀላችሁን አቁማችሁ የተጋረጠባችሁን የወያኔን እጅ ወደክልሉ እንዳይገባ እጁን ስበሩ እነሱ የተሸከሙትን ብር እያስገቡ ያማራ ወጣቶችን በገንዘብ እየገዙ ነው ነው ጀግኖቻችነን እምናጣው ንቁ አብይ አብይ እያላችሁ አግድማችሁ ስትንጠለጠሉ ሀገሪቱን ውስጥ ለውስጥ ወያኔ እየበላን ነው ንቁ አይናችሁን ግለጡ

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    አይ እኔስ እሚገርመኝ ይሄ በቀለ ገርባ ከሚባል ዘረኛ ሰውየ እንዴት አይነት ተማሪ ነው እሚወጣው ቋንቋ እያለ በየሄደበት እሚለፈልፈው ዳቦ ይመስል ከተማረ ሰው እማይጠበቅ ጠባብ አስተሳሰብ ኤጭ

  • Hizb merqno eyale sayneqa ye ISAYAS na Abiy Sera yemejemeriya Seleba yehonew Engeener Simegnew. Be Genet yanurih. Seregnochu nefsachew beesat lezelalem yiqatel.

  • አዋሳ ባለቤት አላት። ባለቤቷም ሲዳማና ሲዳማ ብቻ ነው። ሰምተሻል ምድረ ሰፋር!!!

  • It is laugh and a big fabrication from the cowards and confusing authorities no body spying for the dead and toothless crocodiles part of Amhara party shame on those lazes.

  • SkyHigh Alexander says:

    በቀለ ገርባ አታስቀን ባክህ:: አንተማ ኦነግ ስለሆንክ ህገመንግስቱ ሲረቅ ተሳታፊ ብትሆን አይደንቅም:: እና አንተ ተሳታፊ ሆንክ ማለት የኢትዩጵያ ህዝብ ደግፎታል ማለት አይደለም:: መች ይሆን ከጠባብነትህ የምትወጣው?

  • From East coast says:

    ዘረኘነት እና መሀይምነት እስካልጠፋ ድረስ ኢትዮጲያ የማያልፍላት አገር ናት።

  • Kumneger Gebeyehu says:

    Listening to Sidama people voice and constitutional rights is a smart thing to do. You can not stop their desire to become Kilel with the use of force. You need to give them the chance to discuss openly about the issue within the stipulated time frame so that they will have proper space and time to campaign for kilel or against it so that they will remain as part of Debube Ethiopia Kilel. It is not right to suspend the constitution partially while still recognising it as a valid document. If Dr Abiy EPRDF feel that it is not good for Sidama to have kelil they need to give them the chance and they too convince the Sidama people peacefully to voters against it by explaining to them why it is not good for them to have a Kilel.

    The chauvinist Amhara's who tried to ignore Eritira question through force will never stop the formation of Eritrea state. If we fail to learn our past mistake it means we are making a choice to have choose instead of peace in Sidama a region.

  • መላው ሲዳማ ወረዳዎች ውስጥ ብዙ ብሄረሰቦች ይኖራሉ እነርሱሳ የሲዳማ ወረዳዎች በሙሉ የፌደራል ከተማዎች እንዲሆኑ ለምን ማመልከቻ ለምርጫ ቦርድ አያቀርቡም።

  • እደው ዝም እደው እህህህ ጀግና እደቀልድ ባደባባይ እራሱን አጠፋ አሂሂ ኡፍፍፍ እኔስ ተቃጠልኩላቹ ብቻ ነፍስ ይማር አፈሩን ገለባ ያድርግልህ

  • Senait Mekonnen says:

    አማራውን ያላማከለ ህገመንግስት ነው ኤነግ እና ወያኔ ነው ያፀደቀው ሰምተሀል

  • በጣም ያሳዝናል።ሃዉልት ቀርቶ ምልክት እንዃን የለም!!!!ያሳዝናል በጣም!!!!!!!!!

  • Aba Biya Ketema Warra Baddi says:

    Bekele Garba, defends his ethnic constitution. Tplf, OLF and Bekele Garba are responsible for this terrible tplf constitution… Shame.

  • ጋላና ሰገራ ከሩቁ ይገማል ይሉ ነበር አንዳንዶች ሲተርቱ የሀገራችን ፖለቲካ ጋሎች አግማሙት

  • Amharic Ethiopia says:

    እንጅነር ስመኘው በቀለ አብይ አህመድ ገሎ ሲያበቃ እራሱ አጠፋ አለይን ህይ የጋላ መሪ።

  • The betrayal on the people of Ethiopia by Bekele is really amazing. It is a u turn. He went to the place of regime who imprisoned him. It is clear that his whole agenda is the same as the tplf i.e hatred on amahra. He has no reason to love tplf unless his dislikes towards amhaha and that starts from the bottom of his heart.

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