Esper Guarantee Against Retaliation Proves Faithless For Vindman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Esper Guarantee Against Retaliation Proves Faithless For Vindman | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • Christophe Breland says:

    This is what is destroying our country trump values loyalty over merits. so we end up with government leadership full of incompetent ppl

  • Americans still have no idea what's going on even thought is happening in front of them. Trump is a conman, a liar and a narcissist. What did you think was going to happen.

  • Ronald Lovelace says:

    The only thing this parrot forgets is she spent years fueling Russian lies and misinformation. Democrats can punch you but they invoke "Jesus" when asking you to not punch back.

  • MrRosiesfavorites says:

    the message trump is sending is loud and clear. he wants to be a dictator and he demands loyalty. anyone who dares to follow the law and hold him accountable will be fired. they serve him and not our country

  • As a non U.S. resident, I view what is happening in the U.S. under the six foot (Obama is taller then a Trump), obese, orange, mentally deficient, loser that inhabits the White House as extremely disturbing.
    The country that was once held up as beacon of democracy, is now controlled by a group of fascist, racist, cult members, who’s primary goal is to enrich themselves at any cost. History will not be kind to the Enablers that allowed this nightmare to happen.

  • Vindman is finished! Trump has made sure of that! Forget all the promises of 'protection'..He will get nothing!..Trump will make sure of that while DoD just ring their collective hands and say .."Oh no No, not our fault..The President told us to!" In fact you can be sure some of the Trump political sycophants in DoD will absolutely vilify Lt. Col. Vindman and even force him to resign his commision! And Col. Vindman won't be the only one..Trump will have a little list of people he's going to totally destroy! I would'nt like to be Romney right now..And maybe even Rudy Gulianni is on the list Trump believes 'In defeat, be vindictive..But in victory..Revenge! Give a madman total power, and this is what you get!

  • No one cares about a liar and aDEM RAT. TRUMP should have fired them a long time ago. WE THE AMERICAN STAND WITH TRUMP. Not the corrupt DEMS that have done nothing for country except waste money and steal money from the american people. Come November the corrupt DEMS will be gone

  • And now you know the kind of protection under the law and the Constitution Americans can expect from this president and his administration.
    Feel safe now?

  • Andreja Calibri says:

    We need to vote for Democrats in the Senate, and we need to convict all of these people for breaking laws. We also need to remove any Republican from office that does not honor their oath of office.

  • They knew trump had ordered a hit and wanted to protect him and his family. Either Esper is stupid or simply another trumper.

  • Shame, shame, shame on Trump and his spineless GOP – is this how you treat hero veterans who have risked their lives to protect American citizens – including draft dodging cowards and the super rich! At what point does the festering stink of Trump and his cronies become too much to bear for Republicans?

  • Tennessee Honey says:

    America "elected" Donald Trump as Commander in Chief, NOT, these men. Why would the President want these two and the others (as far as I'm concerned) work for him when it was obvious in secret congressional impeachment hearing they were working against him. Fire all who testified against administrations goals. The President Leads America. Not, long sitting self serving bureaucrats!

  • Tennessee Honey says:

    America "elected" Donald Trump as Commander in Chief, NOT, these men. Why would the President want these two and the others (as far as I'm concerned) work for him when it was obvious in secret congressional impeachment hearing they were working against him. Fire all who testified against administrations goals. The President Leads America. Not, long sitting self serving bureaucrats!

  • Klaus Angelo Moeller says:

    Lt. Col. Vindman is a person with high personal moral standard – he deserve fuld back up! Kick Trump in the Balls!

  • Did any body really thing Trump wouldn't go after him and anybody else? The Republicans Repersentives (except for Rep, Mitt Romney ) and GOP has made a greatest mistake in American history. They also turned their back on the United States Constitution and oath of office. Unable to up hold and maintain the United States Constitution Constitution and oath of office, they don't belong in the United States.

  • It is time to stop crying as if you are a baby. The majority wants to have a new King … So live with the facts . YOUR votes have made Trump to a King and Your Votes have selected Senators to support it. Just agree you have been f***ed by a con man

  • People look up to America the way they practice their democracy or follow the rule of laws. Please can somebody me what going on here. Can't something be done? One of Republican senators said he has learnt his lesson, does this act of his, look like a lesson has been learnt.
    Wow!!! This is a perfect act, right? No qui pro quo.

  • Investigate a democrat? the republicans love you. the democrats allow it.
    impeach a democrat? the republicans love you. the democrats tolerate it
    accuse a democrat? the republicans love you. the democrats put up with it.

    But do the same to a republican? they'll say and do anything just to cover everything up

  • Martha Urquilla says:

    Democrats, MSNBC,CNN ,OTHERS. They are demonizing President TRUMP! They see all that comes from him with malice, evil motives evil words etc. Then they Run & tell others how bad is the President! They repeate what he says, but add the poison of hate & contaminated with lies! The image they present to the Public, comes out of their evil imagination! A false image! They pay back time is coming, what they are doing with this President, they WILL REGRET IT,!

  • Oh so the guy who got paid by DemoRats to lie in impeachment hoax and commit treason is suppose to be a victim now?
    Fake news MSNBC

  • Esper, it turns out he is just another BS artist and lier like his boss Rump the whole G.O.P group of enablers need to be removed from office. Vote them out let's get some people who will work for the good of the people of the country and not for the 1% and the big corp and get rid of the conman in the WH and his mob family. Time to organize and get the vote out.

  • Vindman's insubordination is why President Trump fired him – not for retaliation. President Trump did it because Vindman could no longer be trusted. Trump fired him for the good of the administration, the people, and for the sake of national security.

  • Losaiko Vote!!! says:

    Republicans created whistleblower protections under Obama hoping to create trouble.
    Now that it applies to a Republican it doesn't seem to apply.

  • This only happens in dictatorships. Join George Conway in making sure T does not get reelected and that we don't lose the rest of our democracy,

  • Anyone Trump picks is all the way in with this cult. Anyone who exposed his lies and deception gets fired and threatened by the cult.

  • Denis DeSapience says:

    traitor-trump is a lifelong criminal and is completely LAWLESS! Why so surprised that he would seek immediate revenge for patriotic people coming forward to testify TRUTHFULLY about traitor trump's many crimes? At this point, traitor-trump believes he can literally break any law he wants because the McConnell Senate always will have his back…, and rig any rules necessary to escape accountability under the LAW!

  • Rachel, I thought that you are smart but your liberal veil didn't allow you to see things objectively. Vindman hasn't been sacked from the army. His job is secured as a Lt.Col. His redeployment from the White House Security Council to the Department of Defense is a routine exercise. If he has strongly opposing views to the policies of the administration, what is he doing in the White House? The Democrats want him to remain there as their spy. No way. Try another Obama left over.

  • That is unprecedented , like many things with this administration, that Ltc. Vindman has to be put in witness protection by the military to protect him from retaliation by the so-called Commander in Chief and his Mob, this is astonishing to me and i have lived through 8 US Presidents. It is terrible to treat Vindman this way but maybe he his much safer out of that White House.

  • Trump is trying to use vildman as a reminder and to intimidate the cowardly Republicans that if they don't line up to cover up his crimes this well happens to them.

  • Republicans, are following the laws of Russia ,they will stand by while Trump plays the Dictator
    Time to take back America from these (Republicans puppets and Trump ) and bring in leaders who serve country and people


    So long, America, it’s been good to know you, but you’re on your own now.
    The people of Hong Kong deserve democracy because they acted and, when given a chance, voted overwhelmingly in favour of change. There’s no evidence that you deserve the same.
    To us, you are now the fourth reich and we want nothing to do with you until you come to your senses.


  • Hey, Rachel don't you think that the Rump impeachment warrants a judicial review should not the impeachment managers request it seeing it was a sham and a cover-up by the G.O.P. party

  • Sondland and Vinland has their 15 minutes of fame as "useful idiots" during the impeachment hoax clown show. I see no reason to keep them around the White House. Good riddance.

  • ???????? Thanks to the Republican senators who refunsed to try POTUS for wrongly doings. Like a vengeful monarca, DJT now firmes, But is known where he will stop. ???

  • Lennard Covarrubias says:

    Thank you for your service lieutenant colonel you will never have the wealth that they have 45 but they will never have a combat infantry badge National Defense there's things you just cannot buy one thing they don't have is courage????????2020??????

  • Vindmans may have been run out of Trumps orbit, but they are not fired. The military will post them somewhere else. I appologise, but our president is a petty child.

  • There is no truth or guarantee out of this administration. Its not a presidency its a mob operation. Vote!! They will anything to further their move toward a autocratic government. Americans need to be concerned. Now Barr is trying to block all investigations .

  • Now you know vindmin wasn't fired just relocated besides he's a weasel and a traitor not to mention you don't have a clue what truth is
    Ms muddow ????

  • Revenge is not a factor – NObody should be kept on staff after stabbing the boss in the back. Esper should have made no promise he couldn't keep. If Vindman felt so strongly about Trump that he voluntarily witnessed against him, he should have instantly resigned, or asked to be transferred from being under Trump's chain of command.

  • Given Donnie's penchant for firing people when he catches them being honest about him, it is perfectly reasonable to conclude anyone still allowed to participate in this ongoing criminal enterprise is eagerly complicit and their word is not to be trusted.

  • He's a traitor, he chose the wrong side.. if his testimony and snitching had led to indictments or impeachment he might have been ok.. but since he betrayed his office for absolutely no real reason he now gets fired as he should?

  • Trump and the White House opened themselves up to being sued into oblivion, for firing Vindman's brother, who had nothing to do with anything, other than being related to Alexander Vindman

  • To test a man's character, give him power. Trump is a dictator who doesn't respect the law.
    He says he can do anything he wants. He is above the law. All his corrupt GOP fully support
    his dictatorship. They are getting paid from the Billion dollars Saudi Arabia gave him for using
    3000 American soldiers as Militia in Saudi Arabia. This man must be stopped. Remove him from office.

  • Jennifer Gongora says:


  • Patricia Campbell says:

    Trump has got to be out-voted in November. He is an evil, mad man.
    Get out and vote blue every election time. Send him and his family packing. They are such a disgrace to America with their works of evil.

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