5 thoughts on “Ernest Jones Media Availability — 10/15/19”

  • Not only is this guy a solid LB, but you can tell he’s very sharp. High football IQ and well spoken. Proud to have him on the team!

  • Earnest is my FAVORITE player!!! He is the eternal optimist. He is well spoken, and always has an answer. You almost never hear him say he doesn't know, to any question. He always has an answer. And that's how he plays as well. I knew as soon as I heard he was going to take over the middle spot that this defense was going to be much better. He is a big reason this defense is constantly improving. Great, great player for this defense. And the best and most consistent of our lb's. I want to also put out a shout out to Greene, who I wanted kicked off the team last year he was so bad. But he has also made a HUGE improvement this year, proved me a WRONG and I LOVE that he has. Things are definitely looking up.

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