Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover: EISBÄREN in Yukon Bay |

Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover: EISBÄREN in Yukon Bay |

Hello, today we visit Hannover Adventure Zoo. At Hannover Adventure Zoo, we’ve got one of the most modern polar bear installation. We’ve got a big water pool with wave system. So you can often see the polar bears standing in the bay and enjoy floating in the waves. You can also see them swimming and diving very often, see them jumping down the big rocks head-first into the water. Also on land they’ve got very different possibilties for experiences. We’ve got big stones and many small stones, we’ve got natural ground with many big and small grass growing on it, a lot of bushes and trees, so there’s really a lot pf vegetation on the installation for these animals. We’ve got a sand bath, a bark mulch bath, we’ve got a water fall and, of course, many different other possibilties to enrich the animals in addition: Behind me you can see our red buoy in which our caretakers can put a melon or an ice bomb and it will take a long time for the polar bears to get their favorite food out. We’ve also got more real toys, of course. We’ve got a big white ball our males enjoy to play with. We also have smaller balls, pipes with holes for food we’ve got the antlers of our reindeers our polar bears like very much, old jerry cans filled with food and much more toys the caretakers can use. Not every toy is in the enclosure on every day because variety is import for the animals on every day and they shouldn’t grow accustomed to a toy. We were very happy, when we heard that not only we like our polar bear installation, but also the experts of Polar Bears International. This is a conservation organization working mainly in Canada and they visited us in April. They observed our bears, looked at the encolusure and they were really excited about our polar bear living in a great installation like ours. Polar Bears International works mainly in Canada and we support a conservation project focussing on tagging of female polar bears. The biologist spend many month to look for female polar bears to choose and attach tagging colars in order to collect data answering important questions: where are the migration routes? How long do they swim? When do they go on the packed ice and when do they go back on land? This is all important information in order to found protected areas and find a way on which humans and animals can live together in this habitat and it’s important to optimise protection for the animals. At Hannover Adventure Zoo, there are currently three polar bears. Our two males are 10 years old. Sprinter came from Rhenen and Nanook from Vienna. In 2010, they inaugurated this installation and live here since it was opened. About one and a half years ago, Milana joined us and is our female polar bear here. She came from Moskow Zoo and we recognized the bromance between Nanook and Sprinter suffered a bit since she’e here. Since then the male polar bears live separated from each other and we are about to find out who will be the one to reproduce with Milana. This depends a little bit on her but more on the coordinator of the European breeding program, who will decide, who will be the male to reproduce with her. We hope that in one, two or three years this beautiful polar bear enclosure will also be inhabited by offspring, which would be an important next step to benefit conservation of this species in this way, too. In case you’ve got further questions, write them down in the comment section below and if you enjoyed wa tching, please make sure to give us a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video, subscribe to our channel for free.


7 thoughts on “Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover: EISBÄREN in Yukon Bay |”

  • Milana ist eine schöne Eisbärin! Es war doch klar, dass die Freundschaft der Jungs nur so lange hält, bis ein Mädel einzieht.
    Ja, die Anlage ist wirklich toll. Leben auf dem Abenteuerspielplatz 🙂 Ich kenne sie natürlich und finde sie vor Ort noch beeindruckender, als im Video.
    Vielen Dank für das Video. Herzliche Grüße, Anita

  • Der Bärenhaltung stehe ich kritischer gegenüber. Ich habe schon tolle Gehege gesehen, in denen die Bären Verhaltensstörungen aufwiesen. Von diesem Gehege bin ich allerdings beigeisert! Die Tieren haben echt viele Reize.

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