100 thoughts on “Eric Trump: Democrats are trying to distract you”

  • Why should any decent American listen to any child of Trumps they are not entitled to jobs in the White House it is unprecedented the power that they willed over any former presidents family this is to the point of absurdity why do we even entertain the idea that these people's opinion count for anything because it does not it is a misuse of power every single way you look at it maga " mad at good americans"

  • Just like Daddy pulling out of Syria to distract from this impeachment another example of a misappropriation of power that is going to put a Target on our backs all across the globe but they don't care about me and you they just care about their game what President's child in our entire history has been allowed security clearances and to ride our Air Force One to conduct personal business none no blind Trust Kushner in the White House this is just so funny you elected a clown now you get to deal with the circus

  • How can you say our economy is doing better than ever when we've lost 7000 jobs at least in every state how many are still going to Mexico as a business nothing is change just because you say something doesn't make it true oh but remember the trumps think we are all just stupid and next time you vote you should remember who thinks you're stupid that would be the Republican party in specifically the Trump family

  • to be honest … if i were an american … i'd say "well, at least biden/etc are taking money FROM other countries and bringing them back in the US … as oppose to the trumps which have set up shop in the WH and they're smooching from my taxes" … i don't know … you're all assholes as far as i'm concerned … but at least those guys take money from other places, right ?

  • I like DJT Jr. just fine, but I want to see Eric Trump as POTUS someday. He'll do even better than President Trump just because he's able to express himself so well.

  • One day your looking down your nose at that guy with a shovel, and the next day your in love with them for knowing how to dig up dirt.

  • Ashim Chakravorty says:

    they are so pure , seeded from criminal…….he is lying ,wants to be heard so badly ……give really folks a brake…….crooked family, you would be in jail ,you will be…….k.c.

  • I am convinced this is all so the history books shows Trumps legacy as one that is full of scandal and investigation. All you will see when you search for him in the future, all the schools will teach that Trump was under impeachment investigation for the whole time he was in office. They don't need to get him out, they just need to make him look bad.

  • Emanuel Terzian says:

    This corruption in DC
    is an absolute clown-ship
    that is going to backfire on the Crappy Dems
    rightly known to me as the Demoncraps
    in a way that I hope they will have only one option left
    that of leaving the USA for good
    because the American people ARE going to speak
    by casting their vote
    on the one person who accomplished so VERY much
    in Making of America Great Again

  • What about… wait… wait… wait… what about what about…. wait… wait… wait… what about what about what about… wait … wait… wait……..

  • they don't want to have an official impeachment inquiry because that would give trumps campaign another 2 or 3 million dollars within 24 hours.

  • Really? Maybe your father pulled the stupid Turkey move to distract us from Impeachment. What a wonderful move to boast Impeachment under the 25th Amendment now. Trump's decision will leave American lives in danger. Unlike Nixon, Trump has already carried out impeachable acts ON CAMERA. They have plenty of evidence and if you think Nancy Pelosi doesn't know what she is doing, you are dead wrong. Fox News is the only news station on the planet that does the news this way. It's just like Russia Today (RT) – state sponsored media.

  • By the way, it will be Chief Justice of SCOTUS presiding over the Impeachment hearing when it reaches the Senate. Good luck trying to hide from him.


  • Whoa whoa whoa !! Pelosi's son !
    After Tump wins 2020. It's time to arrest every scaming piece of …t democrats including son's involvement ripping us off. Treasonous bastards and bitches.
    Swamp rats i say. SWAMP RATS.

  • Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K says:

    Yes and next comes a mass Destraction where folks get Hurt to change the Headlines away from the Criminal Dems. Silicone Valley is meddling in elections by Cutting off hundreds of Conservative & libertarian channels.

  • They are experts at the political strategy called Wag The Dog. Everything the left does is to distract from their many offenses they should be in jail for.

  • Thank you Eric for your time! your father Mr. Donald Trump our Honored President of the United States is doing a blessed job for this country. God bless you and your family… You are in our Prayers. Trump 2020…

  • I can imagine how proud the President must be of this kid. Alone he is smarter than all of his fathers enemies. You have done well sir.

  • The democratic garbage party can only distract the lowlife that they are.Trump rules,,, period.Its time to eliminate the democratic garbage party,,NOW.All of them.

  • I think its time to get back on track and keep this country running as it should be.Trump will ignore them.Keep it going.

  • Don Jr. and his siblings all worked extremely hard and have earned everything they have. More Americans should just stop complaining and pick themselves up by their bootstraps like the Trump's do😂

  • De fund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win. I would like to know why the media aren't going after the democrats like they are with the Republicans? not questions to the democrat but a how a lot to the republicans hmhmhmhm double standers in a big way the media sound like hyenas to the Republicans.

  • Kathleen Bittner says:

    What about???What about???What about???What about??? Clinton, Clinton Hilary Hilary, Obama's 2nd cousin twice removed, Joe Biden, Joe Biden's brother, Hunter Biden, everyone a "homo" (which is really mature) what a bunch of as whole immature half wits. No class, no ethics, just childish names

  • Please run again Hillary. I have enjoyed watching your loss and the fake medias meltdown many times. A 2020 loss and the fake medias meltdown possibly even live suicides this time would be a wonderful sight to watch many times over. We could call it maybe, "The GRANDE DEMOCRATIC FINALE" starring Chillary as herself, Madcow as herself etc, etc,

  • bidens gone, heart attack bernie is burned, Pocahontas is just an angry old spinster, they want to get rid of trump and pence and stick nancy Pelosi, a horrifying thought.

  • Trump tv strikes again. Has anyone ever explained how logic and truth work to you? You and the GOP keep digging this hole as if you have a grip on reality. The echo chamber is not realilty. It's talking points change with the wind. The two faced nonsense they forget is on video tape… but they think yelling louder is all that counts dispite a complete reversal of stance now that the show is on the other foot. Hence, trump didn't start the lying…but you can tell he is because his lips are moving.

  • It's true there's blantant corruption…but it's primarily on the radical right. Trump is the poster boy for the swamp. This nonsense is no where near the middle of the road. The trump clown show will end up rendering the US a hasbeen country. The clown president, the idiot in chief. I fear for out country, as Lincoln did, and for the same reason….delusional nonsense by the bankers and special interests.

  • he's thinking the democrats are going to do the right thing go by the law,when in fact they are doing it behind closed doors and cherry picking statements.

  • The Comparison between The trump kids Making Money Internationally and the Bidens An Pelosis kids making Money i internationally are two completely  different animals. This is what the Trumps do for a Living, and Long Before he became President. NOT THE SAME.

  • Release the full Mueller report. Release the full phone records. How much are the Trump businesses making off our taxes. Over 200 million on golf alone.

  • Cornelius Wahlo says:

    Fox News has yet to address the facts that the White House tried hiding the transcript..but yea, dems are distracting you 👍🏾

  • As the slower half of Beavis and Butthead, I'd try to keep a low profile if I were you. Jr. is going to jail for sure and you are walking a fine line.

  • Anthony Friedly says:

    There's no point in trying to argue against the Dems, they are beyond delusional. I say we just sit back and watch as Rudy and Trey put on a clinic.

  • Ohhh Eric………….Mueller is a known Republican. You are just to uneducated.
    How about your sister gaining multiple patents from China while she was on a visit with Daddy.

  • DONT BE FOOLED. THIS IS ALL ABOUT CHINA . TRUMPS preasure on China is causing China to mobilize all their paid communist agents. They are down to hail marry ready to try anything

  • Good job Eric Trump! We love your dad and your whole family!! We’re FED UP with the democrat criminal cabal! Lock em ALL up! Trump 2Q2Q!

  • Trump's son is about to grow up. How about this? When his Dad gets impeached he still won't face the music until he becomes so embarased it all will finally make sense to him. Donald is a waking crime machine. Everything he touches turns into a frigging cesspool of illegality. Only this time he is not going to be able to get away with it. And to think his supporters think he is some kind of hero, or genius or great and fantastic guy. Come on. This is getting boring.

  • This is a private businessman? Or does he have a political appointment? Why did he have his photos taken with the two men arrested with one-way tickets to Austria?

  • Trump admitted he asked at least two foreign powers to investigate a political opponent. He has sold out the Kurds – who lost 10,000 fighting Isis. He lies daily.

  • That poor kid, actually feel sorry fir him, he’s such a moron and his dad , his brother , his sister and himself may end up in jail for being so corrupted

  • The truth is a fun thing to see after this many lies from your daddy Eric. It's not a distraction….your daddy is the new attraction at the heart of a real criminal attempt by your daddy to steal, lie, and commit more crimes! It's like watching a bad mafia movie where the crooks are idiots getting caught by the Feds!!

  • Why does this goofball keep saying 3.5% unemployment? How about digging DEEPER into the economy doofus? Why are wages stagnant for 30 years? Why is the wealth gap increasing with every year? Why is the deficit exploding? Why have 4 of the top 10 loses in stock market history occurred since Donny took over?
    Let's talk about deeper issues than just simplistic numbers.

    I dare Donald to come up with–and explain–REAL and ACTUAL policy that is helpful or helping without just falling back to 3.5% all the time.

  • Video starts: "Eric Trump. Executive vice-president of the Trump Organization"
    5:40 Eric Trump: "we got out of business…"

    If you got out of the business, how and why are you still connected to the organization?

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