EPT Monte-Carlo 2019 Main Event Highlights - Ep. 2

EPT Monte-Carlo 2019 Main Event Highlights – Ep. 2

welcome back to Monaco and the PokerStars and Monte Carlo Casino EPT day two continues 164 players remain 29 to lose until we are in the money with a hundred and thirty five getting paid there's a very good chance that during this level we will be kicking off our world-famous bubble coverage as we get close to the 4.5 million euro prize pool in this year's main event 9:22 started 164 remain and we have a new feature table we have got the start of day chip leader Sylvain matza we've got Darius Sammartino very well respected Italian pro we've got a form up Monte Carlo finalist Dominica scammers eNOS and we've got from Team Pro the reigning PSP sea champ Rahman coleus the PSP si si I like it Sammartino has for that okay this is getting frisky Sammartino the original RAZR seven and a half K the three bit from Martha start of day trip leader 17 K Sammartino re-raises to 42 K and we still don't know what they have here we go it's Queen Jack against Queens that is an adventurous four back from the Queen Jack offsuit find that Mazar in the cutoff we are very deep here but I hand like Queens it's much less of an attractive flat call than Kings races needs a little bit more protection it's a four bet pot the open-ended straight draw for Sammartino and these get sudeep's tax bragging yeah I guess when you fall bet this is about as good as you get for the Queen Jack other than flopping trips or the straight itself but pick up an open under it's gonna be enough for Sammartino to continue but as you mentioned James we are very deep here Sammartino out of position but with the preflop betting lead continues for 35 K and how do you play this if you're Massa I think given the depth preflop and obviously at this point we're most likely just gonna see a call shouldn't be too worried about your opponent for betting tens or nines this deep I think they would just call you do have to be a little bit concerned about the Kings erases but you're ahead of plenty of plenty of other hands the problem with raising is if you raise this flop and get shoved on you don't really want to raise fold and raise calling it off you're probably only getting it in against Kings erases as unfortunate as it is I think this is one where especially with the queen of clubs it's a little bit more attractive right because you can continue on a club turn as well it's one of those where you still have to proceed with a bit of caution and just hope that you don't see a king or an ace on a turn caution my friend has been thrown to the wind because Massa has just raised a 75 K and as we can see this is actually gonna puts a martinas hand in a pretty awkward spot I mean he does have the open-ended straight draw but this pot is already fairly sizable I wouldn't expect him to fold most likely calling trying to get there on the turn he's got 40,000 with 200k already in the middle I mean this has just been a mecca raising warm preflop and on the flop this is the most aggressively played queen Jack I've seen in quite some time incredible Sammartino is shell for 273 K and we can see some mass has got 246 behind it's around 200 K to call so it's for most of his chips and yes he's got the best hand but considering the preflop action you're gonna be legitimately worried about kings and aces here yeah it's exactly what would just spoke about as soon as you if you raise this board in a four bet pot and then get shoved on that's got to be your main concern as Kings erasers one two two outs against that said holding Queen says is gonna make you throw up in the mouth a little bit de salts what's on treadmill that's two hundred and seventy three thousand chips and that's a lot of chips indeed I had no idea you were so linguistically talented I just copied the dealer she said it first I'm sure I'm cheating James I'm cheating for bet pre and now sammartino semi-bluff shoving the flop shot clock not in play till tomorrow how long as mother gonna take over this decision I would be very surprised to see him find a lay down here but again the this is the the situation you kind of create yourself in raising on the flop wow the best hand is folded Darius sammartino's pure aggression takes down that part and he's up to four hundred and forty thousand nearly a hundred and fifty big blinds now that we have Sammartino on the main stage with 441 K let's look at some of the other big stacks out in the field starting with a Rustam Hajiyev Jaya currently playing 500 K a reminder that the average stack right now is 178 K we saw army bearer make a deep run in the PCA main event at the start of this year he's got five hundred and twenty K right now then we have our chip leader Julian martini the PSP C runner-up in a hand against a Makita pod zukovsky but bored not sure if you can see it is ace Trey deuce 7 it's a rainbow board and it looks like martini has bet the turn 440 1001 zukovsky folds and after winning that pot Julian martini is going to be playing seven hundred and ten thousand still the dominant chip leader at this stage of day two Queen Jack against Jack ten domination nation but its domination rotation as Rahman pairs is 10 continues with the bet here and again this is a situation where coleus facing a raise and a continuation bet most likely to just call doesn't want to isolate himself against only better hands just see him call off to a turn turn is innate it's gonna look like a scare card but some of the time the preflop aggressor is gonna check back with some of their ace high hands and it is particularly easy for them to bet again here with hands as we see queen jack king queen king jack maybe some hearts as well so it's a turn that can become quite easy to over bluff i would would be surprised to see clearly is give up his turn just yet so the C Beth was 11,500 this second bet on the turn is twenty thousand five hundred Ramon calls again eight diamonds on the river does not change anything Ramon has a lock on this but has less than pot behind and we can see that Karma's eNOS has sized here so that he'll be able to jam the river for just around six eighths of the pot if he wants to carry on with this Bluff he's gonna have plenty of aces that he'll be value betting it does cool time on that one khalili asur win the showdown so Ramon shipping up to around a hundred and fifty K close to a fifty big blind stack with one hundred and fifty six players remaining on day two here in Monte Carlo the main event of the stop of the European Poker Tour we have a safe against sixes here the bracken opening with the pocket pair Sammartino calling with the suited ace eight commas eNOS in the big blind and he calls as well numbers eNOS defending with seven five and three way to this a type lock which also has a six on it and that's good news but you're the bracken and again James take a look at those stack sizes 300,000 behind for the bracken we see something obviously an ace or an eight but if we see a spade on the turn you could see quite the pot start to develop here well deuce of diamonds won't do much to improve sammartino but he does still have pretty reasonable top pair so the bracken continued flop for 15k and surprised to see it go check check on the turn and a nice bit of pop control from Sammartino did for Brockton just check again this is a play that's potentially gonna pay dividends though because it might not expect him to check anything better twice may feel confident now value betting his ace a trying to get called by something like King 10 or king.queen that continued the flop with a gut shot and they make second pair and he goes for a pretty small sizing too which means that assuming for Bracken razors he may feel like his small sizing induced that raise and could convince himself to pay it off yeah somebody knows about 15k into 57k Sammartino may also feel like he's not going to check anything that strong at the river and risky checking through there is the check raised from the bracken 59,000 if anyone's this table is good enough to get away from this though sprockie is Dario Sammartino right it's one of those really frustrating spots where it's so hard for opponents to chat raise River as a bluff but you do still have a top pair that check back the turn and you did bet the river really small it's gonna have to try and put the pieces of this puzzle together he needs to also find a hand that continued on the flop and now wants to fluff would have to be something like jack 10 maybe that turns itself into a bluff oh he doesn't like it but he convinced himself to call the bracken gets paid off and you saw that coming sprockie yeah really nice chat raise at the river I mean given the size of the pot any bet that he makes is not gonna pay off as as large as the cherries well picks up another big hand here and is raising it up again he's gonna run into a bit of resistance though camellias on the bun with the two eights he'll call and we are heads up to a flop and it's Qinghai that's a really really small back from maza just six thousand I don't think a lilius would have been going anywhere anyway just one over card to his pair of eights but for such a good price he's definitely seeing a turn real decision now is going to be if maza continues on the 10 of clubs to flush drawers out there and masa fires again 13,000 again pretty small and for the price camellias still ahead of Queen Jack's and Jack nines and ace Jack's all of these Broadway's that don't make the pair as well as some potential Bluffs from both flush draws which means that he's gonna reach for chip so it looks like he's off to a river we can see that he is way behind everything bricks you got to anticipate Mouser looks for that third Street of value here he's emptying the clip here he was the preflop aggressor remember he raised him under the gun he's bet flop he's bet turn and now 19k on the river a tad small I guess what's that one third pot yeah he's gotten small over all three streets I think from camellias perspective once he takes his sizing everything bricks it's fairly unlikely that he's bluffing at this point but if he's gonna side small in general maybe he does size like this with his Bluffs as well Kelly leus flatting on the button is gonna have a lot of better hands he's gonna have some sets he's gonna have King 10 for two pair he's gonna have King Queen King Jack as well faith facing three streets unless he thinks Maz is getting really out of line eights a hand he might want to let go but wow he is very suspicious cause down three small bets in fairness does get shown the ace king so Rahman loses that one and it's down to 30 bigs Mazza up to nearly a hundred bigs all the Aces are out Roper opening here with ace ten called by Thomas Oscar's with ace Jack Ramon Kalidas with ace five ten players to lose to a hand for hand and we will be in the money and it's even more interesting James just as you say the bubbles coming up and we've got that on-screen graphic it's pretty interesting then to see khalili as deciding to 3bet as the shorter of the three stacks here with the ACE five Tammuz ascus will be out of position to impose flop may not want to put his tournament life or close to being on the line as close to the money he is gonna make the call though well that's not a bad flop for Rahman not at all and again once you three better hand like ace five this is really the sort of thing that you're looking for not too much behind here 64,000 chips in the middle it is the ace five of clearly associated bet here doesn't have to go big given that if he has aces or kings he can just go small on the flop and move all-in on the turn pretty comfortably and a bit of less than a third of the pot is gonna get some better hands to fold when you're bluffing so and as we see like ace Jack well so much for a small bet he's all-in that'll get the job done to Bo Roman Cornelius picks up some chips as we close in on that money bubble twenty minutes left on the clock 140 players remaining I'm on that with king queen suited limps on the button so Martina in the small checks his option eight-trey so Ramon still with the best hand King hi interesting to see him implement that limp on the button you'll notice that he has the smaller stack versus the blinds so he probably doesn't want to get into a spot where he raises and gets three bet it also keeps some of these dominated Queens in as we can see when he pairs the turn Sammartino is in the pot and dominated check check again lilius really playing pop control on this one would it be surprised to see Sammartino look for some value on his hand now he's reaching for chips so we have a part of 12,000 and Sammartino bets full pop nope he also has a queen and he has a better kicker he has one this pot two more eliminations arsenicum Otsuki last year's Saatchi main event winner has gone also eliminated winifred you and that means we are down to 138 players to off the bubble three of the money sprockie indeed James do you have any notes in any of these players no no nope sorry actually I do have a note on you but yeah ace Queen again States Queen part 2 of old world famous bubble coverage remember that red bubble will burst it will pop when we get down to 135 Oh foot interest two spot here for clearly us even though they've both got the same hand obviously it'll be Kalidas who's at risk if all the chips find their way into the middle it's not gonna be particularly happy about being all in it at risk at this stage oh I changed my mind he definitely is he's always might not be happy about it though maybe a spot sammartino's been fairly aggressive he feels like he'll be putting in some light of three bets it has to make the shove there it is on their backs it's a spray key we're gonna try and time this one slightly differently assuming that this does result in a chop part after week you Joe and I are gonna take a slightly longer pause than usual cubits exactly to allow the delay to catch up so hopefully we will all be in sync and we will all be in harmony now then I see what's happening here you're setting me up for a solo run no this is a so we take it way too seriously swaggy Benjamin when have you ever known me miss an opportunity to sing James I trust you I'm ready cool Vincent trusted me once don't think you will ever again have to get back to Vinton by the way we're assuming that a chop is a done deal here but we've seen some real dirty things happen in the past less than 1% is less than 1% okay okay so let's let's do this right this will be a chop pot and you know what they say I love that James Hartigan Vladimir Putin mashup and is the three-peat still alive Victoria Karen Mitchell all in with king queen against Seth Davis's Ace King no Queen on the river that seals at Vickie's fates she'll remain only a two-time EPT winner for now Vickie's elimination were down to 137 hold your horses because a Roman Herald is out in 137th we're down to 136 stop the clock and we are gonna have to break a table and make sure that all the remaining tables are balanced before we officially officially go hand for hand because we have reached 136 players we are on the pure bubble in the EPT Montecarlo main events the next player out will leave with nothing everyone else will lock up at least 8000 800 euros and of course that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is guaranteed to make a profit this was a single reentry event there will be some players who room for two bullets and even a min cash is not gonna see them make a positive ROI don't worry we're gonna get the action restarted Toby's in position and he's ready to tell the players what they've been waiting to hear okay plays we're on the bubble 136 plays remaining 135 in the money they're going to continue hand for hand so if we lose two players during the hand forehand process the player who entered the hand with the most chips will take the highest finishing position if two players I eliminated from the same table if two players are eliminated from different tables the position will be split can ask all players to remain in your seats please join Hannover and process the press and the stuff needs to move around the room it also makes things much smoother for us and for the dealers if you have an all-in on a call very important if you have an all-in uh Nicole please freeze the action and players please keep your cards facedown okay so 136 dealers one Huntley's Julie martinis in a hand against Makita Baltic Ave ski at one of the outer tables we pick up the action on the turn where martini is bet 35,000 buzzer cough ski calls and we saw the board there it is for 10 10 5 2 spade – diamonds 9 of hearts on the river boat zhukovskiy checks so actions on martini bet the turn where do I know this guy from oh he shoves okay all in whoo nice shot dealer he was the PSP C are you correct correct what quita majakowski so hot right now one of his best in the game got those air pods in his air and we've already talked about this they have the ability to make anyone who wear them look like a complete plank there's something about ear pods who's making the call we know that martini is if not still the overall chip leader among the chip leaders so this is all into coal for BA zhukovsky either way I'm the bubble you love to see it put them to a decision you know you were saying about the there's something about Mary thing yesterday yeah when you only have one air pod in yeah it's exactly like that Oh what is that hair gel it's like a little swimmer that couldn't quite make its way in Sam Greenwood obviously reading about endgame spoilers right now tanks for the memories this is just taking a while as long as it's entertaining banter continues I don't care how long he tanks for and the words of the Black Eyed Peas I have a feeling the Bahji Kowski is going to fold I mean it's literally the entire room waiting for this right now yeah unless there's already been an all-in McCall which has been held for the this hand to play out but so either way I don't think there is though this might be the last hand in progress is motioned about five or six times as if he's gonna fold so like it's so often when people do that they're just never ever gonna find the call I mean you never know about I'm with James as realize he's wearing a rather rude Teesha well if he was fresh to begin with he's certainly gone stale by now he's taken a t-shirt long time should point out that all this time the clock is running Derek hours to Odin calls we have another : table number 7 and we have an all-in call on table number 9 so I'm here at table number 9 you have two players remaining Felipe and James Felipe is our all-in player we already have a board and we already have four cards on the board attend a queen a king under nine so once again players Felipe is our all-in player now come all the naval gazers so Philippe can we see your cats please Philippe shows at King King oh he's not trying to Kings and James shows at Jack King straight is it bad that I want their Kings to reget their final count please needs the board to pair but it's an ace is an ace we have lots of player likes saturations everybody bubble brushed congratulations everybody [Applause] no burning coal so there is another olena Toby's gonna make his way across the room Kings against King Jack if we lose the player on table number 7 Philippe will split one hundred and thirty fifth so he's sweating half of them in cash now if we get a double up at this other table he will go out on the pure bubble and cash for zero euros ah it's Pablo Milano I think it's the player in the one seat oshri lomani who's the at-risk player here Pablo oshri is our all-in player so can we see a cow Moos oh sorry which one was on the belly button Austria shows to a cessation of space and the Ace of Hearts James shows to Jax Jack of Diamonds and the Jack of Clubs so once again oshri with the two aces is our all-in player looking really good for just one Bubble Boy James says Jack of Diamonds jack of spades actually I think his name's Pablo can we see the floor please so the flop is seven six five rainbow turn Cal please turn is a king just has to fade a jack on the rubber cap please double adds a five so uh Cherie one hand with choices so once again police congratulations 135 plays remaining except for you the one guy who we're drowning him out Philippe nopony has bubbled the you done good so the post bubble boss tout Bonanza begins parent information scrolling along the bottom of your screen so root 2k 4k blinds Kalia starts with around 30 bigs and an eight-six suited for a raise King Jack offsuit stayin snug in the small blind folds and Karma's eNOS is in for a defend with Joe's favorite hand 96 that was the year I didn't get ditched at prom check-check on the flop cool aliases got plenty of showdown value with the ace high taking one step closer to that picks up the nut Spade draw as well will he take the free card I feel like oh I was gonna say no luckily I didn't have to answer that 9 on the river of karma Xena's very unfortunate for clearly asset and he might even be in a position where he wants to call off a river bat to cover zinnias defending a lot of hands in the big blind plenty of which you still missed this board an 8 a 4 and a 3 all pretty likely to bet the turn from the big blind so unless Karma's eNOS River the 9 khalili Asst can still be ahead with the ace high he's facing 14,000 chips I like this sizing I feel like the sizing is pretty well suited for getting a call from me so I it didn't work but yep not this time khalili just gets out of the way I mentioned it's the post bubble bust out bonanza right there the payout desk gonna be very busy for the next few minutes Benny glazier out of here the guy we just saw was Ross the slob and bought bakov and right there in the red hoodie that guy's name is slim that's hilarious well he please stand up he was telling next to cosmos yeah man act that's Rome and pray and another French hero Paul Tedeschi as you can see the field now down to one to nine as the Bonanza continues alright we got a couple more bust outs to show you guys they're gonna Sam Grafton wonder how much he's gonna tip he's out in 120 third place and a dirt akashi Murata out of here in 120 second it sounds like the magical words you'd have to say to like unlock a tomb a dirt akashi Murata real hand for once age ten suited makes it the standard 9 k we've been seeing at this table during this level looks like just a coal from pizanno was that announced pretty interesting if so I mean this is a 30 big blinds stack or just more from bizarre I certainly would expect him to put in a rear ace three back call that off he's got a very strong hand it's not like he's facing a really tight opponent or somebody opening under the gun it's under the gun plus to sure you'd certainly expect Ace King of Diamonds Ace King suited even Ace King off to try and play four stacks here five four deuce two spades and as we spoke about a few hands before these low connected boards always usually in favor of the big blind they have all of the two pairs and well sets Roper tis somehow repair I'm sure his name is somehow the favorite well he's got the double gut shot straight draw a three or a seven plus two life cards this is the problem for bizarro right he had a very very profitable 3bet preflop he didn't take it and on this board he's sandwiched between two players facing a bet he's got the wheel draw but no backdoor diamonds things can get pretty awkward for him from here like I know the mindset here it's I'll just call a laptop here don't get it all yeah and I'll keep a seven in on a nice sideboard and then I'm stacking but doesn't always go that way swapping top pair is so hard even when you start with the biggest card and now he's out of the pot right and even at this point he still has the best hand he's very very likely to have the best hand preflop so investing more chips never gonna be a problem and now he gets the flop he still has the best hand but because of his circumstances he has to fold it ro pair doesn't fold he's off to a turn and has the eight and that's why he had all the equity lots of ways to get there yeah this board now is getting even worse for khalili as' because these hands eight six eight seven six seven they all improve a lot of the pairs have at least a straight draw with them so we do see him slow down he makes his ace though that's the best hand for Ramon khalili Asst PSP C champion and now holder of top pair and a pot currently worth 63,000 chips it looks like he goes check check it does it does go check checking rich get richer so it's got the stacks of the players we've been watching over the course of the last two levels during the bubble and during the post bubble bust out bonanza sprockie thank you very much for your contributions over the last two levels dude thank you very much well famous bubble coverage thank you very much for having me as a pleasure so Spragg he will be back tomorrow as well FinCEN hand and Nick Walsh of making his debut on the live stream from the EPT it's been a fun day too we're into the money and the action continues tomorrow we will see then but for now from Benjamin Spragg FinCEN Han Joe Stapleton amici ain't askin it's good night from Monaco imperfections don't cuz they just want you you


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