Entertainment Weekly Cast Reunions: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Entertainment Weekly Cast Reunions: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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  • Always wondered why all vampires knew techniques like the roundkick. In addition Buffy was somewhat of a hypocrite and dramaqueen – which made her a little unlikable. They should do a remake an try a little more substance and a little less drama.

  • David would actually come out naked to see if he could get Sarah to laugh 😂 I would never want to call Sarah a bitch but I love her but ugh lucky bitch lol

  • This show changed my life, might be basic or whatever but it’s true! I think I’ve only had one other show ever hit my heart like Buffy and it wasn’t Game of Thrones lol!

  • Not really glad to hear them saying Angel was the one, and not Spike, was always cheering for Spike. But another thing that is maybe rarely mentioned – in the last episode, Spike is shown holding the amulet, and then Buffy comes downstairs and then… cut. I've always thought that this time it wasn't all about snuggling, but that they slept together for one last time. Or I like to think that's what happened. Anyone thought the same?

  • Alexis Lovesturtles says:

    BRO BUFFY IS MY WHOLE LIFE. I’ve been watching it since I was ik diapers. Pleaseee come back with more.

  • What a masterpiece! I was 7 when I first watched it and it was love at first sight! Feel so lucky to grow up on buffy. When i watched being an adult I realized how deep it was.

  • I always wondered: I know anya was considered a vengeance demon but do you think she was a djinn? Because djinn’s always grant wishes but they don’t turn out the way the wisher wanted in the long run.

  • Conor O’Shea nee Nedeljkovic says:

    Best Buffy/Angel Episodes (in my very own humble opinion)

    (Suspension of disbelief may also be required with this list, especially for those who are big on technicalities i.e. me putting multiple episodes into one category…….please do forgive me)

    1. The Body
    2. The story arch from This Years Girl and Who Are You on Buffy to Five By Five and Sanctuary on Angel
    3. Helpless
    4. Once More With Feeling
    5. Tabula Rasa from Buffy and Spin The Bottle from it’s Angel counterpart
    6. The Dark Willow story arc: Villains, Two To Go and Grave
    7. Passion
    8. The Vampire Willow story arc: The Wish and Dopplegangland
    9. Restless
    10. Chosen

    Honourable Mentions

    I Will Remember you
    A Hole In The World
    What’s My Line 1&2
    I’ve Got You Under My Skin
    The Darla story arc: Dear Boy, Darla, The Trial and Reunion
    Something Blue

    Even if you weren’t born during both their Seasonal runs, simply just being unaware of Buffy and/or Angel, well something serious must’ve been going wrong at home.

  • TheStoneageRomeo says:

    Why is there people on this program that weren’t born or were in nappies when Buffy was on, telling us about things that happened on the show? We know. We were part of it. The first time.

  • Hope was introduced in the first episode of season 5 not 4. Also Giles doesn't enact any spell to turn Anya human, he destroys her necklace which is her power centre.

  • Jesus Gonzalez says:

    Sad that they didn't have Eliza Dushku there. I think Faith is another of those characters who were initially booked for a short ark but ended up incredibly memorable. And I think there's both a lot of tragedy in how her relationship with Buffy turned out and a lot of missed potential…

  • Eddi hat Spass says:

    I love this show and the cast especially buffy and anja, they all give me many hours of fun and entertainmant

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