English News Bulletin – July 24, 2019 (9:30 am)

English News Bulletin – July 24, 2019 (9:30 am)

good morning welcome to the breakfast new Jean Rogers of hot television this Wednesday morning i'm aishwarya with you let us start the news bulletin with the headlines congress JDS government falls in karnataka Kumaraswamy submits a resignation to the governor asked to continue as caretaker chief minister BJP expected to stake claim to form the new government Raj is about to discuss bill to amended the PAC's so act bill seeks to include death penalty for aggravated sexual assault on children government introduced insolvency and bankruptcy code amendment bill in the upper house IMF projects 7% GDP growth for India in 2019 7.2 percent in 2020 says India will remain fastest growing economy in the world forty terror groups were operating within pakistan Prime Minister Brown Khan tells United States lawmakers says the successive governments did not tell the truth to the people and Boris Johnson to take over asked UK's next Prime Minister today promises to deliver brexit and unite Britain outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May extends support a top stories from Karnataka where the HT Kumaraswamy led Congress Jarius coalition government collapsed on Tuesday when it lost the trust wood in the assembly ending the nearly three week long high political drama in the state HT Kumaraswamy managed to get only nineteen nine woods in comparison to the hundred and five votes of the BJP after losing the trust wood which were missed a couple of deadlines the Kumaraswamy submitted his resignation to governor bar Java Vala the resignation was accepted with immediate effect but Kumaraswamy was asked to continue as the caretaker chief minister till alternative arrangements are made meanwhile BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa described the outcome as a wick tree for democracy he assured the people of Karnataka that an era of development would start with the BJP in power the BJP is expected to stake claim to form the government in the state today it is the victory of the democracy people very fara Peter Kumarasamy government I want to assure the people of Karnataka new era of development will start no one works all right mr. Shekar io signa journalist is now joining us on the phone line for a perspective on that story a very good morning sir and thank you so much for joining us here on rajasah part TV so the one year old Congress radius coalition has collapsed in Karnataka of course this paves the way for the BJP is return to power and you know this trust would yesterday coming after you know this tug-of-war really between the coalition and the BJP and that even reached the Supreme Court so how do you look at the developments in Kanaka and what happens from here I should you know what happened last evening was an inevitability because we saw how after the looks of our election results in which BJP won 25 of the 28 looks of a seats in Karnataka there was tension brewing within the Congress as well as within JDS and between Congress and JD s because this was a sort of an unnatural coalition arrangement where the Congress had which had come second opposition after the assembly results in twin 2018 these are ready to support a party which only was in the third position that is the party having 37 mla's was backed by a party having 67 also so that just to prevent BJP know beyond that they did not have a common agenda of governance and they were also problem between two strong stalwarts within the Congress one was DK shiv kumar etc maya this whole thing got triggered because there are – people has wanted a leadership change and they were often saying that super amish should become cm now this internal clashes finally result a situation where it is Congress emily's who was who led the party who's resigned now given this scenario I think what happened last evening was as I said well I had to happen now that it has happened the question is what is the we have seen it was saying that they will definitely stick claim to form a government when I understand it erupt is coming to do Delhi to discuss with the central party leaders yesterday itself we saw a bitch are holding and urgent discussion with top signal it is has to be the strategy to be appointed to be adopted rather now because one is you see given the arithmetic at the house there is an inbuilt instability now whatever the central BJP leadership would like to do is to see that some modicum of stability is given therefore I should I think the the central BJP will be very cautious so no power may be very eager that the next government is formed soon but beyond that also we will see that the governor because now the issue is they will have to stake claim and governor will have to be satisfied with the numbers a lot of things happened and probability is going to take a couple of days or more all right thank you so much self for joining us and giving a perspective on that story and on to news on the parliament session will a bill to amend the box so act by including death penalty for aggravated as sexual assault on children and providing stringent punishments for other crimes against minors was introduced in Raja Sabha on Tuesday the house will discuss the protection of children from Sexual Offences amendment bill 2019 for consideration and passing today the bill was moved by Women and Child Development Minister Smriti irani she said that children have become more vulnerable with evolving technology and hence there is a need to take strict measures to curb child pornography the minister also expressed hope or that a productive discussion in the house on the proposed amendments will strengthen the government's resolve to provide more legal and administrative protection to the children of our country rape of a girl under the age of 12 was discussed in this very house they were pleased from members of this esteemed house to ensure that even this which is punishable by death under Section 376 dB and under 376 D a section of the criminal law Amendment Act that the same sir become gender-neutral and be prescribed for protection of our children under the age of 18 so reflecting that very conscious of our esteemed member the amendments that I moved today are ensuring that those who seek to rape our children especially cases of gang rape will be met by death meanwhile other than that the government is expected to also introduce the insolvency and bankruptcy code amendment bill 2019 in rajah subpart D Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will introduce the bill to further amend the insolvency and bankruptcy code 2016 and also Jitendra Singh will move the right to information amendment will 2019 to amend the Right to Information Act to 2005 for consideration and passing the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on Monday and Parliament on Tuesday also gave its approval to the Union a budget the appropriation number 2 bill 2019 and the finance number 2 bill 2019 now were cleared by looks of our last week and they were returned by the Rajya Sabha after voice vote now this completed the three-stage parliamentary approval process which also included a debate on the general budget and the working of some of the ministries and replying to the debate on the two bills the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the government is aiming to bring in such changes for building in a new India wherein there is a greater transparency more of governance and making sure that a redistribution of resources happen with great equity principle in mind this government had reduced the price of petrol by 3.5 rupees a liter the reduction was also done by us so if you are now highlighting the concern rightly so about any increase because the cess is being laid please recall when it was necessary we brought the price down too but if it is not possible now because every sets that is collected particularly through the diesel and petrol is only going for infrastructure construction so we are not unmindful of the implication it has on farmers but that is where I think we have also come up with supporting the farmer with income in his hand 6000 rupees to account and whole lot of other steps which are being taken and let's get you more details on what happened in now Lok Sabha yesterday and while cables are listed in today's agenda in looks about for consideration and passing the unlawful activities Prevention Amendment Bill 2019 is listed for consideration and passing this bill aims to further amend the unlawful activities Prevention Act and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will move also the banning of unregulated deposit schemes bill 2019 for consideration and passing and besides this the National Medical Commission bill 2019 has also been listed for consideration and passing Union Minister Dr harshwardhan will move the bill to provide for a medical education system that improves the access to quality and affordable medical education and shows the availability of adequate and high quality medical professionals in our country in all thoughts and the locus of on Tuesday pass to the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019 by a voice vote and replying to the debate in the House Transport and highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the bill aims to provide better smoother roads and the latest technology in transport he assured the house that rights of the states will not be taken away this bill amends the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to provide for improved Road Safety better traffic regulation and also enhanced calm season four road accident victims among other provisions the bill proposes a national transportation policy for assuring guidelines on the transportation of goods and passengers the bill also increases penalties for several offenses the maximum penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has been increased from 2000 rupees to 10,000 rupees so tell me yang get over there be over 200 graduate a time race ace Archer taka Prasanna Club on our way Kim majority logo copy boishakh was from a state soccer team a problem here I acted Joe Lopez pencil Kajal sulky no piranhas Oona heavy truck driver Collison the new car negligee up gay we re on our Punjabi a problem my my philosophy of choice might differ at all marichuy ahead driving training centers or harm driving foot aiming there who score minimum for nigga bar ma sucah corner which are paths at Finnegan couplet pariah Oh scram laureate pure training the neck away were staggering it or escape our negative condition darling anna-marie urgently after by the theory you are absolutely correct but very bad McCamey road man your purchases la botella school minakata they go up from a burner tickling your magic new way for a church a chief minister with a Church sermon 3 where is live for about common senses warn a portable boss about this week our culture experiences experience of Nicola cotton Bella problems aya the Java APIs console Coloradan ownership as mediator Frank very accurate rhenium decrees of food karere encourage corruption adhirata yes Maurice and Malaga that many one kato kaelin Nakia Nakia principal about say a minimum heart with a combination yet because a year for Joe Bouchard S Kalikow Gary blogger Joe Charlie Francis rival correctly Sal sakura biyori no god Kirika Kalra mr. Acharya for map Tabasco Supriya shot the national champ your driving training is to remain cool driver for special MNR etiquettes that he compass a karma and not as a board he start raining gimmicky worst occurring yet or prediction latest amazing yoga Anarkali Krita Mishra is now joining us there live from Parliament a very good morning critique ruthie yesterday you know we saw there were some disruptions in both houses of parliament with the opposition demanding Prime Minister Modi statement on you know US President Donald Trump's remarks on Kashmir mediation yet a very important legislative business was also cleared talking about you know looks about Motor Vehicles amendment bill was passed of course this paves the way for it to be considered and passed and the Rajas of hai is well what can we expect in the looks of heartediy well in the looks about there are several important items are on the agenda so there's a unlawful activities Prevention amendment bill in fact this highlights the zero tolerance policy of the government against terrorism because this provides for designating a person who's suspected to have links with terrorists as a terrorist so this is a very important bill that is slated to come up in the looks about today for consideration as well as passage there are other important bills like the banning of unregulated deposits bill this is to tighten news around all the ponzi schemes so important bills are lined up in the Lok Sabha which also includes the National Medical Commission bill to supersede the Medical Council of India and provides further medical advisory setting up of Medical Advisory Council of India also and also provides for a transparent process in the admission process in the medical in the field of medical education and regulating the fees from the private colleges as well so important bills lined up in the Lok Sabha Aishwarya and cricket talking about Raja Sabha you know yesterday a very important bill the Box amendment bill was introduced we understand that there's going to be a very productive discussion on this particular bill today as well what else is expected in Raja Sabha where external three important bills are lined up in the Rajas about today the insolvency and bankruptcy code amendment bill remember the cabinet had approved the amendments to this particular legislator to provide for a comprehensive restructuring and resolution process of corporates and also provides for a 3:30 deadline for this entire process to be completed whether it is the judicial process and the decision of the resolution would be binding on all stakeholders now experts experts are saying that these amendments will make the entire process more speedy will save time and smoothing the entire process and provide for comprehensive restructuring and provide clarity in terms of mergers and D mergers there are important bills like the boxer Mandarin bill that you mentioned to actually enlarge the definition of child pornography and provide for stringent punishment in case of violation to curb the Menace of sexual offenses against children and there's another important bill in the Rajya Sabha as well which relates to the RTI amendment bill which was passed by the Lok Sabha remember when this bill was getting passed and looks about the opposition had alleged that this bill will weaken the institution of Information Commission because this bill empowers the state government to frame rules for deciding the Turner allowance and salaries of information commissioners but in fact when the government was replying in the Lok Sabha and in fact when a minister dr. detainee was saying also talked to Raja Sabha television he categorically denied any attempts to weaken the institution and any attempt to attack the federal structure of the country he said that the RTI bill would RTI Act would further be strengthened by this particular amendment bill so important bills lined up in the upper house aishwarya right kriti thank you for all those updates there and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release the biography of former prime minister Chandra Shekar today the book Chandra Shekar the last icon of ideological politics has been written by Raja Sabha deputy chairman hari bunch and research scholar Ravi that bajpai Raja Sabha chairman and when Canada will be the chief guest at the event and locus of our speaker umbrella opposition leader of Raja Sabha coulomb Nabi Azad will also attend the function let's get some other news now the government has extended the deadline for filing of income tax returns by individuals for financially or 2018-19 to 31st of August from 31st of July in an official release finance minister said ministry said that the decision has been taken after it was reported that some of the tax payers are facing difficulties in filing their income tax returns due to various reasons including the extension of her the do data for the issue of form 16 for the assessment here 20 19 20 the IMF on Tuesday projected 7 and 7.2 percent GDP growth for 2019 and 2020 respectively or India India will still however be the fastest growing major economy of the world and much ahead of China said the Washington blaze global financial institution now this is a downward revision of a 0.3% for both the years as compared to the IMF the previous projections early this year the Supreme Court on Tuesday extended the deadline for the publication of the final and national register of citizens that is the NRC in Assam by a month to 31st of August while rejecting the pleas the seeking permission for 20 percent sample rivera fication at the center and Assam government sought permission for sample rivera fication to find out wrongful inclusions and exclusions of persons in the NRC the order was passed by a bench comprising Chief Justice run jungleboy and justice RF Nariman which produced the report sir filed by the Assam in RC coordinator the center and the Assam government as stands were advanced by Attorney General KK Venugopal and Solicitor General to Sharma he thought respectively but the government had on 19th of July told the top court that India cannot be the refugee capital of the world and sought the extension of for the deadline of 31st of July to complete the Assam in RC they sought directions to conduct a sample Rivera fication to quell a growing perception that many illegal immigrants may have infiltrated the NRC especially in districts bordering bangladesh pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there were 40 different terrorist groups operating in his country he added that successive governments in Pakistan did not tell the truth to the u.s. in particular in the last 15 years he was addressing a Capitol Hill in the US and can't explain to the lawmakers that the Pakistan governments were not in control Imran Khan was in a three D us – oh I thought Pakistan should stay neutral and I'll tell you why I thought Pakistan should stay neutral we had created these jihadi groups in the 80s we had indoctrinated them in the idea of jihad that foreign occupation and Afghanistan it was a religious duty to fight them so all these groups including al-qaeda had arrived in Pakistan now comes 9/11 then the u.s. invades Afghanistan and now we are trying to tell these same groups who had close links with the Pakistan Army because they were created by the Pakistan Army now we are telling them that no it's because the good guys are there it's no longer jihad now obviously lot of them turned against the Pakistan Army top international focus after winning at the Conservative Party's leadership race the Boris Johnson will take over as UK's next prime minister today he said you to meet the Queen at the Buckingham Palace away he will be invited to form a new government he's also expected to announce a senior cabinet post Theresa May congratulated her successor promising him her full support from the back benches and after his victory Johnson said that his priorities were to deliver brexit and unite the country some wag it was already pointed out that deliver your knight and defeat was not the perfect acronym for an election campaign since our portion aliy it spells dud but they forgot the final E my friends IVA energized and I say I say to all the doubters dude we are going to energize the country we're going to get bricks it done on october 30 was going to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and among all other leaders US President Donald Trump also tweeted his congratulations to Boris Johnson Sports News now in badminton HS Prannoy stormed into the second round of the men's singles of japan open beating compatriot kadamba Shrikant Prannoy defeated shriek on 13 21 21 11 22 2012 indian shuttle SBB Sindhu and samir Rama will begin their singles campaign today PB Sindhu who is seeded fifth will face a china's why huion while semi-rural ma will take on Anders and tunson of Denmark Misa praneeth has already stormed into the second round he next faces key suna mayor of Japan in the next day in the mixed doubles event sattvic Saira drunky ready and Ashwin – Appa also advanced to the next round however in the men's doubles manoir tree and Sumida be ready crashed out of the tournament meanwhile a sign on a vowel has pulled out of the tournament due to injury and with that we of this edition of breakfast news thanks for watching have a great deer head


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  • Nitin gadkari thought is great. Why trump want to become mediater b/w Ind and pak? I understand trump want to play a ploy here.

  • Nice 1 on the Medical Bill ! Too many " Doctors " walking around that are useless & many Indian medical colleges are known internationally for taking bribes to let people form other countries in that where hopeless in their country & didn't stand a chance of doing medicine but because their father comes from a corrupt family that years ago got him qualified from India as a doctor [ he caust in the 80's for smuggling mandrax in Tablas & Harmoniums ] His son was caught stealing DVD 's & his daughter was a drug addict – guess what- these kids just hopped onto a plane to India & are now doctors in the UK in th NHCS probably killing people there ! This is 1 case – there are many that have been going on for decades hence the poor rep. of Indian doctor's overseas. India must recognize Balochistan , help setup a Govt. with support & Kashmir region needs to be redesignated as Jammu , Ladakh & Hindu Kashmir & the bal – Muslim Kashmir – from '47 state shave been dividing & re-identifying themselves along culture, language etc – Kashmir is a point to show that in muslim majority regions be it a country like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh the Hindu's & Sikhs will never be given equal status of citizenship , Kashmir is an Indian state legally ! The original people need to be resettled there, those who seek to divide India will now get a "Azad Kashmir "region which will make it much easier for BSF to monitor & curb , & heir state GDP % can then be measured to see exactly how much are they producing compared to the new combined states with Hindu Kashmir. This trend of Islam everywhere is to obliterate pre islamic history , polytheism & pretend that it never happened, they burnt books & our ancient libraries & destroyed our temples ,r aped our women & converted millions ! This is the blood Mufti has flowing in her veins !

  • Good Morning RSTV Nws Team & Aishwarya Inc. – Karnataka has been going through hell in governance for over 20 months , now if BJP gets the needed majority then @ least finally work can be done ! IMF pulled funding for $ 300 million when Union Govt . pulled out as well as farmers complained that the new city design was bad for them – shows corruption was rife in the state. Hopefully this great state can get back to getting what needs to be done , done to help the people. Imran's Naya Pakistan is to speak new set f lies. Nothing will change in fact Now Bajwa is getting ready to start poking India again. The amendment to the bill for the kids is good hopefully rape of girls under 12 will include muslim men ? the downside of a death penalty has been shown in some cases as incorrect – if DNA evidence is proven then it's accepted but if there is any chance of foul play to target a person as was doen in USA in the 1700's where kids got adults killed for " witchcraft" & to settle scores with people for whatever reason then the case has to be air tight to get a conviction because a person's life given a death penalty is not something that can be reversed once judgement is carried out.
    WRT what Imran said to US media house in interview – Such an honest face lowered voice- subtly hinting that the USA caused the problem – Form a Indian Hindu perspective the attitude of Islam regarding Afghanistan is very worrying -Afghanistan was Hindu for 1000's of years & carries many of the original Hindu settlement areas our name Hindu comes from Sindhu , the Hindu Kush is named after Ram's son Kush & Lahore is derived from the other son Lav so when the muslims took over , wiped out the entire India religion , blew up the Buddha statues , raped & force convereted as the did in Kashmir – then they feel that the land is now part of sacred Islam & is theirs hence an invader is to be seen as a Kafir that Jihad must be declared against ! This exact strategy was done by Babar ! This means that where ever muslims have decided to setup their place even if the country is governed by Kafirs – they can conduct Jihad ! Food for thought India ! Perhaps the computer in 1 hand & Koran in the other will just make it harder to catch these kuthas in future !

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