English News Bulletin – July 23, 2019 (9:30 am)

English News Bulletin – July 23, 2019 (9:30 am)

we're good morning welcome to the breakfast news on Rogers of our television I'm ash Maurya with you there is star to the news bulletin with the top headlines India rejects us this claim asserts that Prime Minister Modi did not ask US President Donald Trump to mediate on Kashmir MEA states that outstanding issues with Pakistan will be discussed only bilaterally Congress GDS and BJP leaders trade charges in Karnataka assembly post adjournment of the house speaker sets a fresh deadline of 6 p.m. today for the floor test Pratt is about to discuss will to strengthen the box ooh act also listed in the upper house are the appropriation bill and the finance bill in the locks of heart two bills the scheduled for introduction the Motor Vehicles amendment bill 2019 listed for passing inter-ministerial panel recommends ban on private cryptocurrencies asks government to keep open mind on official digital currency suggests standing committees should take a real look at the issue and NASA global media come gradually it is true on the successful launch of chandrayaan-2 China's moon mission chief also praises the achievement the top story this morning India has denied US President Donald Trump's claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate on Kashmir now clarifying the matter External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Ravi Kumar said that it has been India's a consistent position that all outstanding issues with Pakistan should be discussed only bilaterally he added that any engagement with Pakistan would require and to ravi kumar also said that the Shimla agreement and the Lahore declaration now provide the basis to resolve all issues between India and Pakistan bilaterally president Donald Trump who hosted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House on Monday had offered to help as a mediator and as after Donald Trump's remark the US State Department said that the matter is a bilateral issue concerning Islamabad and New Delhi however Washington is ready to assist all right our colleague Achilles Suman is now joining us on the phone line for a perspective on that story achalasia a very good morning so the mea has tonight that US president Donald Trump you know asked Prime Minister Modi to mediate on a Kashmir and you know do these remarks actually reflect a change in the country's policy on Kashmir because you know so far US has upheld India stance and has maintained that Kashmir is a bilateral issue and should be resolved of course between Indian Islamabad see it is not the first time that Americans had made such type of noises because of earlier also in the past that American officials and all they also try to project that we can offer we can help you in resolving the Kashmir issue and in the same tone you know the president dollar drop is also coming forward to help mr. Imran Khan to resolve the Kashmir issue so the statement he has made I think arity just to taste the water inside India and also to feed Pakistan is to some extent so that they can give some relaxation to America on the Afghanistan issue because yesterday most of the talks between president all some and pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was revolving around Afghanistan when President Obama wants to remove his forces from Afghanistan many countries of the world say that that type of situation will create an arch in Afghanistan and that will be very irresponsible on the part of America so in this situation president Donald Trump is trying to give some assurance to Pakistan so that when he goes to in the domestic you know territory he can say he can show his all domestic audience that ESC president Donald Trump has told that we can help resolve the package week of speedy sue and Pakistan has always been tending all continued the world to mediate in the customary so so I think President Donald Trump has just given some some sort of you know the words so that momentum Prime Minister Imran Khan goes back to Pakistan he can still use me but given the fact that India has always been and it has been all party consensus in India that it is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan so when we we are in the also when g20 summit was happening and president Dolan's up and Prime Minister and Modi had made there and we were not told by any of the parties and there was no talk about this issue the issue of cups means because India has of principal position that because we do so will not be discussed with any third party and if there is a question of talking to cuss me it will be talk to it Pakistan only when tourism goes off so this is the position of vomit of India from the very beginning and when an Indian government came in power led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in has told that without which Taylor we cannot talk so terror and talk and work together so this is the position till now and that is why in the midst of the night internal affairs ministry of spokesperson Obispo Mar also said that there is no question of such a change in policy of India but there is no change for this moment s what I am going to say serious so I think this is a between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Han Khan now they want to you know satisfy Pakistan's domestic constituency and how business dollars husband can get some sort of you know cooperation on the issue of cow Afghanistan I see even in this context quality alright thank you so much aqui rich for all those updates there on that big story an entre news from karnataka well after missing two deadlines set by the governor congress radius coalition government will face the crucial flow test in the Karnataka assembly today the house debated the motion now where the frequent scenes of pandemonium yesterday and a speaker kr Amish Kumar adjourned the house till at 11:45 p.m. after repeatedly reminding the government that it should honor its commitment to conclude the trust word proceedings on Monday itself the speaker categorically stated that discussion would end by 4:00 p.m. today and by 6:00 p.m. the voting process would be completed now with relentless protest Congress have made its intentions clear that a voting will be deferred as the epics cause was seized of the police by the two independent emily's on the issue of trust would remember the Supreme Court will hear a fresh plea offer two independent Karnataka emily's who are seeking holding of the floor tests forthwith in the state assembly on the trust motion and now news on the parliament session well our three bills are listed in today's agenda in the Rochester par today finance personnel Milazzo Thurman will move over the appropriation number to Boyle 2019 for consideration and return it aims to authorize the payment in appropriation of certain sums from and out of the Consolidated Fund of India for the services of the financial year 2019 20 the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha last week and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who will also move the finance number to bill 2019 for consideration and return it will give effect to the financial proposal of the central government for the financial year 2019 20 the bill also contains a tax proposals of the government for this fiscal and this bill was also passed in the looks of her earlier on 18th of July and Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Zubin irani will move over the protection of children from sexual offenses amendment bill or the FOXO bill or consideration and passing it aims to further a mentor the protection of children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 and it aims to make a punishment more stringent and even include death penalty for the offender's involved in sexual crimes against – it also provides for stringent punishment for storing and distributing pornography materials and also in the upper house 2d half an hour discussion is slated regarding clean congra drive and not justify yesterday passed the protection of Human Rights Amendment Bill 2019 the bill was surpassed by a voice vote and with this the bill has been passed by both houses of parliament the Vilna will expedite the process of the appointment of the chairperson and the members of the National Human Rights Commission and the state's Human Rights bodies and replying to the debate on the bill Minister of State for whom Nityananda I said that the changes in the bill will strengthen the Human Rights Commission's and Home Minister amateur also stressed on the need for amendments in the bill Negrita ho de mato Ramallah somewhere in Syria or the DC not reporting via a violin Agra cookie dough satire a disco romantically carrera para maana prostitute cornetist et never resist ET appear to detain car nigga propped on help Nicky Augustine hrk Tara pop shop kadhi handle annotate on the Human Rights Commission FK s T nu T cantata groom Enrique see Paris pradhan mantri recording is Kelly a committee bunny committee microRNA pradhan mantri Lok Sabha desi groom on 3 V pox cape dosa Don okay Anita Rogers Ibaka sabapathy mother what it means are a logjam occurred luck unanimity Kasatka we received a quickie appointment got a he or who's Furby humston sunshine car occur in Germany were too many month ik will be you looked on tricks and stunts conquer five for this bin love immense the protection of Human Rights Act 1993 it seeks to allow a Supreme Court judge apart from the Chief Justice of India to be appointed as the chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission it also increases the number of its members from two to three the proposed amendment provides for a reduction in the tenure of the chairpersons or for the national and the state Human Rights Commission to three years from the present five years alright our colleague accreta Mishra is now joining us alive from Parliament away good morning kriti critiques speaking first about Raja sub ha yesterday passed the very important protection of Human Rights Amendment bill and this of course happened despite the opposition that was have that we was witnessed in the upper house and as far as today is concerned we understand the three bills are listed well for consideration in the upper house including the very important box so bill and also a discussion is slated regarding clean Ganga Drive what more can you tell us yesterday when the house was disrupted over the issues of Karnataka political turmoil and also on the zone rudra violence remember the Chairman had clarified that the Karnataka matter is sub judice so today we expect important business to be transacted in the upper house as we've mentioned there are important bills lined up in the upper house today the Box amendment bill to enhance and to enlarge the definition of child pornography and to make punishment very stringent in order to control the cases of sexual violence against children there are other important bills like the finance bill 2019 and also the appropriation bill 2019 remember these bills have been passed by the Lok Sabha and in the appropriation bill it empowered the government to withdraw 98.1 8 lakh rupees from the consolidated front of India to meet the expenditure during the current financial year and even during the passage of the financial bill finance bill Finance Minister named la cita Raman had terrified that the tax poses contained in the finance bill 2019 will ensure ease of living for the citizens and will also give a push to the make in India initiative and digital payments in the country so those important bills would be taken up in the Rajas of heart today so important items on the agenda of the upper house today a shuara all right kitty stay with us we'll just come back to you and several bills Alice didn't release it and in the Lok Sabha s so well well two bills are listed for introduction and these include the code on wages 2019 a bill to a mentor and to consolidate the laws relating to the wages and the bonus and matters concerned there with or incidental there off the occupational safety health and working conditions Accord 2019 to consolidate and amend the laws regulating the occupational safety health and the working conditions of the persons employed in an establishment and the matters connected they're off or incidental thereto also the agenda five bills are listed for consideration and passing urine Minister Nitin Gadkari will moved the Motor Vehicles amendment bill 29 team to further amend the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 Home Minister Amit Shah will move the unlawful activities Prevention Amendment Bill 2019 for consideration and passing the vill aims to further a man the unlawful activities Prevention Act 1967 and other bills to be taken up for discussion are the DNA technology used in application regulation bill 2019 the banning of unregulated deposit schemes bill 2019 and the public premises eviction of unauthorized occupants amendment bill 2019 an earlier on Monday Lok Sabha pass the bill amending the Right to Information Act the bill was passed by a voice vote amid objections by members in the opposition while 218 main members have voted in favor of the RTI amendment bill 79 voted against it the right to information amendment bill 2019 seeks to give the government powers to fix salaries tenuous and other terms in additions of employment of information commissioners and earlier replying to the debate a Minister of State for personal Justine was saying said that it aims at institutional signalization streamlining and the ease of her delivery of the RTI Act he also rejected the opposition's charges that it was an attempt to undermine the law asserting that the proposed changes are only aimed at streamlining functioning therefore I think in all sincerity this has been brought in with the no motives with nothing to hide and with a number of judgments in the recent past also rather supporting it but none of them opposing it and the opinion as I said is not emanated only from the government quarters it has been an open-air held across the sections of society let's go back to Crete emissions joining us live from Parliament tegrity speaking about looks of how of course we saw very important to bill was passed yesterday that is the right to information amendment bill that was passed and today again there is a huge legislative agenda we understand that seven bills are today listed in the agenda in the lower house what can we expect at the lower house today what in the lower house of course you've mentioned that there is heavy legislative agenda remember the Motor Vehicles a madman bill has been on the priority of the government for quite some time because during the last three years there have been 1.5 lakh incidents of road accidents where in 1.5 lakh lives have been lost that translates into 400 lives per day so the government has taken a serious note of it and with this particular bill the punishment would be enhance the penalties would be enhanced so this is a very important bill there's another important bill which is the unlawful activities Prevention Amendment bill this bill seeks to z designate a person who has the terrorist links as a terrorist this also emphasizes on the zero-tolerance policy of the government towards terrorism there are other important bills like the DN technology bill and also important bills to be taken up in the looks about so heavy legislative agenda in the lower house today a shuara right equity thank you for all those updates there on that story and as India's ambitious mission to the moon chandrayaan-2 successfully took to the skies on Monday it demonstrated the country's the technological excellence a scientific potential and the spirit of exploration is true chairman dr7 congratulated team is true for the remarkable achievement saying that it is the beginning of a historic journey to the moon a perfect liftoff for the powerful booster GSLV mark three carrying the three thousand eight hundred and fifty kilograms chandrayaan-2 onboard the rocket puffed out thick smoke and left the Trailblazers in its wake at fourteen forty three hours after 16 minutes and 33 seconds when it plays the lunar probe into the designated elliptical orbit around the Earth is Rocha main doctor sivana congratulated team is roo calling it the beginning of a historic journey by the nation to the moon today is a historical day for space and science and ecology in India I am extremely happy to announce that GSLV Mach 3 vehicle successfully injected Chandra and to in the defined orbit in fact the orbit is six thousand kilometers more than water Internet is better the 978 QROPS mission will mark a giant leaf in India's space research it will make India only the fourth country to land a rover on moon whose work will benefit almost every citizen of the world from its earthbound orbit Israel scientists will navigate chandrayaan-2 to the South Pole of the moon on its way it will make 15 earthbound maneuvers that involve burning the engine on board chandrayaan-2 at the end of it all India will attempt its first ever soft landing of a probe on September 7th they are going to have do the 15 very crucial maneuvers in next one on documents and finally bringing the Chandra and to around the moon to place after that the day will start will come and that day we are going to experience 15 minutes terror to ensure the landing is safely near South Pole and know that to carry out the project of this magnitude definitely the credit must goes to that team is row along with their contributions from the review team quality personnel as well as industries the mission objectives of chandrayaan-2 include studying mineralogy and chemical composition of lunar soil searching for water or eyes in the near South Pole of the moon examining its atmosphere studying lunar semuc activities and mapping the moon using high resolution cameras just now you have seen that the most historic and ambitious launch of chandrayaan-2 mission finally successfully launched from Shree Hari katha Israel scientists believe that apart from the soft landing there are multiple technological achievements which this mission will to achieve in the next 48 days with camera person Manoj Kumar Irena Tucker Raja Sabha TV Shri Hari katha and Rochester watch a man a man can I do and looks upon speaker ohm Billa also praised his row for the successful launch of chann rayon – there is a good news it gives me great happiness to inform the house that the chandrayaan-2 has been successfully launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation is slow on the department of space from sriharikota range shot a short while ago I extend heartiest congratulations to all our countrymen on the scientists and persons of his row and Department of space honor of the entire house and also on my own behalf on this momentous achievement chandrayaan-2 has been launched about the first operational flight of the indigenous to develop on a manufactured GSLV Mk 3 this is the most powerful Indian rocket to date the vehicle is well as sir as Chandra and two are fully designed and fabricated in India therefore our scientists deserve special compliments their achievement has enhanced the country's pride and confidence this development reference at golden chapter in the history of not only the elephant of science and technology in India but also of the country itself is Casati dissonance which may hamari Priya so get some a homily Shakti and some taka production tii hamari antics gigantic Aki is approved in a hamare Kuroko mariah hey yes ah ba ba da antics and mussenden from spunky savvy began eco monkey do not get a creosote chili unco but i did ta an international media have also healed in me a successful launch of its second moon mission chandrayaan-2 nasa on monday congratulated his show on the successful launch of chandrayaan-2 and said that it was looking forward to find out what the Indian Space Agency learns about the lunar South Pole and as China's the state under Xinhua news agency also gave extensive coverage to Chandrayaan tools launch and the reactions of president Ramnath Govind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a survival news now an inter-ministerial committee has recommended banning the cryptocurrencies in India and imposing fines for caring activities connected with crypto currencies in the country but it has also proposed that the government keeps an open mind on the official digital currency the committee was constituted in November 2017 to study the issues related to virtual currencies and the government said that the report and the draft will bill will now be examined in consultation with all concerned departments and regulatory authorities the report has highlighted the positive aspect of a distributed ledger technology and suggested the various applications especially in the finance sector for the use of DLT in India the group says that in view of the risks and the volatility in their prices private cryptocurrencies should be banned and fines should be imposed for carrying any activities connected with them in India and now an update on the floods in Bihar and Assam well they have claimed 170 lives till Monday with more than one crop people still reeling under the effects of the deluge in the two states with more are two more deaths in muzaffer a pool rather tall in Bihar has climbed 204 and in Assam the number of deaths – 66 where the two deaths being reported from debris and hamaji districts in Bihar seventy six point eight five lakh people in 12 districts of the state have been hit by the calamity while in Assam 30.5 five lakh people are grappling with the deluge in Assam the flood has also claimed the lives of 187 animals including 16 rhinos in the Kaziranga National Park Prime Minister Narendra Modi today paid a tribute to revolutionary freedom fighter chandra shekhar azad on his birth anniversary in a tweeter Prime Minister Modi described him as a fearless and determined freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for the country's independence the Prime Minister said that his heroic in legacy is a source of inspiration for the countrymen the prime minister also pay tribute to look Manya Dilek on his birth anniversary he said look Manya Philip our bedroom a freedom fighter devoted his life to Hoon Swaraj p.m. Modi said that the nation will always remember them for their contributions and on to some sports news now in table tennis hosts India completed a clean sweep for claiming all the seven gold medals at the 21st commonwealth championships which concluded on monday in qatar almita Desai and Akhil Mukherjee won the men's and the women's singles title army the defeated their favorite G Satyan for three in a hard-fought final to claim the men's title and Anthony amel Raj and Manav Tucker also claimed their men's doubles gold by stunning top seeds Satyan and Sharad Kemal 3-1 and in the women's singles a Kia won her maiden gold in the championships a thrashing former national champion Madhuri carpet curve 4-0 pooja says through both he and Chris Vika Sinha Roy defeated compatriots treasurer Akula and moushmi Paul 3-1 to claim the women's doubles crown and with that we wrap up this edition of breakfast news thanks for watching have a great day ahead


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  • Shukriyaa ma'am for the news and also much a lot congratulations to the ISRO it is proud the movement for the Lovely INDIA and INDIAN

  • Good Morning RSTV News Team & Aishwarya – Well I suppose we are all still in awe @ ISRO & will be watching the skies for the next 40+ days. We Indian's don't seem to realize how strong the Pakistani presence is overseas , all of them in the military establishment have some interest either properties, or business or family , but they have this web controlled by Paki military retirees who ensure that anti India funding is kept fueled by billions out of Habib Bank from Pakistan into the international Shariah banking system which they oversee so It doesn't take much to guess that one of their sponsored stooges like Washington Post is behind this rumour – so long as Trump doesn't tweet about it – t's not official ! Imran is going there to free up the billion sof aid he needs + to tell trump that fatf must go easy on the black listing coming up. Trump slaps Tariffs on Indian goods, wants to sell us crappy inferior systems to s-400 & wants to control nations by proxy, he seems to think India is up for sale , he wants US companies to have unlimited access to rape the Indian market ! I think that where it gets a little complex & will get India to move towards a Chinese protectionist policy. This is not Nehru begging for planes to fight China – This is a new India & like Pakistan has people overseas so do we – in fact the US economy is run by Indian's ! So He will do well to check with one of his biggest backers – the Hindu society of USA before opening his mouth on Kashmir. Pakistan has violated international law on so any levels regarding Kashmir ! They must 1st return PoK – illegally occupied & now Chinese owned ! Shah must speed up the state split – make Jammu, Ladakh & Hindu Kashmir a new state & Muslim KAshmir as another new state along with that India must recognise Balochistan as a free & independent country.

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