English lesson - English words to talk about advertising - palabras en inglés

English lesson – English words to talk about advertising – palabras en inglés

hello and welcome to today's English lesson my name is Stuart in today's English lesson we're looking at the words or vocabulary we use in English to talk about advertising let's go to the intro now as I said today's lesson is showing you some of the words or vocabulary we use in English to talk about advertising and the majority of these words are fairly common amongst English speakers when we're talking about this topic now the first word we'll look at is advert okay advert or abbreviated we can say ad or advertisement or advertisement it's the same thing advert ad advertisement it's the thing that a advertising company uses in order to try to sell us a product so we're watching television we're watching our favorite movie or television program all of a sudden it stops and there is an ad or advert advertisement we can also call them commercials as well and informally they can be called a spot a commercial spot alright but it's that period of time where we see a product like a dishwashing liquid maybe clothes maybe cars maybe a bank and they're trying to catch our attention and make us either buy or use the product okay so they're advertising a product they're advertising a product the people that do it our advertisers the advertisers are the people that prepare the advertisement and it's a form of publicity and they're looking for a target audience so people that are thinking of buying a new car they see an ad on the TV or in the new paper for cars perhaps they are persuaded or influenced to buy that particular brand now our commercial I said before the same as ad commercial break the time that I said before between the television programs also called edy break so commercial break or ad break very annoying for some people some people don't like to watch ads people often go to the toilet or they make themselves a cup of coffee when the ads come on the TV because they can be very annoying now advertising advertising the advertisers normally have some type of campaign because they're trying to promote a product or brand brand or product they're trying to promote it okay they use marketing techniques in order to tell us to buy something perhaps the ad or the commercial has a slogan for example you remember coca-cola had many slogans like Coke is life for example maybe they have a jingle or a catchy tune the jingle is the music that is with the advertisement so maybe there's a typical jingle or song or tune that is very catchy catchy meaning that it's easy to remember and you see the ad on the television and then you're singing the jingle afterwards because it's it's catchy you you're able to remember very easily I can't think of any jingles at the moment but if I think of one I'll tell you um nowadays this word here product placement is very common because we can be watching a movie or a television program and all of a sudden we see a product in the movie like a can of coca-cola or or a Starbucks coffee that is called product placement ah they're trying to build brand awareness they're trying to make people aware of the brand especially for new companies that a tribe that have a new product or a new brand they tried to build awareness which means that more and more people know about the product so brand awareness and also nowadays it's very common for celebrities or people on the TV or the radio to plug a product to plug a product if they plug a product it means that they mention that product in their interview so perhaps a famous actor is talking about a holiday that he went on and he mentions the country and perhaps he mentions the hotel he stayed at and there's millions of people watching he is plugging the product so all of these words are associated with advertising thank you very much for watching the lesson if you have any questions or any comments please leave them in the comment section below tell me your favorite commercial your favorite ad one has a catchy jingle that you can remember remember to share the video on social media Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest share it up on social media I'll see you in the next lesson have a good day bye


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