2 hours before the day goes by, I think “I need someone to
comfort me (누군가 필요해)” but… I only have a phone number
on my phone. As always, today too,
just like yesterday, being alone has become
a habit (버릇이 됐어) That’s how it is (그렇더라고요) today, I’m alone (혼자야) again. But today, everyone, at least for today, for tonight,
you’re not alone. Be with me. let’s be together Of course, just like the blowing
wind (마치 흘러가는 바람처럼) we can’t stop the time. But it’ll be a time of our life,
(한 페이지가 될수있게) later on, the times we
spent together we’ll think that “they were
happy days” (행복했던 날들이었다). When you sleep tonight,
you’ll be smiling (반드시 웃는다) I promise you. I, Young K, promise to make
you smile. Young K’s Mixtape starts now. Let’s go. [DAY6 – Time of Our Life] Hello! I’m DAY6’s Young K,
who’s the first special DJ for the newly launched
Casper Radio’s Mixtape! The first song that we listened to DAY6’s “Time of Our Life”! But did you guys notice anything? During the opening, a lot of our songs’ titles were mentioned. The fact that our songs’ titles
can be made into this kind of story. makes me realize that we
have written a lot of songs. I was given a chance to become the
special DJ for Casper Radio. It’s my first time ever
without the members. I’m a little nervous but I believe that you’ll
look after me fondly so I will try to be more relaxed. “From the fans, you’re known to have a
nice voice suited for broadcasting shows.” “Are you also aware of that?” Oh, thank you. I’m doing a job that uses my voice so I’m honoured to hear
that you like it. In the future too, I will work hard so
that my voice will sound nice. “I think you’ll do a great job as an official DJ.
Have you ever thought of becoming one?” I’d be honoured if they ask me to.
I’m fine with anything. And it’s a bit… What should I call it? Since it involves speaking…
Actually, I’m not quite good with words. I stutter a lot too. I’m not good at voicing out
my thoughts immediately. but talking calmly like this… Talking like I’m conversing I think I’ve become more comfortable now
compared to when I have just debuted. So in the future, if you invite me…
(I think I’ll do better.) Is my voice a little shaky? Do I seem nervous? It’s your first time seeing
me nervous, right? But I got nervous a lot. Every time I do something new,
I get kinda nervous. But I think can do better as I gain experience. Now [a comment]
from “Grapefruit” “Using song titles as
an introduction was cool” Ah, [yes] that was
really cool And from xxx “In life, dreams, future,
Young K, fighting!” Young K, fighting! xxx-nim sent this “Oppa believe in us, don’t
be nervous, fighting!” I won’t be nervous. From sunshine-nim “I like Young K’s
voice very much.” Thank you. From xxx-nim “Voice genius,
Kang Younghyun.” Thank you. And from xxx-nim “How many coffees..?” Firstly, 3 cups. Today… Before coming here,
I drank 1 cup and… I don’t have the intention
of drinking all of these it’s just that I get a uneasy without coffee so I buy a lot and if there
are leftovers then the next morning,
I’ll get it from the fridge then put some ice in I do that often recently. So in the morning I don’t need to buy I always have one in my hand that kind of feeling. Today “what time did I wake up”? What time did I wake up? I don’t remember waking up was it 5:30? 6…? It’s probably around 5:30 So… we did a recording but again, I made a mistake… but again Thank you for
making it better Next time really… I’ll get a hold
of myself while doing it Get a hold of yourself… Yes. Anyway… Casper
Radio Mixtape Today, it’s the first time [sitting] at this
honorable place I’m the first runner…
Thank you very much Today “what did I do” today I today I went to a music
show broadcasting we recorded it at Ilsan… Really, more than what
I expected as I said earlier, there were mistakes and nervous… nervousness, I didn’t have
a reason to be nervous… Since it wasn’t just
a 1 time mistake there’s something
like that when I make a mistake, “Ah, I should
do better, I should do better” every time I tell myself to do better,
I end up making more mistakes, you know? That’s why even
during our cheering the 5 of us gather before going up the stage Sungjin hyung’s voice
must be heard. That “We’re not here to do well, we’re here
to have fun. 1, 2, 3, DAY6!” There’s something like this. This doesn’t mean that “we’re really
not going to do well” it’s something like… “Let’s not
[think about] doing well everytime, let’s just have fun doing
it, that’s the best goal” it has that kind of message. There’s a big difference when you hear it
and don’t hear it from Sungjin hyung. That’s why… Now that I think
about it, we didn’t do that! Well, we don’t really do it when
we go to music shows I think I’ll have to request Sungjin hyung
to do it in the future… Now from xxx “Today Young K oppa’s voice makes
me rush to do my homeworks” Aigoo… Good luck on your
assignments! And from xxx-nim “I’m a SAT taker, all day today I studied ’cause
tests are coming up soon. By chance can you do
a SAT support [message]?” Really… Fighting! Really as the saying goes, “Let’s do the best that we can” First, just do your best and the
results comes after. And the least you can do is be
proud that you did your best With that confidence…
compliment yourself… And… Let’s hope
for the best results. Fighting! And so, now, we actually… are in the middle of a world tour. We’re doing the
Gravity tour right now First, the Book of
Us: Gravity tour is… Ah [no], the Book of Us: Gravity
came out and we started the Gravity Tour there’s attraction to each other. Actually for “Time of Our Life” it was made because we
reminisced our concerts. At the concert… actually even if
we don’t know each other at least for that moment,
it becomes the first meeting or meeting again because we get attract each
other when meeting that day, really.. “Let’s make this a page of
our youth” that kind of message That’s why… That song is performed
early on during the concert when we sing it…
It’s very exciting! And really, our My Days
really enjoy it! Receiving that energy
from their enjoyment makes us have strength, have fun and
enjoy the remaining performances. From xxx-nim “Oppa, it’s been a while
since I went to work I went to school and
after that, layed in bed while laying down, listening
to Oppa’s voice, your voice is so sweet” Ah, so today’s a day
that you didn’t go to work that’s very… I’m not jealous…
There will be those days… Earlier you said you
went to school there must be a difference
between school and work? Really, there must be hard times [But] We will cheer you on! And from xxx-nim “I ate grilled shrimp with salt for dinner,
oppa do you also like shrimps?” Firstly, I don’t have
any food that I don’t like. and and… I haven’t found it I haven’t found
any food that I don’t like Even if there are
less likable food… I really like shrimps. If it’s grilled shrimps, I think
I can eat around 50 pieces? This question….
50 pieces? What kind of shrimp is it? Is it oriental shrimps? I think I can eat it… 50 pieces or not? Cocktail shrimp… 100 pieces… Won’t 100
pieces be enough to eat? For cocktail shrimps Because if cocktail shrimps is this small
and oriental shrimps is this big how many times [bigger/smaller] is that then won’t 100 pieces be enough? So… In 1 pack? I don’t know how many
pieces are inside in one sitting I eat all of it. Originally isn’t it like that? It might sound like that! Ah nice~ From xxx-nim “The dish you cooked
recently is…” Probably after touring
America I made and eat beef and radish soup… The reason for that is because I don’t have
much time to cook. But for beef & radish soup, it’s not really “Wah this is
a success!” that kind… But because I was the one
who made it, I ate it very well! And if ever, in the middle of eating “It’s sour” or “it’s salty” then, I can change it anytime. How nice is that Everyone, start cooking! From xxx-nim “Thinking of oppa who has A+ & B+ in school,
made me work hard for our tests” “I am Kang Younghyun.” “Kang Younghyun, fighting!” But… I really worked hard
in making choices and focusing. If I got A+ then the rest would
probably be F. If B+, then C+ or C… it would
probably be like that I really didn’t have the confidence
to do well in everything. Originally, I wanted to have
good grades but while studying, I really had
subjects that don’t suit me especially ones with numbers… I can’t do it. I can’t do it! I acknowledge that. I really can’t do it. And it’s like the reason why I matched
well with Marketing subjects Doing marketing assignments
while associating it with us [DAY6] it became a little easier… So I talked about DAY6 or Young K
in our marketing assignments a lot. The ones that I
still remember what do I call that that… in the grid adding the grid Positioning…!
Ah, positioning map When I do that “What kind of team
will DAY6 be?” I confidently put a dot
in the middle from the middle,
to what part can DAY6 go “This will be where the team is.” At the beginning… What was it At the start, it could be a disadvantage
to establish your place cause it’s hard,
unless you have a big advantage. But if you continuously put effort
in that thing someday that…. at any place– you can’t substitute..? Having a solid foundation… We talked about that, I think. Unique… We can be
that kind of team that was when I was 21 or 20, we talked about
that in marketing class. And When I was… 25 or 26 anyway, after debuting
for 1 year I met with that professor that time, the professor completely… how do I say it he wasn’t completely a professor instructor…? anyway, yes…
Anyway, he became a professor I went back, [he was like]
“Younghyun-ah, it’s been a while.” “That assignment of yours, the case you
presented, can I use it in class? [I was like] “Ah prof, never do that,
I am very very embarrassed by it.” “I’ll just accept the acknowledgement
of it from you,” was what I said. TMI! From xxx-nim “Today, while listening to ‘Like a Flowing Wind’, I ran in Hangang river, showered watching this radio
makes the perfect ending!” You listened to ‘Like a
Flowing Wind’ while running? But… that… feels very good, I think. Like how do I say it I also did jogging for SOME time Because of the music the feeling really changes and the pace also changes. That’s why I think… Won’t ‘Like a Flowing
Wind’ be more suited for taking a walk? Like… feeling the night
breeze while walking especially if you’re beside Hangang,
I think that would feel great. But going beyond that… xxx-nim who
did running! You’re amazing! “For 1 or 2 months you go abroad,
it must be hard to pack your stuff do you have a secret for packing?” I “A must-bring item
when going abroad” I make sure to bring that, that… paper laundry detergent (?) It comes in paper it’s a laundry detergent, so if
you throw it in water, it becomes that. So the laundry… intentionally at the laundry room… it’s like a coin-laundry, I go there I do laundry by gathering all of them but everytime I go,
the waiting time is long it’s a little bothersome so… for… like socks because I have to change it often I can just put it in the
sink and wash it there. So what comes with
it is, a laundry line! It’s like 2000 won or 3000 won? The bathrooms
have tiles right? You can just place it,
and after that It dries faster than you think! It’s weird? Thank you Just bring 2 socks? I can’t stand the smell… After wearing it once,
[you] should wash it~ That’s why… there’s also times
that this can be bothersome! So what do you do.. You can bring around 30 pieces… or not that much, around 20? But eventually there will come a time when
you have to wash shirts and pants if it’s a long tour, at
least once, I wash it TMI! There are questions that say,
“Do you miss Korean food, if you
don’t get to eat them for a long time? I don’t have those
thoughts as much and from childhood, when I started
studying middle school abroad I didn’t have much thoughts
about missing Korean food. It rarely comes to mind,
but when it does there are times
when I want to eat rice during those moments, I would
go somewhere and eat sushi It’s not like that… But because
I eat what food is given to me well… I don’t have much moments
where I miss Korean food… But the members, sometimes
they have a hard time. The person who misses
it the most… Dowoon? or Sungjin hyung I think… Like kimchi or kimchi stew or spicy soft tofu stew,
they miss those… Ah, because Sungjin hyung
likes the spicyness He would find it… So in a week, at least once,
we would go eat in a Korean restaurant and everybody’s
there eating together… But, actually I… if I can say this here… I feel like it’s a little shameful. Because at that moment, there’s an
opportunity to eat good local food! That’s replaced by
eating Korean food… But… Everything there
is yummy so… It’s good But the local Korean food there
also has a different taste for every ingredient… that’s why. There’s also fun in experiencing
those kind of things xxx-nim says s/he is curious about
stories when I studied abroad… “Because I’m also a foreign student,
and oppa’s stories gives me strength.” Ah you’re studying abroad now… If you’re there alone… Whenever I’m asked to give tips
for people who study abroad I only have one thing I say “Please don’t get sick!” It’s very sad when you get sick! I… lay on my bed alone It’s hurts so much! My fever’s so high
and I don’t have the strength to move but I want to eat porridge and medicine but there’s no one to assist
me to do that. During that time,
it’s REALLY sad When I think about
middle school or high school there’s no one beside me that’s why I’m like…
while laying down I’m not lying.. I go like (teardrops) continuously fall down. So please! Don’t get sick!
You have to take care of your health! If you do that, if you’re healthy
I think you can do anything. So please… Everyone
let’s be healthy. I’m not saying this “Let’s be happy,
let’s be healthy” just because. But because, if you’re healthy,
then you can be happy. That’s why So while studying abroad there are people who will miss Korea
while being abroad so they meet Korean people or they go to Korea-town I’m not saying that
those are bad, but for me, it’s a short time right? I know that I
won’t be there for long I wanted to make that time as
lively(?) as possible so I would meet different friends At the start, I couldn’t
speak in English even now, if I were to
be a navigator it’ll be really… There are a lot of
words I’m limited to but [I] show that I’m good at it,
or I cover it a little [with my confidence] I’m not good at it. That’s why… my friends… I have a friend
named Terry, I would always tell him if I would make gramatical errors,
just point it out on the spot. i told him it’s okay, i’m okay with it since if he points them out i can learn I told him to make sure
he does that to me his English score is really high he is really intelligent so… I received a lot of help
from the friends around me so for pronunciation…
there’s that While living in Korea, what was really
hard for me in English and Korean
pronunciation was the for example like… sit and seat it was confusing to identify
the classification (if long or short sounding) but listening to
the friends around me then if I get the pronunciation wrong,
“You mean seat?” they would do that they helped a lot by correcting me. So don’t be afraid of
getting it wrong, at all. Getting it wrong,
is it embarrassing? I’m may be using Korean now, but I’m trying
to learn a new language so get it wrong confidently. In the middle, they may laugh,
then laugh with them! So what? If you do that, then even in
a short period of time you can learn so much I think it’s like that. TMI! There’s a person just now, “Is this
an educational broadcast?” I’m sorry. It’s a radio right? “During your world tour…”
Ah I talked about this earlier The time is a little… The time has come to talk about
our 3rd full album. Our 3rd full album, actually Our 3rd full album… more than we thought… At the start, we really didn’t know
that we were gonna release a full album But… this After doing the song camp because many people and the staffs
liked the songs that were produced That’s why we were able to release
so many songs at once. 11 songs So the Book of Us series was originally already planned. So if Gravity the initial
attraction, was the start then the next… the after effect
of the initial attraction there could be changes anything can happen. That’s why because anything can happen
it becomes chaotic then that’s entropy. Entropy is energy’s change? or the change of situations…
That’s how we talked about it You know, right? Search for it. But for us, the interpretation
of entropy is the changes after
the start, as I said and particularly the changes
between people’s relationships. So Side A, tracks 1-6
has a warm change and 7-11 tracks, not that…
Because changing doesn’t only feel warm so we also put that
kind of change… Now I think… actually this
is also a bit of a waste there are really a
lot of changes but that is… it’s a shame that we can’t illustrate
all those changes, but still but, more than expected,
there are a lot of aspects that we were able
to put in this album and for that, I feel relieved. Some one asked: “Releasing an album, doing
a world tour and even releasing a full album did you have the
time to write songs?” Actually, we the making of the album was already done
before going to America, I think. Because when we come back (to Korea)
it’s immediately released. Since we’re not in Korea, so we finished making it earlier… And the song camp…
Actually that was the first time we did it at the company’s recording room?
workplace? something like that There are a many rooms the members go there then the composers
go to different rooms. So for each day there might have been days where 2 members were in the same team but for the most part, the
4 of us were separate, I think. So… for every room in a day, “let’s finish
at least 1 song” we had that in mind… And in the end, I think we
were able to do that. Since we did that for
about a week or two, many songs came out. This is advantages… If I were to
talk about the disadvantages of it this is for certain, I think that the quality of the
output is lower than we expected it to be. But even if it’s like that,
when you think about it again when the inspiration comes, it must be thought about… but
I don’t think it’s like that That’s why, if ever there’s
a part that’s lacking then the next day, or next time we adjust and clean it then, I think, we have achieved
a higher quality of composition. And if I were to talk
about the advantages because we didn’t have time we weren’t given the
chance to worry that’s why… firstly…
what comes to mind or what we are attracted to normally,
we have to write them all down,
that kind of feeling. That’s why usually it’d be like “Can I do this?” “Should I try doing
this and that? we would ask that to
ourselves and do it. So if you look at
the album this time there are a lot of genres that
DAY6 hasn’t done before. The song that was written
(lyrics) fastest was as I said earlier, because we
had to finish 1 song per day, the songs that were produced in song camp…
Though not all were like that The songs that were done with Jisang hyung
weren’t all done during the song camp there were different
sessions with hyung… And for ‘Like a Flowing Wind’,
‘Ouch’, ‘Stop Talking’ what else is there… ‘365247’, ‘Rescue me’,
‘Emergency’, ‘About Now’ until ‘Not Mine’ these songs came
from the song camp. Since these were done in a day,
it took the same amount of time to produce. Then we modified it if needed. Song that [I am]
attached to the most… for me, actually… I think I’m most
attached to ‘Sweet Chaos’. As you know, I always love the most recent
title song the most. It’s consistent. It’s the best song
that I’ve done, right? That’s why… ‘Sweet Chaos’ is the
one I love the most. After knowing that we did
this for our 3rd full album, you must think that “Ah they wrote
without changing their minds” “They must’ve had
fun writing songs” it gets more fun when
you know more about it. So while listening to
the songs in the album I will introduce them a bit. let’s see I’ll write, DAY6 is this showing? *the screen* oh interesting and album I’ll click Entropy.. but it’s not working if I click here it’ll work. okay and, first track play from [myday] “A new modifier other than 믿듣데 *trust and listen to DAY6*” what I keep thinking about lately, I’ve said this before, “A band that can sing for all the
moments/times” music, it’s the same for me it’s something that gives
comfort while living, right? sometimes singing or listening to the sad emotions and cry with it It would be nice if we help
in any kind of emotions even if just for little I want to be “a band that
can sing for all moments”. I’ll do my best 1st track [Deep in love] this sound in here,
“hoo” or “haa” whatever it is there’s that sound, right? It’s a sound that comes from
our combined voices.. When we first made it, it was “HOO!” This kind of sound, we
gathered and recorded together but the “HOO!” it was too…
too…too heavy “HOO!” it had that kind of feeling, so so then we recorded, “HAO!”
I think it’s probably in (the music) together then “HA!” and “AHW!” is
probably in there too we put them all together and the sound you hear
in the song is the result. While writing this song, we thought
about what kind of song it would be while doing this song, what kind
of song will be produced (?) Personally…
(can’t hear due to the music) In the past, what I would do is (can’s hear with music sorry) Originally, in the past, I would when they would say that: “DAY6 you’ll
have the chance to create your own music” “so you guys write your own music” At the first part of composing, I would if there is a sound I’m thinking of but it can’t go that way
cause there are mistakes and couldn’t make it the way I planned “why it is going this way?” there was many experiences like that but, while doing that when I look at the result even though it’s not the way
I wanted it to be it’s actually better than
what I thought of… there were a lot more better results
than what I initially thought about doing. And! What is really good
is that my members have really good musical training! Because they have many abilities
that I don’t have they can think of solutions that i would have never thought of myself is like entropy, going through change… even wonderful results come
out, that’s why it’s enjoyable but also because the members
think the same as well, in the end, there’s no conflicts arising so we become one team. .. DAY6 JJANG (the best) And, my favorite song, Sweet chaos. ‘SWEET CHAOS’ If ever you want to listen to it, you can listen to it at home. SWEET CHAOS has the fastest BPM, it’s 200 but, it doesn’t feel as fast as it is. When I first listened to this song,
I thought Dowoon-ie will be REALLY really tired. But actually when he heard
it, he said it’s not that hard The parts… There’s not much
parts to beat… he said. you can’t hear it well in here so I’ll say it now So, also for me, the beat I didn’t record it like “dadadada” because I recorded it like “da-da-da-da” so actually it’s doesn’t have that
kind of fast musical play. So… But this because the speed itself seems
fast, that energy is transferred so now I think that
it has a good result. And… Now our first week of activities has just ended today…?
It has ended today… the MyDays had so much fun enjoying it. so… actually when we’re
doing it by ourselves the first part “Are you
ready?” this kind of thing, we ask if we
“should do it or not?” but still, believing in
My Days and do “Are you ready?” we actually did
it with those thoughts… But, I knew it, as soon as
the song starts “Are you ready? Wah,” from that it’s like I’m being empowered. That’s why, because of you really, we can enjoy
being on stage. And, now the next song it’s “Emergency” Emergency is composed by Jaehyung hyung and and the other person
he composed with… it’s been a while since we
learned from him/her the composer who I worked with
for “Shouldn’t have”, Shim Eunji composer. We wanted to try working with the
composer from the very start because it seems like she knows
of emotions that I don’t and her ideas are… just very good Her ideas are overflowing, we wanted to be there
to observe that, you see… So while composing with her,
we had the chance to see it… Really this is everything that’s good even though everything’s good after looking at each person’s system and emotions or ideas while composing it felt more interesting. Every time, it’s not the same. and even when composing
with the same person everyday it’s different. This is the same for
all members, I think. Clearly, it’s the same person that
you work with everyday but the conversation
is different every time and the emotions you feel from
time to time is also different, so I was able to feel that again. has a very disco feel to it it’s funky and fun, right? So at the concert hall,
what kind of… energy will it bring? It’s a song that
I’m very excited for. Actually I still can’t tell if
we’re going to do it live because, the bass I did play it… but by portions I recorded it by cutting-cutting-cutting I couldn’t finish it completely. It’s a little bit hard but I have to practice
in order to fully play it. Or arrange it well,
so I can sing it… When we were recording this
it was really funny! Sungjin hyung would do the out of breath part I can’t even follow it! So the reason why I got to
record it was because Sungjin hyung went over it so we first recorded my voice
that had a less beats. Really, originally it wasn’t my part That’s why the “breath breath breath” this part, originally, I didn’t
have plans to record it! when I heard that I won’t
go there, I was like “Yes!” …So I did my best in recording it From what I know the voices
are put in together… And what was too bad was that I wasn’t in the room when
Dowoon recorded that acting part. From what I remember… The day we recorded “Emergency” we recorded on the same day as “Like the Flowing Wind” So there were 2 rooms and we go back and
forth to record it. I really wanted to see the live
recording of that but I couldn’t! It’s really too bad. But… really… it must’ve
been very funny On that line… next… we’ll go to “Rescue me” “Rescue me” is composed by Wonpil and Frantz hyung. Frantz hyung is our… “Like the Sun” and we worked with
him in other songs too… Hyung is really just… cool That’s why Even if he does the same thing,
there are cool people right? That’s hyung, I think. So when Wonpil and hyung met I don’t know how it started
because I wasn’t in that room, but When I try to imagine it firstly… I think it would be like
“Let’s just go with it” I was in another room,
but what I remember is when I opened my room Wonpil asked “Hyung can
I use your bass?” I said “Yea, go use it” Wonpil: “I can use the
one downstairs right?” Young K: “Oh ok” I only know he’s gonna use the bass, I don’t
what kind of song it is or how it’ll come out So he left and I heard “kokokokong” I heard this sound [I was like] “Woow, ok” Then I went to back to my room and I thought “there, that’s a song
that’s most like Entropy…” along with “Sweet Chaos” the title song I think it’s a song that’s related to that… So originally the title was supposed to be “Paradise” and the lyrics were a bit different So when we were
fixing the lyrics that’s when I used the case
thing (diagram thing he mentioned earlier) how will I… The lyrics Wonpil orginally
wrote… was a little sensual so I thought about how to save it when I listened to the
track and the melody it had a feel of an empty wanderer so it was… it was this kind of feeling! I can’t express it in words but…
like this “reach out to my hand” it’s a bit like… ah… think of
it as a big scale Universe, there’s a movie right? The movie It’s a popular movie not Gravity, that… It’s that! Interstellar that kind of image more than the story. Remembering that image …that…ok “Save me now” “Hold me now” “Save me” I wanted to portray that feeling so that’s how the lyrics
for “Rescue me” came out. And this too, I also… I’m saying this for myself I still can’t do this
in a live performance. I also recorded this part by part it was harder than what I thought. But I think “Emergency” ranks
higher in bass difficulty. I will also prepare well for
this, to present a cool performance. And the next song “365246” 365247 Why is this not [read as]
3 hundred and 65-24-7? Or 365-24-7? When we were saying the lyrics …there’s that right… I also said this before there are many times wherein
we have to save the pronunciation. The most typical
example would be “Letting go” there, Wonpil, at the last part as in the word “know”, “know I…” “know I, know I” he sang it like that. But whatever it is you do,
you can’t save that feeling so it became “놓아 놓아 놓아” Jaehyung hyung’s “Ah yeh~” if he just did “Ah yeah”
it’d be a bit boring “Ah yeh” “Ah wae” “I wait” these puts fun in that song, I Wait. In the same way, I probably sang it like that In order to save that pronunciation it became like that. This song too… Originally from what I remember at the start, Frantz hyung… we also
composed this with Frantz hyung Originally when I first heard the track band sound… it didn’t have much
of a band sound as it does now. Originally it just had a dance sound But… So I was like “Hm, what should we do?” “How about we listen to songs
that’s already here?” “Oh hyung this is good, this
seems fun” we haven’t tried this before “Oh is this ok?” “Let’s try it” Then this song came out. Then next, we put the band
sound like the drum source… and put in the guitar and bass,
it’s that kind of case. That’s why… that… it became 365247, Ah! This part that’s coming on I’m really proud Here Originally, I thought “should I do this?” I did do it. But Dowoon could also do it because he has a charming
low-tone voice, but When we say he could sing well,
[he] intentionally… he would joke around, be
embarrassed and wouldn’t do it~ His pitch is also good and because he plays the drums
he handles beats very well He has so many talents More than what you think, he has a wide range of octaves. When he would joke
around and shout, he wouldn’t intentionally
be aware of his falsetto but you can hear that he has
a wide range of octaves! But he really… embarrassed…
He gets embarrassed a lot since it also took us a long
time to finish this. But Dowoon does a very great
job, more than you think. at first, he was like like… how do I say this? More like… “Like how you play around, if you were
to sing this exaggeratedly…” (Dowoon would do that) Oh! You can do that, just make us
hear the enunciation of words He would do that and laugh, so we’d
say “Don’t laugh, let’s try doing it once.” …he would do that and
laugh his ass off then he would ask “Hyung can I do this?” “It’s that!” really, outside… Inside the recording booth, he could hear or
not hear what we were saying outside. In the state of not being able to hear us,
we were saying “That’s it!” it was crazy. It was this kind of feeling! Oh that’s perfect~ That kind of feeling… Until now, all the members
recorded voice, including mine this was the proudest moment among
all the takes that the members did. Also in the future, whatever… because this friend (Dowoon)
can do something we can’t! He’s a person capable of that. So please, look forward to that. I’ll just say expect that.
Expect that in the future. Then what’s the
next song? “About Now”. “About Now” is… composed by Jaehyung hyung
and Kevin oppa… Kevin hyung together. We also did “I Need
Somebody” with Kevin hyung and “Colors”… Actually… even long before our
debut, we also did “Habits” he’s a hyung that we’ve
worked with long before. But… it was an honor to be able
to work with him during the song camp. This is actually a guitar line
that Jaehyung hyung played before. That’s why… it’s a bit familiar What caught my
attention first was this part, “How does the late-night
snacks you ordered, taste without me?” at that part it’s not that I’m craving
for late-night snacks~ It’s because the lyrics are unique it’s really not because it’s
something related to eating. No~ It’s not! This was really special. But this kind of lyrics It’s something that can only come
out of Jaehyung hyung, it’s not a style of lyrics
that I can come up with. It’s a little bit… minimal and… How do I say this… While hyung looks at the clock’s
hand going around while listening to the clock’s
ticking… like that, it’s very Or after eating snacks,
the crumpled bag throwing away the crumpled bag. This kind of style This kind of style it contains
realistic stuff and you can find fun in the lyrics. He’s good at writing
those kinds of lyrics. For me… Rather than those I choose more broad words. Hyung chooses a more minimal,
unique, witty and humorous those words that become the point
of the lyrics, so it’s well-made. So those kind of lyrics, I think,
is able to save the song. Also in this song, it’s well thought of. Also this “lalalala” voice in the
chorus, I really like it. So the song itself…
there’s also no bass in this song so while everybody else was recording, I was resting. That day, we were also probably
recording instrumentals for “Not Mine” After recording my part
for “Not Mine”, I left. It was possible that day… In this minimal song, the lyrics are
also well-written, so I this song very much. And, “Ouch” This song, originally was a bossanova style, …guitar, when we first heard it, “Oh we haven’t done
something like this” we thought that, so we tried it And adding the hip-hop beat, I found it unique, like it reminds me of PRETTYMUCH’s songs
that I recently enjoy listening to… So I wanted to try it by all means. So… So in the middle… Was it done after
completing the whole song..? Instead of real drum or synth bass,
should I change to real bass For me, for online music let’s go with what we have now. But for live music, we’ll arrange
it for live performance. “How about we save this kind of feeling?” This kind of atmosphere…
A bit… How do I say… We haven’t done much songs that have
this kind of atmosphere, so we
wanted to try it once. And I wanted to sing
this kind of melody. I thought it’d be quite fun. I’d like to think this is a song
that’s made entirely for fun… I think this paragraph summarizes it all. Actually… How you see it the speaker says everything’s good or the other person says…
more than things like that a person who doesn’t care about it… a person who doesn’t care… Actually why… why did [I] write… It started with shaving. At the very start “You didn’t
shave today too…” Ah! The “ayayayaya” part was recorded
first during the melody making “How do we save this ‘ayayayaya’?” “Let’s change ‘ayayaya'” When you’re hurt, it’s “ayayaya” then let’s express it like I’m stabbed/hurt. So when are you stabbed/hurt? it’s when you could’ve done
something, but you didn’t do it. …It’s the small things right? For example, shaving or fixing your hair or you could go out wearing
good clothes but you don’t… like wearing slippers
or going out being barefooted with those thoughts… We thought about illustrating a person
having a naive/innocent image. And a song called “Not Fine” I personally think this
is a pretty cool song… of course, even if it’s our song… Although “the skin is nearer than
the shirt”, I think it’s a cool song. I wanted to use this “복구다” Actually there are many
songs that use “복구다”. But Earlier on “Younghyun’s lyrical
knowledge” based on “Ouch” Rather than the experience,
it started with “Ouch” that we thought about “How do I
sing this” before going over But anyways… In “Not Fine” When we first started this.. If you remove the lyrics, the opening is very calm and now the “복구다” is all around you can feel the fullness if you listen to it without
the voice, it’s just… …there’s only that sound. It’s very…
it feels very empty. But at the chorus, it has an
explosion of feeling I wanted to illustrate the thought of having a
difference in the temperature of the song the coldness… thinking about the cold and hot…
like “the cold you” and “the hot me” I wanted to try writing about “I’m still
warm (to you) but why are you cold (to me)?” and it came out like this. So “나빠 (bad)” Originally I didn’t think of the
subtitle “나빠 (bad)” at the bridge part… How do you make the bridge? It’s the
part after the 2nd refrain At that part… there’s a continuous… it’s like a successive part That’s why we put
similar rhyming sounds just changing similar words,
having the same message… “Let’s try saying the
same words continuously” “나빠 (bad), 난 아파 (I’m in pain),
바빠 (busy)” repeating those until it’s retentive
and until it’s remembered, we did it like that. But… From what I know, it’s because “나빠 (bad)” came out there, that’s why the
subtitle became that. “Who sang the first part?” The first part would probably be
Jaehyung hyung and the “ba” would be me. “What’s ‘복구다’?” “복구다” is… if you listen closely, there’s us, singing the melody and beside that there’s like
a mechanical sound that’s coming out… you would hear that
accompanying a chord sound. That’s the 복구다 sound. If you’re curious about
복구다, search for it. And the next song’s
called “Stop Talking” It has a reggae
feeling to it, right? That’s why this was first composed
by Jaehyung hyung. After he first composed it, he called me to
try singing it. That time, at a different room… That time I must’ve
been composing “Ouch” Yes… So he asked me to sing it and I sang it… while playing around a bit.. “Can I do it like this?” Ah, that time there were no lyrics yet… …so we recorded it like that,
then we came up with the lyrics. I also asked “Can I do this?” to the friends
who we were composing with… “Let’s try it first. Let’s record it first, then if
it doesn’t go well, then let’s fix it later” it was this kind of case. Since it really came out like
that, it’s quite a surprising case… And because Jae-ssi wrote a
very energetic refrain, actually it’s a bit high. This is… This song’s probably one of
the highest songs. “What are you gonna do?” this part… “What are you gonna do?”
I really wanted to record it like that. Why did I write it as “막말”…? In the 2nd part, A… B part, my part, was where it (막말)
started to come out… It’s a bit like “Why are you like that” “Why are you like that?” was first written What was “why are you like that?” “Should we try showing ‘the other
person doing something to you'” but it’s not aggressive… we thought, then To the person who’s
being aggressive to me… Ah, not me, We wanted to try showing about
a person who I care, swearing at
someone, asking “why are you like that?” that kind of case…
That’s how it turned out That’s why… I made sure to
record “What are you gonna do?” Overall, I wanted to put a
content like “I know this better”. That’s why it’s a little intense and however you hear it,
there’s an aggressive sound if the lyrics were like this,
I thought it would be more fun. And the next song is, “Not Mine” ah this song,
from the start it’s done. Here… this… Actually this track, Wonpil… Before Wonpil listened to
this track, I heard it first. I did appeal for this track that I wanted
to do this track. That I wanted to write this. “Oh ok, just do it first, then let’s see…” “Oh? Wonpil also wants
to do that song” “Oh really? I said I wanted
to do it though?” “Ah, we can just use what’s better” I thought “Oh ok, let’s see
how I can do this” But ah~
He wrote well, Kim Wonpil~ He wrote it very well. When the song starts… …ah it’s just… It’s like the feeling of drawing the
bow of an arrow and shooting it! This, originally Wonpil sang
the overall guide version. Overall, Wonpil’s vocals were… Should I say it’s
a bit “tight”? His tone itself has that his pronunciation also has
that rubbery feel, I think. That’s why… right at the start, as it progresses,
the atmosphere has that “I’m going” then it pulls back then “bang!”,
it has that kind of energy. Really, I think it’s
very well-written. That’s why thank you. That’s why, in this song… I didn’t participate
in writing the lyrics. But I what surprised me when
I listened to it was in “Not Mine” Of course, it says
“Now you’re not mine”…. when I listened to it, I simply thought and
anticipated that it was like that. But, going beyond that,
“my one minute, one second, all…” “I’m also not mine” “I am also yours” “My everything is yours” “You’re also not mine.
Everything is yours.” “Everything is yours” it
carries that kind of feeling. So seeing that
kind of expression, Oh~ It’s a case that I haven’t thought about. And I thought that it’s
interesting and well-written. “Young K version, ‘Not Mine’ intro?” …No~ Wonpil did a great job And there’s a next song Wonpil also sang this very well “Like a Flowing Wind”, we said this before
but, it’s a song that Wonpil’s very proud of. Wonpil, really… This It’s quite good that he sang
the whole guide version of this, really from the start to the end… Because if you put other people singing,
the emotional line could change and
the feeling becomes different sure, that itself could be DAY6’s color, but only having Wonpil’s own
feeling continuously… Actually, it’s something
we don’t do often. But after a long time, being able to hear
Wonpil’s emotion continuously,
we also liked it. It was very good. Really Wonpil’s emotionality… Originally a person’s…
How do I say… I think that a person’s personality can
come out from that person’s voice. But when Wonpil sings this kind of song that… color suits him the most. Of course, there are various people people have various facets it’s also essential to match them well… But for me, personally I really like it
when Wonpil sings these kinds of songs. It’s very… The bit of shaking in his voice… It’s not for nothing, that inside… it
has a feeling of being restrained… “Spill the guide version” Wonpil-ssi, show it…
He could also not show it… Because, at the end the completion of the whole thing
is the result of DAY6 you can enjoy that… And someday if there’s
an opportunity, you’ll never know… Just like that, with the last
song “Like a Flowing Wind” the time for telling stories about
our 3rd full album has ended. Then, after listening to a song, we’ll be with Young K’s
Consultation Sweet Chaos The song that we’ll
listen to, is DAY6’s my favorite song, this is Sweet Chaos. Please play it. I’ll play it. You’re with Casper
Radio: Young K’s Mixtape. In the future, all of Casper Radio’s Special DJs will be with you on Mixtape. Mixtape? I’ll explain in details what
kind of program it is. This time with you is the mixtape Of course, the DJ’s playlist and the listener’s
playlists are shared while telling their stories. It’s not only this. The special DJ, me, will personally make
a mixtape with the materials here. There’s CD and materials prepared here. Only one in the world, unique
CD personally made by the special DJ. Inside is the personally written playlist
made by me and everyone else. This CD, that’s only one in the world one will be given as
a gift to the listeners and the other one will
be put in Casper Radio DJ’s station. [Talking about how to get
his personally designed CD] Then now, let’s start Young K’s
Counseling Center Sweet Chaos. You know why the corner’s
name is like that right? It’s our title song and I will try to save everyone who is in chaos that’s how the
title was decided. Haha haha From what I heard from the crew, there
are a lot of worries that came in. Earlier I heard it went over 200… From our My Days only for today there were about 60,
and there are still stories coming in. I didn’t know that My Days
have a lot of worries… I want to try my best
and solve them… yes. Don’t be disappointed if your
story is not read today. As we listen and empathize with
each other’s concerns, and of course the solutions even if there are no solutions, it’s ok. Because I think it’s also a big
help to just listen to the concern. I’ll try to the best of my abilities to
help you through the comments. Recommend a song that’s appropriate
for the concern that was sent. “For this story, this song is perfect,” then add
the reason and send it through the comments. I’ll personally write the songs that are
well-suited on the playlist selection of
the personalized CD. And among the commenters today,
we’ll pick 1… as I have said don’t forget, we’ll also
give you a signed CD. Then let’s listen to the first story. To be honest I have a really personal worry Because I’m the type to have a hard
time telling someone my story, I mustered up my courage
and sent my story. I like being friends with people. It’s very nice and happy for me,
to get to know someone. That’s why I like doing a
common hobby together and I also like conversing about everyday
activities while having a meal. But if you get close
with 1 or 2 people, there comes a time when there appears
a line that you cannot cross. A line that me and the
other person cannot see. Like there’s a sign that
says “Don’t cross this line” When I was young I managed
to get around my friends but as I grow up, people also have
stuff that happens to them I also get to see the
relationships around me also seeing the many wounds,
that I didn’t think of, seeing these, it became scary to
get close to people. That’s why I maintain a measured
line towards everyone. That’s why when sharing stories or when I’m
asked about troubles front of my friends,
I just laugh it off and I’m ok . Even if there are people who listen to
my pain and sincerely understand, I’m scared that, later on maybe they’ll
regret this moment (of listening to me). In the end, breaking down the
wall between people I know very well that I should be the one to
change, because I know it very well,
it seems to get harder. it seems even harder. How does Young D get
close with people? You also studied abroad, right? I think you would’ve had many concerns
about relationships with other people I’m curious about how you were
able to settle those relationships… That was Kang Seyoon’s story. Everyone, please recommend a
song that fits this story. I empathize with you a lot. As you said, I studied abroad and during trainee days, I also had
many concerns about people and also while living with a team. Meeting so many MyDays and listening to their many stories I get to think about the
relationship between people. That’s why the Book of Us album
has those kinds of stories. Really… I don’t think it’s easy. Opening up with words. However you see it, revealing your
feelings to another person… it’s like “I’m showing
my everything” and to the other person, because you’re showing just
the way you are. If ever that person backs out…
It’s enough… Because that person knows everything,
there are many shocking things. And… The things that can hurt
you also increases That’s why there comes a time
when you can only see that line and… you’ll hit a wall. Actually… the other party would
also know that. With the way… Because… Even if you’re a person that
I don’t open up to often, or a person that sincerely understands me,
I think you can just feel it. Because of that, there are times
that you hate yourself, but there’s not much that
you can do about it. I empathize with that. Of course, because I don’t know
about the parties involved I don’t know the exact
feelings that you have. I believe… know… believe
that you’re having a hard time. Nevertheless, the stories
that I can tell you… are actually not much. This is because.. Particularly in relationships with people,
I think that the parties involved
should be the one to solve it. But if I were to say what I feel, I think it’s ok. With yourself first… Recently, it’s one of the things
that I think about, it’s letting myself know. I should know myself well so I know how I present
myself to the other person. Because I know that this is me, so no
matter how the other person judges me, if ever I receive hurtful words, I think I wouldn’t hurt as much
and I’d be able to move on. This kind of concern… talking about this
concern consulting… I think it’s hard. Because I’m also concerned about how the
other person would think about what I said. But… Anyway, if I get to know myself, I’m able to be more confident
to the other person. I’m able to show that
“I’m this kind of person.” Then, I think that a lot of
the concerns would be ok And… When I’m get close to people… I also… actually…
somewhat start by having a line. And actually that’s more
comfortable with me. Because I think I have to be courteous,
so the other person follows. That’s why… actually… the other person… I think I’m the type to be flustered when
the other person just… crosses that line. So I try my best to
maintain good manners then if we get closer, then a better
relationship would be created. So among the members also, we consider
each other and be courteous it becomes easier to be close
to the other person, if you become more aware of that,
then there’s no friction… And… I think you can converse
more smoothly and sincerely. I think I’m the type to first keep a line then
slowly open up to the other person. When talking about sharing concerns, When talking about sharing concerns, Actually if you have 1 or 2 people… Or
even 1 person who can listen to your concern, I think that’s enough. Even having just 1 person
to listen to my story, that is… Whether your friends… or family…
your parents or your siblings… or.. now, me… Right now, whether it’s me.
Even if it’s just 1 person, that you can talk to or
can listen to you I think it can give you strength,
it’s the same for me. I will work hard and hope to give you,
even the smallest of strength. Now there are several songs that
have been recommended xxx-nim sent this “I recommend
Crush’s ‘Be by my side’. I’m sure there’s someone that’s on
my side, my friend out there.” There’s one here~ We’ll listen to it. I love this song very much. Then we’ll listen to
the next story. Hello, if I may say this directly, I’m currently a freshman avoiding a
sunbae (upperclassman). I first met that sunbae
because we were in the same club but we got to know each other more
when we stuck together to study. At the start we only
greeted with our eyes but my eyes keep seeing that
sunbae’s small actions of concern, his/her side that’s good at studying, which
I can’t see during the club times, seeing him/her take care
of the people around him/her and seeing his/her refreshing side. I thought of wanting to
get closer with him/her It has been 1 year since this
happened, which was last summer. It’s because of my friend’s
help and my efforts. Now me and sunbae’s relationship is in
a stage where we can converse lightly. But even if it’s like that, I still get
embarrassed to greet that sunbae. I resent my unnerving personality
that can’t even cutely greet the sunbae like
how other close hoobaes greet him/her. I can’t even decide if I
should go greet that sunbae. It’s enough for me to look
at him/her from a distance~ How is it? I still can’t firmly grasp
what kind of emotions these are. This is my concern. This is my concern. Actually I thought it was admiration but my friends say
that it’s love. “It’s not that you
haven’t experienced love, it’s just that you let go
and let these emotions pass.” They said,
“this time, grab it.” I feel like I was attacked,
I’m still confused. These are feelings that I’ve only seen
from songs and movies. I thought that this would be
a daily feeling after a year “This is love?” Right, the first love is more chaotic than
heart-fluttering, I’m a little disappointed. These days I just run away, as I don’t
want to keep sticking to sunbae
without knowing if it’s love. Even if I wait to greet him/her
by having eye contact, but in reality, unknowingly,
I avoid eye contact. It seems like sunbae also notices
that I’m avoiding him/her. Now, I just want to stop
and close my heart. Am I currently in love? Or is it admiration? If this is love, what should
I do in the future? That was a story from xxx-nim, who’s in
the middle of love and admiration. Everyone, please recommend a
song that suits this story. I… When I thought about it lightly, it’s a bit.. once… if ever, this is… if it’s ok to think that this is love, firstly… The feeling of love I think is much deeper
than the feeling of like. Actually… Love… I think it’s hard. Love can be very simple, but it’s complicated
and hard to say that this is love, because I
can never know enough of it. For example, kids can confidently
say “I love you” to their parents. But if you think “What’s that (love)?” Oh~ It’s very hard. Is it only being able to do
everything for that person? Although it’s a topic that I don’t also know
much about, I’ll try my best. If ever you think it’s
the feeling of like, You don’t know very well
if it’s love or not right? Anyway, Trying it once… living it.. Trying it once is… If you’re scared so you’re not attempting it,
how about trying to attempt it? It’d be very scary It’d be very scary and you wouldn’t know
what to do, the next thing is very scary. Even if it’s like that… Even if you fail later on I think you’ll continue to fall that’s why it’s not the
end of the world. So, how about
trying it once? And I believe that having
courage, itself, can change a person. When I am able to do
what I am afraid of, not minding if you
succeeded or failed, being able to do it, itself I think it’s something you
should compliment yourself in If you are able to do that, then you can attempt to do other things too, that’s what I think. If this has been scaring
you for a year, I dare to think that it’d
be nice to try and hit it. Then I remember this from a story because it’s related to the story the line… whether you have a line anyway, if I try to do
the best that I have, in everything, I think it’ll be ok. When you think that “I tried my best”
“this is the best that I can do” if you do that, and if ever there’s a
person that doesn’t know that, then you may say, “What can I do,
this is the best that I can do.” If ever you have anything to
accept, then try accepting it. If there’s something that should be fixed,
then accepting it is your choice but, anyway because he/she can’t
accept the best that you did… Whether it’s something
related to doing your best whether it’s confession or adoration
those variety of things after having enough thought about it
and doing the best that you can, whatever the result may be,
please commend yourself. I’d like it if you’d do that. Now, the recommended songs have come in There’s one good song here xxx-nim sent this. “I recommend
DAY6’s ‘I Like You’!” Oh I listened to this song once it’s a pretty good song. From what I know, this song is about a moment
of someone confessing, right? That… nervous moment and (it says) if you don’t feel the same It’s okay, “I’ll be fine” Even if they don’t feel the same,
I have to say it, “I like you” saying that, then if it’s
not reciprocated, then you cry a bit
then say “it’s ok”. Anyway, that… Try it and let me know how it
turns out. I’m curious. We will listen to DAY6’s “I Like You” Hm hm I’m today’s busy man, Young K. making a CD, listening to music, reading concerns then giving advice..
very busy Young K. Now we will read the next concern. “Hello, My concern is that I have
too many thoughts. Particularly, I have a lot
of distracting thoughts When I’m conversing with my friends and
suddenly other thoughts come in,
I fall into it deeply or while looking at the sky,
I think alone. From “how much did money
did I receive this month?” “what did I give to my friend’s birthday last
year?” those minor thoughts to “what should I do
first after graduating?” “is it ok if I continue living
this way” those far future concerns. From thinking all day long,
my mind won’t rest. As a result, I can’t
concentrate well on one task and because I think about small things
deeply, it gets emotionally hard for me. Is there a way to have less
distracting thoughts? That was the story of xxx-nim, who has a lot of distracting thoughts. Everyone, please
recommend a song that suits this story. xxx-nim, those aren’t
distracting thoughts. I also… …have a lots of thoughts. That everyone around
me says “you can take it easier” “you can leave it be”
to that point. I have many thoughts. But I don’t think these thoughts
are distracting thoughts. [Because] You’re thinking
enough about it then you’re showing that you’re being
cautious about everything right? Is that something wrong? It’s not. If ever that’s
something wrong… Then I’ll be wrong. [But for me] there’s nothing
wrong. Then look at other people. (?) For example “How much did I earn this
month?” or “What did I give to my
friend’s bday last year?” so what if your thinking of those? and thinking about “what should I do first after graduating?” seriously thinking and
being concerned for your future, why is this a wrong thing? I also worry everyday,
without skipping a day. The people around
you also live like that so… Don’t think that you’re
very different, very… very excessive. If ever You can think that you’re having a hard
time when you’re being excessive. When you have a hard time… it can be a little hard
to correct this. When you know that you
should let go, but you can’t. Then… Different ways… I’ve also tried different ways, because I
have too much thoughts in my mind. When I can’t handle it. Anytime, when I just have too much.. I also had times when I was just thinking and
I couldn’t handle it, so I end up crying. Really… During those times blasting music loudly if you’re not in a setting where you can
blast it, listen loudly thru earphones… even though it’s not
good for your ears but maybe at least once… or if not… The most fun
way for me is Removing myself in that setting while being removed from it,
looking at it or looking at somewhere else. So what I think’s most
suitable for that is to travel. So when I travel I like travelling, the action, itself. Ever since I was little,
I did like travelling but as I grew older, the reason
for liking it became different. So nowadays when I travel, I’m able to
organize my thoughts and it’s ok if you
don’t think! not thinking about anything,
while looking at a good view while eating the food you want just “멍~”
(멍 “mong”=space out/have blank thoughts) not doing anything, just… …if you do this,
it can help you a lot For real. At first, I also thought that “Am I just
wasting time doing this?” [But] No, it’s enough help. And… It’s also really good for your health,
I heard… someone informed me. Well it can or not be [true]. Anyway, For a while, leave and do what you
personally want to and be in-charge of that time
as much as possible. Then Ah I am Starting from “What kind
of person am I?” to “what should I do?” if you continue
on thinking of those you did say that you can’t concentrate well on
one task and you fall deeply in thinking about
minor things, making it hard for you emotionally If you get to know “what you should be
thinking of” and “what you should do”, and know why you do that, I think you can
focus a little better. And I want it to be at least
of a little help… I want to be able to help even just a little I don’t have any direct
points… to say, I’m sorry. There are many good songs here… that are
being recommended. When it gets hard to let go, DAY6’s
“Letting Go” will tell you to “let it go” Or having a meaning of “let me know myself,”
DAY6’s ‘For Me’ is also good. Even if it’s like that, if you look closely Lee Juck sunbaenim’s
song, “Don’t Worry” is also good. xxx-nim’s “Never ending story” because it’s a cute story and you’ll have
distracting thoughts forever, send by xxx-nim But if you go higher, The song that I want
to recommend is Kim Gwang Seok sunbaenim’s “Don’t Think too Deeply” I want to recommend this.
He’s an artist that I really like. And I think the voice
itself is very healing. It’s a comforting song that says
“don’t think too deeply,” as sent by xxx-nim Let’s listen to this song, and
I hope it can be of, even little, help. We’ll listen to it. I think I really don’t
have much talent. To the one who’ll receive this,
I’ll firstly say my apologies. We’ll give the people who sent over their
concerns a DAY6 signed CD as a gift. Please leave your address
and tel. no. on Casper Radio mail. “We’ll check how much was done on the
CD that you made, please show it.” What can I show you, it’s still… I can’t. This time, I personally brought a playlist. There are many opportunities for me to
introduce my playlist on broadcast. So without losing the
chance, I brought it with me. Today, the subject of the playlist
that I will introduce is Well… Should I call it, new…? Firstly, I thought about it a lot… being a radio DJ for the first time it’s my first time trying without a guest what should I do,
what story should I tell and until now what I show– and because I had
to organize the songs that you haven’t heard, it was hard– rather than being hard,
I had deep worries. But even if it’s like that… Still… What I continuously felt was “The world is overflowing
and overflowing with good songs.” So I was able to come here
and talk about them. The first song that’s
in Young K’s mixtape playlist Chris James’ “Alright” The reason I chose this song Firstly, the song’s
atmosphere is good Actually wherever you add
this song, I think it’d be suitable. It’s very stylish but it
also brings calmness. That’s why… When you’re sitting
alone in a cafe and I think it’s good to listen to
while walking along the streets you can walk groovy-ly
to it to, don’t you think? I think it’s also a song that you
can refreshingly wake up to. What I wanted to talk about this
song is actually… the voice is I think it’s very charming. it’s actually very… not even
the voice technique it’s not even singing high notes but it’s really
good to hear, right? And Should I call it the ‘feeling’? Even if he’s singing
the same notes while following the vocals,
it becomes different I find it quite amazing. This person’s vocal is
like that too… Honne’s, Honne. His vocal
is also like that. I think they are on
the same line of vocal. It’s kind of rare but… the… if I explain it, there’s
that “feeling in a feeling” right? I was envious of
the kinds of voices. I originally, a person itself… when singing or
when talking I think these people have a
nontraditional [kind of voice]. Originally, I, since long ago now it’s gone down a lot– as I get older, there’s a lot of
difference and it goes down but still it’s… I have a higher tone than
them (Chris James & Honne). That’s why I envied
them a lot, but so I would follow them like… what did I say? but I can’t seem to follow them But… while I did
that, I felt that the voice that I
have itself, is also… My Days would also compliment it and they would say it’s very nice, so I would have a
little more confidence my confidence– I can acknowledge
my own voice and I think I will be able to express
my voice in various ways when singing. So I also want to express my
gratitude to Chris James’ Alright. And the next song is Slow and Peterson’s ‘Here’ Ok… We listened to
Sloan Peterson’s Here It’s really not easy… Ah the reason why I we
listened to this song The band sound is… we’re also a band, we must use the same
instruments for making music but there is a different feeling
to it, isn’t it amazing? Bringing a 50’s rock and roll to I thought that he did it very cooly, so I think it’s very cool. And… For sure, however you look at it,
it has an old sound that’s heard before, but bringing it to a modern style,
but it doesn’t feel old or corny. This too is… That… instrumentally, the acoustic-ness itself?
What do I call it… That… The sound of the instrument, spans over a very long time, I think. Even if you listen to old songs,
even if you listen to it now it’s just you’re able to hear a familiarity to it Falling into the charm of that, is probably
why I’m in a band right now… It’s good to listen to, and… the energy that explodes
after the refrain like the guitar line, I think it’s very
charming that’s why I want you to listen to it,
that’s why I recommended it. The next song we’ll listen to, it’s a very interesting song It’s a song called ‘Home
Alone’ by Ansel Elgort. That was Ansel
Elgort’s ‘Home Alone’ What’s really interesting about this is Doesn’t this person
sing really well? And his voice is also very good, and the song
itself is very… cool, the song itself. But! This… This song was actually recommended
to me by a friend There’s a movie that I
really had fun watching, the movie’s called ‘Baby Driver’, this is the techniques were very fun to watch but the leading actor there was the earlier voice’s main star. Really, after watching that… “Wah… Really, there are a lot and lots of amazing people
in the world” was what I said. This kind of voice is also very charming and and the song itself is very cool– I thought that he was a very cool singer but he’s even that good in acting and also and he’s probably
older than you expect… Really… That’s why I… with this this when I think about that while living my life, it’s a song that reminds me
that “I should live eagerly…” And, just… going on the way home,
it’s a good song to listen to. It can also relieve a little stress, like… …that part… it’s a little.. earlier, I also unknowingly
did this with my hand… It can give that kind
of pleasure, I think. It’s just a very good song,
that’s why I recommend it. And the next song is it’s here… Tim Atlas’ Wonder It’s cool. That was Tim Atlas’ ‘Wonder’. The song itself is very… listening to this while seeing the sun shine
between trees, won’t that feel good? I felt that way,
so I recommended it… And.. This person’s other songs
are also very good. And Earlier… it had a fluttering feeling to it It has a fluttering feeling Even if it was soft, it was able to
hold the atmosphere well. I wanted to recommend it. And again, I’m quite busy with what I have to do, so I’ll immediately
introduce the next song. It’s quite a different song from the
ones that we listened to earlier It’s a refreshing and exciting song. We’ll listen to it, That song was Will Jay’s ‘Broke’. This song is This person’s very… very exciting, I heard. He was originally in a group
then went solo, that kind of case… At first it was hard for him, but now
he’s looking at light (better condition)… Recently that… he also sang a song that was an OST
for our country’s movie. He’s a person who’s currently
doing various activities. He also won an award That’s why This person’s able to sing various genres Very… he has the ability to sing in a trendy way,
I think, that’s why I listen very excitedly. From this person,
other than this song… The contents of this song even when I don’t have money this is like a pun “broke” is the past tense of “break” you can say that “I’m broke” the word “broke” can also
mean “having no money” but “even if I’m broke, it won’t break me” like “I won’t be broken” “I won’t be hurt” it has
that kind of content. Although this song is good, I also
want to recommend “By now” that one’s kind of During my trainee days words that I have– “By Now” is… About now? “By Now” is “about now”? can also be that. “By now” it’s that kind of expression. By now… By now… “somebody” is “somebody” it says something about
“being an important somebody” “Don’t you miss the feelings you had when
it didn’t work out well in the beginning?” and that song can be a healing
song for… everyone… getting ready The voice itself is also very honest and light,
so I’d like it if you listen to it once. Anyway, It’s almost time to end. First, I’ll show the CDs that I made today I’ll show it slowly~~ Casper Radio’s sticker the quality is very… good~ The adhesion must be very strong And we’ll also stick DAY6’s sticker You can hear my voice right? Hello, I’m DAY6’s Young K– just do it~ That’s ok There are 2 kinds of this This one, we’ll give to the
person who sent a story And this one’s the mixtape
Young K, the first runner, made. This is entropy, sweet chaos. This CD, among the people who commented… we’ll give to xxx-nim who
commented from the start~ Please make sure to send your name, address
and number on Casper Radio mail. Now, the time for me to say
my greetings has come. At the first part I was nervous and scared but as I went on, there was
change, you guys said. Now 2 hours has already passed During those 2 hours,
didn’t it change? As the first runner… Being able to be the first
special DJ for this mixtape, I am really honored It was very fun, I didn’t notice the
time pass so fast. So, I can come here anytime again. Being with eveyrone, it was a precious and I know you have a lot of
concerns, thoughts and worries. But as we say goodbye, switch off that
switch too and sleep well. Got it? This has been DAY6’s Young K. Thank you. We’ll listen to DAY6’s ‘Days Gone By’
as the last song. Good night~


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