[ENG SUB] ATEEZ Idol Radio Ep. 464

[ENG SUB] ATEEZ Idol Radio Ep. 464

(TN: I had to remove clips because of copyright. Check description for links) WY: MBC IDOL RADIO! Let me introduce today’s special DJs. Our rapper line! Our charismatic leader, mini Hongz! Joongie, Joongie, Hongjoongie And low-tone rapper, Princess Mingi! Model Mingi HJ: MBC RADIO’s special show on idol bands, “IDOL RADIO”. Hello we are special DJs Hongjoong and Mingi. MG: Make some noise ATINY! Very good HJ: What’s the first song for today? MG: Wait! These people are here?! HJ: Who?! MG: It’s so hot! It’s so amazing! They’re finally here ATEEZ performing ‘Answer’ (TN: Had to cut clip due to copyright. Check the description for link) MG: The first song was ATEEZ’s ‘Answer’ Nice to meet you all. I’m special DJ Mingi HJ: And I’m Hongjoong Nice to see you all! Today I’m here as a DJ with Mingi Honestly, I was a little worried at first But after doing the intro, I think we’ll do alright MG: You were worried?
HJ: Yeah Aren’t you nervous? MG: I really wanted to try DJing I’m so happy I get to DJ for the first time on IDOL RADIO HJ: IDOL RADIO is broadcasted on multiple channels.
MBC RADIO, NAVER V LIVE, MBC MINI Other news and photos are posted on Twitter. Please follow @idolradiokorea. MG: On today’s episode, we have a guest who always shows legendary performances MG: They’re really popular these days
HJ: Yeah? MG: Do you know who, ATINY? Do you know who’s the most popular these days? Who is it? HJ: They said “you” MG: That’s right Today we’re with global performance idol, ATEEZ We’ll be right back IDOL RADIO Ep. 464, ‘The Answer Is ATEEZ’ ATEEZ, come on in HJ: First, we have the people you think of when it rains They’ll be friends until the end Our bright sunshine, San! And sexy incarnate, Wooyoung Woo-San, come on in! They have an Woosan (umbrella) concept This looks familiar (TN: Kang Dong Won’s famous scene from “Temptation of Wolves”) MG: They’re so handsome They’re definitely idols HJ: They’re our best combo, Woo-San MG: Let’s take some photos Do a sexy pose Please wait on the side MG: They look like they came right out of a comic book Eldest Seonghwa And he attacks the camera with his visuals God given visuals, Yeosang! HJ: Walking sculptures MG: They might break the mirror HJ: Seonghwa, Yeosang, and I hid from the security guards in the museum overnight But since they’re sculptures, I’m the only one that got caught These kinds of cheesy lines are in right now Walking sculptures Too handsome HJ: Let’s take some photos Pose like a sculpture Please wait on the side Who’s next? The energizers of ATEEZ, Ho-Hoz! Yunho the big puppy and maknae on top, live king Jongho MG: Boxers? Very cool HJ: Woah, scary Coming in with strong punches MG: What is their job? Let’s take some photos Show us your power Finally, Oh, it’s these guys They’re hip from head to toe ATEEZ’s genius leader Hongjoong and fatal voice Mingi! HJ: Sorry. It’s my first time DJing, so I forgot the script We’ll also take our photo With swag Now let’s gather for a group photo On the count of three Now do a cheek heart Now let’s hear your oath Oath! Today on IDOL RADIO… “Who was that group who’s good at performing?” S: I know, ATEEZ! “And they’re also good entertainers….” JH: I know, ATEEZ! We’ll work hard to make everyone remember us as idols who can do everything Let’s go! January 9th, 2020, ATEEZ Take your seats everyone Let’s say hello first Now please introduce yourself You remember how we do it here, right? Using the ‘I am ground’ game Add a fun keyword at the end I’ll go first I am ground, introduce yourself I am Hongjoong, full of sense I am Mingi, Princess Mingki I am Yunho, I like Hongjoong I am Wooyoung, killing part I am Jongho, wipe my lips I am Seonghwa, cutie eldest I am Yeosang, cool guy I am Choi San, full of passion HJ: San said “full of passion” MG: Hang on. Yunho, did you say you like princesses ? YH: No, “I like Hongjoong” HJ: Since when? YH: Just for today HJ: Ah, since I’m the DJ?
YH: Yeah, I’m sucking up And why did you say Princess Mingki? That’s my nickname Since I’m so cute We have to verify. Show us a pretty face like a princess Oh, this even says “princess”! SH: It suits you HJ: Make a pretty face like a princess
SH: It’s perfect! HJ: Guys, you can’t be tired already YH: I’m suddenly exhausted HJ: Wooyoung, why killing part? Because you sing the killing part in ‘Answer’? That’s right HJ: Then please sing it WY: Sing it?
HJ: Yes please MG: His voice is amazing HJ: Wooyoung has improved his vocals WY: Actually the dance is the important part S: You want to show us?
WY: No HJ: Next, Jongho why did you say “Wipe my lips”? JH: In our song, we talk about making a toast… When you drink after making a toast, you might spill here So there’s a dance move where I wipe my lips HJ: That’s your gesture?
JH: Yes MG: You just made that up, right?
JH: No YH: Do you often spill while drinking? WY: Is that how you always wipe your mouth? JH: Yes, because I’m trying to be sexy member WY: OK, you can be the sexy one MG: Then please drink something and show us how you wipe your lips HJ: You can take whatever you like from the fridge and pretend you’re filming a commercial YH: Take something that’s OK to spill HJ: Everyone, you can take these anytime you want S: The director even said we could take some home MG: Is this a commercial? You might get an offer! Oh, he spilled WY: Yep, not that great HJ: Let’s see some others do it MG: Full of passion San, can you try? S: This is what I have to do if I’m full of passion? HJ+WY: You have to do everything passionately HJ: Then pick one from the fridge Start the commercial when you’re getting up MG: He’s in charge of being sexy these days YH: San looks like brown sugar bubble tea HJ: His hair? Oh, his shirt SH: Just choose one MG: Keep acting WY: I think Seonghwa wanted that drink
SH: How did you know? Wow, the passion! WY: What was that?! JH: (Makes a pun) HJ: Let’s move on. The cutie eldest, Seonghwa We have to see you too SH: I can do what Mingi did HJ: Not the commercial
YH: Introduce yourself SH: Hello, I’m… HJ: We were going to ask you to do a cute pose Do you want to do a commercial? SH: No, I was talking about Mingi’s thing MG: Then please copy the pose I did SH: OK. This? WY: I’ll accept it HJ: Is everyone good?
WY: Yeah, he did a good job HJ: Then let’s move on before he gets more embarrassed MG: Then finally, cool guy Yeosang YS: Why am I always last… MG: Show us your coolest expression YS: OK, I can do that Very cool. His visuals are cool HJ: Now we’ll wrap up our introductions Welcome again to IDOL RADIO everyone Here’s a quiz How many times have we been here? Me, me! HJ: When I ask, say your name S: Be quiet!
SH: You’re out! YH: My ear…
HJ: Wooyoung’s out HJ: OK, who knows the answer? Jongho was first JH: We’ve been here 5 times HJ: That’s right Then what does this show mean to you, Jongho? IDOL RADIO is our destiny MG: Our destiny
HJ: It will go forever? MG: Today we’re the DJs Yeosang, what do you think of us? YS: Good
MG: That’s it? YS: You’re cool
MG: That’s it? YS: You’re pretty
HJ: OK good JH: You two have the same hairstyle today HJ: We matched on purpose S: Mingi, you’ve always wanted to be a DJ, right? MG: It was my dream
S: How do you feel? MG: I already said. I guess you weren’t paying attention? HJ: Let’s move on We have some good news We received an award! At 2019 MAMA and the Golden Disc Awards, we received awards But I’m the only one that made a speech I think Wooyoung also had something he wanted to say WY: I’ll reenact that situation MG: I’ll announce the winners The winner is…. ATEEZ! Wooyoung, how do you feel? Hello, I’m Wooyoung from ATEEZ First I’d like to thank ATINY who gave us this award And to our father, KQ’s CEO, I love you And thank you to all our members’ parents I love you ATEEZ Anyone else? HJ: How about Jongho? You don’t usually get the chance since you’re the youngest JH: Wooyoung said a lot of good things, so thank you. MG: Are you tearing up? JH: I’m… I’m still young and immature… WY: So you know I’m so thankful to my hyungs who always take care of me WY: He knows well And I want to thank all the staff who works hard for us More than anything, I want to say I love you to our ATINY all over the world HJ: To wrap up, please show us your aegyo After all you’re the youngest ATINY, thank you~ WY: The reaction was kind of… SH: No, no HJ: And there was something else special about MAMA Mingi made a comeback and showed his abs Would you like to see, ATINY? MG: No no! HJ: How long did it take to make these chocolate abs? MG: I’ve had them ever since I was born JH: (pun) We apologize MG: I worked out really hard to make those abs I’m proud of them MG: What are you doing? Are you going to show us? JH: Mingi, do you still have them? HJ: Let me check The chocolate has melted Mingi, who do you think should reveal their abs next? MG: This person has been working out a lot He’s changed a lot since debut His shoulders are broader, and he’s become sexier He used to look like a baby I recommend Choi San SH: I agree
MG: He’s no joke MG: What do you think San? Are you confident? S: I’ll just work hard at exercising… HJ: Do you have abs now? WY: San always has them
YS: I’ll check YS: He has them!
WY: I told you HJ: OK, then San’s up next. Please wait a bit everyone S: Far in the future…. MG: Now for our next good news ATEEZ has released the TREASURE epilogue album! Seonghwa, please introduce the album SH: TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action To Answer is the finale of our TREASURE journey We are looking back on our journey so far and celebrating We still don’t know where the treasure is, or if we’ve already found it But we hope that you can continue to join us on our journey HJ: Thank you for your succinct introduction Now we’ll introduce each song But it’s no fun if we just talk, right? Instead we’ll choose a mission to see who will introduce the song and how HJ: And our names aren’t included Since we’re already talking a lot as DJs Since you’re the guests, you need talk more YH: Are we the stars?
HJ: Of course! Though it may seem like we’re the only ones talking You guys are the stars MG: I’ll choose the person who will introduce our title track ‘Answer’ “Like the sweetest boyfriend ever” HJ: I’ll pick the person SH: It can’t be me
JH + YH: Or me Yunho! HJ: “The real boyfriend who doesn’t exist” MG: Real boyfriend who doesn’t exist?
HJ: What was it? YH: A b-boyfriend who doesn’t exist… HJ: What?
MG: He forgot HJ: Anyways, please introduce ‘Answer’ like the sweetest boyfriend in the world Music cue We were on a long journey And ‘Answer’ is a song about celebrating and toasting the completion of that journey Please listen to our song a lot And “Call, call, call us now” Please call our names MG: He was really like a boyfriend WY: Yunho, we have to listen to the song too YH: Answer, music cue HJ: ‘Answer’ has a lot of key points and it’s a fun song But there’s a behind story ‘Answer’ was actually made at the same time as ‘Wonderland’ They were both title track candidates SH: It’s OK to say this, right?
HJ: Sure It’s all in the past S: I have a question Who was the guy at the end of the M/V? WY: Eden HJ: Right, at the end a guy in white appears S: And the whole room is destroyed YH: Well, judging by height it’s me or Mingi HJ: But we don’t know if it’s even a member WY: I’m telling you it’s Eden HJ: Let’s move on
S: It could be our CEO MG: The next song is ‘Horizon’ S: I love this song
HJ: Me too MG: “As if you’ve eaten the fruit of fatality” HJ: OK you have to be fatal. I’ll pick the member SH: It’s definitely not me JH: It’ll be San
YH + YS: It’s not me S: It’s not me HJ: Jongho! Please introduce the song as if you’ve eaten the fruit of fatality S: Remember to wipe your lips
SH: Since you’ve broken lots of apples OK, he ate the fruit MG: That’s an apple
HJ: He’s eating the fruit JH: ‘Horizon’ is addictive like this fruit… MG: Stop eating just introduce the song JH: It shows our confidence and our signature vibe I like this song even more because our leader wrote it Please listen to it a lot Let’s listen to it now HJ: To add on to that, I made this song when I was a trainee I got the inspiration from ‘Pirate King’ I wanted to continue the storyline, so I wrote ‘Horizon’ MG: Very good He really likes it MG: San I saw that you were dancing sitting down Please stand up and show everyone outside S: I just want to enjoy the song This song is so catchy I respect you MG: Then let’s move on to the next song The next song is ‘Star 1117’ S: It’s my favorite MG: “In the cutest way possible” JH: DJs, I hope you judge this well JH: I bet it will be Wooyoung San! S: I always get picked for these things!! JH: Return to your ‘Pirate King’ days HJ: Please be as cute as possible while you introduce ‘Star 1117’ S: This song is obviously for ATINY So we should just hurry and listen to it, right? Music cue You’re good S: I love you ATINY HJ: We revealed this song for our one year anniversary Then we included it in the album so our ATINY could listen to it Say a word to ATINY, San S: What we want to say to ATINY– HJ: But you have to do it cutely S: I wanted it to be touching… HJ: Make it cute and touching S: ATEEZ has so much we want to say to ATINY We have too much to say, so we made a song instead So… SH: You can do it I hope you like it! You did well HJ: Let’s move on quickly MG: The next song is ‘Precious’ S: I really like this song MG: I picked a good one. “Be the sexiest” HJ: I’ll pick the member Yeosang! JH: Now’s your chance to beat the two sexy members HJ: Yeosang will introduce ‘Precious’ in the sexiest way ‘Precious’ is a dreamy and mysterious song JH: Wipe your lips! YS: It has a sexy feel… And it has a beautiful melody
WY: Do a sexy gaze WY: There you go
YH: Lift your face a bit YS: Please listen to the song a lot HJ: A short version of ‘Precious’ was included in our last album And this is the full version. How is it? WY: I have the same lyrics as in ‘Treasure’ HJ: And the intro of ‘Treasure’ and the outro of ‘Precious’ have the same melody S: What genius! YH: This song played at our fansign during ‘Wonderland’ promotions And I kept wanting to sing the lyrics JH: I was sitting next to him at the fansign When this song played we kept singing along HJ: Since we had already recorded the full version… And the outro hints at something SH: Yeah, it gave me goosebumps
S: I love this part! HJ: I wrote that MG: I wrote this part HJ: OK, let’s move on MG: The last song is ‘Long Journey’ This song is amazing WY: Oh, we all have to go once? Yeah MG: You don’t want to? WY: No, I do MG: Then show us your aegyo HJ: IDOL RADIO where everything goes as the DJs want MG: I’ll choose the next one “With the cutest aegyo ever” WY: We already did this one No, that one was just the cutest. This is with the cutest aegyo MG: Do it with the cutest aegyo ever~~ HJ: Wooyoung will do it this time Please introduce ‘Outro: Long Journey’ with aegyo WY: I’m good at this MG: You have to smash the universe WY: I’ll make a Big Bang with my aegyo Wooyoung will introduce this song~~ ‘Long Journey’ is about ATEEZ’s long journey~~ MG: Show us more aegyo Music please HJ: Maddox helped us with the narration in this song YH: If you listen with your eyes closed, it’s like a movie JH: He left for the universe
S: Come back HJ: We won’t keep you from leaving SH: The video for this song included unrealeased clips from the ‘Treasure’ era HJ: Maddox has been helping us with the narration since our debut Is he the man in white? S: Eden? HJ: Stop that! Anyways, we released a video for ‘Long Journey’ You can see behind scenes from all the M/Vs we’ve filmed since our debut You didn’t know? WY: No, I did! This part gives me goosebumps JH: This is when our feast table is all destroyed and… HJ: OK, let’s not reveal anymore We’ve explained all the songs But we still have two papers– WY: What about Seongwha?
HJ: Yeah, there’s one left. Listen to the end WY: It’s not fair… HJ: Were you upset~~? HJ: So the last person will describe the album in one sentence This is the most important role YH: If you can’t do this well, everything else we did was pointless This is perfect for him “Like a kind upperclassman” Who will it be? Seonghwa! Please describe the album like a kind and gentle upperclassman If you want to learn about us ATEEZ oppas, you have to know this album Please listen to it lots MG: Since that was weak, show us your aegyo Please show our album lots of love Aren’t you ready to move around, everyone? JH: Of course
WY: No MG: No? Aren’t you Wooyoung? WY: Yes! MG: You are right?
WY: Yes! MG: Make some noise! That’s what I thought. So we prepared our medley dance Take the stage! MG: ATINY, please cheer us on ATINY, make some noise! Music cue (TN: Had to cut clip due to copyright. Check the description for link) HJ: That was ATEEZ’s medley dance! Pirate King, Say My Name, HALA HALA, Wave, Aurora, and Wonderland We did six songs in total WY: I have something to say I hurt my toe a bit, so I couldn’t dance well.
I apologize ATINY It’s OK MG: The comments are flooding in “Wow, OMG, Amazing” HJ: There are many comments from international fans Please say thank you in English– Oh, I’LL say thank you in English on behalf of the group MG: In Part 2, we’ll have a competition It’s called…. “ATEEZ vs. ATEEZ” First we’ll make teams We’ll pick the members since we’re the DJs, OK? S: Who wants me? HJ: It’s Team Hongjoong and Team Mingi To be fair, we’ll play rock paper scissors I won so I’ll take Yunho MG: I’ll pick… Who wants to be on my team? SH: Me!
MG: OK, Seonghwa! SH: Sorry! S: So cute HJ: I pick Yeosang MG: Then I’ll take San HJ: I won. Jongho, Wooyoung, which team do you want? WY: Yours HJ: Then I’ll choose Wooyoung JH: I wanted to join Mingi’s team
MG: That’s right, I didn’t want Wooyoung anyway HJ: Yes, you’re watching the DJs fight with the guests on IDOL RADIO We have our teams Hongjoong’s team: Yunho, Yeosang, Wooyoung
Mingi’s team: Seonghwa, San, Jongho MG: We’ll be back after the commercials Seonghwa, Yeosang, where can you watch IDOL RADIO? Did you say IDOL LIAR? MG: Please cut that HJ: This is a live show MG: The battle will begin after the commercials. Seonghwa, Yeosang, where can you watch IDOL RADIO? MBC RADIO S: How sweet MBC RADIO’s special show on idol bands, “IDOL RADIO”! We are special DJs ATEEZ’s Hongjoong and Mingi We’re here with the lovely members of ATEEZ We’ve changed our seats and picked team names Hongjoong, what’s your team name? Ho Hong Yeo Woo WY: Why am I “Yeo”? HJ: We just went in order MG: What does it mean?
YH: Foxes (Yeowoo) say “Hohong” WY: Originally there are no foxes in the Serengeti, But the Hohong fox lives in the Serengeti It’s a new species HJ: It’s all nonsense MG: We chose a really suitable team name We were all really popular in school, right? What are you talking about… MG: Let’s say it together F4! S: ATINY! Who just laughed? HJ: Oh, you had four F grades? MG: Okay okay We have an amazing prize for the winners I think it’s the best prize in IDOL RADIO history HJ: Let’s get started The first round of ATEEZ vs. ATEEZ is… It’s the fishing game! Do you see the pool in front of you? YH: I see Hongjoong and Seonghwa in there
MG: I think we could swim in it A member from each team will fish for 30 seconds The team that catches the most is the winner HJ: Our team’s player is Jung Wooyoung MG: We have a member who is very confident WY: Jongho? MG: No. Please raise your hand Do you see his eyes everyone? So fierce HJ: Please go to the middle, you two YH: Have either of you fished before? No HJ: You get 30 seconds. Ready… S: When we have time, I’ll take you fishing in Namhae HJ: Ready set go They’re doing well S: There are grapes in the ocean? MG: Yes, there are these days JH: Seonghwa just caught some caviar JH: Wooyoung did too
HJ: Seonghwa is fast S: Does Pikachu live in the ocean? HJ: What are you two doing over there? Times up! MG: Please bring us your catch HJ: We’ll count one by one One Two Three Four. Oh, you caught a lot HJ: I still have a lot
MG: Me too Five None here HJ: How many total?
WY: Five S: That’s the best you can do? MG: Good, provoke them more! WY: Hey, there’s no fish in the mountains (San)! S: I’m from Namhae! WY: But your name is San! HJ: You’re listening to IDOL RADIO with kindergarteners MG: Our team caught 5 fish HJ: We caught 4 WY: Shouldn’t the grapes be worth 2 points? YH: One point for each grape HJ: Mingi’s team won this round! HJ: For round 2, we’ll shake our bodies It’s the step counter game! MG: The members known for being full of energy will compete You’ll dance while wearing the step counter MG: Who’s competing from your team, Hongjoong? HJ: The member with hidden energy Yeosang! YS: I’d rather keep hiding it… WY: Get out there MG: From our team, this member… WY: It’s San right? MG: Yeah… San, please go out We’re looking forward to both players’ performances JH: Hey they’re cheating! SH: That’s not fair! YS+WY: It wasn’t working! HJ: Let’s start JH: Hey hey hey WY: Chill HJ: Okay, okay. Don’t worry everyone We’ll judge very fairly SH: We’ll win fairly MG: Yeah, ATEEZ never cheats That’s right MG: And I’ve never lied before That’s not true Let’s start (TN: Had to cut clip due to copyright. Check the description for link) HJ: Stop that! Be careful! HJ: We’ll never cheat Oh! It’s more than I expected Here are the results Our team has… 200 something Our team has 212 The last digit for Mingi’s team is 4 And the tens digit is 7 We have 212 and… Mingi’s team has 174 Team Hongjoong won! MG: We let them win S: We really lost? Really?! WY: After all that, you lost? You black sugar bubble tea! HJ: Guys, calm down We received this comment “It would be funny if San gets a low number even after dancing like that” It really was funny WY: Yunho just called them brown sugar bubble tea, vanilla ice cre am, and… S: Why am I bubble tea?
SH: What am I? WY: Birch tree YH: It’s just a joke HJ: We’re here with brown sugar bubble tea, vanilla ice cream, and a birch tree MG: Let’s move on to the next round In the third round, you have to show your talent It’s a talent show! One member from each team prepared something WY: Is it a battle between the DJs? HJ: No, I didn’t prepare anything. But I think he did The leader of that team is very ambitious One member from each team prepared a performance Who is it for your team, Mingi? MG: This member is our ace JH: The main vocal of ATEEZ He prepared something amazing I already sang this for San, and he said it did something to his ears, right? WY: I think he’s gone deaf JH: We were talking without revealing who it is but… HJ: Mingi revealed it It’s Mingi and Yunho The person who will choose the winner isn’t us Or ATINY It’s the directors The camera director will choose the winner Mingi will go first MG: Please cheer me on, Mr. F4s MG: It’s hard to say! HJ: Mingi actually prepared this song during ‘Wonderland’ But he never sang it because he couldn’t be here (TN: Had to cut clip due to copyright. Check the description for link) HJ: Let’s look at the comments “The band is so cute LOL” They all end in “LOL” “It’s serious and sentimental but why is it so funny LOL” “I want to go to karaoke with Mingi LOL” I was looking out the window and a fan wrote on her phone… that it was like a trot song That Mingi’s voice would suit trot music Mingi, are you satisfied with you stage? MG: My voice was a little hoarse after DJing, but I think it went well HJ: Main vocal Jongho, how was it? Seriously JH: Seriously? Well, he went off pitch a lot… WY: Be even harsher MG: Wait a minute. You’re on my team JH: Do you want biting remarks? WY: Yes, seriously JH: I’ll tell you I have no biting remarks HJ: It was perfect? S: After all, what’s music all about? It’s not about pitch and vibrato You have to touch people’s hearts That’s music! HJ: That was San’s endorsement speech Next is Yunho’s performance That was your line That was Mingi’s line, but he’s tired from singing so I’m doing it all YH: How can I beat Mingi’s performance? But I prepared hard It’s my first time showing this to ATINY for real I’ll dance EXO’s Ko Ko Bap HJ: Wooyoung, please cheer him on Do it properly HJ: Yeosang, please cheer him on with aegyo Good, now let’s watch Yunho’s performance of Ko Ko Bap (TN: Had to cut clip due to copyright. Check the description for link) HJ: He made Mingi look like a fool with his cool performance YS: I’m rooting for you, Mingi HJ: How was it, Mingi? MG: I didn’t know it was supposed to be serious! HJ: But the camera directors might have liked you more I personally think Mingi should do a trot tour next year Anyway, let’s read some comments Mingi, you read it “Playing with the beat while smiling. You charms should be illegal” HJ: “Dancing king” “I watched with an open mouth” And the screenwriters said… “Wow!” MG: How were they when I was performing? They laughed like crazy WY: I heard this laugh HJ: But you really lightened up the mood YH: I was intimidated HJ: Let’s announce the winner The camera director will zoom in on the winner Please zoom in! Is it Mingi? The winner is Mingi! Did you expect this MG: I… didn’t expect this at all SH: You didn’t even cry when we got No. 1 MG: I’ll remember this moment and work even harder HJ: Why do you think you won? MG: Because I rocked the stage? WY: No, it’s like San said S: Music is all about touching people’s hearts! WY: So cool! HJ: That was San’s passionate speech again Now we just have one round left It’s 2:1 right now. Mingi 2, Hongjoong 1 MG: The last battle… HJ: Are you DJing again now? MG: Yeah
HJ: Good MG: Team Hongjoong, you’ll have to develop HJ: Develop? Not work harder? MG: Oops yeah. You’ll have to work harder Let’s just move on MG: This round is, “Talk with onomatopoeia” S: What’s an onomatopoeia? WY: Like “oink oink” HJ: Who’s left? Jongho HJ: And from Hongjoong’s team, Hongjoong is left S: Someone else should have said that line. Why are you introducing yourself? HJ: We’ll be wearing these The person wearing the chick says “peep peep” and the pig says “oink oink WY: Isn’t that a duck? HJ: It says here it’s a chick… I’m sticking to the script You’ll sing a song using your animal sound Let’s choose who will be which animal I won What should I choose?
-The chick S: I like the pig S: The pig is cute MG: ATINY, what should Hongjoong wear? YH: I think they don’t want you to wear either HJ: I’ll go with the chick. Jongho, you take the pig They’re both cute JH: Isn’t “oink” easier since it’s one syllable? WY: No, you can just say “peep peep” fast That’s cute! S: I told you the pig is super cute MG: The team who guesses more in 30 seconds is the winner You have to guess the title and the singer Chick Hongjoong will go first Team Ho Hong Yeo Woo, you have to guess quickly YH: Just the title? MG: No, title and artist Focus everyone. It’s difficult MG: Pronounce it clearly MG: I’ll give you the cue HJ: I don’t know these songs well I’ll try my best MG: Ready, start! Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’ EXO’s ‘Love Shot’ ATEEZ’s ‘Pirate King’ Chungha’s ‘Gotto Go’ When Hongjoong is mad! ATEEZ’s ‘Wonderland’ It was ‘Clap’ SH: He’s better than I expected MG: They got 3 correct YH: Isn’t it 4? MG: Oh, it’s 4 WY: Jongho’s cute S: We have an advantage Even if it’s a girl group song, he can sing it well WY: Congratulations MG: Jongho? MG: Are you ready?
JH: Yes MG: Can you do it?
JH: Yes HJ: Let’s begin TWICE’s ‘Fancy’ BTS’s ‘Boy With Luv’ ATEEZ’s ‘Wonderland’ WY: Taemin… SH: Taemin’s ‘Move’
YH: It’s not our turn! IU’s ‘Good Day HJ: They got 5 in total JH: Did we win?
HJ: Yes HJ: So what’s the final score? HJ: Please change the DJ! YH: He gained laughs but lost his voice WY: He sounds like a grandpa S: It’s OK, take your time. Here, water MG: Team F4 got 1 point HJ: It’s 2 points for the final round MG: Really~? So we won! HJ: We’ll award the grand prize It’s the best prize in IDOL RADIO history Let me reveal it Please give me your hand I’ll give them one by one. Don’t show the others YH: Is it 24K? S: I saw it… HJ: Pretend you didn’t YS: Is that my chocolate from the fridge? HJ: It looks like everyone’s happy You can wear those on the way home Show us on the count of three It’s a friendship ring YS: Seonghwa doesn’t look happy HJ: You don’t like it?
SH: I’m so happy! HJ: So we’ve presented the gifts Please sit down IDOL RADIO Ep. 464, The Answer Is ATEEZ How was it everyone? YH: It was a chaotic day And we were able to see Hongjoong and Mingi’s DJing capabilities It was fun having just our members here MG: Seonghwa, how did I do? SH: You were good WY: Out of 100? SH: 0.5 YH: He’s upset SH: Just kidding. He made it really comfortable We’ve been here 5 times, but today was the most fun MG: Let’s say a final word to ATINY WY: ATINY, we released our first album in the New Year We were just at the music show Thank you for coming early in the morning to watch us I hope we can wrap up the rest of our promotions well I love you, ATINY HJ: And we have our World Tour coming up starting on Feb 8. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ll say a few words to the members WY: You prepared this? WY: He really sticks to the script HJ: When the tour starts, we’ll have a lot of opportunities to talk with each other…. And some members might get injured… I hope during this tour we can make many fun memories and all stay healthy And eat a lot of delicious food Let’s make many good memories with ATINY And this is our first time holding a concert in Korea Let’s show everything we’ve been wanting to With no regrets S: Tell us you love us HJ: I love you MG: I hope both ATEEZ and ATINY are happy in 2020 WY: Can I say something too? ATINY, take care of your health in this cold weather JH: The flu is spreading these days WY: Many fans tell us to be careful not to catch a cold, but they’re already sick HJ: Yeah, I saw some fans coughing outside MG: Thank you for coming to see us even on this cold day That was our message to ATINY So our last song is ‘Star 1117’ HJ: Let’s hold hands well we say the ending Don’t pull me. Don’t kiss me! IDOL
I love you! RADIO
I love you! IDOL RADIO
I love you!


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