[ENG SUB] 200323 DJ Renjun Radio Yuedong Seoul | Renjun Birthday Radio

[ENG SUB] 200323 DJ Renjun Radio Yuedong Seoul | Renjun Birthday Radio

You are tuning into Monday’s March 23rd YueDong Seoul, where music awakens your ears. Hello everyone. I’m RenD, NCT Dream’s Huang Renjun. I’m back! I haven’t seen you all in a week. Did you all miss me? I really missed everyone. That’s why today, I will do even better to bring YueDong Seoul to everyone. To start our show, let’s listen to a song. This is NCT Dream’s. Welcome to YueDong Seoul on March 23rd. We just listened to NCT Dream’s. RenD’s first day back is a viewable broadcast. Can everyone see me? Everyone can tune in on YouTube or our TBS app to watch. I look forward to spending a wonderful time with everyone today. I still must remind everyone to take care of your personal hygiene at home and make sure to get some fresh air. I hope our listeners can stay healthy every day. Next, let me explain how to participate in our broadcast. You may send messages to #1013 at the cost of 50 won per message. You may also send emails to [email protected] or add us on WeChat at tbs互动 to send us messages. I look forward to all the messages. I also have perks to send out today. Those who are celebrating their birthday’s today can send a message to us at #1013. We will charge you 50 won per message. We will send coffee vouchers to lucky listeners. March 24th– I mean March 23rd We will give coffee coupons to those celebrating their birthday’s like me. Please send messages to #1013. There will be a charge of 50 won per message. Happy birthday to all those celebrating their birthdays today. Next is a commercial break. We’ll be right back. R: Guozhen, Guozhen! I want to test you on something since you’re the show’s Big Cutie. R: Do you know how to tune into our broadcast?
G: Of course I do! G: Tuning into our show is very simple. Korean listeners can tune in to 101.3fm on the radio or listen on our tbs app R: Wow, not bad. R: Then what about the international listeners? G: International listeners can tune it as well! G: If you are unable to use those previous methods, you can listen to the show on our website at tbs.seoul.kr G: Or search tbsefm on YouTube for our livestream and chat with us at the same time. R: Ding, dong, dang~ As expected of our Big Cutie.
G: Big Cutie approved! R: What if they missed today’s live broadcast or they want to listen to previous broadcasts? G: There’s a solution! You can listen to the broadcasts on the Poddbang app or the Ximalaya app. R: That’s right. And for those who missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the reruns at 1am (KST). R: Listen to YueDong Seoul wherever and whenever! We are dreamers! Those with dreams please tune into YueDong Seoul. Those who check in every Monday to Friday at 9pm are dream chasers. I’ll be waiting here every day at this time. You can send in your dreams to #1013 or [email protected] or add us on WeChat at tbs互动. Please let us know where you are from, how old you are, what your dream is, etc. We’ll be cheering everyone on here. I hope YueDong Seoul can become a place that supports everyone’s dreams. I’ll be here waiting for you. Next, let’s see which listeners sent in messages to YueDong Seoul today. The first listener said, “Hello Renjun. I’m Shan Shan from Nanjing, Jiangsu.” I believe this listener has sent in a message before. “I am 16 years old. My dream is to become a doctor.” “Ever since I was young, I was in and out of the hospital because I was not healthy.” “All the doctors I’ve met..” It was a typo. “All the doctors I’ve met were very kind so I want to become a doctor as well.” “I hope I also become a doctor who helps patients.” “Although it’s difficult, I will keep working hard.” “Also, happy 20th birthday to RenD!” I hope this listener can become an excellent doctor and help many patients. I’ll always be cheering you on. Good luck! This next listener said, “Hello. I’m Xiao Xiang from Guangdong, China.” “I’m 18 years old. My dream is to become a female police officer.” “Because my sister is a police officer and I think she’s really cool and I’m proud of her.” “I also want to become someone responsible and cool like her.” “I will take the college entrance exam this year. I will work hard to make my dreams come true.” “I also hope to meet NCT Dream in the future. NCT Dream, jiayou!” Having a sister like that is very nice. I hope you can become even better and cooler police officer than your sister and protect many people. I will cheer you on. You got this! Thank you for all the messages. We will play a song next. This is NCT Dream’s. G: That scared me. G: When I was bringing the cake in G: I was afraid I was going to drop it.
R: It would be funny if it dropped. G: For all the fans, I must sing this again. G: Happy birthday to you~ G: Happy birthday to Renjun! R: To me! G: Happy birthday. R: RenD’s 21st.. G: 21st birthday. I have to explain this to all of the Chinese fans. G: Korea goes by nominal age so they used your nominal age for your candles. G: But Renjun is actually turning 20 this year! G: Congratulations. I see that the comments right now are on fire. G: It says, “The one who lights up our..” R: “The one who lights up the world, Renjun” R: “Today we will shine bright with Renjun today.” G: Last week, we announced that we will be preparing a special event for RenD this week. G: And we received a ton of birthday messages. R: That’s right. Wow. From the minute I woke up and till the moment I go to sleep, I’m thankful. G: The birthday cake I brought in with me was actually prepared for Renjun by our PD and writer. G: But I can’t come empty handed. G: I prepared this before we started.
R: What is this? G: Here, your present.
R: You know, Guozhen.. G: Be careful, it’s a bit heavy. G: It’s a bit heavy.
R: You know.. R: You’re the first person to give me a gift.
G: Really? G: This is the first one you’re opening?
R: Yes. G: You can open it up. R: Is it alive? G: It’s not that surprising. R: What is this? G: I’ve prepared this since you’re becoming an adult at 20 years old. I’m sure that.. G: “Kid, you have too many questions.” You must have a lot of questions. G: So I got you a book to answer all of your life questions. G: Place your hand on the book and ask a question. G: Open to a random page and that is your answer. R: Can I try it?
G: You can try it. G: You don’t have to tell us the question and just keep it to yourself. Just tell us the answer. G: Right now, I gave Renjun a book of answers for his birthday present. G: He will keep the question a secret and tell us the answer. G: What’s the answer? G: Please read it. G: “You need to accept this fact.” R: My question was how much do I love our listeners? G: I think this answer means G: that you have to accept the love of the listeners first. G: Renjun’s question was.. R: How much do I love our listeners? G: I believe the answer he flipped to meant that he had to accept the love of the listeners first. R: I’ve been wanting a book like this. G: You can flip through this when you have problems. G: And you can become the confidant in your group. R: Nice. My members didn’t even give me a present. G: Everyone can see all of this mail and the two boxes in front of RenD. G: These are all the presents and that fans have sent in, including the postcards. G: We will randomly choose postcards here today and read the birthday messages from everyone. R: Yes, thank you all so much for sending in this many postcards. R: Then let’s start choosing some. G: These two boxes in front of us aren’t all of them. There are even more in the bags over here. G: We’ll selected these. Our PD went through all of these. R: I think.. G: Before you came in, I saw you were getting curious about these postcards.
R: Yes. R: There are so many. G: You can shake it first. This one seems a bit special. R: Yes, I saw that it was special.
G: So you grabbed it first? R: There’s a rock-like thing in here. G: What does it say? Please share with our listeners. R: Okay. This listener said their name is Hyun Young. G: Is that it?
R: Yes. G: Let me translate for the Chinese listeners. G: It’s okay, I remember what it said.
R: Impressive. G: Looking at this letter, I think it’s from Germany sent by In Young? R: Hyun Young.
G: Ah, Hyun Young went on vacation to Germany and brought home this postcard. G: I believe it’s a real piece of the Berlin Wall placed inside the postcard. G: They said they are a poet. I’ll translate the main points. G: They’re a poet and Renjun is always their source of inspiration. G: They love everything about Renjun, including his language, his music, everything. G: They sent a sincere messages like this. R: This is so special.
G: It is. This is my first time seeing a postcard like this. Renjun, is it your first time as well? R: This is my first time seeing a postcard like this with the Berlin Wall. R: And the color on it is very beautiful. G: Oh, is there color on it?
R: Here, take a look. G: Ah, you can see that the wall is painted. R: Wow, it’s so amazing.
G: It’s a postcard that really catches your eyes. R: When I first say it I thought, “Is it a rock from the moon?” R: It’s very meaningful.
G: A gift from the moon. G: Since there were so many sent in, I’ll help Renjun choose one. G: Let’s see. R: This cake is in a dangerous spot. Let me put it over here. G: I see this one.. G: It’s a postcard written in Chinese. G: It’s a message from Ah Chua. They said G: “My dear Renjun, it’s my fourth year celebrating your birthday with you. First, I’d like to say happy birthday.” G: “I’m glad to have met you.” G: “In our dull lives, the strength you give off gives me unthinkable energy.” G: “Thank you for always staying determined and being yourself.” G: “My little sun, stay healthy, happy, cute, and sunny. I love you. -From Ah Chuan” R: Wow, little sun.
G: There’s a cute picture on the front. G: It says “I love you.”
R: Is it a bear fishing for a heart? G: Here, have a closer look at it.
R: It’s very cute. G: I think he might start crying as we keep reading, our Renjun. G: Crying because he’s so touched.
R: It’s very.. G: We have a lot of messages but we can’t forget to play songs for our listeners. R: That’s right. We’ll play a song next. R: This is NCT Dream’s. R: We are listening to our NCT Dream’s very cute song,. G: Sweet Renjun’s song. R: Let’s quickly continue reading the postcards everyone sent in. G: Yes. There are a ton of postcards. R: I saw a very memorable one. It’s.. G: What is it?
R: “Hap. Birth.” G: Straight to the point.
R: I really like this kind of stuff. R: “Hap. Birth.” I wrote something like this before on a letter to one of my members. G: I see small yellow words on the bottom. R: “The world’s coolest, most handsome, most loyal one who lights up the world, Renjun.” G: They concisely expressed their true feelings. R: On the back are dragons? R: They’re dragons, right? Or are they tigers? G: Is this the lion dance? Dragon dance? G: Dragon dance. I think it’s a picture of the dragon dance.
R: Dragon dance. R: That’s right. R: Thank you so much.
G: Who is it from? R: It’s from.. R: Joey.
G: Oh, from a listener overseas. R: No, from Guangdong. G: A listener from Guangdong.
R: Yes. R: Wow, they even drew a cute little Moomin here. R: It’s very cute.
G: They drew it themselves? R: Yes, they drew it themselves. Thank you so much to this listener. R: Because of the time, we’ll listen to a song. R: And we will continue reading the postcards in the second segment. R: We are listening to NCT Dream’s. R: See you in the second segment! R: You are tuning into the second segment of Yuedong Seoul. R: We are meeting everyone through a viewable broadcast today. R: For those who are not watching yet R: you can search up “TBS eFM 101.3 livestream” on YouTube to tune in and watch. R: You may also download TBS eFM app and watch. R: In the second segment, we will continue with “Happy Birthday to Renjun.” R: You can send us messages by texting #1013 at the cost of 50 won per message. R: Next is a commercial break. We’ll be right back. R: Welcome back. I’m RenD. You are tuning into YueDong Seoul’s fixed Monday corner. R: Sitting next to me is still our Big Cutie. R: Today’s program is a bit special. What’s the title called? G: The title is called “Happy Birthday to RenD.” G: When you said, “Sitting next to me is Guozhen,” I wanted to wave hello. G: I embarrassingly raised my hand up so I held this up instead. G: I also have a little story. G: On my way to work, since there are a lot of fans who want to personally say happy birthday to Renjun, G: I kept hearing them say, “Teacher Ma, you’re so lucky.” G: I am very lucky to be celebrating such a precious time with Renjun here. G: I will convey all of these messages in front of us for Czennies. G: When we were listening to the song, we went through some of the bags. G: I think Renjun will gain some muscles carrying these home.
R: I didn’t think there would be that many.
G: Isn’t it heavy? R: That really startled me. G: I have another question. G: Each birthday you celebrate becomes your best birthday. G: But Renjun, do you have any unforgettable birthday’s from your childhood? R: Unforgettable birthday. I remember I mentioned it once before on a program. R: It was at school. On the weekend, we went to school. R: There was nobody there, it was empty. R: My friends prepared a cake for me and we got a big screen in the classroom to watch movies. G: A birthday party?
R: Yes, a small birthday party. G: Although we don’t have that big of a screen, we still have one in the back. R: This is really big!
G: It’s not too small. G: It says “Happy Birthday.” And did you see our PD specially made it green. R: Our Czennies’ color is green.
G: That’s right. R: Let’s continue picking out the messages. Guozhen, would you like to.. G: When we were going through them before, there were a few we wanted to share with everyone. R: When I first saw the front of these two.. R: This first one is from a donation.. G: From a charity?
R: Yes, I think it’s from a charity. G: Yes.
R: I wanted to show everybody. G: They sent strength to RenD.
R: It’s very heartwarming. R: It’s great. R: The second one..
G: The second one caught my eye. R: I thought this was printed but looking closely I realized it was a drawing. R: It was draw really well. R: It was a picture taken here but it was drawn very well. It surprised me. R: Guozhen, please pick one too.
G: I saw one earlier. G: We actually have a lot of messages here from Czennies overseas. G: Other than Chinese and Korean fans, many international fans sent in messages. G: I saw two from Thai Czennies. R: It was made really well.
G: It’s a self-made postcard. G: There’s also another one where they drew an animated version of Renjun. R: Did they draw that themselves?
G: Yes, they drew and wrote it themselves and made it into a card and sent it to us. G: There’s a long message in English on the back. I think the main point is “happy birthday.” R: Happy birthday.
G: They also said.. G: “I will be your NCTzen forever.” G: I believe this is also what many other international Czennies want to tell Renjun. G: They are also from Thailand. Their name is Vivi. G: They even wrote (Chinese) “My name is..” R: This was drawn very well.
G: That’s right. G: Renjun, would you like to read one as well? I saw this earlier. R: I saw this green one. It’s the color of our Czennies. R: This listener said.. G: They even wrote something in Chinese.
R: That’s right. R: “Thank you for shining onto our lives.” R: And they said, “I like all the time spent with RenD and YueDong Seoul. Happy birthday!” R: And they added some stickers here. It’s very cute. R: Their name is Park Yeon Jung. G: He lights up the world. Today, Renjun is glowing. R: Glowing?
G: “Today is my birthday.” G: It’s flashing on his head.
R: My forehead is a bit.. G: No, no.
R: Ah, here. R: I was a bit nervous that it was the reflection on my forehead. R: Time passed by very quickly. Let’s listen to a song now. R: This is NCT Dream’s. R: We just listened to NCT Dream’s. R: Then let’s.. G: It’s as if we’re at an NCT Dream concert. A fan meeting! R: Did everyone see this? Our cute Teacher Ma is here too. R: It’s very cute. G: Now that I think about, it’s nice that I was with RenD on special occasions. R: Yes, through Akdong Seoul.. G: Through YueDong Seoul, I got be with Renjun for many milestones. G: I’m very lucky.
R: Very exciting. G: Going through them, I found another interesting message. G: Didn’t you ask if there’s anybody who’s also celebrating their birthday today? G: In the opening, RenD asked if anybody shared the same birthday as him. G: They also diligently wrote a long message in Chinese on here. G: In Chinese, they wrote, “My dad’s birthday is also on March 23rd.” G: “So March 23rd is twice as special.” G: “Renjun, you must eat many delicious foods.” G: “Because I’m Korean, my Chinese isn’t that great.” And then they continued in Korean. R: No, I think it’s really good, very good.
G: Your Chinese is really good. G: For “Happy Birthday to Renjun” today, there were a lot of surprises. G: But we prepared another surprise for you. R: What is it?
G: PD, are you ready? R: What could the surprise be? R: I remember! It was that.. R: DJ, right?
G: Right. G: In a corner we did on the radio, a listener said that G: they want to send in a remix as a birthday present for Renjun. Do you remember? G: Do you remember? This is the remix that was sent in by **. R: It really fits.
G: It’s so natural. R: It’s so natural. At first, I was wondering what song it was. I thought it was a BGM. G: It was of much higher quality than I expected. R: It was very good. R: I was very surprised. Thank you so much. R: I also picked out a small card. R: It’s also very cute. It says.. R: “We’ll light up the world with you. Huang Renjun, happy birthday.” R: And they put stickers that I think they cut out themselves. R: It’s very pretty. G: Speaking of stickers, have you noticed the stickers on these bags? R: Yes, we need to talk about these. G: These are all from the letters sent in from fans because they all had cute pictures of Renjun. G: Our PD carefully peeled them off and stuck them on these paper bags. R: It’s like I’m seeing everything from my debut till now. R: Let’s listen to a song next. R: This is NCT Dream and HRVY’s. R: We just listened to NCT Dream and HRVY’s. R: Time passed by very quickly. We picked a few more here. G: There were so many.
R: There were so many cute ones. G: Renjun was passionately telling me how great these cards were made. R: Like when these pictures were taken. They were all very meaningful. G: Each detail reflected the memories between Czennies and Renjun, right? R: That’s right. R: Earlier, I saw an eye-catching card. G: Isn’t this “the one who lights up the world, Renjun?” R: This is the sunrise. R: On the other side, they stuck self-made stickers of the members on the top. R: It’s very cute. R: They even drew a lightstick here. R: It’s not clear. It’s very cute.
G: The details are amazing. R: It’s very nice. R: This listener said, “In 2019..” Is it September or August? I can’t read it. R: “I went to Gangwond-do and took pictures of the sunrise.” G: Ah, they took that picture?
R: Yes, they took this picture themselves. R: And they said they will keep supporting me as a fan. R: They didn’t write their name. G: We also a very cute card. R: There’s this picture on the card. You probably can’t see it clearly.
G: It’s a bit dark. R: It’s a picture of me doing this to Czennies backstage.
G: A picture of you making a heart. R: “Thank you for becoming my strength.” R: Very nice. R: Guozhen, do you have any?
G: Earlier, when I was going through these, of course.. G: We have very limited time today but we’ve delivered everyone’s love for Renjun. G: Including not just these postcards but also the long letters. G: They’re all in those bags.
R: There are so many letters. G: We also saw cards send in from a group of Indonesian Czennies. R: I thought these were MC cards. G: Renjun is feeling rich. R: Thank you all so much. G: Time passed by very quickly.
R: That’s right. R: We’ve talked so much about all the support everyone has sent us. G: Thank you to all the.. G: I’m saying thanks on behalf of Renjun. G: Renjun, do you have anything you’d like to say to Czennies? R: Yes. First, I didn’t expect anything for my birthday today. R: I think as I get older, I don’t get excited for my birthday. G: But turning 20 years old is still memorable. R: There were so many more surprises than I expected. R: I felt very grateful today. And because of all the listeners and Czennies with me today, R: I was filled with blessings and happiness today. Thank you all so much for the support. R: Thank you everyone. Because of you all, I happily celebrating my birthday today. R: Thank you so much. R: Chenle also did a very good job. G: Chenle had many interesting stories. R: Okay, our topic for next week.. R: Before that, we’re supposed to pick out one listener. R: I really can’t pick today because they’re all so wonderful. R: Let’s announce next week’s topic. G: Because of this week’s special event, we pushed back our topic from last week, G: which was “living resourcefully at home.” G: Next week, we will continue the topic about living resourcefully at home. R: Time passed by very quickly. There were many messages sent in as well. R: Thank you to Guozhen as well for being here in the studio. G: See you on Friday.
R: Bye bye. R: We are nearing the end of today’s YueDong Seoul. R: I must remind everyone again to not go to highly populated areas and to wear masks when going out. R: I hope everyone tunes in again tomorrow night at 9pm to listen to Renjun on YueDong Seoul. R: To end our show, this is NCT Dream’s. R: Everyone..happy birthday to me! R: I hope everyone is happy today as well. Bye bye!


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