[EN/ES/CN] Interview with Dimash at Central Television.

[EN/ES/CN] Interview with Dimash at Central Television.

Our music was finally tested out by the westerners. Or maybe there are so many Russians out there that our artists know no borders anymore. How all this occurred and to what can be tied this thunderous success? Le’s ask this to the direct participants of this event. Igor Krutoy and Dimash, live in the studio of Central Television. Dimash, you already visited us before and we talked about your actual incredible success about how the fans from all around the world are going crazy about how they already name their children after you. But answer this, please, did they already give your name to a street in your native city? It’s still too early. I still need to work hard. But I think that now it’s the right time and I am positive of the fact that it will happen very soon. But what struck me the most lately is this video. Show it to us. Someone from the fans secretly recorded on their mobile how Dimash walks and eats a pear Yes, we see this video. This video has 250 million views. Don’t get me wrongly, I have a small request Give me… where is it? Give it to me. Can you… you don’t need to eat it even… can you just hold this basket? You need to sing in a moment so you don’t need to eat anything. We will post this video on the network… Please film him! And I hope tomorrow on the internet will appear a new sensation with the hashtag #Central Television. Dimash: But there are no pears! Igor Yakovlevich, of course you have an anniversary concert coming up so I will not get tired congratulating you. For the 65th year Tell me please, the New York concert, I know it is in the series of your anniversary I understood the fact that New York was not chosen randomly Since this is the city where your life was saved, as we know that now. Can you please tell us shortly but personally, how it went? This happened 20 years ago. I agreed to do this surgery. Of course, they lied to me saying it’s a simple surgery like appendectomy. But they actually knew it was not a simple operation. I was under the anesthesia for 12 hours but they didn’t tell me how dangerous that was. But when I returned for a consultation at another professor after the surgery he asked me who made me undergo the surgery and I told him…. Prof. Pahta He told me I need to give the doctor a lot of thanks because if it was not for him then he wouldn’t have had a conversation with me right then And now having been in New York, we went out for dinner with him. That’s him, right? Yes. And he confirmed that if he wouldn’t have agreed on doing the surgery then it would’ve been bad. So these 20 years that I managed to steal… Great. I want to say about the concert…. for those of you that didn’t manage to see with your own eyes the grandiose concert in New York you don’t need to despair. On the 3rd of November, in the VTB Arena, will take place a great show with the participation of world music stars. Firstly, why the Ice Palace, why figure skating? Dimash will not go on skates there, by chance? Dimash: It will not work out. Dimash: Maybe. Yes, that will be definitely like that. On the stage will be famous stars and on ice, the most amazing figure skaters. Olympic champions, world champions. Dancers of Ilya Verbuho will dance. with special choreography for my music Awesome. I also want to ask about your life. Your personal life became now more known because you made an… In what sense? Ah! Well in all kind of senses, because you made an account on Instagram, like many other people. Show us some frames from that Instagram. You with the daughter in USA, with the granddaughters. Tell me, do you manage that instagram account by yourself and did you not develop dependence on it yet? like Olga Buzova, you know, wherever she goes she will film herself. (Fun fact: it’s actually Dimash who made an Instagram account for Igor Krutoy. He absolutely didn’t want one but Dimash insisted 😆 ) So, I manage the profile by myself. The dependence kicked in because the first thing I do in the morning when I open my eyes is to open this thing and see the activity. Who and what wrote, right? Yes. Great, and the last thing before the main moment of our show. Dimash, there’s this legend going around that says your voice doesn’t break only hearts. It happens for you to receive such stupid requests often actually: “But can you break a jar with your voice?” (Dimash’s face is like “what the heck?”) We will sort it all out. We will not torment you for long. We will not ask to break the jar with your voice. May I back off so so that I would not risk anything? Yes, you actually can retreat. Before this game I want to say that I actually can’t smash a jar with my voice but I can give concerts, with pleasure I will do that, and I want to take advantage of this moment and say that I have a tour in Europe and USA, a concert in USA. Come and follow my Instagram, as well. Dimash, a singer of this level doesn’t need and doesn’t have to show modesty. So without doing anything else, can you just look in the direction of that camera… *Absolutely confused Dimash in 1, 2…* Did you understand? Incredible. Here. Actually, you know, everything is great… Sniper. Sniper, without any doubt. Actually, the secret is very simple. It’s very nice when the composer is a master of different instruments It’s always easy by his side. Guys, we have to part for a couple af minutes. Don’t go anywhere. The incredible is still forward. Also we will not let go of Dimash without the sensational. Wait for it. He already conquered America, Europe and Asia. Fans call him Prince Di or just Angel. Dimash Kudaibergen, Igor Krutoy and their new song that you will hear for the first time.


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