Ellen Clifford on BBC News

Ellen Clifford on BBC News

Presenter: Well with us now is Ellen Clifford
from disabled people against the cuts, er thanks very much indeed for coming into talk to us, I know you were part of this demonstration, not in the House of Commons er but outside,
I just wondered why you felt the need to demonstrate, given that the cuts in Personal Independence
Payments have been cancelled by the government Ellen: So the u-turn by the government, announced
by the new and Work and Pensions Secretary on Monday was very welcome, obviously, but
it doesn’t go nearly far enough, so the protest today was to highlight the raft of other cuts
that disabled people have suffered since 2010; disabled people have been hit relentlessly,
we’re now the first state in the world to be investigated by the United Nations for
grave and systematic violations of disabled people rights er. A report from um research
from the centre for welfare reform, showed that disabled people with high support needs have been hit
19 times harder than other people, urm so we’re definitely not all in this together
and the protest today was really to show that we need reversals on other cuts, not least
the employment and support allowance cut which was pushed through by the government at the
beginning of the month, despite 2 rebellions in the House of Lords, and disabled people
today were also saying that they wanted the resignation of the chancellor who pushes through tax cuts for the rich on the backs of disabled people. Presenter: but Ellen hasn’t the government
promised to further increase disability benefits? Ellen: I think the question is where is that
money going to? is it actually going to disabled people or as more the case going towards funding
urm contracts with discredited companies like Maximus and atos… Presenter: (interrupts) hold on you know that
do you? (talks over Ellen) I mean the government would of course argue that is going to straight
to disabled people. Ellen: Well if you actually look at their
forecasted spending then they’re not making the cuts that they actually wanted, but if
we look at the reality of disabled peoples lives, if we look at targets for cutting benefits,
we see that again and again, disabled people are being hit and there is far less money
for for example social care, the social care crisis that the budget shortfall is is enormous. Presenter: So when David Cameron has said
the government is committed to supporting the disabled are you saying he’s lying? Ellen: (exhales) I think that reality shows
that what’s happened under this government is that disabled peoples rights have gone
backwards, that’s why there was an investigation and that disabled people have been disproportionately
hit indeed even Iain Duncan Smith actually suggested that the reason why cuts were being targeted at poorer members of society urm which includes disabled people more likely to live in poverty,
was because they don’t vote for the conservatives. Presenter; Okay, Ellen Clifford from Disabled
People Against the cuts, we’re grateful for your time. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Ellen Clifford on BBC News”

  • Thank you Ellen Clifford & the BBC for showing this RARE glimpse into the injustices bestowed on disabled people by this Government. What really amazes me is the incredible number of Conservative MP's who voted for cuts in  ESA who sit on Charitable Trusts .

  • TheSilentAssasinGamingandLifey2j says:

    This Government and labour are a bunch of scum bag lying criminals and they don't care about disabled or vulnerable people in England. They are not acknowledging the UN report or helping disabled people and are instead waging a all out war on disabled people. It is the same with the DWP who think they are a law onto their own selves and judge , jury and executioner , I have had enough of the Conservatives and Labour and the DWP and will instead from now on vote UKIP.

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