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  • Now if she wanted to break up the biggest monopoly, The Federal government, Into its intended form with the return of state Rights I would be all for that. BUTTTT, That seems to be the exact opposite of what she wants to do.

  • Why doesn't the govt. Clean there own back porch…and break up the post office. Why is it ok for the govt to run a monoply

  • These companies were start ups by smart nerd individuals. Breaking them up says that there is a limit to how much TRUE self made millionaires and billionaires can make. I don’t agree. Their companies just need to be monitored for fairness.

    Amazon actually supports a lot of small businesses by selling their products.

    Facebook needs to better control fake accounts and false information. They should actually create a department that monitors just for fake accounts. As should YOUTUBE and Twitter.

    Small businesses can actually enhance their website’s code in a way that encourages viewing and how high on the search engine list it comes up.

    On another note Disney needs to be regulated and monitored where pay and safety issues are concerned. A lot of the people that work there are struggling and some even live in their cars. Bernie led protest that forced them to raise the minimum wage to $15 but based on their locations that is still not enough and many of them don’t get full time hours. And the little boy that got killed by an alligator is just horrendous. Disney ignored safety complaints and acted only after the little guy was killed.

  • Tech platform not working well for the Democrats anymore so they need to tweek the system. Sounds like she wants .000024% conservative voice to be herd.

  • Get rid of the income tax and the federal reserve system,that is get rid of the central bank and the income tax that feeds that filthy beast,and politicians won't have money to give other countries like Demon israel, just try and give money to buy favors,let's see you do that politicians,you will have to enact a tax to pay for it good luck with that

  • How Fauxahontas. A person who fakes being an Indian for personal gain can't be trusted on any topic. My grandmother was Hueco (Waco) indain and she would be ashamed.

  • I embrace the stupid liberal morons. You’re making my party to never win another election. Trump 2020. Trump Jr 2024

  • William Lubak says:

    I consider myself a person of the left but in an election between Warren and Trump I think I would have to vote for Trump. What a horrible thought.

  • While Amazon does use customer data to create its own products the percentage of those products compared to the market are very small, like below 10%. However where Amazon could get in trouble/be regulated is with its Alexa. Researchers are finding that Alexa recommends Amazons own products almost 20% of the time. While not even mentioning competing products. I really don’t see Amazon being forced to stop selling their own products simply because they sell other companies products. Now if they started refusing to sell competitors products then there would be a big problem.

  • This is just ignorant. Walmart also sells private label products (Kroger, Target, Whole foods too), There is an entire section in the App Store called "Social Media" and leaving Facebook costs you nothing, not to mention she never mentions Microsoft. (#1 computer operating system by a mile, #2 Cloud vendor, part of a duopoly in console gaming, etc, etc) oh and before I forget there are 2 companies named Alibaba and Tencent who would be popping champagne if this happens. Incredibly disappointed.

  • Virginia B. Britton says:

    Liz is our Teddy Roosevelt in his best incarnation. Keep her in Congress.
    We cannot afford to lose her advocacy.

  • Virginia B. Britton says:

    When the Republicans have majority they are bullies and when in the minority they scream that what about bipartisanship with the poor bullied victims IE them

  • this old broad should be ashamed of herself for claiming to be a native American but not her, instead she runs for president

  • Elizabeth Warren has zero charisma.
    Pukeahontas speaks with with fork tongue.
    She reminds me of mothballs and fleet enemas.

  • Amazon should be nationalized. The top 6 mega banks should also be nationalized and ran out of our U.S. post offices because they will crash our economy, again guaranteed. Taxing the rich again to 1960s 91% rate is a must. Our democracy has been stolen from us by Zionist.

  • screw her… if you want do something, do something to health system and energy system first, don't screw up the only industry that actually made life better

  • I know it is hard for you young kids. You have CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, wacky socialist professors and on and on. But just take a little time to research and think before you destroy your own futures. Isn't it better to have a few capitalist billionaires, yet still have the highest quality of living overall in history? Even the poorest in this country have cars, cell phones, more to eat than other countries. Why do you think a bunch of self-centered lying politicians like Beto, Harris and Warren, who want power and produce nothing , and legions of unaccountable government workers, are going to make this country a better place? You do understand that the rich work very hard, sacrifice time, pay a lot in taxes, are held accountable, and continue to provide all of us with innovation, don't you? You also understand that identity politics is, by definition, racist/sexist, don't you? If you figure this out too late… Well, that would be too late.

  • I really don't understand. She is saying that Amazon can't sell goods on a platform it made for selling its goods?

    Anti-trust would mean that there is no other platform to sell your goods and Amazon is preventing those platforms from emerging.

    If Ebay filed an antitrust suit because Amazon was blocking its business maybe . . . But someone intentionally using Amazon services to sell their product?

  • the last wild one says:


  • Shannon Jacobs says:

    Dividing the companies along functional lines is the WRONG way to increase freedom. The giant corporate cancers need to be divided into DIRECTLY competing companies that start at the same place. Details available upon polite request, but mostly it's IOttMCO.

  • It’s not really happening yet but eventually these American tech giants will be challenged by the Chinese tech giants and breaking up the American tech companies will leave them in a worse position to compete with the Chinese companies

  • Here is a thought. Don't breakup the big companys that make obscene profits, close the tax loopholes they use for not paying taxes and put that revenue in the treasury to fund the social programs.

  • Not a big 'shoot the moon' idea Chris, teddy roosevelt was doing the same thing over 100 years ago. He understood the economic and political danger of monopolies

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno says:

    Just a legitimate question, how do you break up Facebook? Would it become 10 little Facebooks? Would I have to get 10 accounts so I can keep up with all my friends and family on the different little versions of Facebook? And how do you break up Google? Would you have to make google maps a separate corporation and make Gmail a separate corporation and the search engine a separate corporation? I don’t understand the details.

  • The two really big problems with this are :

    1. These are not monopolies. Everything they do, other companies do “stand-alone” and still have some success.

    2. Many of these services are nothing more than a convenience and aren’t critical or even very important to lower middle class lifestyle ( many of us just text or call to communicate and don’t shop online)

    3. This really distances moderates who are seeing the choices as Reactionary fascists or Populist anti-corporate ambiguous idealists!

  • The Cave All Strayed Up says:

    I was trying to round up support for The Disabled Revolution, when these fraud attempts were made, this is the second fraudishous use of a popular figure responding to my disability platform conversation which is most of the first part of the conversation. To see what the Frauder is saying skip down a bit past the conversation, THE DISABLED AND INFRASTRUCTURE. The other one is Jeff Bezos's Facebook account. He's trying to get money from me. As you can see I made no special inquiries to him, just the initial message, THE DISABLED AND INFRASTRUCTURE.This idiocracy is asking for trouble and I believe it involves Facebook. SEE THE FULL CONVERSATION AT https://www.facebook.com/SuzanneBencho?

  • Darren Halstead says:

    It's fair, this is what capilism is, if you're gonna use someone's service to promote your product, it's only fair that they take a cut, nothing is free, this is how our economic system works

  • And while you're at it, can you please break up the media giants especially Disney, kick them back to the 1960s and force them back to making decisions by asking "what would Walt do next?" like they did for over a decade after he died in 1966. Make Hollywood great again by also breaking up Comcast, Sony, and Viacom, requiring that movie studios be owned by individuals and cannot be bought or sold. Time to bring back the studio system of the golden age of Hollywood.

  • TIRED OF GETTING TRICKLED DOWN ON YET??  YOU KNOW who doesn’t believe in SOCIALISM.  WallSt Fortune500 Goldman Sachs ExxonMobil Shell BP GE GM Toyota Apple Facebook AOL/TimeWarner Sony Keyser FOX (state controlled Farce News, unfair, unbalanced).  Unless it’s for THEM, that is.  Any one of them, or combination thereof, is enough to hold candidates, if not an entire lobby, an administration or even a whole party HOSTAGE.  Marx is not Stalin, Socialism NOT COMMUNISM.  It just means hospitals, schools, community centers, public options — a safety net, AN UMBRELLA!!!

  • Christopher Lopez says:

    Hello, this is my group

    Warren has always been an inspiration for me! She has fought the big banks to protect consumers, created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), introduced legislation to end housing discrimination and grant access for so many due to affordability. She had introduced the Accountable Capitalism Act to get Wall Street out of our government and prevent people who actively trade stocks from holding public office, supports Universal Healthcare and introduced a bill to let the government produce generic drugs to fight the price gouging of big pharma. She has even scared Wall Street with her run for the presidency. Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts and former law professor, came to national prominence largely because of her focus on financial reform and consumer protection. At Harvard Law School, she conceptualized the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, now the federal government’s top consumer watchdog, and as a lawmaker, she has made a name for herself for her aggressive stance on the financial services industry. She has, for example, zeroed in on the credit reporting firm Equifax and the chronic misbehaver Wells Fargo. During the shutdown, she pressed banks for specifics on what they were doing to help affected federal workers. She even fought along side U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and cosponsored many of his legislation to lower pharmaceutical costs, fight for Free college, and tax hikes for the rich.

    I hope you will consider her. She will be painted as a radical but she is far from that; all her proposals already exist in the rest of the developed capitalist world.

    Join my group.


    Click the link


  • Senator Stern But Fair says:

    this is not necessary and a very bad idea. she obviously doesn't understand technology. Hearing her talk about technology is like my cat talking about Zionism.

  • Teddy Roosevelt says:

    It would seem that I was correct in asserting that the American people are capable of ruling themselves, if only the Democrats didn't nominate Wilson, ahh

  • touchdownraiders2009 says:

    Free food, free healthcare, free daycare, free retirement, equals bankrupt country. Vote warren ?

  • As much as I am against her being potentially the future president of the US, I am in full agreement with here on this issue.

  • GustavTheRailwayGun says:

    Advocating for any anti-censorship policy will blatantly disfavor Democrats and everyone knows it lol. Our little Pocahontas has been puffing too many joints it seems.

  • Wayne Caswell says:

    ? Open your eyes to the fact that 20/20 will be the ugliest and most expensive political campaign by far, thanks to political corruption from wealthy special interests like in Tech and Healthcare. They have much to lose with progressive reforms. And the Trump tax cuts delivered returns from their investments in political influence. So it's not too far fetched to imagine 2020 as the first multi-billion dollar election, even approaching a trillion. For the justification, see https://mHealthTalk.com/trillion/.

  • November Johns says:

    How dare you feature a product that you created, on your own platform that you built, which society at large benefits from.

  • November Johns says:

    The sense of entitlement exemplified by this generation is simply mind boggling. Politicians like Warren are particularly savy at pandering to these lost, easily-influenced, youngsters.

  • November Johns says:

    If your business gets “killed” simply by being on “page 6” of the Amazon search results, you likely need to rethink your strategy.

  • I’m republican but I can’t agree more. Big tech is the enemy of freedom and democracy. they are already cracking down in free speech in favor of the establishment.

  • She will not earn my vote. It is extremely hard to develop a successful business. It takes years to build a successful business but all it take is one dumb politician to destroy it.

  • Google is a deceptive, manipulative & tyrannical Corporate Gian, even trying to secretly manipulate Election outcomes according whistleblowers (see project veritas). YouTube is a privately owned Public Space, a bit like a private company owning all the roads or whatever else. I think it should be Govt owned, as then they can't be a Law unto themselves and would have to abide by the 1st amendment and they would be accountable to the public.
    They already discriminate against channels based simply on their own preferences, not a consistent standard for all.

  • Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere says:

    Sounds like she talking about government! How can this crazy person even be considered a candidate for the potus? Thank God Bernie took a rest…..

  • Politicians clueless about tech companies should stay away from them. Which page your product stays is depending on SEO work and that’s your company’s task. Warren is unfit to be president if that’s her policy. She has been dumber than trump.

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