Elementor Magazine Layout – Learn How In This JetBlog Review & Tutorial

Elementor Magazine Layout – Learn How In This JetBlog Review & Tutorial

In this video woman to show you how to use
Elementor and this add-on package to create beautiful newspaper style websites for your
website and your blog content hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com were I make WordPress
tutorial videos for non-techies if you’re new here consider clicking on the subscribe
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box down below and now we are going to use a plug-in called jet blog it is very affordable
it is for sale on CodeCanyon and it’s only $21 right now I think that’s probably the
normal price of the plug-in $21 now let’s take a look at the four things that this is
going to add to your Elementor based website and also having a link to the website down
below right here so you can go ahead and click through on these four really cool things that
are is going to add to your Elementor interface so first let’s take a look at them here are
on their demo site and then let’s go ahead and see what it looks like in the actual plug-in
so first of all is smart lists so is really and be smart list of smart tiles text ticker
and I really found of tech stickers but will see how they implemented in video playlists
which are really cool so the first thing is the smart list and essentially is can allow
you to take your blog content or custom post type content and presented in all of these
various formats so you see a lot of this in a format on a those heavily trafficked blog
sites that might have a lot of news stories on it or current news type of website that’s
why keep saying this newspaper style website but it’s not just for that is if you want
this type of format now you could probably piecemeal something similar to this but is
probably just a lot easier to use his plug-in so anyways here you go so you can create this
right here so this is essentially in a three column view with the first column being the
featured content and you get to be able you’re able to control how many items are in each
of these columns you can see right here there’s five yet full control over the fonts the colors
everything and the different bits and pieces of data that shows a right here you see a
date you can choose the show that were not show that and here is a another version right
here that is just a note a column like this so you it was neat about this is your using
the same module and lots of different ways so these modules it’s not just the one way
that you can use that you can see this is actually being used in lots of different ways
so here is a trending news here’s Babs really beautiful this featured post right here and
it’s just a single featured post here’s another one right here for trending news another training
news right here and see all these different ways that you could present the content that
is on your websites all these different column of formats and orientations background colors
that you can add I really like this right here as well it can just be there on its own
so you can create very dynamic looking pages on your website to showcase the content that
is on your websites and now this thing a quick look at these smart tiles so this is similar
it’s pulling this blog post information in her custom post types of course and it puts
it in these beautiful titled grids this is actually a very common way to showcase the
content on your website now it’s really neat numbing to show you you get to choose all
of the different ways that it can be organizer right here you’ve got half as one image the
other half is a four different pieces of content so you’re to be able to have full control
over that what is shown this little tiny gap right here in between each of these are and
have full control over that what shows then you can see how there is this change in the
overlay when I hover over the image you can have full control over that and the badge
here which is the category you have full control and selling over that as well and you can
see its format after format after format so there’s all of these options and all of these
uses for this smart tile module right here next to her and take a look at the text a
ticker now like I said a moment ago I’m not the biggest fan of text tickers however and
are probably not to spend a ton of time actually showing you it in this video however here’s
the various formats that you can have for it and you can see there’s lots of interesting
ways to do it I guess if there’s any that I liked it would be this one right here I
like how it’s not showing the featured image because I see the featured image in a like
it’s so small it doesn’t really bring that much value I guess I also like this right
here right there so actually think this would be cool and not showing different pieces of
content you showing one piece of content that you want there because eyes are definitely
going to be drawn into it like that so this is the text thicker and last but certainly
not least is a very cool video playlist feature now this will only work right now with YouTube
and then meal videos that’s going to cover what most people want to use it for but it’s
really nice you actually use the user format just like this on my website last year and
I loved it and it’s funny when I went to stop using the theme I was using and I moved to
the Astra Theme this was literally one of the features that I went to the Astra Theme
as it is there anyway that you could build this for me I like this playlist feature that
much because a lot of my video content I will release in a series of multiple videos and
I really like this grid right here where you have the video on the left and you have a
scrolling list of videos here on the right hoops there is so you can put as many videos
as you want and scroll through them like that but this is even more powerful because you
have more options so this is with the playlist here at the top and you can scroll to the
left or the right and then the video and I’m assuming I haven’t actually checked but I’m
assuming you can also put this playlist on the bottom of the video so that is in the
four modules it’s going to add let’s jump into the WordPress site here that I have set
up for it and see what is actually like using it now I’m honestly not getting hit every
little setting of it because there’s a lot of settings that are available to you so if
you used the Elementor Pro blog post module you can be familiar with a lot of these control
so essentially are and have a control for everything now I’ve already uploaded installed
and activated the plug-in now one thing and it is one thing I don’t really like about
the plug in a but is not can affect everyone one one thing it does welcome Exodus is good
it puts its settings in the Elementor settings that’s actually very good I love it when developers
do that and they don’t add to the clutter of WordPress I hate when they add there settings
to this main menu area here I love that they put it in here but this is all that you use
the settings for for the YouTube playlist feature if you want to use YouTube videos
you have to generate a YouTube API key and I think if I was the fault this plug in one
area or identify an area of improvement is to either a have documentation right here
on at the exact steps to follow to get an API key because other doing is giving you
a link and now if you’ve never generated a YouTube API key you gotta go to YouTube and
do assert her night you do while you go to you to where you can go to Google now you
have to hunt down instructions on how to get the API key when it would be more helpful
if there was a link here to take you to documentation on their website on exactly how to get a an
API key in its it’s not so simple I mean that it could be a little technical for people
and so I think that’s one area for improvement that I’d encourage the developer to make or
figure out how to not have it be dependent upon a YouTube API key the playlist feature
I was using prior did not require an API key but anyways I just had to throw that in so
in order to start using this all we have to do is create a new page or go into an existing
page so I’ve actually started are already here in this page right here some just go
ahead and click on edit with Elementor and you can see I have already been using and
done some mild styling of these modules so the first thing I did take a look at was the
ticker and here is the ticker right here now the four new modules there going to be found
right here under jet elements smart post smart post titles text ticker and video playlists
are right here is our text ticker so when I click on it here are I mean it’s just you
have full control over the styles of everything now there are a lot of settings so you’re
going to have to just play around with a little bit to find the settings that are going to
make it look exactly how you want to look but if you use Elementor for any period of
time you’re to feel right at home with all of these various settings accurate is post
number two shows so remember I was saying I don’t like text stickers but I can see it
just showing the one item that you care about and that is exactly how you would do it right
there so now I guess I could become a believer in these text stickers you can use this to
have that one piece of content that you want to to draw people’s eyes to into get some
attention so that is pretty cool now I guess I could see myself using a tech sticker next
let’s go ahead and take it that I look at this now this is the tiles and remember I
was saying you have all these tile layouts here to choose from well look at these you
have nine styles so right here I’ve got the two on the top the three on the bottom if
I wanted to go into the the grid where there is just for in their equal or three even or
any of these formats it is so easy just a mouse click and you have it right away now
I do want to add one piece of information obviously these images these titles this content
is being pulled from the blog so you’re going to want to use this on a blog that already
has the images as set as the featured images and you’ve got to pay a little attention to
the way that image would look in all of these various formats so that’s one thing to consider
a perfect example is for me on my website all the featured images tend to be these 16
x 9 images and the text is kind of important so if you’re having featured images with text
on it is probably not ideal for this you would want to use it featured images where there
isn’t some specific piece of are part of the image that cannot be cut off so the YouTube
thumbnails that I prepare probably wouldn’t be good idea for this so you see here how
all of these images they look fantastic and that’s because there isn’t text on it or something
like that that if he gets chopped off you kinda lose the meaning of the image so we
have full styling here and I actually did some styling I styled the background here
why I made the font black and I made these two fonts here right now I didn’t play with
the line height here you get all the different font options this was the what the line height
was right here and if you notice I actually Mark ended up a little bit and so let me actually
to show you how to do that real quick I did that I believe it was style and right here
was box overlay so let me show you what this looks like without the box overlay so here’s
my color let me make it fully transparent and this is just what it looked like out of
the box it looks great but it’s really hard to read the text so that’s why I wanted to
have a slight overlay of on top of all these images to make it easier to actually read
the text and so I went for a color I chose black and I this is full black obviously that’s
not what you would want but when you start dialing this down you can see it’s obviously
now a lot easier to read so the real benefit here is you can actually use all of these
Elementor controls that you’re already comfortable and familiar with if you wanted to put a gradient
on here you could put a gradient on here there’s the option right there if you wanted to change
what happens in the hover state that’s when the mouse cursor goes over to add a little
bit of movement you could do that as well this is one of things I like about having
the this kind of functionality integrated into Elementor is because you get access to
all of the Elementor controls that you’re already familiar with using so I like this
another feature that I thought was really cool was right here okay so you can set the
minimum height so by default it was a little kind of tight like that but if I wanted to
I can make this as tall as I want to make it and you can you can manipulate everything
the main box with that’s this right here it’s at the 50 I could reduce it like that you
have all of these settings which is pretty fantastic of course you can also specify what
information you want in there what blog post and you could do that based upon these categories
or you can switch it to tags and if you scroll all the way down here this will also work
with custom fields you can see this right here now you have full control over the way
this looks I like it a lot but there is actually one thing I wanted to show you and I think
it was right here in the style okay the box here is the gap between the boxes right now
I have it set the one pixel that’s what you see that slight white line but I can go like
that and it goes away or I can make it thicker so however you wanted for your style you have
these styling options right here that are pretty in depth so this right here is the
smart post tiles now I think the module that I think is the most useful is going to be
well there all useful maybe the the ticker may be less and less she may have just do
one but is giving this a smart post list this is very very flexible so we saw on their website
right here the smart list actually right here all of these different formats for it and
you have all of these wonderful format options right here so right now I just have it where
it’s showing the big image there’s this way got me little careful with the the images
with a tool like this you want images that you know are going to look good at a larger
format I probably just need to shrink this down so something like like this so shrink
it on down a bit you can see have already changed the way this looks and it’s already
looking a bit better so there we go maybe add two columns of information here so this
image right here will look so bad obviously I’d want to change the colors of these fonts
to make it stand out a little bit all maybe this is a featured post image size I need
to said that the full see there’s all these options and you can see I just got myself
into a little trouble with the option so it’s it right there you can even have an excerpt
of some your text if you wanted it there something to intrigue summons curiosity to get them
to go ahead and click on in to that and read your read your content so here’s where you
have control over the meta-the same thing as before I usually don’t like to show the
author because it’s usually just me for the date I actually don’t even like to show the
dates so I usually turn that off as well comments you can turn comments off as well and you
see all the medical just kind of disappeared right there and there’s just lots and lots
of options here if I go to style now this is where there is you can see as I scroll
down there’s a lot of options for the styling I guess the way I would recommend using this
is especially if you had Elementor Pro would be to drag one in there get some of your core
styling right the fonts and the colors how you want to look and then save that module
so that you can easily reuse it over and over again and on other parts of your blog if you
don’t have Elementor Pro going to your Elementor library create a new page in your Elementor
library and that’s free to put this kind of core already styled version of the smart post
list but you’ve got tons of options here lastly right here we have the playlist and now you
can see I think I put a couple videos and I think this video is doing that because I
don’t have the API key I didn’t put that in and that’s because I didn’t want to stop and
do the research to find a tutorial on how to get that so I think if they can make that
process easier it’ll reduce the friction let me go ahead and click in here it’s super easy
to populate this is so right here you just pop in your content so you can click on add
new item in the menu click here just give it a title pop in a URL YouTube or venial
only and it just can keep adding adding and adding to it and you can also duplicate if
that was what you wanted to do I didn’t actually look at the settings here this is actually
good because you want to manipulate this to look exactly how you want it and then we have
styling settings up here as well this is actually a super super useful feature if you have videos
that you want to display on your website that you store on YouTube or store on the meal
to have a custom branded kind of experience you can make yours look like yours only make
it look unique to your brand and display those videos as best as possible things be great
for people that have video portfolios or create video series there’s a lot of really good
uses for this and I can think of some projects that I have done for other people that have
been paid for where this would’ve been made my life so much easier it’s pretty good so
anyways this is been a review and walk-through of JetBlog you can get it on CodeCanyon for
the $21 and it’s pretty good I think if you want the style of what this gives you did
the have the flexibility on your website this is your best option to just been a little
bit of money and buy it I mean you can really now use Elementor in conjunction with this
in order to create beautiful newspaper style websites and really present your content your
blog content or custom post content in a very attractive way that gets people wanting to
click images work so anyways left fee if you’re using JetBlog let me know what you think about
it in the video comment section down below thank you for watching this video might have
some more Elementor add on a plug in the reviews are coming very soon hey thank you for watching
us in the next one


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    STOP WORKING WITH THIS COMPANY ADAM! I am so frustrated with this company already. Ordered the plugin to find out its not that easy installing and you did not go over the directions in this video before i ordered it. Next my password doesn't work already. And nobody said that you have to download onto the laptop you will be using everyday. I'm out of town and can't download onto the hotels computer to start working on my blog again for 2 weeks. I'm so sick right now. Sent tech support ticket for password reset and not sure how I'm going to to access plugin. Please stop reviewing plugins without going over the accessing and activating part of the plugin first. Don't forget we are non-techies but y'all (training influencers) act like we are Super pros on these review videos. SO FREAKIN FRUSTRATED!!!

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