44 thoughts on “El Salvador's gangs – BBC News”

  • Smash A Commie says:

    And these are the people the left want to allow into the US unchecked and given voting rights ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • All gang members should invest in communities by growing vegetable gardens. Mason jars canning would be the next step to a business.

  • The best way to deal with gangs like this is firing squad for all repeat offenders and have a special program that identifies leaders and shot callers. Once identified, brought to outside court and shot to death while all other members watch.

  • Religion is much better than the gang life in theyโ€™re not killing. Raping and drugs, for this reason itโ€™s a good idea.
    I as a Christian also know that we to have killed and Con-corded , each is a type of gang , one is just better than the other because of every day life is happier.

  • President Bukele is do a great job! There was finally ONE day without civilian deaths by homicide, expect for one gang member. Still that is stupendous work he is doing.

  • These are American gangs.. That guy has the name of a street in LA that he'll likely never see tattooed on his face

  • Whether he can can change or not, he's killed so many people that he lost count? He should be condemned for eternity. And I don't believe in heaven or hell, but if there was such a thing as hell, there would be no escape for people like him.

  • If you are member of a gang you have high probabilities to dying by weapon and if you leave a gang it's the same thing !

  • constipated in sin city says:

    I believe that he's willing to change. He's on the news talking about his past and hoping for his future! Finding his way to and with Christ. I wish that anyone who is trying to do right is giving the opportunity to be a good Christian and a great father.

  • Kite Flying Pooh says:

    I thought that this was only an occurrence in Southern California. I have seen many former cholos join Victory Outreach or Cavalry Chapel. After joining they are often teary-eyed, call everyone "brother," and exclaim that "Jesus saved me! He came to die for your sins. Will you accept Jesus in your heart today brother?"

    I am not questioning everyone's sincerity, but a lot of Hispanic peoples are hive minded like the Borg.

  • native american. says:

    People are stupid. I mean yeah the ink is hard to take off. But of course people can learn religion an feel the love an direction of God. But lets be real. Chances are he will get killed. But at least he excepted God. Hope he dosnt of course an he can help him self an others. But it's crazy how many people say they believe an God an sit there an judge others. Like they are the ones appointed by God to chose who he loves an dosnt. Moses was a killer. King david was a warrior as well.. Yet in Europe they encourage homosexuality. The creation of nuclear bombs. The list goes on. This thugs yeah they kill. But the death rate from the hands of Europeans is vastly larger to this morans walking with guns an nifes.

  • Mamadou Bendanloue says:

    Seeing is believing. From the UK innocent deportee in Ghana Mr Mamadou Bendaloue. Tel: 00233500506761. Life changes, time will tell. The government should help them.

  • Why that pastor is still free and alive to tell his story about how he doesnโ€™t know how many people perished at his hand

  • A lot of these guys were forced into the gangs in one way or another. Most people donโ€™t want to be part of gangs, but fear for their or their familyโ€™s lives cause them to join. Or being exposed to that life growing up made it seem ideal. If this is how they get out, real or not, all the better.

  • wtf is with the painted faces thay did that back when humans were semi anaimalistic lol are these human vermin yea i think thay are should be done away with not enough clean air for the likes of these scumfucks

  • Thank God for the Church.. Jesus is the only way. The truth and life. Jesus is the expression of God's John 3.16

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