‘El Camino’ Cooks Up “Breaking Bad” Easter Eggs

‘El Camino’ Cooks Up “Breaking Bad” Easter Eggs

– [Narrator] Pinkman
minus White equals red. Hence the title motif for
Netflix movie ‘El Camino.’ An Easter egg filled extra chapter of Jesse and Walt’s
adventures in the meth trade. – Dude, you’re my hero and (bleep). – [Narrator] On this
spoiler filled “IMDbrief,” we break bad and break
down the finale part two, ‘El Camino.’ – Save me. – Ts, yeah. – That was a good one. – [Narrator] The magnetic
series, “Breaking Bad,” attracted fans on IMDb as fast as Walter White’s haggard slacks shot skyward in the January 2008 premiere. And over a decade later,
it’s still sitting pretty at the number five spot on the list of IMDb’s Top Rated TV Shows. (laughing) This is how we last left Jesse
Pinkman in September 2013. Scream laughing down the
road after barely escaping the neo-Nazi’s meth kitchen prison. “Better Call Saul” fans have
had their fingers crossed for a crossover, but it
seems that actor Aaron Paul and creator Vince Gilligan have been saving all their B words for their Netflix movie ‘El Camino’ – Yeah, bitch. – [Narrator] Wait, does Pinkman only say his trademark expletive once
in this whole two hour movie? – Yeah, bitch. – [Narrator] Playing the clip
twice doesn’t count, okay? Anyway, ‘El Camino’ features
flashbacks and scenes that feel plucked right
out of “Breaking Bad.” As Jesse finds safe haven
with burnout buddies, Badger and Skinny Pete. – I got Obsession for Men,
I got Tommy Hilfinger, feel free to use any of
them you want, you know? Use them all. – Obsession’s the bomb, yo. I got it for him for Christmas. – [Narrator] And vacuum salesman slash secret witness protection guy, Ed, returns as Jesse’s last hope for escape. After a five decade career,
legend Robert Forster, tragically passed the weekend
of ‘El Camino’s’ premiere. His soft spoken and easy grace
on screen will be missed. – I just don’t know why they can’t make things to last anymore. – Uh, you’re singing my song. – [Narrator] Other characters
from “Breaking Bad” past appear in flashbacks,
such as Krysten Ritter’s addict pixie dream girl, Jane. – I’ve gone where the universe
takes me my whole life. – [Narrator] And Jesse
Plemons’ singing and smiling sociopath, Todd. ♪ Ah yeah, all right ♪ Plus, Easter eggs are
littered around Todd’s room, including the tarantula from Season 5 Episode 5, “Dead Freight,” when Todd became the absolute worst. (screaming) – No! – [Narrator] See, Todd’s the worst. And ‘El Camino’ bookends its story with Jesse’s two bald mentors. (knocking) Hey, we thought Walt
is the one who knocks. Bryan Cranston pops up
via flashback cameo, which wasn’t quite worth
shaving his head for, so he brought along a fake
dome bigger than Walt’s ego. – Stay on the subject here, all right? – [Narrator] Jonathan
Banks also materializes as the plain spoken wise man, Mike. – Start fresh, one could put things right. – No, sorry kid, that’s the
one thing you could never do. – [Narrator] ‘El Camino’ never attempts to set things right for Jesse, and essentially ends where it began with Jesse driving away empty handed. But “Breaking Bad” fans are
treated to a final bumpy ride in an El Camino, a Pontiac,
and finally a Toyota, as Jesse Pinkman breaks
fresh on a new life. – This is Alaska. – This is Alaska. – [Narrator] We’re always
cooking up trending stories, so stay glued to imdb.com/imdbrief. – Pepperoni. – Pepperoni, sure,
classic, I like that too.


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