El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Behind the Scenes | Netflix

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Behind the Scenes | Netflix

(darkly intense music) – I knew that this story started with where we left off in “Breaking Bad,” but I had no idea where it was heading. – This is very much a Breaking Bad movie. It feels a bit like old home week. It feels a bit like deja vu. And yet it also like
something fresh and new. Aaron getting to star in his own movie, the Jesse Pinkman story post-Breaking Bad. I’ve been looking forward
to doing this for years. – It was just so strange
to the script in hand and it just said, “Vince
Gilligan: Special Project.” – Vince did such an excellent job at the end of “Breaking Bad,” but I really felt like there was one story that was not fully explored
and that was Jesse’s. – I think the story of this film is really about a struggle to survive. You know, it follows a man on the run who will truly stop at nothing
to finally become free. – You guys ready? – Oh yeah. – It’s so good, like how close he is. You can feel it! – Obviously, we thought
this thing was done. But it still very much lives
and breathes in all of us. It was worth the 21 takes, tell you that! So much time had passed,
but we’re all still so close and so there’s just like
old friends coming together. It was like coming home. – It was like going back to
your high school reunion, if your high school sold meth. – Yeah. (laughter) – [Male Voice] Okay,
picture’s up, here we go. And action. – I think all of our fans
will just be so thrilled to see this next chapter. I think it really gives some
closure for this character. – [Deep Male Voice] You ready? – Yeah. (intense percussive music)


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