Effect Of Media On Mind: 15b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Effect Of Media On Mind: 15b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

There is a very beautiful process defined at the Brahma Kumaris Whenever we get to know about a natural calamity or a manmade disaster all the brothers and sisters gather either at their centres or at their homes and do a special meditation. To create a powerful vibration. If there is terror, pain or fear at a place Or if there is chaos. The doctors nurses and victims family – there is so much pain. How can we help them? Some of us can send money, food or clothes. But what about sending peace and power? Blessings of peace and power. There are lakhs of Brahma Kumaris so if say 5 lakh brothers and sisters collectively send blessings What about all of us doing? We can all do this. It is a very deep cycle of how it works. Suppose we hear about a tragedy of a terror attack. We accept natural calamities a little better because they are not in our control. But if it is a man-made disaster which is an outcome of hatred Millions of people watch it and everybody creates hatred. So there is such intense hatred and anger created about how to punish those who caused it. With those kinds of thoughts what vibrations get radiated into the environment? Vibrations of violence and hatred. Why does society become like that, overall? Because millions of people watch that one news throughout the day Creating hatred and anger. So first of all the one who watched it and created anger – it is damaging for him. Because of the hatred created. Towards whomever those vibrations were created and radiated, it harms them. Collective consciousness that got created In the environment – starts from home and spreads out. From the micro to the macro. When so many micros create the same vibrations It is not just 1, 10 or 100 people are creating them. Millions of people watch the news at the same time and create those vibrations also simultaneously The way it will spread When so many people create it, age influence the other. We cannot stop watching news. If something is happening in the world, we will definitely need to know and come to know. How you respond Now let me ask myself Somebody has harmed someone about which I am reading or watching on TV First I need to take care that We are saying somebody harmed the other person out of hatred. What about the hatred that we are creating towards the person who did that act? If we hear the news that terrorists attacked a place in Mumbai or New York There was an element of hatred due to which they attacked. But now we are also creating hatred towards those who caused the attack. We too created hatred. Now let us do this. Towards the victims Those who left the body, got injured, fell ill, experienced financial losses Or those who lost a family member in that incident We need to send vibrations of peace and power to all of them. Which means I cannot afford to create hatred. If I create hatred, I am sending more hatred to that place. If I really want to do something for them Like you said – blessings. It is not just about praying with folded hands, that God give them strength. While simultaneously creating hatred. Whatever we create, reaches them. Completely come out of the scene And create vibrations of peace and power. God give them lots of love, power and peace at that time. Not only to the one with whom it has happened. Even to those who caused it because they were full of hatred, send peace to them too. So we need to send it to everybody. To victims, their families, the doctors who are healing them are also stressed. It is a whole chaotic situation. Is it not? Please do teach us how to do it. Once you consciously decide to do it daily for everyone, fix a time and sit to do it at that time. And we don’t have to wait for something to happen, to do this. There are people in pain around us and we are also one of them So we can do it for 5 minutes every day. So we first sit down and set our state of mind. That I am a peaceful soul. Peace is my original nature. Love and peace are the original nature of every soul. But at this moment, a few souls Are in a lot of pain. They are also filled with hatred and anger. For example if some place has caught fire, I need to send water there. Connect with God who is an ocean of peace. “I take vibrations of peace from God and radiate to those souls.” Emerge the scene in front of you, that scene you watched in the news. It is anyway fitted in the mind. Bring that scene in front of you. Scenes of death, accident or any other tragedy. Do not get absorbed into the scene, remain detached or outside of it And radiate vibrations to all those souls. So first I connect to God. And then radiate that power all around. Do this for 5 minutes every day. I, the soul, sending vibrations of peace to those souls. The moment we do this, we become protected. We do not create hatred. We are consciously creating peaceful thoughts. Situation is of hatred. But we are choosing to create a thought of peace and love. The moment we create it, what happens to our state of mind? What vibrations did we radiate? If many people collectively send such vibrations They reach the affected place. So people there experience relief and power from their pain at that time. And most important, collective consciousness Of hatred gets replaced by peace. Because we all want peace. We all want peace, we have to create it. If we practice this We are not only contributing towards creating peace We are reducing the effect of information on our thoughts. Suppose while watching the news I practice this That the culprit and the victims I need to send peaceful vibrations to them At that moment, the impact of the news on my mind got drastically reduced, is it not? Information was about violence, but I created peaceful thoughts. So the effect of information on my mind drastically reduced. Now, not just with the news, but we need to do it while watching movies too. And even while watching TV serials throughout the day. And then we can do it in real life also. We can do it in real life also when there is a situation If someone is angry, upset or is lying I need to consciously practice Even if I get sucked in for a while About why he behaved that way, gradually we learn to say it is okay, it is fine. Out. Went in but came out quickly. We did not get completely sucked into it. If you go in, quickly pull yourself back. As we keep doing that, we will gradually come out of its influence. Because information has the biggest influence on our thoughts. If every morning and night Especially ladies in the house who generally watch TV serials in the night What is being shown in television serials? Betrayal, lies, jealousy, cheating or plotting against each other They are filled with all these. Somebody had a beautiful discussion on this, the other day. The question was whether the media and entertainment industry show whatever is happening in the society? Or whatever the media shows, that starts happening in the society. Whether whatever is shown in a movie – that starts happening in the society Or whatever is happening in the society, that is shown in movies. It was a kind of a discussion. Somebody said that whatever is happening in the world The same thing gets depicted in movies and TV serials. The other person disagreed. He said whatever is shown in movies and TV serials, that starts happening in the society It came out very beautifully. That whatever is happening in the society, a writer get inspired from it. To write a story or to sketch a character. But at that time when he is inspired, that incident/story would only have taken place here and there (not widespread) in the society. It would be happening only in a few places. But when a TV serial is made out of that story. And when millions of people watch that serial Then that thing starts happening more in the society. Because information to thoughts, and thoughts become personality. Personality becomes destiny. So information created the story But when the story became information for everybody Many people developed the sanskars of jealousy and doubting. Because they are watching that every day from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. So that automatically starts happening So let us practice this now. Do not feed the mind with negativity, right in the morning. Do not put in negativity. Read the newspaper after 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. Similarly do not feed the mind with negativity just before sleeping at night. To go to the next step We will not consume negativity. But let us fill the mind with positive information. So that our thoughts that created from them? That is why elders would say, prayers are to be held in the morning Or Satsangs conducted where or something positive is being read If we take out 10 or 15 minutes in the morning And fill the mind with very powerful and positive information Listen to a good cassette or read a good book Or attend a satsang If such information goes in even for just 30 minutes As the foundation layer in the morning It will work on the mind the whole day. I used to watch your Awakening With Brahma Kumaris TV programme every morning. A lot of people are watching it today. They watch it either in the morning late evening daily. Even yes, very true – the power of media I have myself experienced through this Awakening programme which has been going on for years now. Many people are watching it. Those who watch it regularly They have fixed their schedule that for 30 minutes, they have to watch this programme. They do not need to do anything else. They only need to watch it for 30 minutes. So for 30 minutes that information goes in After 6 to 8 months they say they do not know how their thoughts have changed. First experience that everybody whom I meet, shares is The common line I am telling you They say, “My way of thinking has changed.” Media changed the way of thinking. Listened to it for half an hour daily My way of thinking has changed. Which means, if we consume information in this way daily Here in this case the way of thinking changed for the better. It went towards the positive. But now we have understood equation. Which means the other information that we used to take in Even that had affected our way of thinking. Only difference is, this way of thinking was drastically different. So we cannot say that media does not have an impact on us. If your programme (Awakening with Brahma Kumaris) has influenced me The media can also have a negative impact on me. There are people who have said, “At home we were contemplating a divorce, but now we are fine.” “We had Depression and were getting treated. We could not get over it but were managing it with medicines.” “But today we are completely healed.” Many people had thought of committing suicide but changed later. Just like how by taking in this quality of information, such things could stop Similarly taking in information of the opposite quality, such things can happen. I met a boy at Mount Abu. He said, “I have watched many programmes of Sister Shivani.” “Before watching them, I was very depressed.” “One day I was about to commit suicide.” “But when I started watching her programmes for a few days and then regularly” “Now I attend classes at Bandra.” “I live in Bombay.” I asked him, “But you are not a Hindu?” He replied, “No, there is never a mention of any religion there.” “They teach us the way of life.” “My life has completely changed.” See. And this all happened just by sitting at home in front of the TV screen for half an hour. That is the power of media. If we get a 30-minute dose of this information every day The way of thinking changed, relationships changed, health was restored. But what about the opposite that is going on? This is only 30 minutes of information that we are taking in daily. It is 27 minutes of every episode. What about hours and hours of news, movies and TV serials When we were taking them in for hours? Today even comedy shown on TV How is its quality? When we were watching it, did it not change our thoughts? Was it not influencing our life’s situations? So we need to understand power of information. If every morning and at night Every morning we definitely need to read or listen to something pure and positive for 20 to 25 minutes. And for 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping at night Clean the mind again. Clean everything that is accumulated. For 5 minutes, read something very positive as the last layer of information. Just before sleeping. For 5 minutes after you finish watching TV or a movie. But we should inculcate this a habit just like you said This dress is white. It was originally white. Now if there is a stain, have it washed. Like how we take bath in the morning, brush our teeth at night, change our clothes. So it all becomes a part of life.
Habit. Right, definitely. We need to make it a part of our lifestyle.


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