Eerie Events Caught on Camera Baffle Skeptics

Eerie Events Caught on Camera Baffle Skeptics

– How you doin'? I'm Kallen, and this is Slapped Ham. Today, we're looking at some
eerie events caught on camera that have left skeptics baffled. But as always, before we dive in, hit that subscribe button
for more creepy content just like this. (ambient pad reverberates) it isn't unusual for new
parents to worry about their little bundle of joy while the child is out of sight at night. These worries have led to the popularity of baby monitors that can provide parents with a video feed of their
child throughout the night. In this video, which was sent
to us by Daniel and Starceed, the happy parents saw more
than they bargained for when they looked in on their
peacefully slumbering child. When these parents awoke
in the middle of the night to check the baby
monitor, they were shocked to see ghostly orbs
floating across the screen. It looked as if balls of bright light were randomly hovering
over the child's crib. What could've caused these
bizarre spots of light? It's thought that orbs are a common way for spirits to manifest, so these parents could have been watching a ghostly visitor looking in on their sleeping child. The orbs don't seem to
mean the child harm, but the video is
nonetheless creepy to watch. Family outings are a great
time to capture memories on video that you'll wanna
cherish for a lifetime. In this video sent to us by MARSMAN638, a family's day at an amusement
park takes an unexpected turn when the person behind the camera points the lens at the sky. As the family walks through the park, the person holding the camera seems to notice something
strange above them. When they point the camera at the sky, you can clearly see a dark, round object hovering in the sky. All that's visible is a dark spot. Whatever's causing the
shadow is too far away for the camera to capture any details. However, the object is visible numerous times throughout the videos. Could this eerie event have been caused by a UFO flying in the sky above the park? MARSMAN638 believes his camera's lens was able to remove the cloaking device on an extraterrestrial craft. It isn't often that such entities show up so clearly on film. However, many who have watched the video are certain that extraterrestrials
were the culprits. Sometimes, eerie events
pop up when the camera is looking for something else entirely. In this case, the eyes
watching this security camera were watching closely as a
woman apparently attempted to shoplift items from a pharmacy. The woman's guilt is questionable, but in the bottom left
corner of the video feed, something even more interesting happens. About 18 seconds into the video, an item falls from the shelf. While this may not seem
like a strange occurrence, it's notable that there's
no one in the store anywhere near the shelf
where the item sits at any point during the video. What could've caused the
item to fall from the shelf when no human hand appeared to touch it? Could a ghostly
disturbance be the culprit? Without further information,
we may never know. A group of paranormal investigators,
known as Shadow Patrol, caught a strange occurrence on camera when touring the Randolph County Infirmary in Indiana, U.S.A. In this video, which was sent to us by lead paranormal investigator Rhonda, a colleague of hers is seen
taking a moment to relax during the team's investigation. The camera is still rolling, however, and manages to catch a
potential ghostly act on film. As the investigators
chat, a door behind them suddenly slams closed. (investigator laughs) The investigators are
clearly caught off guard by the sudden movement but are likely glad that their cameras caught
the strange moment. When Rhonda contacted us, she mentioned that the door seen in
the video had been open for more than 24 hours and was stuck on a thick layer of carpet. She said it would have
taken a significant amount of force to move the door. The Randolph County Infirmary is notorious among the paranormal
community for being a hotbed of ghostly activity. Built in the 1899, the
building once housed everything from orphan children
and the mentally insane to the homeless and even
tuberculosis patients. Many believe the suffering
endured by its occupants over the years left a lasting
imprint on the property. It's alleged that sightings
of ghostly children and shadow people are common, especially in the kitchen and the attic. Did Rhonda and her team capture evidence of the paranormal activity
that is said to plague this old asylum? Let us know what you think in
the comments section below. Some eerie events caught on
camera are easy to brush off. You can come up with
countless explanations that make the supernatural seem mundane. However, this next video,
sent to us by SWINETOWN SWINE, makes it difficult to
explain the events away. What makes this video so special? In this case, the video contains
two different camera angles that would make it difficult
to fake the eerie events. The video is shot by a
man riding a motorcycle through a roundabout. As he enters, he notes a
red car also pulling in. However, when the
motorcycle turns the corner, the red car has mysteriously vanished. The video then switches to a
camera that's been pointing towards the back of the motorcycle. From this view, you can
clearly see that the red car didn't pull back behind the motorcycle. So where did it go? This particular roundabout is located just outside of a hospital. Viewers have speculated
that this ghostly car was there to collect the souls of the dead who never made it out of the hospital. In 2017, the Northeastern United States was stricken with fear over a rash of creepy clown sightings. The clowns often appeared
casually holding menacing weapons, making their already
disturbing appearances even more frightening. Most of these eerie events
were shared by word of mouth, but a few unlucky souls
were able to capture the mysterious clowns on camera. This video was uploaded
by Youtuber Vincent Stahl. In the description he says
a friend of his managed to capture something very eerie in the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The hunter who set up the trail camera caught footage of more than just wildlife. In the video, we see a figure
in a white clown costume appear from within the trees and walk slowly across the camera's path. The clown doesn't appear to
notice that it's being filmed. It just walks eerily through
the woods late at night. If the clown sightings were
just pranks, as many believed, how do we explain this bizarre footage from a well-hidden camera? Even years after the
clown sightings abated, this footage is truly spine-tingling. Many old buildings are said to be haunted. Visitors to such buildings
often leave with stories of eerie events that sent
shivers down their spines as they toured the
supposedly haunted locations. In recent years, the owners
of seemingly haunted locations have begun setting up cameras to attempt to catch
ghostly activities on film. In this video, captured by
the Historical Preservation Society in Cameron, Missouri, a security camera was set
up in an old school building that is said to be haunted. The footage is dark, and
it's difficult to make out the features of the room being shown. However, a little over
a minute into the video, the stillness of the tape is broken when a figure passes through. Near the top right hand
corner of the feed, you can clearly see a
figure in a white dress walking across the room. The owners of the building believe that this tape is evidence
of their resident ghost. When the clip was shared
across social media, it immediately divided audiences. Because the footage so clearly shows a transparent woman in white, some thought it had to be a hoax, nothing more than a clever editing job designed to drum up interest. However, the uploader maintains
that the footage is genuine, which has led many to believe
that what they're witnessing in the footage truly is a ghost. Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at a
truly terrifying encounter with multiple spirits in
an abandoned building, remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you'll be completely up-to-date with all our latest content. In Muslim mythology, a jinn is a spirit that's capable of acting
in the mortal realm and even of possessing humans. If the jinn is evil,
speaking verses of the Quran can frighten the jinn away. In the eerie events of this video, a man exploring an old building
has a frightening encounter with what he believes to be evil jinns. As the man walks through the building, he hears loud noises,
such as a locked door being violently rattled. (door rattling)
(yelling in foreign language) When he opens the door,
the room behind is empty. Objects around him are
thrown to the floor, even though the camera
clearly shows that he's alone. The clearly frightened man shouts passages of the Quran in an attempt
to keep the entities at bay. (reciting in foreign language) Whether his attempts are
successful are questionable. At times, the sounds quieten down, but when he moves on to other rooms, the violent jinns continue their antics. Perhaps the building is
home to numerous entities, and one man was not enough
to control them all. The striking thing about this video is that it's filmed all in one take and even appears to be filmed in Snapchat. This would make staging the
event incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, it's difficult
to dig up background info on this creepy clip, so as it stands, we'll never know what became of the man or whether he really did encounter spirits from another realm. If you want more weird
stuff caught on camera, then check out that
video on the top there. Otherwise, there's a playlist there jampacked with all sorts of creepy stuff for you to binge on. Leave us a comment down
below letting us know if you're enjoying the video or not. And that's it for me. I'll see you all next time. Pew!


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