EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION 3 // Feat. Some Crybabies

EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION 3 // Feat. Some Crybabies

Do you remember a time where life was so easy
the teacher would literally let you take a nap in the class? Do you remember a time where life was so easy
your homework was just simple addition and subtraction? Do you remember a time where life was so easy
you could just sit on your butt and play computer games all day? Well congratulations those days are officially
over! Unless you’re like actually 4 years old watching
this video and in that case you probably still watch shows on Nick Jr. or Disney Junior. And if you do well then that’s good on your part,
you know it’s good you’re not watching family guy at 4 years old. But in this video I’m going to be talking
about why a lot of the things that happen in educational shows make absolutely no
sense. Last episode got a pretty decent amount of
positive reception, as well as some people who didn’t really get or understand my humor
that much, you know, even though my intro literally says to not. take my videos. seriously. So I’m going to be picking on 5 shows that
I haven’t already done. So if this episode gets enough support I guess
for the next episode in this series I’ll pick 5 new shows and so on. So once again, for the 3rd time now, let’s
dive into some of the problems with educational television. Wa-wa- Wait hold up. Just hold up. What is that? Is that Thomas? That’s the main character? He looks like a pancake with Google eyes and
that Squidward nose and those cheeks just screws up his entire design. Who designed this character? It looks like he was created in literally
like 10 seconds. Oh, we need to come up with a design for Thomas
for our new show. Oh let’s take a circle head and we’ll make
it gray like playdough. We’ll put Googly eyes, triangular eyebrows,
a Squidward nose, some fat cheeks, and we’ll have a creepy mouth as well and we are gonna
take his face and stick it right on a toy train. And we’ll call it a day. The kids won’t notice that Thomas has like
the same exact face as every other character. They don’t care about quality, they don’t care about originality. Like seriously,
this is straight up terrifying. His face looks like he knows something I don’t. It’s cold. Like honestly, I’ve heard so many comments
about how much people hate Caillou. And I’m not really surprised, you know I don’t
really ever watch this show but with that annoying whiny voice and the fact that I heard
he complains a lot I would honesty want to kill myself watching this cartoon like seriously. Oh-oh-oh God, oh God, can we just play that one more
time? Oh man I have never seen anybody who deserves
that more. Does he like want the world to be perfect or
something? Like seriously he needs a good old fashioned
spanking with a belt. Maybe that will teach him to be more grateful. Yeah the Mom is laughing because she knows
he deserves that. One positive thing I guess you can say about
this show is that karma does exist, I’m guessing the umm… The… writers. Of this show believe in karma or something. Is his voice seriously this annoying in every
episode? You know it’s funny because a YouTuber by
the name of Keyon Huntley, I think that’s how you say that name, wanted me to make a
rant dedicated to Calliou. I don’t really know if you guys would want
that or not. Let me know if you do. But yeah I can definitely see why people hate Caillou. he he you don’t have to pretend
to do that, Hu Hu. Hey know, I know you’re excited, but you know,
don’t get too excited now. I mean, calm down Barney. Okay first of all, I never said I loved you, second,
I don’t want your love, like at all, I want you to stay as far away from me as possible. You’re incredible creepy actually, like
seriously I don’t even know how kids watch these shows, why is it that a lot of these
characters have to look so mysterious and disturbing? I wouldn’t want Barney anywhere near my kids. Okay, I am officially done with the designs
to these characters. I can’t take it anymore. What is that? What is that? And I swear if one of you on the comments
goes, it’s a teletubby made, I will scream my lungs out. This could give kids nightmares What are they doing like? I’m not familiar with the teletubbies. My guess would be that they’re using like
their powers or something to control the windmill but I could be wrong, but even if they are,
isn’t there like a less ridiculous way of doing it? Like going huuuuuu just makes you look retarded,
like I’m sorry. Oh. My. God. What. Am I looking at right now. I’ve seriously lost all faith in humanity. okay, okay, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh. You know Kai lan is having a pretty crappy day. You know, this show honestly isn’t even that bad too,
at least the characters don’t look like they want to secretly rape you. like honestly I can’t do
this anymore. You know Caillou is king of complaining so
ho ho doing it doesn’t really phase me but Caillou does it twice as better, so ho ho
needs to get some tips. But that punch man. Oh my God. The irony in that punch man. Lesson learned, don’t mess with Ho Ho. In conclusion guys, I’ve learned so much today. Um these ed… these umm uh “educational” shows have taught me so much. Literally nothing in them makes any sense. I hope you guys all enjoyed this video. All ratings are appreciated and again if you
want me to continue doing these types of videos in the future then let me know. But until then um yeah


22 thoughts on “EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION 3 // Feat. Some Crybabies”

  • Drawn To Ice Hockey says:

    The woman who plays Po in the Teletubbies used to present the British kids' channel, CBeebies when it started when I was 2. My mum told me she hated watching the Teletubbies with me when I was little, and I don't blame her lol

  • Andrew Schmitt says:

    You know the Thomas the tank engine TV series from the 1980s to mid 1990s were better than the current ones.

  • artpoint.paradox aMARYca says:

    When I was little I would cry when the teletubbies were little and I adored nehowkailan because I liked Chinese stuff.

  • Mr. Gamerface says:

    I'm not joking, this kid at my school is 12 and says Thomas is the only TV show anybody under the age of 18 should watch. He also fucked a tree (not joking.) He also thinks it's 2006.

  • TheDukeOfSodor says:

    I know you said it shouldnt be taken serious, but Just wanted to tell you this………………… even the fans didn't really like the animation of the 17th season (season the episode you showed was in) TTTE is older than you think….. the series began as a book series in 1945, when a reverend son had measles, he told him stories to entertain him, and later he published it in 1945, it began as a show over 30 years ago as a series that used custom models, until it's 12th season (It current finished its 20th season), and most fans sispise seasons 9-16, and in about 2009 it turned to CGI, but that studio was replaced in 2013, which the ep showed was in their very first season of animating, and now some times it can look like an actual picture or paining…..

  • a name I don't know says:

    Thomas was an actual train before it got animated! You should do research and stop nitpicking. It is actually pretty good for a tv show on sprout!

  • Teletubbies are supposed to be mutated tele-tubbies… I mean, tele-visions. They have weird anyenna on their heads like an old television, and of course, they have televisions on their bellies


  • Moxiegirlsophie says:

    I don't see why everyone hates caillou… he's a little kid. Maybe it's bc I have had so many nephews who went through a little "caillou" phase so I suppose I'm used to the behaviour

  • You just reminded me of my Barney nightmares, but it doesn't matter anymore. The reason I was scared of him is because I was a tiny child and Barney was so tall. His pure black eyes made he think he was some devil or something. Now that im taller and can actually defend myself, I'm pretty sure I can mop the floor with Barney

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