Eddie Murphy ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’ with ‘Coming to America’ Sequel

Eddie Murphy ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’ with ‘Coming to America’ Sequel

Hi, my friend. How are you? I’m good. How are you? It’s so good to see you always. It’s good. I don’t see you enough. I’d like to see you more often. I love Ellen. I love Ellen. I love you. [CHEERING] I love you. And yet, I had the opportunity
to go to your house and hang out with you. And I didn’t go. Yeah. You didn’t come to that party. Yeah. Because it was like after 10:00. [LAUGHTER] Everybody went around
11 o’clock at night. Yeah. Well, I couldn’t go,
because we had the baby. And she was breastfeeding. So I couldn’t go. I was in the house, anyway. Right. So I went to this party. And there were about 20 of us. And Eddie couldn’t go,
because he just had the baby. And then he told everyone to
come to his house afterwards. And so everybody went. And everyone came but Ellen. Everyone. Aw. And I heard how great it was. And you have like
an arcade there. Tig Notaro was playing– Yeah, yeah. –basketball in there. But you had just had the baby. You’re like me. You don’t like to
leave the house. I’m a homebody. Right. Except lately, you’re
not a homebody. Now, you’re doing
all kinds of things. You’re about to host
Saturday Night Live, which is going to be so exciting. [CHEERING] That’s going to be– are you excited? Yeah, I am. But why now after
all of these years? I kind of wanted to
go back after– they had the 40th anniversary
thing a few years back. And when I went there,
and I saw everybody, and I saw all of the other
actors, and actresses, and the people, and the
crew, I got this big burst of nostalgia. And I started feeling like,
oh, I want to go back. So I’ve been wanting to
go back there since then. We only wanted to go at
the right time, though. And Dolomite made
it the perfect time. Because we’ve got a funny movie. Right. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. We’re going to talk about– I wanted to show up there. Yeah. We’ll talk about Dolomite. But if you haven’t seen My Name
Is Dolomite, it’s fantastic. And you’re incredible in it. Oh, thank you. I think you’re going to
get nominated for an Oscar, for sure. [CHEERING] So now, Tom Hanks has
this Mr. Rogers movie out. And you had this
character Mr. Robinson, right, that you did on
Saturday Night Live. And I heard you met Mr.
Rogers when you were doing it. Yeah. I met him at NBC, and
he was really nice. Well, sure, he was Mr. Rogers. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I think he liked
what we were doing. Because, you know, we
weren’t making fun of him. Right. You know? Right. So will you do– Because I love Mr.– there. Look. Yeah. He was the sweetest man. Yeah. Look how big my nose was. [LAUGHTER] That’s not a good angle. Yeah. I don’t think the nose– No. You know what It is? I have a thicker mustache now. So actually, it’s the same nose. This is camouflage. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Since this is longer,
this looks shorter. Yeah. I say smart you
figured that out. Yeah. You didn’t have that
knowledge back then. Well, years and years of
seeing photos and going, is that my nose? [LAUGHTER] I’m very excited
about everything that you have going
on, especially since you are such a homebody. You just finished
Coming to America 2. Yes. How great is that? [CHEERING] Yes. I couldn’t be happier
with how it turned out. Yeah? Yeah. Because that movie more than
any picture that I’ve done– I don’t know what it is
in the culture– where like on Halloween, some
people get dressed up as characters from the movie. So a lot of people that had
this expectation, were like, you know, don’t– people would say to me when
they found out I was doing it, don’t [BLEEP] that movie up. Don’t mess with it. And I would say, what? So we’ve gone above and beyond
what anybody would think. I’m really, really
happy with it. That’s fantastic. That’s great to hear. But you do all of
these characters. And that seems
like such a hassle to be in all of that makeup. I mean, how many hours
are you in makeup to do all of those characters? How many characters do
you do in that film? In this new one? Yeah. Well, I have all of
the old characters from the first one–
the old Jewish guy, and the barber, and the
prince, and Randy Watson. And now, I do this– [LAUGHTER] –an old farmer I’m doing, so
maybe it’s five or six now. Wow. Do you like doing
that, sitting in– You know, every time
I do a makeup movie, I always say, this is the last
time I’m doing this [BLEEP].. [LAUGHTER] And then I always wind up
back in the makeup chair. Do you forget you say that? No. Just something that– I say
I’m never doing it again. And then something
will happen years later where it kind of
makes sense to do it. It was like– So I’m
never doing it again, now. All right. Well, we’ll show you this tape. So, as we just mentioned,
you have this new baby, who is now a year old, right? My new son, yes. Yeah, is a year old. And you have 10 children. Yes. 10 children. See the reaction when you say– [LAUGHTER] Does it seem like a lot to
you, or does that seem OK? No, it seems OK. It’s funny the reaction
the audience gives. Yeah. Men kind of look at me
like this, he’s crazy. How much does that [BLEEP] cost? [LAUGHTER] And women is kind of
like, there’s something sexy about it, I think. Yeah. Eddie Murphy must
be doing his thing. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] You’re doing your thing. Eddie Murphy be getting it in. Yeah, yeah. [LAUGHTER] He don’t be [BLEEP]. Well, it is a lot,
and especially they’re ages like 1 to like 30, right? Yeah. My oldest is 30, and
my youngest is 1. And I just had my
first grandchild. Oh, congratulations. [CHEERING] That’s fantastic. Oh, there they are. There they are. And how do you feel about
having a grandchild? I like it. Yeah? I’m happy with it. Yeah. Yeah. It’s cool. Well, you like kids. It’s clear that you like
family, and you like kids. All right. We’re going to take a break. More with Eddie after this.


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