Ecole de l’ONU bombardée –  BBC News STfr

Ecole de l’ONU bombardée – BBC News STfr

Christopher we’re getting reports that the UN actually did give coordinates to the Israeli Defense Force to inform them that this was a shelter that is absolutely correct the Israelis were formerly past the precise coordinates of this school just as they have the precise GPS coordinates of all of our installations in Gaza we had spent the day new trying to arrange with the Israeli army a humanitarian pause if you like a window of opportunity so that civilians women children men who were not part of this conflict could be evacuated sadly that was never approved it was never granted and the consequences appear to have been absolutely tragic i can confirm multiple deaths multiple injuries sadly i don’t have any more details than that but they will emerge in the next minutes and hours where does this leave the United Nations now when they have given coordinates and those coordinates are ignored effectively well I mean you know people have come to unruh just as they did during the 2008-2009 fighting expecting safe sanctuary and what they’ve been shown is that nowhere is safe in Gaza in any case Gaza was unique in the annals of contemporary warfare in being a conflict with a fence around it so there was nowhere to run and now it seems there is absolutely nowhere safe to run it is appalling that women children babies the elderly the sick should be subjected to this kind of treatment


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