Easy Mixed Media Card using Gel Plates

Easy Mixed Media Card using Gel Plates

Hey guys, Meghan here with Blitsy. Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but
Mixed Media has become all the rage in the crafting world. If you’re like me, it can look a little intimidating! Well today I’m gonna get you started with
a super simple mixed media card using a Gel Art Plate and Carabelle Art Stamps. Go ahead and grab your gel plate along with
acrylic paints. Now, you’re going to want to make sure you
have blendable acrylic paint and I went with the Dylusions Acrylic Paint for my project. First you’re going to go ahead and place dots
of paint on the top of your gel Plate. I’m adding my yellow on top and then I’m adding
my pink to the bottom. Grab that brayer and you’re gonna use your
brayer to actually blend the colors. Go horizontal as well as vertical blending
those colors. Next, grab your stencil and place it on top
of the paint. I already went ahead and cut down my paper
so it’s 5 and a quarter inches by 4 inches. Now place the paper on top of the stencil
and then I’ll use my hands as kind of a tool to press down on the paper applying pressure
so it will actually take that print and that image and place it on my paper. Once you’ve applied enough pressure all over
your paper, go ahead and peel it off of your gel plate. Look, what an amazing print you have left
on that paper. Now, we’re gonna take the stencil off of our
gel plate and we’re actually going to take that piece of paper once it’s dry – we’re
gonna place it back on top of the gel plate and we’re gonna use our fingers once again
to apply pressure to make sure we get that image on our paper. Once you’ve added enough pressure, again,
peel that paper off and you now have a really cool design left on that paper from the negative
from your stencil. We’re gonna set that off to the side to dry
and while that’s drying we’re gonna create the background for our card base. For this one I’m gonna use a green and a light
blue. We’re gonna add these colors to our gel plate
starting with the light green on the top and then we’re gonna add the blue to the bottom. Once again, grab that brayer and start blending
your colors vertically and horizontally. Once they’re blended, take your card base
and place the front on top of the paint. You’re gonna use your fingers again to apply
pressure to the card base so the image transfers to your card. Once you’ve applied enough pressure peel the
card base off and you’ll be left with a really pretty image. We’re gonna set that aside to dry and we’re
gonna grab our first print because we’re gonna add some stamps. I went ahead with the Carabelle Art Stamps
because I love the design of these. I’m gonna ink up my stamp and place it to
the left on my design and stamp down. And then to finish it off I’m gonna add my
sentiment off to the side. Once the ink is dry go ahead and flip it over
and add your adhesive and glue it to your card base. See, how easy was that? You’re totally a mixed media artist now and
all you needed was your gelli art plate along with your Carabell Art Stamps to create a
really fun mixed media card.


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