EastEnders spoilers: 14 – 18 October 2019

EastEnders spoilers: 14 – 18 October 2019

Hi, this is your 60-second guide to next week
on EastEnders Next week’s headlines
Tiffany and Keegan make plans Martin is injured
Leo surprises Whitney Well, first we have Tiffany opening up to
Keegan and telling him that she’s now ready to take their relationship to the next level,
all of which leads to the pair making an announcement. And with paparazzi pictures having recently
shown the lovebirds planning a secret wedding, I think we can guess what news they might
well have to share. Elsewhere, we have Sonia getting suspicious
about what Martin is up to and confronting him. And it seems she has good reason to be
worried, what with Martin’s latest collection job with Tubbs spiralling out of control.
After Martin is left injured, Sonia demands that he go to A and E, but he refuses to head
to the hospital and get treatment. We also have Stuart blackmailing Kathy into
letting Rainie see Abi, but is left devastated when he spies on the meet-up. Plus Whitney
is thrown when she discovers that Tiff already knows Leo. All of which leads to Whitney getting
drunk and confessing to Leo that she’s jealous of Tiffany. But by the week’s end, it’s
old love Callum with whom Whitney is having an emotional chat. The big question, though,
is whether Whit has really moved on after their break-up? If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
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17 thoughts on “EastEnders spoilers: 14 – 18 October 2019”

  • He was lovely to her and she was all set to marry him, she truly loved him and was excited to spend the rest of her life with him. Only for him to come clean about being gay and having feelings for Ben. Those feelings don't just vanish simply because she's happy for him to being true to himself and exploring a new relationship with the man he fancies.

  • Its great Callum and Whitney can be mates.I love Whitney can't blame her if she still has romantic feelings for Callum he's the total package hot af sweet caring.Callum is gay don't want to see another sl where a gay bloke sleeps with a woman again then she gets pregnant.Hollyoaks did that with Jarry stopped watching.If it happens with #Ballum won't watch EE anymore.

  • Eastenders is so boring lately since they been focusing on this rubbish Ballum storyline and always focusing on that Tiffany character who's pretty much lame and pointless. I much rather it focus on Phil so it can lead to the discovery of Sharon's affair already and that abuse storyline so that woman's father will find out eventually. Spice it up a bit I wanna see some action.

  • I sincerely hope Callum is really gay and not bisexual. I wish Whitney would get out of the way. Please do not do the whole gay guy sleeps with ex girlfriend and gets her pregnant storyline.

  • Alice Zecevich says:

    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 sounds like some interesting story lines coming up, God I hope Tiffany not's gunna do, what I think she's gunna do?! Could be a rocky road ahead for ballum!!

  • Why are they sidelining Chantelle’s storyline when is currently the best one they have. Bex also will probably have a good storyline overcoming her depression but stuff like focusing on Tiffany 24/7 and the old bag orange face Sharon is so boring naw.

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