Easiest $1,000/M Services To Sell As a Beginner Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

Easiest $1,000/M Services To Sell As a Beginner Digital Marketing Agency In 2019

hey everyone this is Ron thanks for watching another video in today's video I'm going to show you how to step-by-step create a lead generation business that we can charge customers an average of $1,500 per month to do the service and I'm gonna show you exactly how to get the client what services to sell to the client and more importantly how to deliver on those services so if you're new to the channel please consider subscribing I create a lot of videos in terms of digital marketing how to make money online as you can see this is my actual digital marketing agency develop arc and we get clients to our website basically to pay us to do their manage advertising services so before I do begin though I wanted to just go ahead and say that I made a video yesterday and that video kind of covered how to make you know thousand dollars per month by doing this simple process so in today's video I kind of want to get a little more in depth as to what I covered in the last video and really show you guys the possibility of actually creating a lead generation business and how actually easy it is once you understand how to actually price out your services so this is our website this is our agency website it's called the Val market people come here and they submit their information and we get leads from that and it's great because then once we get the lead we work the lead we close the lead and then we get paid to do services so what exactly would you be doing in this lead generation model so there's a lot of businesses out there that simply can't get customers online or maybe you're working with a brand that may not be online at the moment and all you're trying to do in reality is you're trying to take people from Google and send them over to a customer's website and regardless of what person that is regardless of what client that is your goal is to simply get people from the Google search engine to click onto their website and then have a really nice website design here and then once you have a nice website design they're going to get customers from the traffic that you're sending now the reason why I say Google and I don't say Facebook is because Google's traffic tends to be a lot higher converting as you probably know if you've ever done a search if you've ever had like a tooth pain a toothache alright if you've ever had a toothache you might have searched you know local dentists near me because what you want to do is you want to basically get rid of that toothache you want to make sure that you don't have the tooth every single day you don't want to have you know pains every single day so which people generally do and the reason why this is so powerful with this business model is because people will literally search into Google for a keyword such as dentists let's just say emergency dentists near me what that typically generates and what that typically means is that person is really really looking to actually get their teeth looked at they probably have a pain or something like that and that creates this initial response right here where they actually go into Google and they start making a search for that actual keyword and that keyword bridges them to the clients website once the client gets onto the website here they then see that you know what the dentist does etc and then they schedule an appointment with the dentist usually as soon as possible especially if they have a toothache so that's exactly what how you go about this business model but I really want to get you really clear understanding this right so local dentist near me is definitely a keyword that's competitive a lot of dentists work for this type of phrase as you can see there's ads at the top and then there's an ad in the search engine here what's really cool is when you're working with niches such as this one or such as like let's say your well water went out right well water went out when you have this specific situation it's it's likely that people are looking for someone to call to fix their problem right away or if you have a let's just say you have a bursted pipe right this is another one that people like really freaked out when that happens and as you can see once again there's ads showing at the top and then when you go to the bottom you might have some local businesses here but you usually likely not now I want to show you the real power of this because if you're searching for bursted pipe in Google it generally means that you want to have somebody come out to your home and actually fix your pipe it's really that simple so when you're doing that Google search your goal is to get the client at the top right so you want to make sure that your client is at the top here before you can actually bring them leads and there's a few different ways that I'm gonna explain to you how to get them to the top now the first different way that you can do is called search engine optimization if you've been on my channel for a while you probably already know how to do this but really it's just the process of getting people to basically click onto the website and get it higher ranking in the search in the search rank so like let's say for example I typed in dentists near me right when I type that in that keyword what you're going to notice is you're gonna have a few different dentists here on the first page of Google like one is Avon Family Dentistry smile Avon Dental Avon and what's interesting is is Google thinks that I'm in Avon village which is fine the Avon Connecticut that's kind of like what I'm closer to and now what you're gonna do is you're just gonna look at these different websites and you're gonna see exactly why this one's ranking at the top of Google right well the first thing you can see here is that they are branded this looks like a company that's been around for a while they've got a pretty big team so people are probably searching for mr. mister or dr. Graham and people are probably searching to take care of this okay now as you can see here this this websites also using a very popular SEO technique but they're actually doing some internal linking here they're actually internal linking to the doctors profiles which helps build credibility and then they even have a team page so there's a really nice site architecture here as you can see they have all of their services interlinked and the prove the goal with the SEO is to create enough content on a website so it starts ranking inside of Google and as you can see all of these pages here just quickly describe the service so it's very nice to have those implanted into there because that gives you higher rankings because you're creating more content on the website when you go down you'll also see that they have the American Dental Association they have all of these different things here and really this could be the reason for their rankings at the top of Google this looks like it's a branded site you know very nice site design very simple very to the point and Google really likes this site so they're deciding to show it on the first page of Google now on the other hand if you look at dentist near me what I just showed you kind of like the first ranking example but if you go to the back if you go to like the fourth fifth page of Google let's say you're still gonna find dentists in here right so this one's dentists in Las Vegas so that's kind of really irrelevant for us because we're not in Las Vegas we're in Connecticut so when you go too far back you're probably gonna find some irrelevant results but your goal is to find dentists like for example that basically you're trying to find dentists that don't have high search engine rankings and generally speaking what I like doing is I like going on to the second page of Google and just literally finding some of these dentists as you can see this search result right here is about emergency dental near me emergency dentists this is a this is a company 1-800 dentists they're very large this is a company here that absolutely knows what they're doing as you can see they're even calling out emergency inside of their title tag because they want people to click that and they want them to see they want to show up from when somebody types in emergency dental okay so with that being said your goal is to find businesses at the second page of Google and implement some SEO processes just to get them on the first page of Google but this can be difficult if you really don't understand what SEO is so really all you've really got to start with is by Korea a local map listing for that business and you do that by going to google my business and just creating them a map profile that looks like this creating them a little patient profile that looks like this and then basically doing some simple SEO on-page optimization and I'm gonna link the videos down below so you can take a look at those I'm not really going to cover those in the side of this video because I want to get into some more stuff here but once you get one of these clients you've really got to understand your different services that you can offer to them right the first one that you can offer to them is a website and this is probably one of my favorite ones you can offer them a website you can offer them SEO which is getting traffic organically you can offer them pay-per-click which I also recommend supplementing your website and the SEO and you can also offer social ads now I try to stay away from social ads because in my experience I haven't gotten a ton of results for clients using social ads all of the leads are crap all of the leads are just kind of people that are just shopping around and they don't really want to take anything seriously the best results that I've found for these local businesses if you're gonna start to start this business model is by actually offering a website SEO and PPC now a lot of people may wonder well how the hell do you price this and at the end of the day you've really gotta understand what are you worth you know if you're good at doing this stuff then you can charge the hourly rates that agencies charge if you're not good at this stuff and you're just starting out what you're gonna have a difficult time you're gonna have a difficult time pricing out these services because you really don't have any proof of concept to show potential clients so it's really gonna hurt your actual bottom line just by just by understanding that you've got to really get good at this stuff before you can offer it at a agency level so I really wanted to start with just understanding kind of the process here right well the first thing that you've really got to understand is every client is gonna have either a website or some type of landing page if they don't have a website this is a perfect opportunity for you to come in and this would be step one is really analyzing their website presence right so what you can do is is just make sure that they have a website and when you're looking at this website your goal is to try to find some of the flaws with it when it comes to searching or becoming visible online if you're looking at SEO for example what you might want to do is you might want to actually take the domain of the website and put it into a tool called similar web okay and similar web is just going to show you everything that you're gonna want to know about a website search traffic or search presence and when you do this it's gonna tell you some really key data about a website and when you look at this key data you're really trying to find out exactly where their traffic is coming from as you can see here this is a website you know CT kid's dentist comm this is a search website that we're trying to actually take a look into but if you go down here you can see that sixty and ninety six point thirty seven percent of their actual traffic comes from search so this means that this person right here is highly optimized for the search engines and that's that's rightfully so because we just looked at the search engine and they were number one for the keyword dentists near me so as you can see though all most of their traffic doesn't come from either social or display and social and display are basically that's when you go on to a website and you're basically like let's say I search that dentist ad I go on to another website and I see another ad from the same dentist in Google's Display Network so this is called the the GSN okay Google Display Network or the G gdn Google Display Network so zero percent of their traffic is actually coming in from zero percent of the traffic's actually coming in from the Google Display Network but 96 percent of their traffic is coming from the search and that's really really powerful and as you can see here they really don't have anything going on here besides an SEO strategy so this is a perfect opportunity for anybody that's near this local business to reach out to them offering them this information just showing them that hey you're 96 50% of your traffic's coming from social research have you considering investing into social or display because a lot of your competitors are doing it etc and it's really going to allow you to actually you know increase your business exposure so once you do this now that you understand SEO is kind of out of the realm they are already doing that they already understand SEO they're already on top of that game so when you have a meeting with this client you're not really trying to pitch SEO because they're already at the top of the search so what you are trying to pitch though is the next thing that I would do is I would literally go to this person's website and I would start taking a look at some things that are wrong with the website okay the first thing that I noticed right away is this website's nicely designed it has some really custom stuff going on the site is not secure that might be something that I would call call out to them and just have them understand that Google has a penalty for sites that are not secure coming soon it's already been rolled out it rolled out this July so they want to make sure that they do this because they could lose rankings because of that then what I would start doing is just starting to look at the website and really start to get an understanding of what these guys do and kind of how their website works as you can see here they have their little location pages here very simple website old-school definitely looks like you could use a redesign and this website was designed if you really want to know you can find who designed the website by going right here at the bottom right but what you can do is you can look at this website and really start to understand that you know you probably would probably get a lot more conversions if this website was a little more call-to-action e right if this website had a little more of a call to action a lot of the times people don't understand that but when you go to a website when somebody lands on a website for example this one is our website the first thing that we do is ask them for their contact information and regardless of what page that they go on let's say they go and check out PPC our PPC offering regardless of what page that they go on we are trying to as a company we're trying to gather this person to contact information to get qualified leads to come in through the door a lot of the times it's not even the traffic that's the problem as you can see when we search similar web their problem clearly isn't the traffic so even if the if they have a problem that is right I'm kind of just guessing this right here but a lot of the times you just need to add some call to actions you just need to add some buttons some forms to get that person to inquire about the lead and then the lead gets sent to the actual dentist a lot of the times if somebody of client already has traffic this is just an easy way to increase their trophies with a site design because they already have this data now when you're doing this site design when you're really when you really want to understand some of this stuff and you want to get a little more technical on what you can do is you can ask them for access to their Google Analytics before you actually quote them or give them a price or anything like that and then what you can do is you can literally say you can look into their analytics you can make a really nice search a guess based search let me go into my analytics here okay so what you can do is you can go in here and you can start to see already before you even price out anything for the client you can start to see what pages are people going to as you can see down here a lot of people are going to my website design CT page a lot of people are going to New York SEO a lot of people are going to organic SEO a lot of people are checking out our SEO reseller program these are the pages that Google Analytics are basically telling us that people want to go to there are already going to so when you look at a client that's getting a ton of traffic like myself and a website design is something that's coming my way in the beginning of next but when you look at something like this when people have a lot of traffic already on to some of these pages the existing pages your job is to just get these pages to convert you don't even have to work on traffic but if you were in the situation if I was actually selling the CT pediatric well I would take their URL and after I did that little similar web search I would then take it to spyfu comm because our next goal other than just the website the websites gonna be a guaranteed sale as long as we can prove to them a return on their investment the PPC is definitely something that you also want to take a look at so PPC is that display advertising right so these are the ads that show up above you know the typical Google searches they're right here and those ads you're paying cost per click you're paying per click so you're actually paying for people to click on the site and then actually go to your website and then convert and you you basically pay money per conversion and you can get conversions as low as 50 bucks 60 bucks 20 bucks depends how good you are at pay-per-click but I really want to show you the process here so if you have it over to spy food comm which is a really good tool to search for ads and stuff like that I wouldn't really recommend using this tool if you're gonna do some SEO research but if you're doing advertising research this is a great tool to actually go in there and take care of so first thing you want to do is just put into the clients actual domain and once you put in their domain spyfu is gonna really tell you a lot about their PPC and it's gonna tell you exactly what keywords they're bidding on it's gonna tell you all this other stuff so you can really start to look at you know exactly what they're doing so when you look at it like PPC overview let's go to our keyword groups PPC keywords as you can see this client is not spending any money on Google AdWords which is losing them a ton of money and I want to explain to you why they're losing a lot of money because I know what a lot of times when I say stuff like this and it's kind of hard to understand but I really want to show you the power of this okay so now that we know our core offerings our s our PPC and and and web site now what I'm going to show you is kind of the power of this okay so let's say that we were to bid on a keyword like dentists in let's just say we were bidding on a keyword such as emergency dentists right in Google AdWords because we keep in mind this client I would sell them SEO but unfortunately they already have a good SEO presence so let's say that they're bidding on this keyword and this keyword costs them $7 per click right and no it sounds like a lot but I'm to show you the power and Google AdWords in here especially with Google turning more towards advertising and more less search results because they don't want people to pay them obviously right so if you go to if you bidding for a keyword such as emergency dentist and when somebody clicks on that in Google and their teeth hurts and they want to get a dentist to go ahead and check it out they're gonna head over to a landing page okay now this landing page is gonna have a form that looks like this right it's just gonna be like uh it's gonna say something like this something really stupid it's gonna say you know does your 2/3 you know take 15% off or something like that a clear call-to-action okay so they're gonna say something along these lines and then what you're gonna do is you're going to put this over here you're gonna put the form here and they're gonna give you the option to put in the name email contact everything like this so you have a clear form this is not I want to make this very clear this is not the home page of the website okay this is a landing page because this page needs to reflect exactly what's going on with this ad so if this ad said best kid toys right if this was a best kid toys ad well this landing page would reflect that it wouldn't reflect you know just toys it would go through a list of maybe the best kids toys you want to do this because what's gonna happen is if you're paying that much per click you want to ensure that people aren't coming to your site and then bouncing off your site I see this problem a lot of the times when people are running Google AdWords simply because they don't understand that if somebody's searching a very specific thing and this is why you got to get very specific with your niche just ask the client ok well what do you want to specialize in for me let's say let's say I want a few more infographics for clients right well I would pay I would you pay per click for infographics and I would send them right to a landing page that has to do with infographics it's actually that simple so when you're looking at this client just ask them hey what do you want to specialize in if they tell you it's Invisalign if they tell you it's in root canal replacement so they tell you if it's in crowns or whatever it is that they're doing make sure that your landing page for AdWords is speaking that right so then once that happens once they go to this landing page right they're going to submit the information and now the client gets a lead and how you really calculate this and how you really scale this if you're running PPC is you're going to need them in a nice website design and don't worry I'm gonna go into pricing in a few minutes and then what you're gonna do is you are going to send them traffic and they're gonna be paying seven dollars per click now depending on the conversion rate of your landing page typically our landing pages have like at twelve to twenty five percent conversion I've seen much higher conversion rates I've seen sixty percent some people get some ridiculous conversion rates but at twelve dollars or at twelve percent right I want to show you the power of this at twelve percent well that basically means that if we send twelve if we send a hundred clicks to the website that's gonna cost us seven hundred bucks at twelve percent conversion rate very low the dentist is going to get eighty four new clients right so when they get eighty four new clients if every single patient let me just make this very clear so 100 clicks equals eighty four leads not eighty four clients sorry about that eighty four leads right qualified leads these are people that are searching for something very specific SEO typically has an eighty percent conversion rate or PPC an eighty percent conversion rate meaning if someone gets on the phone with the client that you're sending this traffic to they're gonna close so if you go to eighty percent that dentist just got sixty seven new patients for that one hundred clicks now here's the power with the actual this is here's the power with this right so if I go to google.com and inside of Google com I search dentists average LTV which is the lifetime customer value okay the average customer value is four hundred maybe to eight hundred average annual value of a patient is eight hundred dollars so that means that you know the few times that people go to the dentistry every single year they're the dentist is making on average about eight hundred dollars in revenue so if we look at this number right here if we look at sixty seven sixty seven customers right times eight hundred right that dentist is making you know somewhere close to that number fifty three thousand dollars just by using pay-per-click now this can vary obviously because sometimes you're gonna pay more for clicks or you're not going to get as much of a conversion rate or there's going to be clients that don't actually come in for their scheduled times and all of this other stuff all these other problems but at the end of the day you're still making money for that dentist and that's how you really get the opportunity so a lot of people want to know how to actually price for the summer stuff and in this specific video in the next video I'll show you a good example to sell SEO but for this example we're gonna be talking about website and we're gonna be talking about PPC so a lot of people want to know how can I actually charge money for this process how does it look like okay so I'm going to show you how we charge for it some people do a lot differently some people do it on a flat rate basis we do it based on percentage of ad spend with our recommended ad spends some people do it differently I'm going to show you kind of how this works right here so for a landing page right whenever you're doing a campaign regardless if it's SEO regardless if it's PVC regardless if it's anything along those lines where you're doing digital marketing you always want to charge based on kind of like how much work you're doing so you really want to get a scope of work and if you don't get a scope of work if you don't understand the scope of work then you're not going to be able to sell this stuff efficiently you've really got to understand what the scope of work is and what a scope of work basically means is what's involved with the project right so if a dentist tells you that they want to do a website you go here if they want to do a website let's say well the scope of work of that website is collecting data right you want to collect information about the client the next thing is designing it and the third thing is developing it and if you're creating content which comes probably after collecting data creating content then you should charge more so really understand the scope of work now let's talk about PPC okay so what does that happen okay there we go um PPC pay-per-click advertising well here's the scope of work collecting data you need to know exactly what they want to pay for exactly what they want more clients in then what you're gonna have to do is you're going to have to do keyword research right because you need to know what keywords people are typing into Google the best way to find these keywords is just by actually testing out ads or testing out your SEO or looking into their current SEO finding out how people are already finding them and then you can use those keywords and then just not do a guest search I would never recommend the keywords that Google recommends to you because they're very broad and they're optimized for you to spend more money so try to find those longer tail keywords keywords such as like my baby's tooth hurt how can I get it fixed or something like that those are generally the keywords that people are really like on the border of the funnel and they're ready to convert so once you really understand the keyword research the next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna create landing pages and these landing pages are going to strictly tie-in to these this actual keyword research so if you have keyword research here if you have let's say let's say you have three terms right you have well water pump you have well water like to say testing those two keywords well now that you know that the client wants to target these the scope of work what's inside of the scope of work you can now guess is creating two landing pages because you're gonna new landing page for each of these right so right here if this client wanted to pay for those two keywords well there would be two landing pages that is a scope of work everything that you're doing should be included inside of your scope of work so you know how to properly charge for this stuff so once you've collected the data you've done the keyword research you build out the two landing pages now it's time to run the ads and this is really you creating ads and creating ads inside of Google Adwords which is a whole nother tutorial in itself I'm gonna link probably one of my favorite google adwords videos on youtube that's completely free by my buddy Ryan he does a great job but run the ads and it inside of the scope of work inside of running the ads it's creating ad groups it's creating ads and then it's really just campaign management so it's really just looking at the campaign seeing what's already working and just managing it just looking at how much clicks they're getting how many conversions are they're getting and the last one is tracking you really need to figure out who's converting and who's not so you can tell the person that you're working with that they're getting a clear return on investment because if they're not getting a clear return on investment they're not gonna want to run ads anymore that would just be a waste of money and their time there's a lot of companies that do do that they don't track anything and those are the clients that you want because those are already easy wins so if I could tell you anything through this right here it's just really figure your out just get it really really clean on paper and really get a process going behind it if you want to start a lead generation business so now that we know the scope of work here we kind of understand exactly how it works how do you price for this stuff so there's two different ways that you can price for it and here's probably the most effective way that I've found pricing for this stuff okay when you're selling advertising alright or SEO or marketing or anything along those lines never promise results first not first things first promise impressions and clicks okay you never want to promise results because you never know sometimes people that you're working with it's not your fault digital marketing works but sometimes people have really shitty brands and these brands they do bad things to customers as is they're not you know they're just really branch they have bad reviews online no one wants to convert that's not what you do you can't you know you're not the you're not the advertising fairy fairy or you have you're just using the systems that are available to you online so the business has to correspond with the advertising you can't advertise a brand-new business and expect it to get a ton of leads that's not how it works go after brands this dentist that I showed you here for me that would be somebody perfect to offer they're already a brand area to have SEO so really understand that okay so never promise results when you're selling advertising and then basically sell advertising you're gonna want to sell packages based on impressions / click the same thing right and I want to show you an example of this okay so for 250 bucks I'm sorry so let's say let's say for two thousand dollars right the customer is going to see 400 clicks alright for $1000 the customer is going to see 150 clicks right and regardless of the patch is the package that they choose you're going to charge 30 percent okay so this means that if they if they sign up with your two thousand dollar one you're going to charge six hundred dollars if they sign up with your $1,000 one you're going to charge 300 dollars and what you're gonna do alongside with that is you're going to charge a setup fee and the reason why you're charging setup fees in this specific case scenario right this is just for this dentist this is not for every client every client is kind of different when you're doing this stuff this is for the example that I showed inside of this video so once you have this once you have the landing page you're gonna set you're gonna set up a setup fee for the landing pages if you're setting up two landing pages I would charge fourteen hundred dollars that's just me right so that's how you charge for advertising is you don't want to charge based on you don't want to charge based on conversions you really want to charge based on impressions and at the end of the day this is how all all of the people on the media do it this is how billboards do it this is how radio does it they all do it based on impressions and clicks same thing if your song facebook ads now you're gonna look at website okay so websites get a little trickier you want to charge based on pages all right and how much how much content does the client have how much content are you converting all right are you selling hosting that's another one clients need to host it and what other upsells can you charge for all right so this website pricing that I'm going to show you here obviously this is based on the scope of work that I showed you before which is creating the landing pages creating the content etc there's really two basic packages that we have here it's 3001 of them is $3,000 all right and this gets you a three pager and that's very simple the contents there it's designed it's developed and it's delivered right I also charge $6,500 and this is a six pager or five pager I'm sorry this is a five pager generally this week this gets a little better of a design this is for client with more content etc and then we charge twelve thousand five hundred and this is for a five pager Plus content and what I'll do is I'll do video I'll do pictures I'll do articles and I'll SEO optimize the website and I'll charge twelve thousand five hundred dollars and once all of these packages are done once I've sold each every single one of these packages now what I'm going to do is once the websites up and running I'm going to upsell this campaign of PPC because now that we have the beautiful website designed I'm gonna upsell PPC so when you really think about it all it takes to make an M using this strategy here is if you're selling the websites with the content etc and you're selling a PPC campaign you really need about 40 of these packages to make 1 million let me show you here so you really need about I don't know why it does that let's go here you really need 40 sales at 12,500 plus PPC for a year if you can lock these in this is a million dollars in revenue right so that's it that's how you do it and this is showing you an example with just a random client on Google in the next video I'm going to show you an example with someone that may be qualified for SEO or this is maybe a little different maybe they have more social traffic than search traffic right or maybe they have more referrals than search or maybe they have more direct than search it all comes down to what the client actually has if we were looking at like my website and similar web let's say hopefully it doesn't lock me out if we were looking at like my website for saying similar web and you kind of look at some of my statistics down here well the thing that you're really going to want to do is just look and see what these clients are actually ranking for as you can see a lot of my traffic is social a lot of my traffic is search a lot of my traffic is direct none of my traffic is display because I'm currently not running Google AdWords on my agency site until we get it designed and until we get it ready to go so if you were to sell me if you were to email me right now and say hey everyone I found an opportunity for you to make money well you better be talking about display because I'm not I don't need your you don't need your help with cert or with search I don't need your help with direct I don't need your help with social what I really do need help no case in the area please don't reach out to me trying to sell me something but you're you really want to focus on what they're not doing at the moment because if search is working great for me which it is I may want to consider taking the revenue that I'm making here and distributing it to another platform such as display because display advertising is extremely effective so hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one


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