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on the Internet or unfortunately. It’s actually very unfortunate,
and that’s what we’re doing today. “What are you going to school for?” “Psychology. Social work.” “Psychology? Like psycho?” “I’m probably taking this the wrong way.” What? “Psychology ya know like… psycho?” “Do you not know what psychology is?” “Not that. Like you’re getting
your degree to be a psycho?” Man, if only there
was a degree for that. Like is this girl actually serious? Did you ever stop
and think about it like… Hmm… you know all
those psycho in jail? How do they become
psychos in the first place? Oh they must have went
to Harvard for that. You know got a degree
in psycho to be a psycho! Margaret posted this on Facebook. “That lasagna look crisp.” “That’s my daughter.” Really? Man, it look a little like ravioli to me. What kind of sauce she cooking in? “Study date?” Sweetheart! That’s a calendar. Man, what you studying? The months? The seasons? Here, I’ll help you. January, February, March,
April, May, June, Jason Derulo . Man, I’ll never look at a calendar the same. Poor kid.
Doesn’t know his months. One like equals one learned month. New public school openining January 2014. Openining. I really hope it wasn’t
a teacher that put up this sign. Man, whoever did this sign need
to re-enroll themselves in this school. “Hey man what’s up?” “Just converting oxygen into
carbon dioxide. You know, the usual.” “What the hell man? School’s out.
Why you still doing science?” “Breathing, Jake. I am breathing!” And so are you! Time to go back to school. He literally does not know
what he is breathing in. What are you breathing in, Jake? Hot Cheetos? “Does anyone know if the
air from a fan can blow away the particles from a wireless signal? Having trouble in my room.” Hold up! So this person is trying to say, if you have your fan on, it can
literally blow away the Wi-Fi particles. ‘Cause you know in your room, there’s millions of
microscopic Wi-Fi particles. And you see this hole, your phone absorbs
them through these holes, and it gives you the Wi-Fi juice. It makes perfect sense! I can’t believe this guy right now. “Can’t weekends be longer?” “Yes.” “Weekends.” “I don’t get it.” Ugh! Wknds. Yeah add two more e’s,
it’ll be plenty long. “I wish I could remove my t***
so I could sleep on my belly.” “How would you breathe?” “Probably with her lungs?” “With your face in the pillow?” “Heads turn, there’s this
marvelous thing called a neck.” Well that’s not what I expected. Oh my God! How do people that sleep
on their stomach breathe? They’re just like face-first into
their pillow, like don’t they suffocate? “Three month old pit bull for sale. $130. Hit me up in my DMs. Serious inquiries only.” Oh my! That is a very very cute pitbull. Is he good with kids? Does he bite? Can I pet him? Man, $130. This m*********** really out here
captured a deer, and is selling it. Man the poor deer is
looking for his mom! What am I? Why it smell like hot Cheetos? “Just did my eyelashes.” Bruh I swear girls on Instagram
do this all the time. Like just got a new haircut! We get it Ashley! You got a fat ***!
Would it kill you to be honest? This girl did a pregnancy test. Oh and it um… Took her temperature. “I’m having 99.3 kids. OMG.” Oh my God!
So that’s how it works! Bonus pregnancy. What’s a 0.3 baby look like? Imagine how big your stomach will be
if you had 99 babies in there. I mean unless you were like an ant,
those [bleep] have hella babies. Look how crazy he is! “He got my name on him hahaha.” “Rachel, I think you spelled
your name wrong.” Bro, of all the names you gonna
misspell his girlfriend’s name, Rachel! And he gonna take the picture like,
“Baby girl look how much you mean to me.” Man, I really hope that’s Sharpie right now. Otherwise, you’re gonna be stuck with a
constant reminder of how dumb you are. “The banana duck, native to Haiti and Venezuela, is appeeling for its bright
yellow skin and long bill.” “That’s a banana.” “That’s what the government
wants you to believe!” It’s obviously a banana duck. It’s a very rare and native species to Haiti. Obviously not a banana. Who the hell said it’s a banana? thoughtsofjasson? You spell Jason wrong. And you sitting here,
saying this is a banana. Well and he obviously said,
it is a banana duck. “So you were married twice before?” “Me: Yes.” “Date: Any kids?” “Me: No, they were both adults.” She asked him if he had any kids. But he thought she meant
“Where you married to any kids?” No, honey! They was both adults. My brain hurts. “I actually cannot believe
I’m in love with this man.” Uh-oh. “Hey babe. Just real quick.” “Have you had a cereal bar before?” “Yes babe. I have.
Why is that?” “Check Snapchat babe. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It’s just not breaking up. It’s just one piece.” “Is that a joke baby?” Ohhhh! Whose mans? Whose mans? Whose mans?! Whose mans? Chelsea’s mans put a
cereal bar in a bowl of milk, and was like “What’s going on?
Why is it not becoming cereal?” This is just so pure and
wholesome that I’ll let it slide. “Wondered why the cars blowers
didn’t seem very effective. Then I realized half of them
were set to ’email’ instead of ‘bacon’.” All right this is funny. Acceptable. Excusable. I’ll give you a pass, Addison. Only because that does in fact
look like email and bacon. Who would’ve knew? The off and the air button
are email and bacon. Ahhhh! “I found these puppies
under my trailer yesterday. I think there’s some type of chow mix.” Baby raccoons! Guys! Baby raccoons
are actually so damn cute. Like I– I can’t with them. Look at this right here. It look just like lumpy. Tell me that does not look like lumpy. Look like a little puppy
just like looking up at you. But it’s way too adorable. So this person found puppies under
the trailer at is just selling the next day. Okay. Okay. The hustle is real. Can you legally own a raccoon? I would low key like one. So there was an hourglass
for sale on Amazon, and somebody wrote a review. “Do not flip this thing upside down. Takes an hour for the sand
to get back to the bottom.” What the hell is even
the point then of an hourglass if you ain’t gonna flip
it to time something? Obviously, it takes an hour
for the sands to go down. so then you know an hour has passed, and I hope in that hour
you sat and thought real hard, that you’re an idiot! “Twerking on bae’s grave.
Miss him so much.” [So Rude! How dare she?!] What?! This [bleep] really? She’s actually twerking
on her dead boyfriend’s grave. Whoo! I am spli– spleechless. Speechless! God! How?! So disrespectful! Man who does this? This girl saw this on Tumblr. It’s Arabic for appreciate life. So she decided to get it tattooed on her. “This literally means ‘I’m rotten’.” “Please don’t listen to Tumblr.” Yikes! Guys, life lesson here. What I’ve learned from
looking at all of these mistakes. Do not get a tattoo in another language unless you are 100 million
percent sure what it says. Because the person tattooing you,
they won’t care. The people posting it, they don’t care. Get an expert opinion
or look it at up yourself. Or you just gonna look hella dumb. What’s going on here? Oh honey! Honey, no! This is not what they
meant by wireless charging. This genius stuck his phone
into his laptop screen, who look like it was a little too big. Why is my phone not charging? “Facebook has become a disease.
Worst part? Everyone’s addicted.” “People don’t become
addicted to a disease.” Facebook is Ebola. Man imagine everyone
being addicted to Ebola. You stupid. “My Wi-Five has been really slow.
Can you upgrade it or something?” “Do you mean your computer’s Wi-Fi?” “No. The Wi-Five.
It has been slow since Monday.” “We could upgrade you to Wi-Six?” “Yes. That would be great.” Man they just picking on
Grandma Gertrude right now. She just triying to fix her Wi-Five. Please upgrade me to Wi-Six. I need it. I need to be able to download
my Christmas photos on Facebook. “Equal to roughly 746 watts. What animal-based unit is used to
measure the rate at which work is done?” My dude really wasted
ask the audience on this. Horsepower, Donkeystrength,
Llamathrust, Zebraforce. My dude really! Is there one person in this universe that would actually
get this question wrong? That actually has to ask. This blows my mind. I feel like the people who pick
b c and d are just trolling him. It’s obviously horsepower but like. If you already knew that, leave a like. Like I I just can’t believe
somebody wouldn’t know that. Rebecca tweeted. “Sorry home of sexuals
only straight men can handle this.” Oh so that’s why they call them that. Because they literally
live in the home of sexuals. It all makes sense now. “I love Brazilians. They be speaking porch of geese. Damn daddy quack quack!” “If you had to name your child
a month, what would that month be?” “Summer.” A month Ashley. Damn. So this is a thing. We have people who
know how to use Twitter, but don’t know the months of the year. Like if you know all the months. “12 celebrities who share the
same face with fictional characters.” Oh my God Daniel
Radcliffe and Harry Potter? They have like the same face. I would have never guess that
they were the same person. But anyways that’s all for today. I hope this video made you
feel just a little bit smarter. Knowing that there’s people
in the world that are this dumb. If you guys enjoyed this video, make
sure to hit that like button in the face! And subscribe and join the wolf pack. Awhoo! I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys. [Music]



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