This week on TGC News, Winchester dunks on
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be feeling good about themselves because they were recently awarded a contract to take over
the operations of the Army’s famed Lake City ammo plant in independence missouri. The contract is worth about 28 million dollars
and if all of the contract options are used, they could be running the plant up to 2029. Part of that contract will be manufacturing
pistol ammunition for the MHS or modular handgun system program and winchester has just introduced
the M1152 or Active Duty ammo line as a part of that. The ammo uses a flat nose full metal jacket
115 grain bullet and what they’re calling a “military-grade” primer. What I think might be interesting here is
that we currently look at XM193 and M855 ammo for 5.56 as standards for comparison. We haven’t really had that for 9mm. So perhaps this M1152 ammo will become that
standard, especially now that so many good things have come out of the MHS program. As far as civilian sales of the ammo, it will
come in 100 and 150 round boxes initially and unfortunately there isn’t much data on
pricing yet. I suspect it will be on the high side for
9mm on launch but maybe we will get lucky. What do you guys think of ammo like this? Does it make you want to switch your current
practice ammo choice just because the military is going to use it? Will it become the standard? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. I think it’s time once again to link up some
belted ammo and spool up the mini gun. We have a lot to cover and no time to do it. Here we go. Smith and wesson just announced a smaller
version of the M&P 2.0 line up, the subcompact. They will be available in 9, 40 and 45 with
and without a safety. The magazine capacity will be 12, 10 and 8
rounds respectively. The price? 569 bucks msrp. I don’t think this is a crazy move, but more
so a rounding out of the product line. If you wanted a small m2.0, you had to get
a shield before this. Browning has a new bolt gun. It’s called the X Bolt Max Varmint/Target. I suppose the varmint or target depends on
what caliber you get from the list. It’ll be available in 7 different calibers
from 204 ruger all the way up to 300 win mag. All of them will have match grade fluted and
threaded barrels made of stainless steel attached to the slick Xbolt action. That will be dropped into the Max stock which
has an adjustable cheek piece and a few other precision minded features to boot. The gun will come topped with a muzzle brake
instead of just a thread protector because when you pay anywhere near the MSRP of 1339
dollars, you want to be able to just go shoot right? Savage also has a few new rifles out. Sort of showing their commitment to precision
shooting they have introduced what they’re calling the Precision line of guns. First in that line is of course, the 110 Elite
Precision. It’ll be available in 8 different calibers
and the key with these is the factory blueprinted action and that they are drenched in goodies
from MDT. The vertical grip, the mags and of course
the chassis itself is all from MDT. Pricing on those starts at 1999 and goes up
to 2149 for the larger calibers. Savage also announced a few precision rimfire
guns in the A and B line. The A22 is a semi auto and the B series comes
in 22lr or 22 mag bolt actions. Again, these come with MDT chassis and a slightly
elevated price tag at 600 bucks. And Ruger is back in the news! It’s been a little bit since they ended their
streak of news coverage but they are back with a bunch of new rifles. First, the Hawkeye Hunter. The hawkeye line of rifles is on the upper
end of their product offerings. So it’s neat to see them expanding on that. The Hunter version is a blend of classic wood
stock and rugged stainless action. They’ll be available in 6.5, 308, 30-06, and
300 win from the start. All of which come threaded for a muzzle device
and the 300 win version actually includes such a device. The MSRP on these comes in at 1099 dollars. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This is my M1 Garand, now this I acquired
because it happened to be sitting on a Shelf at a shop for Consignment and the price tag
they wanted was like 1,200 bucks and around here that’s about what you see on a decent-looking
Garand and I said what’s the bottom that that guy is going to take I want to I want to get
a deal on that if I can and I ended up walking out, I think I paid 8 or 900 bucks for this. I’ve never actually shot it, I should probably
do that some time. But it is a old-school Garand, I don’t know
if it’s all numbers matching I don’t really care to be quite honest with you I’m not a
big Milsurp-guy I just wanted to have one of these in the collection so I made that
happen. I know that one’s not super exciting but hey,
they’re not all super exciting, I think it’s a cool gun, either way. If you guys enjoyed this little look at my
guns, and want to see more, let me know in the comments. This time our questions are coming from YouTube,
I asked for your questions and you guys delivered! I think they are a fun thing. I have a hard time believing they would be
just as good as a factory made can BUT i’ve never tested that out so i can’t say for sure. If you’re a guy that likes to tinker, that’s
a solid option for fun. Clint Smith, Kyle Lamb and Chris Costa. I feel like those guys are all legendary in
different ways and have a ton of knowledge to be leached. If I was using an AR for home defense I would
use a defensive round. Probably a controlled chaos copper bullet
from lehigh defense. Yes absolutely. It would suck to do because moving isn’t fun
when it’s just a house, let alone an entire business with it. However, if things got bad enough and I couldn’t
do business here anymore, then yes I would absolutely move. Man that is tough to answer. I’ve never had that much money so it’s tough
to fathom how much is possible with it. I think I would try to work with groups like
FPC and GOA to determine the shortcomings of our current set up and try to push for
education and enthusiasm in all 50 states. I don’t mean to give those 2 groups all that
money, I simply mean, working with them as advisors to my efforts. We need lobbying, we need lawyers and we need
education. I don’t know the correct amounts to spend
but those are the things that stand out to me right now. I’m sure you guys will slam some great suggestions
in the comments as well. My friendly fire question to you guys this
week, i know a lot of you guys are still very much pissed off at springfield armory, rock
river, daniel defense, x-products and a few other brands, Sound off in the comments below and if you
want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on theguncollective.com! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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100 thoughts on “DRENCHED IN NEW GUNS! – TGC News”

  • The friendly fire is tough for me. Companies like Springfield and x-products would have to do something big to help the second amendment, but right now I'm nowhere near trusting them. Also they would have to release a bunch of interesting, inventive and quality products into the civilian market. For a company like Benchmade it's gonna be easier for me to forgive cause they're not a firearms manufacturer that hurt the firearms community.

  • As an Illinois resident. for me to forgive a company like Springfield. I would have to see them undo the damage in some way. Simply apologizing doesn't quite seem like enough. they would have to do something to support the 2A in a meaningful way, that we can all see.

  • J. Robert Bragg says:

    As far as Springfield, they are dead to me. What they did to to our 2A rights was nothing short of treasonous. Springfield hasn’t made a decent firearm in years, and the Hellcat will be a failure as well.

  • Had really bad luck with Winchester and their lack of quality control back in the 90's, haven't seen it improve, won't be tempted to buy this new duty a month as long as it's made by them.

  • given all the options already available from M&P, they need to get going with optics ready M2.0 's already….getting tired of sending slides out for milling….

  • https://legacyfirearmsco.com/

    Look in to this holster company i got a holster from him years ago and i would t suggest any other holster

  • If they make that Browning in 223 with a fast twist(7 or 8) shut up and take my money. And they do so this thing is quite interesting. I love Savage guns. Those rimfire guns are just fugly. If I didn't a already have a 338 Lapua (Savage 110 Stealth) that precision gun would be tempting. A 338 under $2000 is a rare thing. Add in a blueprinted action and it gets really tempting.

  • to gain my trust "their CEO must cross that field, present himself before the gun community, put his head between his legs, and Kiss his own Arse".

  • Must be nice to have a sot. I wanna get one. I know Adam has done videos on getting FFLs but You should share your experience on getting yours. I would enjoy it. Maybe a good episode filler? Thanks for the news !

  • freedom loving merican says:

    We would welcome you to Oklahoma buddie , as for your question they would have to do something majorly proactive for the 2a community like help get rid of nfa

  • The M&P Compact is NOT new (hence its 2.0 designation unlike the Shield 45). In fact, this was one of my first carry guns back in 2005. But because they came out with a new "compact", they designated their old compact as a subcompact. It used to be called the M&P 9c.

  • S. Gilbert Dyer says:

    For those companies that have betrayed us and the 2nd Amendment, the only to truly regraing my trusting is for them to go after one of those federal gun control laws (such Hughes Admendment, NFA, GCA, Brady Bill, etc.) and successfully removed it through their efforts.

  • Military grade most likely means sealed double crimped like that wcc brass 9mm thats a pain in the ass to prep for reloading.

  • To get my "trust" back those companies would have to either move mountains in support of the 2A or fire their CEO/Boards/Owners.

  • William Boulanger says:

    Hey John great as always thank you for what you do.The M1 Garand may not be super exciting to some – but for many it is.My wife and I bought one for her father ( he passed in 2017 ) for his 87th b-day.The stories and look on his face when he got it and shot it were priceless.Those memories of happiness will last forever ( as will the ones with your dad )and no one can EVER take them away.The M1 will never leave my LIVING hands.Before you fire the M1 – DO NOT use current standard factory ammo!!!! ( too hot )there is a specific load for it or you can swap out the gas plug with a SCHUSTER Mfg. adjustable gas plug and use almost any ammo. You did not mention the caliber ?Ours is a 30-06 from I believe from my research a1934.Good luck with all you do in building more great memories until you see your dadAgain. God bless brother!

  • Kyle D. Arthur says:

    @2:54 — I wonder if Winchester will be sued over the name of their new 9mm NATO ammunition, as it resembles in name and appearance(i.e. packaging) Hornady‘s Critical Defense and more specifically, Critical Duty defensive ammunition.

  • Disgruntled Bear says:

    If the companies want to earn trust back, they should come out and say “We were wrong and broke trust… and we have implemented these changes to company SOPs when dealing with political BS.” Then put this publicly on their websites for everyone to read and actually stick to it.

  • Regarding Springfield Rock River BS. They could buy us back we all have our price. They don't have enough money to do it.

  • The Motorcycle Boss says:

    Screw that 9mm ammo. Plinking ammo is what its all about. Cheap ammo to train with. As long as its reliable and cheap, people will buy it up. Expensive practice ammo makes no sense

  • How about Americans stop choosing their masters every 4 years and just exercise their rights and challenge the one's charging taxes on the tea. I say send the tea to the bottom of the harbor.

  • Fuck Springfield, but to the rest of those companies, first make everything cheaper to us civilians than what the government pays for their things, and actually show that they have support for the second amendment.

  • Springfield would have to dedicate at least 20% of their net income from now until the year 3776 into protecting furthering the 2nd amendment.

  • Wreckz Alottovdatime says:

    As you, (and, they apparently now realize) trust is a VERY fragile thing. To allow the connection between them, and avid anti-rights groups is an insanely HUGE insult, let alone a matter of trust broken.
    There is NOTHING that they can do, no set timeline, no set standard, (at least, none that would be financially feasible) to win back those who were wronged.
    Just keep doing what they do.
    This generation will die out, and, if guns are still available to the citizens after this wave of patriots is gone, maybe our grandchildren will overlook their trespasses.

    I hold no true animosity towards them, but I AM a firm believer in using my money to show support.
    Besides, I live behind the iron curtain of kalifornia, so I can't even spend money on their products anyways. (You know, thanx to those who used their money to buy out our rights to firearms)


    I dunno. I guess, show us how it REALLY hurt them. How they are TRULY sorry, and won't do it again, until the next gov't project comes along, and they do it again…

    I guess if I was shown that ALL of the higher execs had to sell their vacation homes to keep the company afloat, I MIGHT have some compassion for them
    OR… they could lead the charge in the fight against the magazine restriction/firearm ban here in kalifornia, so their products could be sold here in the first place.
    But… are they willing to spend THAT kinda money? Burn those bridges in the gov't community, and wear THAT target on their backs?

    Prolly not.

  • Fire who ever said the anti gun BS to regain my trust also the company itself would have do something to show their support for the 2A like donate to say GOA.

  • Buy YouTube and institute a policy of running "Good Guy with a gun" local news footage as pre-roll adds on Hollywood sponsored content?

  • Don’t tell me “new gun” unless it’s a truly a NEW gun… new calibers work, new models that are innovative, and new plate-forms… those are new guns…. the “new” guns you speak of today are just basically revamped guns…. except it seems the savage is pretty innovative in a sense for that price range.

  • I could CARE LESS WHAT UNCLE SAM USES. I train and use Speer 124 TMJ which is excellent and for my PCC’s I use the Winchester 124 grain NATO because it’s so cheap And excellent
    Doc david

  • Form 1 suppressors have zero no noticeable difference between a "solvent trap" and a brand name suppressor. Got my stamp in 30 days. I spent $200 on a stamp and $100 for the parts as compared to a minimum of $600 – $800 for a brand named one. If you look at the internals of brand name suppressors and that of solvent traps, it's the same.

  • Craig Steinkamp says:

    What would it take to regain my trust from those companies? They’d have to come out and lead the fight to actually get positive 2A legislation through. Specifically, Rock River and Springfield would have to use their resources to get NFA items removed from not being allowed in Illinois. As well as shoring up the defense of the 2nd in Illinois to avoid Chicago ramming through more measures, it’s trash that it decides what rural Illinois can and cannot do/have.
    The other companies need to call for the HPA and National Reciprocity to be passed or they will cut ties and contracts with the government or law enforcement.

  • BTW, good on you John!!!!! I also have a piece of American History with the M1 Garand. Mine is a WW2 variant manufactured by Winchester from. 1944. Everyone that loves the second amendment would probably learn ALOT ABOUT OUR HISTORY BY OWNING AT LEAST ONE AMERICAN MILITARY SURPLUS FIREARM. It could be A Garand, an M1 Carbine, a Lee Enfield, or a 1911 etc. We have such a rich history I based on FREEDOM and itS SICKENING TO SEE SO MANY IGNORANT INDIVIDUALS TRYING TO SHUT THE FIREARMS CULTURE DOWN. Go out and teach a friend how to shoot and get them to join GOA..
    Cheers John, Mad Respect my friend. I know you put a lot of work into ur channel and I’m just thrilled that your subscriber base is still growing!
    Doc David

  • I don’t know if those companies could ever regain my trust. If they did it would be through actions, not hyperbole.

  • Christopher Harpster says:

    I always get skeptical when manufacturers use the whole backbone of the military. I know the military and government always goes for the lowest bids, so something is gotta be cheaper I'm sure.

  • You became my hero with your opinions on the M1. & I’m with you on the PA situation!!!!!
    Trust is like Respect, it must be urned over time so only time will tell!

  • Christopher Binkley says:

    Where would you consider moving, and why? Thank you for sharing your personal weapons and related stories with your audience. Please keep doing so, and all you do.

  • I would imagine Winchesters MHS ammo “Military Primer” would be a sealed primer. But i dont understand why they would go with 115G instead of 124 or even higher. Just my thoughts.

  • I don't really know; Springfield has been on the naughty list for a long time specifically because they were so scummy as to advocate for laws that would apply to basically everyone but them and Rock River. It's hard to say that they'd ever get my trust back even if they put their money where their mouth is. Once you dig yourself into a hole, it's pretty hard to get back out of it.

  • I haven't had a single box of good winchester ammo in 15 years… its low quality and over priced. I feel sorry for out military

  • what do they have to do, well lets see start with a 7+ figure donation to GOA and SAF two pull a Ronny Barret and make a  very public plain  to the point and loud public announcement to all govt. agencies that if they oppose our gun rights they can take their business and shove it sideways!! three fully fund a lawsuit that would force any and all gun laws past present and future to be compliant with the common meanings of the words in the second amendment!! that alone would kill all gun laws passed since 1900!! four make damn sure no enemy politicians get elected period!! if it takes posting a bounty for dirt on them so be it they stepped in it they can clean it up!!!

  • As an IL state resident, with the dealer licensing act now a reality, Springfield and RRA will never get any of my money. Roughly half of IL dealers have shut down do the licensing fee that they supported to save themselves. Hopefully those two companies financial shortcomings will serve as a warning to the rest of manufacturers. What could they do to earn my trust? Close shop, file bankruptcy, and leave the market.

  • Am I the only one super excited for the SubCompact S&W 2.0? Man I've been waiting for it, holding off from getting the first gen version.

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