DREAMS COME TRUE ! Breaking news! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found home

DREAMS COME TRUE ! Breaking news! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found home

gentlemen what are you doing
check it out we got a house finally finally finally after being finally
finally finally finally I think that’s the unicorn pitcher in the front of the
fireplace you were very wise I bought that the other day I knew it when I
bought it there’s be a very specific reason why I was buying that piece cuz I
felt it coming I was very patient I waited I waited I wanted to do
everything right my kids wanted a home but I wanted something that felt good
for them I didn’t want to make the wrong decision and I want to finish doing what
I was doing I set out several months ago to show something I lost everything I
because of the way I ran my business I had lost everything and put myself in a
bad position and I wanted to use that moment to try to show everybody that
you’re not alone to show everybody that we could be in bad places we could be in
dark moments we could have absolutely nothing we could have lost everything
which that’s what I did being a single father full custody of my children I
have my head in the wrong place and I lost everything had three dollars to my
name I want to show but you could do it and this is a the end result after
waiting I finally got a home and imma show you guys my home check this out
this is our living room what I’m gonna do with this I don’t know look at all
the ceilings are I can’t reach up there that’s my ceilings let’s continue on I’m
just gonna show you guys we’re not gonna see my face hopefully my phone stays
held up because I’d never have done a live here before but anyway let’s carry
on we got closets this this house is a bit
much but I wanted something nice this is
gonna be my daughter’s room she chose this room right here yeah don’t be in
tears guys because I don’t want to be in tears either I was in tears yesterday
bathroom we have three bathrooms in there she got
her whole own shower bathroom she’s not here today already my second night in
the home and I’m by myself but whatever look at this this is my living room I
got one of these little uh electric fireplaces I brought my little unicorn
sign home I bought that for a reason I wanted it house is true this is my
kitchen my kitchen is so ridiculous I decided I’m not even gonna buy dressers
because I only need like three cupboards here and here and I got this I never had
a pantry in my entire life never in my life have I had a pantry
I got a pantry and I only need like this many cupboards so I decided this is
gonna be my dressers I’m just gonna put all my clothes in the dressers yeah it’s
crazy I can’t well man I’m gonna definitely have to have Thanksgiving
dinner oh I still quick to order backyard or I don’t know how I wanna see
it but it’s like midnight out here not really midnight but this is my this is
my backyard check this out I got some palm trees and then there’s no neighbors
the golf courses behind me I got a fire pit
I got a clubhouse look at this guy’s I got a clubhouse don’t ask me why there’s
a clubhouse here I’m gonna start a club it’s my own little Clubhouse it’s a
quick tour my backyard because you can’t see nothing back there so it doesn’t
really matter all right carrying on let’s look at the
rest of the house carreño let’s go oh let’s see the garage
let’s see the garage this is where I’ll probably spend most of my time got a
claw so there’s closets everywhere in this
house look I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t need any of this at this
storage this is the new eBay headquarters I had a feeling it was gonna be bad at
reception carrying on carrying on now this will be my son’s room
he will not be staying with this half the week or so he’ll be at his grandma’s
because he doesn’t want to switch need to get internet this this week I need to
get it this is uh this is on the is it back
probably on is it back on somebody say if I’m on a not alright yeah so anyway
third floor this is pretty much my whole floor I have my own floor to myself I
got a another bathroom I got a UH this that might be where I keep my shoes I
don’t know I got extra rooms here basically so this is the third floor
boom two extra rooms then this is my bedroom this is my bedroom right here it’s all good gonna get some
soon after him is the first time I’ve unpacked my bag in seven months this
felt so good last night I actually took all my junk out of my living in a hotel
bag for almost seven months felt so good look at it I got a walk-in closet Mary
you’re right I don’t um I have dreams aspirations
gold and there’s a reason why I do everything I’m happy about that I got my
own toilet I got for the first time ever I’ve always wanted a bench in my bathtub
my shower and then I got this hot – look at this look at that thing
stuff everywhere this thing is nice and then I have my own private deck let’s
see if the light comes on this is off of my balcony here you could take a palm
trees right there and that’s my home that’s in my home so
I basically got my own floor to myself whole third floors mine
second floors Michael’s first floors michaelis and uh yeah we don’t have a
home that is um we’re gonna make it ours let’s check out these comments dang
it’s good here just tuning in nice what Thank You Patrick
my man are you gonna need to go Wi-Fi so not yeah I’m gonna get Wi-Fi literally
it’s in my second night in the in my home me and Makayla stayed here last
night and then she’s already she’s already out staying back on Martinez I
think she’s gonna be she loves the home but I think it’s gonna take her a little
minute to adjust to being out this way a little bit we’re about 25 minutes from
our home that we used to or our town we lived in forever and uh yeah but maybe
not for other people yes beautiful house but sure need the better in it yes I
need better internet in and out yeah I’m sorry about the internet here
thank you sir necromancer thank you everybody Robb Tisch Donna bulla I want
to say I want to thank you guys seriously outside of my children and the
few things that I hold in my heart you know I don’t really uh there’s been a
little inspiration outside of that my life I know that’s probably enough but
you guys inspire me on a day-to-day basis that was why I wanted to divulge
where I was in life and how to do it and and be part of this together because um
I appreciate all y’all out there you guys really motivate me the kindness
that generally most everybody shares the way you guys tune in and show support
and the love and you guys really inspire me and I appreciate that and you really
motivate me just almost as much of my kids sometimes
I don’t know how about small house to say that I’m almost speechless that I’m
not usually like that too often Thank You Brenda so proud of you all Mike
$9.99 Thank You Brenda for the super chat appreciate that I mean also storage
auction snipers are lucky sevens to Mike great place Thank You him appreciate
that yeah I uh I was I had a reason why I waited like um so many things have
been going on lately so many things I believe money
I don’t like money you know I think money makes things crazy when I lost
autumn honey a lot of people judged me especially people close to me and it
brought me to places that I needed to be I needed to see things around me there
was a lot of stuff going on people are still in for me taking advantage of me
etc etc and it’s all because of money everybody always wants something and
they they they don’t necessarily have a great integrity about them and uh I was
kind of in a way happy that I was taken to where I was everything that I lost
everything that I left behind etc that I’m happy it happened because it made me what I learned in the last year in the
last seven months what I’ve been through is it’s a blessing it is truly a
blessing because I’m like I said money a lot of people judge you kids how can you
do this and I have bugs me that people look at me and use money as a way that
you want to stipulate whether or not you want to be in my world and my friend
watch me said I said it because money means nothing in this world it’s an
illusion that keeps us trapped for chasing dragons that probably might not
have a transpire or not because you need more to have more when the fact is you
are money means nothing it doesn’t make happiness it doesn’t bring you to peace
it just it’s more money more problems you know and for the most part you guys
don’t judge me based on money you guys have been here thick and thin whether I
had a $1.00 in my pocket or I had all the money I need to do whatever I want
you guys have been here with nothing but love and that is priceless because to me
that’s all I’ve ever really wanted someone to believe in me I don’t think
I’ve had a lot of people in my life truly believe in me they they look at
like oh you’re successful right now so I I think you’re good when there’s a
problem they don’t necessarily believe in you they’re always questioning things
and it is very essential to me to be believed in whether I have it all over
the way I have it none because it’s I’m the same person same Drive same
potential you know and that’s why I appreciate you guys I truly do alright
enough about that let’s not let’s not drag that on too long we had a freaking
crazy day we went to the flea market today I uh hired Harold I needed a good
salesman for my military stuff went out to the Alameda flea market sold one
trailer load it was nothing but military we had a crazy day cost me a lot of
money but we sold almost six thousand dollars out of that military unit and
one day probably about half the stuff maybe a little more but for the most
part at least half the good stuff but crazy day been up since 2:00 in the
morning 2:00 in the morning it was so I basically broke even on that unit after
all of the the work the filming instead of set up broken even on the unit and
whatever’s left in my trailer becomes profit I don’t see myself
potentially doubling my money altogether when it’s said and done but money to be
made not to mention Saturday
yesterday I bought 10 units wood crates five by sevens at a moving company spent
2,400 on ten new little vaults so we’re gonna be moving that tomorrow and a lot
of filming on that because uh one thing I want to apologize for is I didn’t put
out a video the last two days I didn’t really get nobody complained and I
apologized for it I know I do a video every single day and I just been under
been a lot of decisions going through my brain a lot of things weighing on my
mind etc etc a lot of stress maybe not stress but I got a lot of decisions to
make a lot of things that have been transpiring so I didn’t put out a video
the last two days which I felt bad because um I haven’t missed a video in
like probably four or five months have I missed one day if I the video but you
know is what it is back to business I’ll get a video up tomorrow the final video
of ongoing through the military unit will be tomorrow then we’re gonna go
right to the vaults that I bought today or yesterday and we’ll be back to
business you know it it took me a lot of uh took me a lot of uh it was a hard
decision whether I wasn’t get this place or not what’s the huh what are you doing
what are you guys doing here is what up look I got guests everybody
cooler say hello we got 500 people on just a peanut butter jelly we don’t have
nothing I got some Lysol wipes I got a water I got a Modelo brown boy
Uncle Michael says what’s up guys yeah I’m actually slightly neighbors
with them now we with a little bit live like 15 minutes away 12 minutes away 8
minutes away yes in the definitely puppies in the mix that was one of the
things that was very essential to me I was it was hard to rent a house because
of my credit that’s one thing that what happens when you get in a position that
I was put in his credit makes it hard I was very specific in what I desired I
had a list of things that I was seeking so when I would email somebody I would
tell him this is my situation this is what I’m willing to do which is
basically I offered several months to rent I paid three months in advance and
rent plus the deposit to get this home and I had other things like I said I
want a dog you know there’s things I met and this
was the one place which was actually the nicest place I’ve looked at that meant
what I wanted I’m gonna cook you guys dinner someday soon you like Liz oh wait
till you walk around the rest of the house this yeah give her a tour don’t
show her your room did you do a video sale in the military no I I did I did a
little filming today but I honestly I was so exhausted I fell asleep today I
went to bed for like three hours desired Uncle Michael Harold and out and Makayla
working I just went to sleep cuz I didn’t sleep last night
last night’s my first night a house my emotions were like through the roof it
was weird you know never apologize need to do what you need
you thank you Rick what’s up Danny Uncle Mike how about a ride pirates a new
place how cool they closed yes they are very close you need to breathe Mike
chill and relax Thank You Harley that’s what uh thanks for the kind words you
have a great a heart of gold no apologies needed for you because you
have had enough to handle it doesn’t matter because you got a house Thank You
Valerie thank you Donna sorry was they I’m so happy for you the way to tell
right to the point you know Fellini we need I need to get a barbecue
barbecues are in the future and Recep buffering I’m not even moving around
we’re kind of out in the wilderness a little bit like well just on the
outskirts of town congratulations on your new home so glad you’re closer to
Liz now yeah we are literally like one exit away it’s pretty dope a huge house
for three people awesome are you gonna get a french
bulldog no John I’m not getting a French Bulldog biggest smile in the world right
now on you thank you Jeff a little Mihama gonna get lost in the giant house Thank You Vicki Thank You Mimi
Cheri James no more living at a sook okay so know that I was like like I said
that was a sigh of relief for me when I left that home because I my kids stayed
up there grandma a lot and I was kind of more on my own trying to handle things
I’ve been a bag for like seven months and when I unpacked my hotel bag last
night put everything away like out of it and literally was gonna fit that was the
relief for me that was the point where I realized not it when I sign the lease
not when I paid the money but I’m packing that bag was everything to me
not having to know that I didn’t have to fill that bag up one more time to get
through yeah blessed be but friend bear we just
drop the heck of people Koretz to you then what kind of dog again I don’t know
about a dog you Laura all I know is that I can get one I don’t
like to make hasty decisions I know exactly what I do want and then an S I
do want that I’m not gonna make a decision on it and I don’t know what
kind of dog I wanted right now I’m just gonna relax I’m not even really bringing
nothing to the home like kind of like just got rid of everything we moved out
of the house and we had a few things and I decided I’m even bringing that stuff
there I’m just gonna slowly piece together my home out of storage units
cuz that’s how I live on the storage option Pyrus aww when I buy a unit that
has a nice couch I like it I’m gonna bring that home you know when I get a
dresser we’re gonna get there I’m not just gonna go out and get things and I’m
not worried about what we had from before we walked away from that for a
reason letting go starting fresh powerful
unpacked in that bag exhale thank you Broken Arrow and that $22 super chat I
appreciate that good lordy Darren terwilliger two dollars for your new pug
thank you I don’t know if I would choose a pug Virginia vital are super check and
graduates I knew you could do it I was homeless for two years in Chicago and
now I have and now I to have my own apartment
it is it is a joyous feeling I could tell you that much yes I hope we’re that old Debbie
honestly I can’t relax one of the reasons why things got bad for me before
that was to relax I actually have to get more motivated granted this house is
actually two hundred dollars a month cheaper than I spent on my hotel I was
spending about almost 3,500 a month on hotel this house is like $200 cheaper
than a hotel you’re not gonna tell me which one it’s a surprise they don’t go
I hope it’s Mikayla’s we put a lock on my bathroom door how you like my house is that I have our own floor I told the
kids I’m getting a doggie door right there and they’re not allowed to go up
that’s the case when am I going back to the pink hair probably not Brian I think
we’re gonna go with a silver Mohawk when we get to that point yeah I don’t know
it’s a lot of extra room in this home like a lot of volume I click I never had
a ceiling like that my whole life you bring your kids over anytime I love kids
I’m gonna turn this into a playroom we’re gonna get like a little video game
system here I don’t know what else maybe a pool table
Alex suggested maybe a ping-pong table maybe an arcade I don’t know what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna do something in this area right here oh yeah like right
there wouldn’t we need a bartender I think I’m gonna need a maid I don’t
think I don’t how am I please big I don’t know how many clean this big old
house I would say no but we’re not I already haven’t told the kids we don’t
like him but then he’ll be running three with their shoes and throwing their
laundry over like us all right my kids are like they don’t know we’re not doing
like they did last time it’s time they straighten up a little bit taking their
super chair pink and then $5 super chat from storage pill for home sweet home
yes it is well that’s quite I mean the ambience of home hasn’t been quite felt
like it’s very empty and I’m just kind of warming up to the place I got to
start moving some things over I got to start bringing my storage here for my
eBay headquarters you know little things like that
got to get some beds got to get some dressers you know arty
um the idea like I need a wife thanks Jill those just come out of the
sky you know happy Tammy he’s gonna be my man hey Tammy on-hit how are you you
bought the home rent I am renting captain this home is very expensive to
probably buy I do not have the money to purchase my credit is bad and the peak
we’re like at the peak of the housing market right now so to buy a house right
now would actually at my opinion be a bad idea because if the market crashes
I’m gonna lose hundreds of thousands of dollars I have a plan maybe the next
year or two house buying will be the next step but I wanted to work my way
back up I’ve solidified what I could pay by living in a hotel and now I got the
house I’m gonna let my credit fix itself in the next year and then we’ll go from
there and try to buy the art unit that’s a good let’s I don’t know if I want to
talk about the art and the art units turning out to be a little bit of a
nightmare right now greed has struck somebody I bought the
unit with I shared it I let them and I didn’t have to you I was kind enough
I let them in I was kind enough to let them take 4 pieces with them because I’m
a man of my word and that is very important to me you live by look at what
is this guy doing we got a gym going on and uh well he got
greedy so I come to including I said guess what you keep your 4 pieces I’ll
keep mine let’s walk away because you’re gonna mess up my business deal by not
understanding how to do business by thinking something’s worth far more than
it is or vice versa and I’m not in the mood for games he didn’t want to give me
things like measurements and little simple things after I had uh allowed him
to I basically gave the guy half my money how did the kind of my heart for
some stupid reason which I will never do again thank you for teaching me a lesson
but there will be still coming I have four pieces that I kept they’re mine we
walked away split fifty-fifty and maybe those pieces will bring me a purchased
house here one day soon but for now we need to keep the business flowing we
gotta buy storage units we got to make some videos and we got to keep the
hustle grind and wine process and constant forward motion that is most
important so that’s where we are with that it’s worth bearing to have your
private space yeah it is definitely worth learning like I said I was paying
less I was paying more in a hotel than I am for this house so I’d rather have a
place like um – every night place that’s mine place it feels good
etc etc vs. uh the hotels are bad I had this is what it did it for me I
can’t even probably just tell this story with the right way but though I stayed
in the hotel three nights ago and there was a woman running her adult
entertainment business in the hotel next to me and we shared a wall my bed was
here other wall was hers and I had to listen to this woman run her adult
entertainment business on the internet on her phone and have customers come and
go I that was it for me I was like okay we’re getting a home now because I’m not
tolerating that ever again that was it for me so shout out to you woman
entertaining gentlemen over the internet for motivating me to color in a house
because that was it for me during worst night in my life in a long time little
Jebus wants to visit i’m little Jebus you can walk to my house
Betty I’d be like a seven minute walk probably this says 20 minutes for you
you got reappraisal them celia net I don’t need an appraisal on the art I’ve
already got things figured out worked out the key is how to shop art there’s a
process to it you don’t want to just go out and show me your art there’s reasons
why we’re gonna disclose that soon right now I’m trying to show that process by
kind of keeping it somewhat secret of what they are who they are at cetera et
cetera but it’s already in the works yeah yeah Mike and that’s exactly what
she’s doing I can’t say that because you to be like you can’t talk about that she
was running an adult entertainment business has the best I could say never
again hon she’s sick yeah what is that on the shelf behind you there’s no shelf
in here is there like that there’s a plant up there there’s nothing up there
I got it I got to decorate those type of things we have rented this house for 20
years awesome close to the Jeebs get they
actually I am closer to the Jebus crew than I am yeah can you guys wave to baby
Jebus look I have guests baby Jebus this is she’s on the way they actually I live
closer to the Jebus than I do Liz and Alex glad to see you got a home
Thank You Rubick I would have been right down to the front desk screaming
knocking on door yeah ocean uh that’s another thing like you don’t want to
complicate somebody’s money situation then maybe she I heard her on the phone
after one of her clients saying she’s talking to her daughter picking up her
daughter the next morning like I can’t jeopardize her taking her daughter to
the park or something tomorrow by ruling her business for the night that’s not my
business you know I’m not a hater I don’t
necessarily approve of her means of supporting herself but I will not
jeopardize her money flow yeah I was visiting that was her home that was not
my business you know I mean like I was just passing that was the funniest night the whole
gangs there baby Jesus says I think when you go up here and that’s Country Club
Road there just go through the light at the ball out of minutes there roads that
way how looks like I’m not even I got my own room I’m adopting Alex Hajji see if
you have does bad that’s so awesome so happy for you Mike it’s good to see you
happy god bless thank you who was the artist of the paintings in there at least
no Tim I have had offers I have estimates I have potential what I
believe that people believe is not what is actually therefore worth I um we’re
working on that now and once again I cannot disclose those things because um
you know you don’t like when you’re playing poker right and before the river
you don’t turn your cards over and show your hand you let things right out and
that’s where we are now we’re not going to divulge our cards we are not going to
give up our information and we are not going to expose the pieces to the world
per se yet I assure you though you guys know that I
am 100% transparent I hide nothing because I’m not worried about that you
will get full disclosure on these pieces and what I’ve learned what they are what
I’ve sold them for and you will see the unit which I found it as soon as
everything’s done where his storage Scot been he’s been on vacation he’s getting
ready to go under the knife and get his self taken care for him his big
procedure he had at the beginning of the year and get back on track no pun
intended and he’ll be soon hopefully putting out videos I’m on them all the
time put out some videos make some videos
same with on for Michael Michaels gotta put out more videos and assault Princess
Alice you been putting out videos every day right alex has been putting out lots of videos
for you guys I hope you guys recognize that appreciate it cause remember before
you’d only do us like one or two a month now he’s like almost everyday shout out
to him for steppin his game up I’m slacking – I went two days about a video
I should might as well quit YouTube I fail laughs am i fading there I just
like it’s like I quit YouTube all too sudden as uncle Michael told me some
mornings like Mikey are you quitting YouTube you really got to put out videos
Thank You uncle I got a folding chair in there Alex how’s your back bad DD Kerby with the 25
New Zealand for you xoxo thank you my favorite thing to do is stand up at the
top of the stairs and then look down I don’t know why that’s like my favorite
position in the house afford I found ya king of the hill what I’m gonna do with
all that space up there I don’t know my turn wanted like a meditation room so
go in there meditate when are you getting all your furniture um Kelly I
kind of threw away all my furniture and the things that I did save that I had
for my previous house I don’t want them the reason being is that it were it’s uh
I moved forward from that situation the things that I had etcetera that’s it’s
in the past now it’s done with and I’m just gonna let it all go and I’m gonna
peace my house together now with storage units because everything I do is via
storage units I lived my life one storage unit at a time I’ve been saying
that since day one so every year and I buy if I like something I think that’ll
look good there this house is like 2,400 or 2700 or
something it’s ridiculous I don’t know Benjy knows he let this thing up for me
and the Internet makes sure to land there was all the JIT and stuff
storage talking a little more to my favorite next to you he’s right here
next to me I can’t stay awake for all that Uncle Mike I’m surprised you’re up
this late already know your fate no you’re not failing
never say that even in jest I will okay you’re not a failure you’re busy getting
a house Thank You pirate I would have had no problem for my 12 year old son or
my 14 year old 15 our daughter watching your blog you were so kind Thank You
Brenda I appreciate that I appreciate that try
to I try to be very respectful of the youth watching my channel because there
was a large period of time where I was not very um I don’t know the right word
complying with the way I should speak I was just a little loose I didn’t I said
a lot of customers stuff and I really did a lot of that changing for any
children or watching my show the respect of people who are particular about what
their children watch or listen to etcetera etcetera and I appreciate I
really do that means a lot boys boy that’s some house all right thank
you poorly knee you always smile with tonight’s smile as never thank you how
good be soft I am very happy I am very happy I’m not quite content yet I’m not
quite content I still have a few more goals I need to accomplish but I’m very
happy Congrats like Thank You Patti I love watching your daughter at the
unboxing nice to see I helped I got it I got it I got her on camera the first
time she came to house last night she was kind of giddy I think it never
really sat in with her even the whole night like she was kind of like in awe
cause like she did not expect the house I got I told her it was gonna be nice
but I didn’t really didn’t believe it I know like she’s a lot like I could be
that way sometimes too we have to see it to believe it haha you definitely can come visit you
can stay in my guest room when my son’s not here and then upstairs is off-limits
it’s VIP s VIP up there VIP access only the bouncer has asked Alex to the
bathroom is safe in half I don’t think it’s been 20 to 30 minutes I do the same
thing I left my person my daughter and the clothes on your back started
completely over that’s the way that’s the way I feel about it you know like
I’m I’m letting go in every way shape or form I don’t even want the clothes that
I had before I’m serious like that’s the way I feel sometimes when I get to a
point where I where my mind’s made up on something that’s it that’s how I’ve
always been like when I want something my mind don’t stop till I have it when
I’m over something my mind don’t think about it again and I’m over I’m over
everything there was that moment back there not not Alex we’re not 20 Alex but
that’s the past and we’re over here in the future my mom always said don’t
bring your broom from the old house or it’ll bring your old problems with you I
like that Kathleen I like those old wives tales things or whatever you call
those limericks or something I appreciate that I appreciate that I can
bring any inspiration to anybody that was really part of the reason why I did
all I did on YouTube this year because I wanted to be an example I believe a lot
of people are good at telling you how to do something or telling you how they did
it but to be in the moment and just show the reality of it like trying to keep a
smile and stay focused when every single thing is going wrong when nothing’s
working right when your options are dis minute skill to just believe that what
you want can come to fruition and actually make it happen
is priceless I just got here I missed the house to her yes you did Cindy but
you can go back and watch it again the internet for my phone sucks at the house
so I can’t really give you a great tour again I thought about putting a video
out of this but there’s if since I’m doing a live there’s really no point
should just do another walk through the house but at some point I’ll do it again
but you can just rewind I just got my own house a few months back and fully
renovated from the ground that’s awesome Jared awesome about 40 in my five
minutes from Bristol will be happy will you be getting your family all into one
roof again yes gene the one thing is my son will not be staying with us on a
regular basis because he wants to stay in his school but I’m hoping well not
Rama shouldn’t say hope and I’m thinking that when he comes to visit there for
the first time and he sees the home and everything he’s not gonna you might want
to just switch schools that’s what I’m thinking we’ll see a good job on getting
yourself a house are you Angie mister hale’s getting together bring
Thanksgiving I don’t know what my future holds right now I’m only in today I live
every day one day at a time I know what I want in the future but I’m not
planning it I guess it’s going to happen or it’s not one day at a time
it’s dusty in the house as Alex just sneezed
oh yeah the maid hasn’t been here yet Greg we need a maid bring Alex closer
he’s like your moderator psychic kidding Alex you know we love you and this week
we could get on his level there look there he is now I think the first time I
laid on my floor anybody ever done the live laying on the floor I’m gonna do it
for the first time right now actions speak louder than words I respect you hi
Alex glad you were there new salt and pepper shakers on your table for good
luck is that another one as mkm says hmm I don’t even own a salt and pepper
shaker that’s good to know I haven’t been really ill but I have
learned so much from you and you I’m going to do options when I get well
thank you brandy get give it a whirl I love options Alex please Miguel wants
you to read what he wrote where’d that go Alex please leave whatever were you
going to the bathroom again oh he said bless you are you gonna get
my phone charger yeah Alex please be right well amen preached Mike
sweet-looking home might keep your positive outlook I’ll continue chain it
will continue to change your world thank you Mike
appreciate that man you are such an inspiration leave the past in the past
thank you you gave me a better feeling about the way I look at things thank you
Judy I appreciate that Alex you sure lost a lot of weight Tina says come on
going up the stairs I can’t lead Alan he’s out of breath I woke up this
morning my knee was a little hurt yeah alex is I don’t need to go to a gym and
you come visit you you’re upstairs often cool I will watch it when you go off
this week I’ll be ripping my of my 350 square foot living room trying to mix
him cell she shows oh thank you James she nominated Sarah let me see what we
got here yes sir all work for free so I can live there that’s not a bad deal
Bordeaux well hey what are you gonna do Jackie what I’m gonna work pay the bills
she’s gonna clean the house and you’re gonna leave you’re free and deals that I
suffer from depression ain’t giving me such a good vibes you make me smile
thank you Lisa thank you I appreciate you I truly
appreciate you I’ve been watching you for a while makes me smile oh not only
did I buy 10 units yesterday in an auction Alex we bought a couple on
Friday right I guess yes tons of units coming Alex
and I teamed up on some units on Friday what happened here Gardner knew you oh that’s the most that is dope you guys
hear that story that is awesome anybody who’s ranting like I’m at the
flea market stuff but no one’s ever been like just somewhere else okay I know you
that’s tight that’s gonna be my eBay headquarters Thank You Katrina your beer
looks good at the length the world is yours love all sorts of cool emojis a
unicorn heart peace sign theoretically you could say that tell Saul princess to
do some videos okay I will be your spirit guide oh my I don’t know how that
would work out Jackie needs your own reality show big homey thank you the
dude I’ll be kind of Awesome I’ll do a reality show I just want to do one of
those like a Lego just like a live me show yeah
so proud of Sheba’s may God bless and your family you truly are an inspiration
to all of us thank you Marta the examples you have said of your children
is truly epitome of a father they are blessed thank you tissue or a sweet
woman oh my god you bought ten years I bought ten on Saturday and two with Alex
on Friday back to work I’ve been kind of slacking
and taking care of business personal matters cetera et cetera it’s time to
get back to the get back to reality vacations over I was acting which I
called Alex the other day and he thought I was retired he was at the flea market
I was sitting in the parking lot at Starbucks staring at my phone and he
told me I was tired and it hit me I can’t I gotta get back to work so I
bought gangs the unit’s Vince and we ever just begun now it’s time that’s my
real goal is to buy all the units how big of a garage do you have where do you
have a garage Rhonda I got a three-car garage
it’s awesome I can’t go back in there it’s like the I called the dungeon now
because it’s like on the bottom of my technically almost four floors or
whatever I don’t know how they work this up there’s like one two but the
reception sucks in the garage apparently Alex makes me laugh – Alex makes me
laugh that’s why we we have clicked since the day we truly maybe you guys
never want to see Alex’s first video you go to my channel and you type in what’s
behind door number two Alex’s first appearance and he came in my storage
unit and he said teamwork makes the dream work and we’ve been friends ever
since makes me laugh all the time Ronon wants
how much weight you’ve lost 17 pounds this angle if they give mutton chops I
don’t know what those are look we have a special guest everybody you didn’t think you’d be here today a
special guest appearance little Jebus how did you and Alex me like a Alex how
do we mean technically was that unit wasn’t it no but that was that was long
after wasn’t okay the first time we ever I guess to met he says I bought a unit
and then he outbid me on the next one I wanted and that was technically our
first experience of meeting each other we looked at it we looked at we were
looking at the unit together and there was a Halloween spider right yep and I
liked it then he went bin and I flew in bed and he outbid me and then the other
things I guess transpired the store here that he was in his special first
appearance helping me beat the wall down this life is turning into your first
house party that’s actually a fitness video no Jesus I see I mean you can do
it I can’t I’m live you know I’m not scared
to do push-ups Wow you can tell 17 pounds awesome it’s
a great video Alex’s first appearance hi little Jebus hi little Jebus beautiful
home hi little G oh you got a little G that settles I’m moving to Brentwood
Jack says he’s moving to Brentwood now all right Jack we could be neighbors
I’ll hook you up with the HOA about sugar from you garage equal stores for
units that is good a let’s keep up the good work
so yeah anything else I want to say cuz we are about approaching the time to get
off this live the Internet’s bad here I’m gonna hang
out with my friends who is coming in next Rhonda wants to know I don’t even
know I didn’t plan any of this oh if we ever do mine is gonna be stone
cold with the grasp glass break and already call dibs on that I’ve thought
about this already trust me send this Alfred Kingston Snacks
oh look what the car dragged in he’s such a cute kid Howard how are his
cheese grater nice yeah go ahead that one’s McCain is room way back there you guys want to say any closing
statements where we get a better office life lots more stuff to come we haven’t
begun stay tuned don’t forget little momma stalker
storage doctor they have channels Frasier 5 to 9 he has a channel like
share subscribe to channel sure you already are but if you aren’t jump on it
you all spoil little Jebus have a look how cute he is how can you not spoil him what like a pan chicken who is bringing
this out I wish I would love to hang out with y’all just once someday maybe Lisa
someday hi pigeon whisperer alright the pigeon whisperer you’ve seen
that video Congrats on losing weight Alex how I met my best friend is
hilarious we laugh about it off I met my best friend in a storage unit Brendon I
bet all my best friends in a storage unit literally ha nice and beautiful
house hi jack can’t believe how huge that house is sometimes size matters I
guess tell Brandon I said congrats on the Dolphins first with Jack you know
jack says the dolphin whoo shout-out to them for winning their
first game this season cool if you’re in Brentwood I’m just down Baskar oh that
is true proud of you power glad to see you on track I’m in the front door that
meant mary says she’s here let her or him can you real quick walk back to the
dining room the dock technically I think this is the dining
room it is this is the dining room I guess I’m using us the dining this is
half of my I’m gonna use this half for dresser and clothes here and then that
will be my kitchen area and then that’s my dining area what’s there Oh check out
my garage as I wait I’m gonna wake up in the morning just run down the stairs I’m
backed up like ten times call it a day you know I wouldn’t know my blessings
with your half what house would love I met my husband and good where we worked
here there – gasps awesome that’s the best way to be it’s fun to work with you
that’s why I out look at how Alex and Lisa are they get to work together every
day how sweet that is you guys adore each other
congratulation your new home I pulled a cherub underneath mine 20 years of you
probably need context on that I’m honestly very kind
hey Alex it’s a nice place pirate thank you yeah so uh I love you all thanks for
watching this um I wanted to share this with y’all very excited
lots more to come lots of units I love y’all amount


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