Dreaming About Your Ex?!

Dreaming About Your Ex?!

(audience cheering) (upbeat music) Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you, I love your ensemble. Oh I had to get spicy for you, Wendy. Come on over, who are you? I’m Tanaj, I’m from Philadelphia. How you doin’? How you doin’? So what do you do? I’m in finance. Okay. How can I help you? Okay, so my man and I have been dating for about two and a half years now. About a year in he proposed on my birthday, at dinner, in public so I said yes. Although I wasn’t really ready for marriage. Had you all already talked about marriage? Not like that. So- How old are you? 32. Is he your age too? He’s a little bit older. Okay, have you ever been married? I’ve never been married. Do you have children? I have one son. Uh-huh, how old is he? 10. He proposed with a ring? He did, with the ring. Who else was at dinner with you guys? It was just us. Okay. Yeah, but it was just, yeah it was my first time. So and I just recently caught him texting another woman. So I wanted to know can I give him the ring back but keep dating? No. I would give the ring back, and I would tell him why, and then I would move on with your life. Do you feel comfortable with that? (audience clapping)
I do. A lot of times, you know, when we do Ask Wendy I always feel like people always know the answer to their own question, they just need a nudge from me or something. So when you get back give him back the ring. Don’t listen to these heathens over here. (laughing)
Okay? You give him back that ring, all right? And then you tell him, you know, you’re going on with your life. And you tell him why. All right. All right, good luck. (clapping) Oh. Now you know. I had to for you Wendy. Thank you, who are you? I’m Janie, I’m a visual artists from Manhattan. How you doin’ Wendy? How you doin’ Janie? Good. So what’s going on? Okay, Wendy, so my sister and I co-parent a dog together. We adopted him together, all the forms. And he travels back and forth, I live in the West village, she lives in Soho. So the issue is, is she puts him on the gram dressing him up really nicely, feeds him really nice food, takes him out to restaurants, and I’m concerned that he’s getting spoiled and he won’t eat his regular dog food. So how do I get her to stop spoiling him? It’s showing me up. First of all, when he comes to your house he doesn’t eat? No. No, I have to take her dog food. It’s raw- No, no, no. ‘Cause what I’ve learned is you starve these animals out. They will eat, like I don’t play that. Okay. ‘Cause Chit Chat and My Way, they don’t like the crunchy food, they like like the tuna fish and the shrimp and the lobster and stuff like that. I put down that crunchy food and starve them both out. (laughing) You know, this has been here for three days, you all looking kinda skinny. (laughing) And then they eat it? And then they eat it. ‘Cause that helps them brush their teeth, and you know what you don’t worry about your sister doing all that stuff. I mean I’m not that kind of pet mom either, and there’s nothing wrong with spoiling pets ’cause they give us so much joy. But yeah, you starve that dog out. (clapping) Thank you. That’s all I’m saying. Hey Wendy, how you doin’? How you doin’? Okay, so- What’s you name? My name is Kerry, I’m from Detroit. (cheering) And what do you do? I work at a live in assistant. Okay. So I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 12 years. We tell each other everything. About a month ago he told me he had a dream about his ex girlfriend. Why would he tell you that? I don’t know. It was a sex dream too, Wendy. Why would he tell you that? We just, we tell each other everything. Nuh-uh. So- How old are you? I’m 33. Okay, so you’ve been with him through all 12 years. Yes. You have children with him? No children. Do you give live together? We live together, yes. Okay. But in the dream he was married to his ex girlfriend, they had kids, the whole bit. What was the purpose of him telling you this? We tell each other dreams like all the time. But I just want to know should I be mad about this dream? As hell. (laughing) As hell. As a matter of fact, you in a hotel here in New York? Yes. All right, well you need to hit these streets. (cheering) I’m just saying. No, but you know what, I don’t know why he’s talking so much. And I know you said you all tell each other everything. Don’t tell each other everything. And he was dead wrong for telling you that. And I can’t believe you’re standing up here with all of us, I appreciate you sharing, but this is the kind of thing I would have broken up with him before getting on the plane. Really? And with kids? And married. Does his ex still live in Detroit? Yes. Uh-huh. So you’re here in New York, and he’s in Detroit? Yes. (murmuring) More Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) Everybody have a seat, I’m just standing here thinking today’s show is long as hell. (laughing) And I really kind of wanna set up the hot topics formation and get back into some hot topics. I kind of do, I mean we still have a lot more show to do. We already did a full Ask Wendy, (cheering) we’ve got another Ask Wendy. All right, what are we gonna do eye candy? Name that face? We still have more show. Like Susanne, figure something out. Get the Anderson Dynasty, let’s set up hot topics. Tell Norman to get back down here, call them from across the street, let’s talk. Yeah, about other stuff. (cheering) How you doin’? Good morning, Wendy, how you doin’? I’m doin’ okay. Hi, what’s your name, where you from? My name is Ro, I’m from- That’s beautiful. Thank you, Wendy, just for you. My name is Ro, I’m from Washington DC. (cheering)
Okay. How can I help you, Ro? So I am on friend zone times 1000. So I have a non-boyfriend boyfriend, that’s what my friends call him. Dinner, dating, singing, going for walks in the park. I got the answer already. So, we only do the occasional spoon. Over 12 months. What do you have on when you guys spoon? T-shirt and panties, honey. That’s what we do. Okay, and what does he have on? Boxers and t-shirt. So that’s what we do. So that’s what we do. So I know he’s into the ladies, that’s verified. I just think he can’t handle all these curves, honey. So is it time for me to move on, Wendy, or not? He takes up all my energy. He’s not that into you. He never was. Four days a week we spend together, he just not into me? He’s not that into you. And don’t take that as a slight, even king birthday over here in nodding with me. You know what I’m saying? Like you know what you like and you should have probably made the move on him a long time ago. That would have forced his hand to either say, be honest and say I’m not into you like that but I love you as a friend. Sure. Or whatever. But it’s dangerous for you to be spooning with this man, ’cause you and I are like contemporaries it looks like. Yes, I’m 50. Yeah, so you’re blocking your blessing for a real relationship by this guy always being around. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be friends with him, but he’s not into you. Okay, I’ll take that from you. There is no man that’s gonna spoon with all this. I agree, Wendy. And not pitch a tent. I know that’s right. And go for what he knows. That’s all. Thank you Wendy. You’re very welcome. (upbeat music)


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