DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo NBA Lineups – Mon 2/11 – Four Corners by Awesemo.com

DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo NBA Lineups – Mon 2/11 – Four Corners by Awesemo.com

What’s up guys i’m Chris packs here back to another four corners video breaking down tonight’s NBA slate Courtesy of awesome Oh calm before we get started make sure to like this video and leave a comment down below Tell me what game tonight is your favorite on the slate. Can we do that? You’ll be interesting win a one year all-access pass awesome accom We’re giving that away as part of an anniversary promotion because it’s our first year of existence Here on the internet and that’s coming up on Friday So if you’ve liked this video leave a comment down below you’ll be entered to win that all-access pass for one year a seven hundred Dollar value so do that right now I’ll give you some more details at the end I guess but right now just do that get it out of the way and let’s Get to the content First game I want to talk about here is one with the Cavaliers and the Knicks again with a 209 combined total Which is pretty low But it does represent a two point seven point boost for the Cavs and two Cavs have been the biggest beneficiaries of their rotation changes since trading a few guys out of town Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance have rejected B to the highest sown guys on the slate right now Clarkson and Nance Project for 28% And 36 percent ownership respectively that makes them the two highest on guys on the slate as I mentioned They’ve been in both above 30 minutes since the rotational changes, so I feel good about this But obviously it is a bit of a risk given that it’s the Cavs going to gets a spot with the Knicks two teams were Not good the totals not great So there is some risk there but overall I’m comfortable matching the field and I think you probably should be to Collin Sexton has been another big beneficiary of the usage left behind from some of the moves with the Cavs roster He’s been over 30% usage more often not in his recent few games He’s also lesser own than the other pieces here. People just have a hard time trusting Collin Sexton given his points dependents He showed a little bit more rebounding and assists up side recently as well as some steals. He’s not a bad play He’s at a very reasonable price on all the sites of industry-wide. So I don’t mind Collin Sexton here And I think he could be a guy if you add him in with Clarkson and Nance could differentiate your lineup without taking much off The table or keys Chris has also been a big beneficiary since shielding the Cavs roster He’s been in about 24 minutes per game and its first two since getting on board here picked up a start last time with Kevin Love sidelined after joining the Rotation again and only playing six minutes Kevin Love gaining some more minutes here could be a bit of a risk But with the fact that marques Chris is getting 16 percent protected ownership right now. I think it’s worth having some exposure to him He’s a very nice value play and at the minimum price on draftkings on the knicks side The biggest beneficiary of their trade moves has been Dennis Smith jr Getting a ton of run recently and he also projects me the third-highest own guy in a slate So you’re gonna want to have them in some lineups? I think especially if you’re loading up on Clarkson and Nance you’re gonna want to have him on the other side because he’s the Nick who’s most likely to take advantage of the opportunity versus the Cavaliers he’s gonna get honey usage a good amount of minutes and there isn’t a point guard who’s gonna steal the minutes away like was the case where some of the Knicks were performing well in fantasy Earlier this year like Emmanuel mudiay and Trey Burke Kevin Knox is another guy who’s gonna pick up some interest today and he’s been over 35 minutes to 6 out of his last seven games He’s a points dependent scorer. But he’s shooting over 20 times a game and a few of those opportunities. He’s had recently I like Kevin Knox today. I think he’s a strong enough play. I’m at $5,000 on draftkings. That’s pretty reasonable You could have some upside here Given our weak defense into the Cavs are they’re gonna give up some easy shots and knocks his guy who’s shooting enough where easy shots? Would help him out quite a bit the Audrey Jordans the last NIC I feel comfortable trusting here He’s at a pretty reasonable price And even though Mitchell rob has been coming for his minutes a bit Jordans been at about 28 minutes per game Which is fine enough here versus the Cavs team who’s weaker inside without Tristan Thompson Jordan could seem some of the rebounds here trickle up because of the Cavs being such a poor shooting team overall I like Jordan in the spot. I think his minutes are pretty secure and Mitchell Robinson. Also, not a terrible play He’s been doing really well in short run short runs so far and I think if he gets the run here He could be good as well next corner I went a hit on as a game with the Wizards visiting the Pistons one that has a 223 point total which represents a seven point eight point boost for Detroit on their season average Andre Drummond is the first guy I want To look at on the piston side He’s in over forty eight point seven five fantasy points and six out of the last seven games and that includes a high of 66 versus the Knicks last game so versus a team with a like the Wizards who has nobody who Is a big of consequence available for them? I don’t see how you keep drumming off the boards I think the only thing is a risk here for him is the fact the pace could be a little bit much for him running up and down the court and it does hurt him sometimes with an Unable to get in position in a way that helps in with rebounding and putbacks Blake Griffin underperformed last time out But he looks like a pretty good matchup here for his Wizards given the pace and I also don’t see any issue with playing him alongside Andre Drummond Er given the team total and the fact that I do think this game is a pretty decent shot of staying close with the Wizards Looking pretty competitive but lately and the Pistons not being any great shakes on their own We and Ellington signed with the Pistons and he’s expected to start now So it’s unclear how he’s gonna affect things My best guess would be that he’s gonna take some of those remaining shots that Reggie Bullock leaves behind I think Langston Galloway as well picked up some of those loot Kennard picked up some of those last game out I think those were probably mostly gonna go to Wayne Ellington I think you could also see him maybe take a little bit more away from Reggie Jackson who’s been on a pretty good run as Well, overall Wayne Ellington interests me quite a bit as a play. Especially he’s gonna be under 5% ownership He can really bond from deep. This is a Wizards team. He’ll give up a lot of threes at pace So Massa dorrance key is out and Jeff Green is currently questionable at this time of recording this video on the west coast midday So there is some opportunity here with chase and Randle moving into the starting lineup at the very least with saturon ski-out Jeff greens availability is also a crucial one to watch here because Jabari Parker could end up picking up a start if Green is sidelined So keep your eyes peeled for news there. I think either way chase and Randle is probably a decent punt play one That’s not going to give you a ton of up side Everything does 0.77 fantasy points per minute this year that could go up a little bit because it’s a Duran skeeze absence But I don’t know if it’s enough to really want to lock him in he’s an okay punt play at value But not one to load up on But I do think Jabari Parker is a really interesting play if he does pick up a start He’s a fine play even if he doesn’t but if he picks up that start you’re gonna see probably 30 plus minutes Maybe 35 minutes for him and that could be really beneficial for him in a spot like this versus the Pistons Bobby Portis is the last guy in the wizards I think is really worth hitting on I think Bradley Beal reveries are fine, but their prices are where their prices are There’s not a ton of upside there because they’re at their price ceilings from where I said but Bobby Portis still has shown some additional left-side to where his price could be up a little bit more and I think getting and Now makes sense. It’s been about 28 minutes per game. He looks good the use of just steady I think if Jabari Parker is a starter I think that’s gonna help him out quite a bit as well because Porter should see more usage and some more rebounding up side with Parker off the floor, but overall Bobby Portis looks good to me Parker looks good to me the peripheral piece is overall for Washington or more appealing to me than the main guys the third quarter I would hit on today is a game with the Clippers visiting the Wolves one that has a 230 combined total which is highest on the slate and it represents a five point six point boost for Minnesota on their season average the first guy you want to look at on the wolf side is obviously Karl-anthony towns and really who is going to stop him on the Clipper side Because ubach joined the starting line for the Clippers last game. You always saw 23 minutes and was pretty effective So he looks like a decent play on his own, but he wasn’t part of that closing group So, you know you’re gonna see a lot of time versus hounds or rather with towns versus a guy like montrezl harrell who’s gonna be really undersized and Gonna be able to be beaten in a variety of ways by towns including stretching him deep I like to match for towns quite a bit I think is one of the stronger plays on the slate and with where his ownership is about a corner of the field expected to Own him right now I’d want to get close to that because I think towns could have a monster day here versus the Clippers team was really not well Equipped to handle Defty gets listed as probable right now and after practicing fully yesterday It seems like you should be more minutes than the just over 20 that he gotten its return to the lineup But the question to me is how that’s gonna affect the the usage and the opportunity for some of these guys in particular Andrew Wiggins Wiggins himself is currently questioned well with an illness but assuming he’s ruled in that you’re gonna see Wiggins getting less shots this huge the tree It’s probably to come down a little lower because of Teague having the ball in his hands a bit more often But you could see more efficiency from Wiggins Wiggins was over 50% shooting with that return of Teague For just a second time in the last 10 games So I think Wiggins is gonna benefit some from Teague from an efficiency standpoint but he’s overall opportunities gonna fall a little bit just because Teague is gonna have the ball more and that’s gonna hurt Wiggins also the Return of Derrick Rose is one to watch I think it might be a little tight for Wiggins regardless because Rose being back taking some usage off the table T being back Taking some usage off the table. It’s gonna be tough for Wiggins to hit value here So I’m a little more comfortable towns and what his role is relative to what Wiggins says with all these guys Coming back in getting more minutes Aniela Gallinari protects me the highest owned clipper at 17 percent ownership right now But he really hasn’t seen as big of a boost as you might think since Tobias Harris got traded out to Philly I think the guys have actually benefited the most of in Shankill dogs and ER and Lantry shamit taking some more that usage off the table while Gallinari x’ role has been pretty comfortable to what it was before harris went out Neal Guerin ari looks like a fine play but why do I think is maybe getting more love than he should because Of people assuming that he’s gonna get more time shooting the ball than he actually is Louie Williams is another guy who I’ve liked a bit. His usage has been steady though. He has disappointed He just saw less run getting blown out recently by the Pacers. I think he’s gonna get more stable minutes moving forward but overall It’s a bit of a risk I like him though because his used to just steady and he is a pretty decent opportunity given the fact that he’s gonna be under 10 percent owned and He has some massive upside here in a game versus the Wolves which again highest total on the slate and highest total means that Lew wills usually gonna have to help out scoring quite a bit because the Clippers Are not a team who has a ton of guys. We’re gonna shoot the ball, but great success and the final corner I want to hit on is a game with the Blazers visiting the Thunder It’s got a two hundred twenty nine point five total and it does represent the second highest total on the slate Jeremy grant being ruled out of the game already is the one big news item for the Thunder But it’s one that really shouldn’t affect thinks too much for how their team lays out You might see some more minutes a run for Dennis Schroder You may see some more minutes, perhaps a start for Patrick Patterson or abdel nader but none of these changes with that material Schroder I think being a little more interesting helps but everybody else I think it’s most of the same you’ll probably see some more usage for Paul George and Russell Westbrook But really how much more usage can to even get despite that no, Paul George and Russell Westbrook are always strong plays to me Especially when you think a game is gonna be close and I think this one is one it’s gonna stay competitive down so wire Their prices now are so uncomfortable at I think a lot of people won’t stack those guys together If so I think if you think the Trailblazers game stays competitive and there’s enough value out there to force the lineups in with Westbrook and George You may end up finding a very different lineup than a lot of players out there And I think that makes him a very good option for tournaments, especially when running back with a blazer or two CJ McCollum is only projected for one percent ownership after having a down game but his floor before that were very strong He averaged over 40 1.25 in those four out of five games and shown some real upside as well I think this is a pretty good spot for him And I think if people aren’t gonna be on him It might be a spot where you’re paying up a little more to be contrarian but getting a guy who’s had a pretty decent usage Out late recently. And is that a nice string of 30 point games as well? Damian Lillard has much more ownership expected on him at 13% And he’s actually coming off a very big game versus the Thunder last time 60 points 75 fantasy points in that last matchup actually both he and CJ McCollum had big days versus the Thunder in that same game He put up 40 2.75 fantasy points. So I think there is a shot here the Blazers may have to score with both McCollum and Lillard to keep up with the Thunder team who we know is one of the better offenses in the league playing at a pretty strong pace So I think if he this game does stay close it actually might not be a bad play to have both Lillard and McCollum in A lineup even though they do technically take a little bit away from each other another thing which might be a contrarian thought you said Newark is just actually been pretty good versus Steven Adams this year and you would think Steven Adams is a great job limiting a center Whose style is similar to Newark itch but Newark is actually gone above 40 fantasy points of both games It’s at 40 point 5 in the first matchup versus the Thunder early this year 47 points to 5 in the second matchup versus the Thunder. He got 30 and 36 minutes versus them Which I think is what you really want to look for because the Newark adjustment it’s having a little bit more fluid recently He’s lost some to Meyers Leonard. He’s previously lost some his at Collins But I think if we’re gonna see big minutes for him as the only bests are the only good matchup rather versus Steven Adams I think you could see him have a nice day here and one that’ll really go under owned because his price is at an awkward Point and he hasn’t been that great recently. So, there we go Those are my thoughts on today’s 9 game NBA slate Make sure to LIKE the video and as I mentioned leave a comment down below telling me which game is your favorite on the slate Because you’ll be entered to win a $700 value of an all-access pass to awesome O calm sets every sport all the ownership projections, which I’ve referenced in this column as well as the rankings from Osmo Who is a top player in the world? It’s coming right from his own line upset He’s crunching you’d also get projections from Josh Beckham in what you just plug right? Phantasy cruncher as well as the rankings for fast study fear So all the stuff you need to be good at making basketball alliances at your fingertips So just enter the contest right now and you’ll be entered to win bet all-access annual pass which were giving away on live before lock this Wednesday It’s our anniversary special for us and it’s our way of saying thank you to you guys for supporting us and our growth over the last year at Awesomo comm course also use a promo code switch and hedge for 50% off of your first month You can’t win one you might as well pay 50% off for one. It’s as good of a deal You’re going to get out there from the DFS industry. So use that promo code switch and head get 50% off They’ll be back again tomorrow with another four corners video breaking down all the stuff. You need to know. So good luck


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